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The earliest and largest Maya pyramid city in Meso America according to archaeologists is a site called Tikal in Guatemala. This pyramid city has in the images that follow, its very first pyramids ever built shown shaded in yellow. Historians have concluded these were part of the first epoch and I propose created in veneration of the cosmic blueprint design venerating the Pleiades and the place of their star 'god' ancestors.

Historians agree out of all the star clusters mentioned in their records, the Pleiades has by far the utmost importance of all, and this cluster was the 'centre' of the sky and the others were more of a background. Festivals also held with Pleiades and Orion. ref

It seems there was a lot of war that followed between tribes and each new king believed he was 'god'-like and in celebration of their kingship they began building more and more pyramids after the layout pattern was forgotten.


tikal pleiades correlation

The layout pattern the historians propose as the first epoch building project I saw immediately is a pattern display of exactly the same complex layout plan to that of the Winterbourne Stoke mounds with Stonehenge and a series of ruins found on another planet… Mars! The star obsession and blueprint design of Tikal and Mars is explored here: ref

The oldest pyramids shaded pale yellow in the previous image and must not be confused with the later pyramid building that followed long after that had a whole different representation.

The Maya obsessed in the stars of the Pleiades and although historians say it was just the measurement of this generally small and sometimes not to easy to see cluster they chose just to measure seasons to plant and harvest corn. This is unlikely as there are far easier stars to measure for this and I propose obviously they had an emotional attachment to this cluster and its Sun stars for good reason. It was sacred because it seems to be the place of their ancestor 'gods' as you read further.




In the image above of a 3D re-creation of the first period of the Maya surrounded in dense forest would appear like this before many wars changed it and deforestation followed to make stucco changed its appearance completely. Mouse over the image to see the Pleiades pattern match to these structure. Note also the platform the cluster of pyramids were built on have a typical leg of the bull pattern.

Here is a link to show the oldest pyramids that map the stars of the Pleiades area. In this link see the map in the top part of the image, the buildings marked 20-35. The larger twin pyramids in the newer plaza are later building period monuments built in twos to celebrate something quite different to stars. ref

The 3D image here also shows the smaller pyramid with a face that today is found entombed inside the largest pyramid (Temple 4) found there today, a later period building completely covering it with an air pocket around it as if to protect it. No images are available for this pyramid internal face however this protected mechanism of the face monument is common on other sites in Meso-america. ref

Consider why a massive face monument was built? Is it trying to speak of the face of their star ancestors if this is a star map?

Historians say that generally speaking there are over 100000 pyramids in the landmass stretching south from Mexico to Guatemala. That is no missprint it is possibly an underestimate. The ancient Maya cities are so widespread that historians say that there are many that still remain undiscovered and are just sitting there in the jungle waiting to be found.


tikal pleiades correlation

Some of the civilisation's last pyramids were built in pairs to celebrate the 20-year k'atun cycle of the Maya Long count calender a seasonal cycle and were NOT positioned to correlate with any stars. These new pyramids must be ignored in the star correlation history. ref

The largest pyramid in Tikal - the most sacred monument of the ancient Mayan - is the one that correlates with the mystery star, and represents the ‘x’ that marks the spot on the pyramid star map. Note the strange triangulation of causeways that lead to a third monument. Compare this with the ancient star map of Stonehenge ref and the anomalies on Mars ref .


Lets open this case study with a strong piece of the puzzle! But first lets define the people and site. The ancient civilisations of North America are separated by name according to epoch. The first people were generally the Olmec people who were then later called the Maya for the longest period of time. They then became the Aztecs right up until the period of the American Indian tribes which there are many simply due to the fact recent history has a lot less lost records. There are many other tribe names for periods between these mentioned and it is difficult to include it accurately and including all.



The Maya period had Tikal as one of its biggest founding cities according to historians and their writing style was developed from pictoglyphs just like the Egyptians.

The most sacred words had the most revealing pictoglyphs showing in detail and the most common symbol includes faces.

But there is one glyph at Palenque shown above that is about to speak its forgotten reasoning and truth because this one symbol speaks volumes. My research friend Mark Scott did a story on the reality of this glyph a few days ago and we are not sure which researcher first proposed it was an astronaut, which I would like to reference.


This glyph shown above is off a relief in Palenque and it shows a man dressed very unusually. So much so that he is either naked or wearing a one piece body suit and helmet. Since the helmet is obvious it is fair to insist the depiction is with a body suit.

I recognised the stance of the being lying down in the glyph with one arm poised is a familiar unique stance duplicating another famous ancient relief carving. The famous Pakal sarcophagus stone lid has this identical stance as seen in the bottom right of the image above. source ref

Yes... the stance of Pakal as an astronaut flying in his celestial ship 'rocket' as famous authors have said in the past. In recognising this stance it is fair to suggest that this makes a very strong case for the ancient astronaut theory in these depictions.

But what if there is another ancient artifact style that is being replicated here to add to make the ancient astronaut theory stand even stronger?

There is and its one that brings this glyph right into the lime light! The famous El Baal ancient astronaut stela seen top right in the image above and the artifact is covered in detail lower down in this article.

The depiction of the el Baal relief concludes it is an ancient astronaut because I recognised the helmet style with 'oval window' has the same nose and eyes visible... the same helmet shape... the same round bit at the back portion of the helmet. I also saw the entity has something against his nose identical to what is suggested as a nose breathing device on the Pakal sarcophagus lid!

The entity is even poised in this weird 'astronaut' stance with no backrest on a similar 'seat' to the Pakal depiction. This is sensational to say the least and here I must challenge academia to wake up and smell the coffee. This glyph now makes the ancient astronaut case for the Maya stand so strong it really elevates theory into the status of hypothesis when all the hidden records of my work are compared with it.

This glyph I believe is of a set style and stance of what inspired the first few pieces of a fake Maya artifact collection of what an Art gallery in Austria claimed in 2010 were 'ancient alien' artifacts that the Mexican government endorse.

I wrote to the public relations department and asked if this was true. They said it was a false claim. Just a few pieces at first appeared then truck loads. Hundreds of new art pieces appeared to be all made by the same artists hand. They take this glyph depiction to a whole new level. Sad to say this chaos exists in this genre and people are actually buying these fakes for a fortune! There is not one accademic on the Earth that believes the Austrian gallery alien artifact hoax is not a hoax.


The deity in the glyph has a name and offerings of the most horrific kind were made to him.

What you are about to read might explain why the star visitors stopped visiting the Earth because of how emotional weak humanity obsessed in the greatness of the beings.

His name is Chacmool ref and he became the focus of the most barbaric ritual as the Maya evolved into the Aztecs.

Scholars are unsure of his past except for one thing, that this was the entity that recieved human hearts in sacrifice! See the image below.


tikal pleiades correlation

Did this entity perform a heart operation on a sick important royal family individual thus inspiring the ritual? Was it a desperate attempt making sacrifice of people to the being because this person took people as guests (probably not dead people) with him when he left and this gift of a human to him is the manifestation of the need for his return?

We could speculate all day but one thing for sure ... when the star visitors left, people worshiped them as gods... they turned barbaric and the end result of the visitation presented a far more evil and barbaric society after, than before.


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The El Baul site South of Guatemala is located 4 km north of Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa, and would have been populated by the Maya that would have known Tikal and its legends. Not just that but if the stela below really is an ancient astronaut interpretation then this stela might have been created at Tikal and later moved to El Baul.

Here is the greatest evidence in support of the ancient astronaut theory supporting star visitor hypothesis in my star map theory proposed thus far. Erik VonDaniken was perhaps the first to discover an ancient astronaut interpretation of this Maya stela seen here.

The full name of this stela is the El Baul Ball game stela ref and although it shows something that seems to have been celebrated by the Ball game itself. I propose perhaps it was once less barbaric game celebrating its cosmic visitors and cosmic detail. A game once more likely far less devastating to its losers and perhaps once celebrating knocking a ball symbolic of a cosmic body passing through the ring of a cosmic portal.

The traditional ball players never EVER wore any cumbersome restricted sight animal helmet. Especially one also restricting breathing or with a restricting of movement additional back pack. The ball game had nothing to do with a cosmic portal opening either as seen in the stela. As mentioned in my book, the person also has very slender feminine appearance which would not be a ball player.

The million dollar question here... if this is a real ancient astronaut...do they show what the ancients would no doubt be burning with desire to tell the viewer in this depiction... where they come from? That answer is yes. I compare my re-created image with a 46cm museum quality duplication of the stela that I have cross researched as accurate (rendered by fine artist after a digital scan since no moldings have been allowed). This duplication and others now available for collectors in a project to raise funds for a film documentary. ref


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Márton Molnár-Göb from Hungary was quick to notice when he was first to find a clear image that there appears to be Pleiades on record here.

There are two circles with bird heads present in both almost identically. One has dots in a cluster beneath it the other might have had the detail maliciously scratched off. I suggest the birdhead deity all along in all ancient cultures is one wearing a helmet with visor of a star visitor resembling a bird head. This is a cluster of what appears to be 7 dots and an oblong anomaly (yellow in illustration interpretation). 7 orbs could suggest it is the Pleiades but there is something more obvious here especially for this Maya and Cahokia tradition.

The two rings (only one shown in the bottom image... see the first image) both have bird heads and stars and appear to represent two important sun stars in the Pleiades star map. Due to the Cahokia obsession in the Tertiary Sol star that is almost part of the Pleiades cluster one then can reason the anomaly orb (shaded yellow in interpretation) and can be seen listed as Tertiary sol star on the star map page analysis ref

Here I believe the anomaly dot (yellow) is the Tertiary Sol position that is fact and is positioned right next to the Pleiades and seen on the left side of it as shown in the star maps. The Birdman/Horus sun deity is an ideal and common global title for the star visitor. Then the Tertiary position right next to the Pleiades makes most sense here as where they come from. The ring therefore fits best as the wormhole opening address to two sun stars. The second address now lost due to damage is impossible to conclude but also of the birdman/Horus title like in the Cahokia Star map. ref . Perhaps for some reason later on someone felt the visitors from the one address were not pleasant or important at all and scratched the second position Pleiades marker.

Here is an HD video of the stela up close and with two other stunning world's most famous ancient astronaut duplications discussed in depth:




The The entity is wearing helmet with thin non pressurised body suit I proposed in 2002 breathing Earth atmosphere during interaction with humanity.

The being appears of feminine statue from another star system as a visitor here on Earth wearing just her helmet so she does not have to breathe our microbe infested air. Her body would be at risk of being overcome by foreign 'Earth' microbes.

The helmet shows how the discharge of her exhaled air created an intimidating vapour and the source of her air is through the filter device on her back similar in design to a modern astronaut.

The window has a goggle eye appearance and the artist clearly needed to show there is a human face inside this beast looking head.

Now in context with the astronaut interpretation to conclude the meaning of the stela and that it really is an ancient star visitor here and her story, it can be interpreted logically with the clues as follows:

The message of the stela appears to be where this deity comes from and above the entity one can see interaction with another ancient astronaut being in a very important transition.

The entity in the sky seems to be partially in transit in a wormhole opening as the serpent-like nature of it is clear and how the same beast like interpretation of the artists by tradition show the serpent mouth opening and his head clearly visible. Note how this entity wears what I suggested since 2002 are headphones and microphone as he hands something to the one below.

It is impossible to confirm but since the Maya and American Indians who are linked by lineage and foundation general tradition since both carry record that corn was given by the corn gods from the sky. This appears to be some sort of corn cob/seed gift from the entity.


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In 1998 in a Maya book documenting the strange beliefs of the Maya they spoke of the ancestors from the cosmos entering the earth through a magical lily flower and depict this magical artifact as shown in the image above on the left. It was the beginning of my quest to set out to prove wormholes and the star map and I thought I hit gold on this depiction.

But scholars were sure the anomalies on the flower were nothing more than dirt. So I put it aside and forgot about it. I did not yet have more than the Hindu and Egyptian traditions of doorways to the stars with a lotus flower depiction but I wanted to find more examples in other ancient sites to present a conclusive story.

That time has now dawned. A friend Mark Scott presented the new image on the right on a social network platform suggested this lily depiction would fit my developed theory on the fine mechanics of cosmic serpent wormholes that I present on all the star map ancient sites so far.

I immediately noticed the seven dots on the lily and realised the first example I had forgotten about now had backing evidence to propose it was the Pleiades as the place the cosmic wormhole originates from. In this manner of speaking suggesting the ancestors came from the Pleiades area. This artifact is found in the Brooklyn Museum ref and has more to conclude here.

The Maya deity firstly has a very obvious elongated head. He matches the other case here with crosssed arms stance and this I propose matches the secret of how one finds the Pleiades following the cosmic cross of Orion. In the Abraham star map ref

I believe the star map 'global secret' is ancient and was by order of all monarchy systems all over the world to be kept secret to provoke war against others with the lie that others are not chosen ones. The star maps show all are equal from the same place. Not very good for greedy ruthless kings wanting to rape pillage and plunder.

By encoding the depiction with crossed arms was a big breakthrough for me after Márton Molnár-Göb in Hungary first found the stunning mural with the star map in 2012. I noticed Abraham encoded not just crossed arms beneath his tunic, he pulled the sleeves over his crossed arms to emphasize there is a secret here and to get a double cross effect which Orion encapsulates ref .

There is more in the depiction of the Maya in a cosmic wormhole opening conduit. He wares a seven ray crown for the Sun star like Helios and like sacred feminine Lady Liberty. The crown has a Cosmic Tree and three fruit which is where the wormholes are sourced from ... riding literally the 'hands' of God Creation ref and since there are 3 fruit then it could be all 3 Sun-like stars found in this area.

But the greatest detail is the crescent and Sun disc in typical Egyptian tradition which I suggest represents the sun of the deities and their exoplanet of origin... the place of origin of all humanity as the other star maps strongly suggest.

This story on its own is nowhere near complete without seeing other sites and trace back history of the American indigenous lineages. The best cases are:

1) Chaco Canyon .

2) The Lakota Star Map

3) The Maya Tikal Star Map

4) The Cahokia Star Map

5) The Skidi Pawnee Star Map

6) The Cherokee Star Map

7) The Navajo Star Map





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Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien star maps proving star ancestor human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in 1997 newspapers, followed by a Carte Blanche TV documentary in 2002 now on youtube. The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel released in 2003. (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records). There is a Pleiades correlation with Cydonia Mars, Stonehenge and Tikal and his new 2021 published Atlantis discovery show the same for Atlantis in Donana Spain. The site of an alien crop circle message with swastika and cross. The ancient alien human origin theory by Wayne Herschel claims humanity replaced Neanderthal. The ancient star maps of Orion and Pleiades correlation including three sunlike stars are all Wayne Herschel's copyright protected discoveries.