HERSCHEL'S ATLANTIS - Countdown to 2027

Article by Birgitt Lederer 4th December 2021:
This article with images is available to all media to use portions thereof on condition of an accurate portrayal and fair referencing of both book and authors Wayne Herschel and Birgitt Lederer (Bio). The much-awaited published first edition at amazon and the eBook and DVD have at last become available. The content of the newly-released publication is so unique and earth-shattering, with a strong potential for its paranormal breakthroughs culminating in First Contact, that this is a book that stands to become life-changing for millions. For this reason a special launch protocol has been set. Especially a new protocol to overcome any barrages of fake reviews on amazon to try to keep readers away from The Hidden Records Chronicles.

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On what grounds can the author Wayne Herschel, whose 2003 book The Hidden Records already caused much controversy, say his new book is so very unique you might ask? I invite you to read on to see why. Due to the importance of getting the material out there and because of the interference his team has endured by those trying to stop the secret of Atlantis becoming public, big media as well as literary agents and publishers, not to mention influential people worldwide have been sent the extended edition pdf copies for evaluation and exclusive project ideas. It includes an offer for all media to run with portions of the story and aspects of the correlating colour image content in special terms excluisvely agreed to with the author's media team.

We at THRBooks Publishing have gone to great lengths to compile different preview themes for the Atlantis book since Wayne Herschel is very fortunate to have an overwhelmingly large collection of linked new discoveries. The list of discoveries as seen on the back cover of the book can also be found at the end of the article here.

The book's fully-packed 30-page Introduction, in what might well be a first in the world of publishing, is intentional: A comprehensive preview designed to put into perspective for our readers and evaluators, the burning desire to preview the most exciting main discoveries in a compact summary with added clarity. But if new to Herschel's ancient star map discoveries, watch this 25 min TV documentary video clip first. It clarifies the basis on Wayne Herschel's ancient star and pyramids correlations that now fits Atlantis as you will see in this article. It was first aired in 2002 in South Africa.



The Atlantis collection that Herschel had compiled by 2011 was pretty conclusive and sensational in its own right then already, purely based on its historical content of findings. It was just waiting for the time when his team could go to the site that they at the time thought would be crucial to producing the final touches that would wrap it up. However, the awaited finance for that trip never quite materialised due to interference as had also been the cause for so many delays before it.

The breakthroughs at that point were absolute gems on their own merit. They made for a great book just on the basis of the traditional piecing together of basic historical clues. But then what intervened was a very measurable almost surreal occurence as proof of Herschel's Atlantis. Without going into the intricate details at this point, let it be said that it was absolute paranormal and it occurred in 2011, shortly after Herschel's discovery of the circular canals. This fortuitous 'intervention' would change the entire tone of the book. And quite extroardinarily, it actually supports Plato's biggest claim that every author before him had completely steered away from. That the inhabitants of Atlantis were the legendary sky 'gods' of ancient mythology.


Proving the unique lost circular canals would set the foundation for proving the port city of Atlantis, followed by proving the actual island landmass it was built on. The Atlantis landmass would have to have a city whose layout pattern was unique and boasted circular canals. Wayne Herschel has found the pattern and it resides in the Doñana National Park in Andalusia Spain. Spain and Portugal were once an island landmass disconnected from what is today the European continent and situated far west of it in the midst of the Atlantic ocean. Of course this begs the question: How could it possibly have moved and become part of Europe? It is all about what Herschel coins hyper-speed continental shift supported by the smoking-gun finding of a ground-zero meteor impact event.

The realisation also that he should be looking for just two circular canals and not three like explorers before him believed, was the clue that had him strike 'gold'. It turns out that the third canal was actually the remains of a legendary chariot race circuit. Even Plato wrote about it. Without going into this here, the third canal by virtue of it being far shallower would leave no imprint on the land. This spoke for itself: The remnants of the Atlantis canals should have no more than two ancient scars.

Inevitably the Atlantis port city was built under the same divine star map blueprint as were all the ancient cities in Herschel's repertoire. The Ancients at Atlantis had created a circumpunct sun symbol sun-veneration theme in their layout, where the centre 'island' mound becomes the dot in the symbol so to speak. Two water circles around it would complete Plato's description. He shows this in an image near the end of this article. A layout that inevitably coincides with the star map theme that Herschel had identified in the grand beginnings of just about every ancient civilisation around the world. They all had the same blueprint layout plan for their most sacred structure. In the case of Atlantis it is the start of the legend: As above so below!

It is worth mentioning that new readers frustrated at not having the level of star map grounding to follow Herschel's work that they would like to have can go to the free to view content on this website.

Once Wayne Herschel was on to the site he suspected as being Atlantis, he went on to various satellite programs and studied the directional flow of the rivers in the flood plains. There seemed to be some kind of pattern to these. He began to take screenshots of different satellite frames across a period several years to show the seasonal variations that would allow him to make a common template. And ultimatly what emerged is what you see in the next image. Behold the remains of two very disfigured concentric circles! Everything about this spelled a double circular canal design. Over time, the rivers retrace the old patterns because of the faster errosion of the flood-deposited soil that was softer in areas covering the harder previously engineered canal floor.

If ever there were two primary massive excavated circular canals in the flood plain of the Doñana National Park then one would expect to find it in an area of low relief. Consider what originally happened more than 12,000 years ago: In a time before Wayne Herschel's new mega meteor impact event discovery that he proposes caused the Younger Dryas Stadial marker. The cataclysm that ended the Ice Age that he also sets out to prove in this book.

An apocalyptic event of epic proportions that he goes into from every angle caused a legendary flood that would have washed over the pattern etched into the earth. Softer flood-plain mud forming over the original shape of the harder canal floor thanks to the Atlanteans' use of land surface technology, another Herschel discovery. In time, the annual floods would wear away the soft mud and partly uncover the original canal pattern.

The image here shows the average annual flood path during the flooding season of the Guadalquivir river.

Behold... the fingerprint of Atlantis!




One cave mural from the lost continenet of Atlantis (now in the northern highlands in Spain) reveals the genesis of Atlantis. Something Plato had said was true. The Atlanteans came 'from the heavens' and were literally 'the gods' living on the earth! One needs to adopt that crucial realisation moment as fact from the get-go or this book is going to be a hard pill to swallow.

To get ino the perfect mindset of the path this book will follow, one first has to go to the cave mural at El Castillo in the far northern highlands of what was once the Atlantis landmass. The place where it seems survivors took refuge as the island began to become submersed beneath the rising Atlantic ocean after a cataclismic event.

Deep inside the cave there is what Herschel prefers to call the "last outcasts' refuge" and found on the walls is the magnificent account of their celestial genesis. He assumes that they were outcasts since no educated language was used. And everything tells him they are likely to have been the children of the desperate survivors of an inconceivably shocking catastrophe. What their revealing murals show is what they knew well from their parents through oral tradition. People now reduced to living in caves, relegated to hunting and gathering and only able to express aspects of their advanced place of origins and their arrival here on earth with a few pictographic symbols and murals.

The most revered and sacred thing any proud exile would cherish is his or her place of origin and how the ancestors arrived on earth. The rendition you see below is precisely that.

The seven dots at the top are most likely of the Pleiades, just like all the other ancient star map cases the author discovered around the world. Together with Orion, this star cluster serves as a reference for the position of one very important sun star. The solar system of our ancestors.

The cave ceiling has engraved lines leading to the cosmic 'window' beneath it. Within it is what thousands of years later was adopted by one descendent tribe of the Atlanteans as its Star of David. It is also the symbol Herschel discovered represented the legend: As above so below! In the cave mural the symbol is found on the ceiling above, from it what look like four distinct groups of people, possibly representative of four tribes, are moving downward in rows travelling to the lower portion of the cave, to below on earth. Herschel is convinced this is an alien-arrival-on-earth scenario.

But the breakthrough here is that it is also depicting the 'how' part of it. How they got here. People disembarking from the massive carriers with their slighly-tilted wings. The scene recreated here reminds him of the eighties movie Dune that is currently being relaunched and reproduced by Hollywood with a newer version. Massive interstella craft, exactly like the recent 2016 sighting of Oumuamua by astronomers, are probably what are at play. The craft is explained in his new book. The Sumerian kudurru stone soon to be seen in a new video shortly, shows such a craft and how it ties in with the Pleiades. An astronomer released a paper on Oumuamua claiming it was artificial and definitely no comet. Other astronomers proved that it also suddenly accelerated out of our solar system after passing through earth's orbital area. But the most telling paper released on it showed: It came from the Pleiades area.

Imagine the landing sight at the area that would become Atlantis with many of these super carriers touching down as the author shows in the image. See if there is more you can decode from the clues in his illustration.




You might think this is beginning to look a lot like something out of a sci fi film. Keep reminding yourself, if you acknowledge Plato's works as having any relevance, it is he who defined the Atlanteans' origins in exactly this way. We cannot ignore that part of the Atlantis legend.

With this discovery, Herschel's entire manuscipt is about to receive its biggest breakthrough. And what it claims will take it to a whole new other-worldly level. "Let's say thanks to a little help from above," as the author is quick to acknowledge. Let me show you how . . .

A traditional writing style was the initial approach to his book. For example, the ornate way of saying: The gods having come down from the heavens in celestial chariots seemed more palatable and with that being the case, anything alien sounding was avoided initially.

But then what happened next, would elevate the deliberately shunned outer-worldly detail of the author's findings to a whole new level. The relevance of facets of his research defined by super-advanced detail that bordered on the paranormal could no longer be ignored, let alone toned down. Actually it would have been sacrilege to do so.

And the reason for this is: What transpired right at what was once the site of the port city of Atlantis! Precisely on its centre 'island'. Someone else also knew this was Atlantis and whoever it was, was not even of this earth!

Whilst the world was waiting and watching for the so-called return of the sky gods of the Maya in 2012 and have their calender prophecy fulfilled, in parallel to its run-up something phenomenal was unfolding concurrrently. It ... that is to say something appearing at the Atlantis site now inadvertently involved the subject of a paranormal event in late 2011.

Overnight on a date yet to be disclosed, a paranormal force had indented the earth's crust creating the phenomenal crop circle that the THRBooks Research and Support Team soon coined as: The Geoglyph. It was made up of 84 ellipse-shaped lakes as far as the eye could see in an area expanse of more than 4 kms. See the author's rendition below compared to the size of the pyramids at Giza. And because of its significance in proving Atlantis, The Geoglyph pattern, now a stunning permanent indentation of the ground, takes its pride of place on the cover of: Herschel's Atlantis - Countdown to 2027. It is still visible today on satellite programs!

It had occurred precisely in the middle of the once Atlantis centre island imprint that Herschel had identified.




The event could best be described beyond paranormal. There was also an encoded message with it. In a nutshell it would seem some very advanced 'visitors' to what was once the site of Atlantis found it quite appropriate to indent into the ground via advanced technology a rendition of what Herschel refers to as 'his' star map. They showed Orion in its distinct rising and setting permutations with the kind of accuracy of measurement that not only revealed the level of their sophistication, but showed their acumen for all things worldly in what can only be described beyond belief. They even included in their rendition a piece of Spanish history. They knew of the two different traditions of Orion, one as a cross the other as a swastika, in two different epochs.

Both the large Orion four-dot compilations showed the X that marks the spot sun star so it was not hard to deduce who the message was intended for. Not only had Herschel been researching every blemish and anomaly in the area with the knowledge of what was once there. But he also happened to be the pioneer of this line of exploration. What were the odds that he would be one of the first to stumble upon what had been imprinted at this isolated site? This was beyond belief. He was after all "the star map guy" who had found implicit proof of countless civilisations mirroring specific stars for their most sacred structures as the place where they came from; he was the one who had discovered the star map template in 2002. It is here where things get a little bone chilling.

One day the crop fields had a regular crop, then in the next image upload they had evidence of the largest crop circle ever created on the planet. It had happened that fast. It looked surreal, as if someone had hacked the image. Could it all be one big hoax? A few months had elapsed before curiosity got the better of the author and he revisited another updated image. Lo and behold! Suddenly tiny vehicle tracks had made their appearance near the anomalies. The Geoglyph had obviously elicited some kind of interest by investigators. After a closer correlation study with a star program for precise positions of the X marks the spot, it proved that it was 'his' star map. It was no hoax.

Wayne Herschel in his book fully decodes the message encoded in The Geoglyph. In brief, it confirms that the Mayan prophecy of the sky gods' return was in error for 2012 and The Ancients had now left a message with the corrected date. A few more years have yet to come to pass in what all the clues unanimously scream out will be: Official First Contact and in a very public event at that! It is the highlight of the book's concluding chapters.


For those not sure of what Wayne Herschel's unique human origin theory is built around, then here is a brief explanation: He claims to have identified three sun-like stars common to many ancient star map depictions that indicate where our ancestors originated from. One of the three was more important than the other two and it was the same priority here at the Atlantis site. He makes a compelling case for the missing link in evolution. That earth was literally invaded by an alien lineage called Homo sapiens and that the earth-evolved homonid Neanderthal did not stand a chance.

Herschel says: "So what if we evolved somewhere else... evolution is real but all life in the universe originates and naturally selects to its environment, following a universal design blueprint. This is where the 'God factor' comes in, where all life is literally immersed in a radiation force field of life following a design blueprint from a real all-seeing all-knowing conscious Tree of Life that radiates life." ref

Wayne Herschel had an extraordinary NDE (near death experience) many years ago to credit as his initial 'source' which is covered in this article, one where he explains 'he came back with more than he left with': The ability to tap into a complex and mystical 'memory' recall to find proof of many facets of 'forbidden knowledge' and of this knowledge that comes to mind foremost is that of humanity's origins are other-worldly. All he had to do was set out and test the strange clues and discover if the historical evidence seen in 'memory' was real.

It was.




Now that he has sent so many evaluation copies of his new book to mainstream media in a viral approach, the moment the book becomes available, he hopes it will overcome all interference currently trying to stop its publication. To get it launched and secure a strong copyright stance, a direct but limited amazon deal was his only recourse at the time. A private publisher for the colour edition is still the ultimate goal.

The new book release had to be set with low cost production black and white illustrations for this to be possible. Authors get almost no reward for a full colour glossy paper edition. As he also needed to secure a strong copyright stance for all of the new discoveries, he also decided to do an extended coverage of all the proof with content going well over 500 pages for the launch edition. All three of his books are linked to from here. In doing this, the pre-ordered eBook buyers (currently only available through the author directly on this website) have double content but greyscale images.

However, while new publishers are placing bids for the 250-page glossy paper colour edition, watch his YouTube channel where the Atlantis videos will debut with watermarks to protect them.


In his search for Atlantis, Herschel would soon recognise that its layout was also based on 'his' star map. But unlike how on Mars the X marks the spot was the 'face' monument, at the Atlantis site it would be the circumpunct symbol that would reference the sun star, in other words the other-worldly solar system of The Ancients. In Herschel's words: "Is this not obvious in the circular design plan?"

The circumpunct design fitted perfectly for the legendary circular canals! The controversial circumpunct symbol that was the big secret that was very lightly brushed upon in Dan Brown's 'Lost Symbol'.

What both the Atlantis and the Mars star map had in common however was that they both used the Pleiades and Orion as points of reference to finding this X marks the spot. And the same was true for Stonehenge.



And what does all this mean. For decades Herschel had endeavoured to prove that all ancient civilisations worshipping a bull associated with a sun was based on something real. It turns out it was not our sun that they worshipped, but the sun-like star of our ancestors in the Taurus area. He would soon discover that the layout at Stonehenge with its circle of stones and the mounds surrounding these, and Mars before it with what could only have been pyramid structures on the red planet once upon a time, were in fact templates for the alignment of Orion's Belt showing the way to the special star. To substantiate the star map even further, even the Pleiades cluster was correctly positioned within this template to reference the position of the ultimate sun star solar system location of our ancestors. When it came to Atlantis, Herschel was certain that what he ought to be looking for was the largest, strongest and oldest case of this template.

And then began the waiting game. It took until 2010 before satellite program images would include ocean beds. Imperative to his research would be to peruse the floor of Atlantic Ocean for patterns of lost islands that he was convinced were once small landmassess that took on the shape of the Pleiades and of Orion. If found these would most certainly suggest the remains or fingerprint so to speak of the lost Atlantis port city. A continent-sized island that Plato said looked like what he has rendered in the image below.

Would he find it? They existed! Both were anomalous ruins on the ocean floor. If anything, the image you see reconstructed here is strongly reminiscent of exactly what he was looking for: 'His' star map template. This is what the area he isolated once looked like before the cataclysm that shifted the location of Atlantis. Today the tiny islands are crystal clear mounds on the Atlantic Ocean floor. For its part what was once the Atlantis port city appears to have moved more than 100 km westwards to crash into Europe to become Spain and Portugal. A whole new continental drift theory, extremely fast moving resulting from a mega meteor impact event can now be put to the test with experts.

These are findings that are anything but theory. These ocean-bed islands were crucial to piecing together the puzzle that was Atlantis and if the port city was ground zero for earth's first big mass colonisation from elsewhere in the universe, that is to say from the red planet, it came as no surprise that its template was based exactly on what he had already identified on Mars.



In 1999 the author had originally compiled a comprehensive all-in-one book of the content of his current three books for his literary agent since it was all really one all-encompassing story. The first manuscript opened with the star map discoveries, lead into the ultimate star map of Atlantis, then addressed the God factor, whilst at the same digressing towards ancient proof of the star gates and the implications of their deities traversing the heavens and riding the branches of the Tree of Life. But it was too much for one book. Taking on board the advice of the literary agent at the time, the material has since been and is still being turned into several books, with the time now right for Atlantis. Click link at the bottom of page to see the three available so far.

Quite unsuspectingly, presenting the manuscript to an agent would cause a cunundrum like never before. Suddenly evaluators for prospective publisheres were emailing him and jumping the gun trying to get more information on the Atlantis aspect of the manuscript. Next came a barrage of emails from 'friends' of the evaluators doing the same. Enough was enough. Herschel retracted his manuscript and decided to self-publish and this is when The Hidden Records first hit the shelves in 2003. With the worrying realisation that since this was the book on the star maps and the Atlantis material was not secure, he inserted the sneak preview of Atlantis in Spain 'encoded' in the chronology. He had to have a record of proof that the Atlantis island continent and port city had already been discovered and by none other than himself. But a leak had to have come about during the handling of the manuscript by various parties. Proof of this was a whole barrage of new authors who were suddenly claiming a similar area for Atlantis, even if the way they were reasoning it was neither substantiated nor credible. All of them turned out to be fly-by-night assertions disappearing from the media as fast as they had appeared. In retrospect, today he is thankful that he had had the forsight to trust nobody and the original manuscript was never the whole story anyway.

Herschel launched his first book about the star maps repeating themselves around the globe on a controversial South African investigative journalism program Carte Blanche in 2002, just under a year prior to The Hidden Records being published as seen in the first YouTube link above, and it opened a hornets next! It received exponentially more callers to the program than the record-breaking Nelson Mandela book Long Walk to Freedom before it had. But then began the interference and it only found its way with a lot of difficulty, time and again having been blocked from major book depositories and book stores.

In the rebuilt image below is the ancient continent of Atlantis before it crashed into Europe.




The image above shows how Spain and Portugal were once the Atlantis continent. Also demarcated is the port city near the "Pleiades Islands". The astronomical map of the Pleiades with the X marks the spot has been inserted for comparison.

As explained on amazon, the author introduces his book Herschel's Atlantis with a compact preview collection of the most compelling proof and content of what he has found. This comes in the form of a 30-page 'synopsis' that is the Introduction to the book. It tells the whole story much like this promotional article, but with all the bells and whistles and many more of the thought-provoking never-before-seen images that define each and every topic that every new chapter introduces, with both these aspects in turn making this book stand out from others in its genre like no other book before it. The expansive introduction was opted for so that both his readers and interested media can see what they are getting into right from the get-go in a relatively short timeframe, leaving no room for confusion.

So what would cause a continent-sized island, if it really did exist once upon a time, dissapear from the Atlantic Ocean where Plato said it would be? All things considered, a landmass the humongous size of which Plato claims, cannot simply hide under the sea. It would be visible, we would see it! But something catastrophic moved it. Continental drift science on steroids: It literally crashed into Europe to become the landmass of Spain and Portugal. An area that another author published a book about nearly a century earlier, in 1925. Initially Wayne Herschel thought he was merely proving her claim. But then came an interesting twist. What did the early twentieth century author really claim she had found? And on looking closely this then begged the question: Who was first? For now, let it merely be said: Credit must be given where it is due!

Plato said the Atlantis survivors claimed they saw the port city sink completely? Yes it would look like it had succumbed to large-scale flooding. If for argument's sake all the oceans of the Northern Hemisphere were to flood over all the landmasses it is made up of. But how would this even be possible? Herschel believes the only answer to this would be a mega meteor impact event hitting the North Pole and he sets out to prove it. But if this did really happen you might ask the obvious: Then why is there no ground zero impact site that scientists know about today?


Herschel believes he has found ground zero! He knew where a massive meteor would need to impact during the so-called Younger Dryas Stadial to set off the precession wobble that is also apparently a more recent clue to what happened in that epoch. He also knew it would have to be a low-angle impact. He had done enough scientific experiments to be convinced of this.

He created a ballistics gel model to see what to look for in a low-angle impact event. Never did he imagine that he would find an identical match to the simulation he did that you see here. Take a closer look.

In the subsequent image he then shows how the impact created an elongated impact scar and reshaped Greenland into what it looks like today. Greenland by the way also has a huge canyon crack right through the middle of it hidden under the ice. It is only more recently that geologists first launched their paper on the: Greenland 'canyon'. Scientists missed the detail previously because they were looking for a round caldera-shaped scar. The scar you see here is nothing like that. One also has to ask oneself: What happens when an impact is such that it all occurs beneath the sea? In a nutshell the answer would be something along the lines of: Things sort of meld into one another and it all gets confused as something else. Look closely and you'll notice that both sides of the crater ridges are actually there too.




It's all about simple physics: A mega meteor (not a comet) of solid iron penetrates the earth's crust in what we know today as our current North Pole position (it used to be the Hudson Bay previously). It then detonates below the earth's crust with what Herschel coins as new crustal upthrust physics. The outcome: The northern oceans flood the entire Northern Hemisphere.

The scars of the so-called Biblical Flood are as clear as daylight on a grand scale all over the Northern Hemisphere. The Sahara Desert for its part is about to reveal its frozen-in-time-scar. Using the very same physics parameters, the new data now reveals an even older and bigger impact event 250-million years ago. It is the impact that split up Pangaea and set off the super- size dinosaur era.




The fault line crack that occured with the impact just over 12,000 years ago as seen above, in reality spread along the ocean bed and literally lifted up the seabed near Atlantis. Atlantis the landmass, simply put, began sliding into Europe by gravitational forces that caused it to slide downhill from the 'uplift' motion of subcrustal detonation by the meteor. During what must have felt like an eternal constant ten-on-the-Richter-Scale quake that lasted days, anything of substantial mass that was not built on bedrock would literally have been swallowed by a geological process where solid land turns into very soft mud.

They, that is to say scientists, call it liquifaction: Where the land liquifies and anything with any mass sinks into what would look more like a giant mud swamp. All that is left is: Just an empty plain with no ruins. That explains why there are virtually no ruins on the site that was once the Atlantis port city. The wording "virtually" is deliberate because there is evidence of at least some ruins and they are explored extensively. Giant statue base ruins. But the best artifact of all remains intact and available to this day. Unscathed by liquifaction, Herschel would only discover it at a very late stage whilst putting the final touches to what would become his Atlantis masterpiece.


Also deliberate is the choice of the limited sneak preview that this website plays host to. It is intended as just enough to spark your interest but not enough so as to spoil things for those who are ready to get their teeth into the book with its wealth of permutations that even an introduction as extensive as this one cannot possibly do justice to. And I can assure you, the book promises to be a feast for not only the fanatics on the subject but also the cautious 'onlookers' with just a smidgeon of curiosity that at some or other point may have tickled the imagination. If anything, Herschel's Atlantis - Countdown to 2027 may well be the answer to one of the biggest mysteries of all time that has forever baffled humanity and whose real truth has inadvertently been hidden from it for far too long.

Herschel's Atlantis has a way of riding one major breakthrough after another. The uncovering of the ancient maps on Atlantis, the discovery of the real Pillars of Hercules, the huge collection of artifacts that support the star ancestor theory, proof of the Biblical Flood, evidence of the Younger Dryas Stadial impact event caused by an iron asteroid, reasoning of what caused the chaos in our solar system in the first place based on the Sumerian planetary collision made famous by Zecheria Sitchin: These are only the tip of the iceberg of clues in this new book on proving once and for all that Atlantis did exist and was very real at that. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I will boldly and proudly say: Wayne Herschel's book uncovers what few if any before it have achieved on this subject of nothing less than epic proportions.


Without giving too much of the real plot away, and mind you this happens to be a non-fictional plot that is a story all of its own in its own right, I think it is important to round off this article with the significance of the date 2027. It is after all part of the book title and what might have drawn you the reader in, in the first place.

In what initially seemed like an impossible feat, the author was able to extract from The Geoglyph that had appeared at the Atlantis site a date message using one of the world's first computer codes. It was what the punch card computers by Siemens used in the seventies. The coding system the company used was 'coincidently' called: 'Orion'. When the author stumbled across this key to unravelling the message, it became implicitly clear to him that every clue he was able to decode was preconceived, compiled in a style that bordered on genius and was nothing less than super intelligent.

And it seemed no 'coincidence' either to Herschel that the date he identified coincides with D-Day for the Climate Clock. The climate change deadline is no joke and it needs major intervention in the next decade for permanent world weather disasters and the ensuing crop failures to be circumvented. But it is not the only issue that needs addressing by the auspicious date isolated in The Geoglyph. There are four other hidden crises. The prophecies of 'Revelation' in The Bible have all the matching clues that Herschel's Atlantis - Countdown to 2027 will go into at great length purely due to how critical this is to humanity's future and how this unfolding development is going to change all our lives. And for the sceptics, there is a way to identify and measure if Herschel's much-anticipated First Contact event predicted from the crop circle will involve visitors who are benevolent or visitors who are destructive ... and whether humanity here on earth is deserving of being saved by them!



And in what may come as a shock to you the reader, the visitors are already here and Herschel boldly stands by his assertion. They are already rehearsing for First Contact and testing our military capabilities with the UFOs buzzing the US Navy's war ships like the USS Nimitz. The image you see here is reconstructed compiled from naval witnesses' accounts. The US government does not even refute the authenticity of the claims. Quite extraordinarily, what is seen in the inserted ancient coins is a match.

Herschel in the concluding notes of his book reiterates at how amazing the future could be for us all in a tangible Golden Era if we all band together to make the changes identifiable by a prospective cosmic messenger. Alternatively we can subscribe to the media chaos that intentionally has us believe in 'bad aliens' whom we should annihilate just in case they are of ill intent. But with the comparative that Herschel so aptly draws upon, this would be suicide. Like an Amazonian hunter who never saw our modern technology aiming his bow and arrow at an Apache gun ship hovering above him.

Who do you think will be the victor? Herschel believes humanity has only itself to blame for what comes next if it shoots at them or detonates super weapons intended for them and still has the audicity to blame them for the incident.




It all began way back in the nineties in a near-death accident he claims he came back from with a lot more than he left with. ref . He believes he was able to feel and understand the extent of the suffering of earth's billions of souls and at the same time learned that it was going to get way worse. The inordinate discomfort he felt at being privy to this truth had him plead with the light consciousnes to help him find a solution to the hardship unfolding from the maliciously instigated and uncontrollable chaos our world was increasingly being subjected to. The way he recalls the response he recieved was in the form of some sort of vast historical records download.

On coming to from his NDE he immediately felt the sense of urgency with what he experienced. Then over years of pondering on what happened the sense of responsibility became overwhelming. The complex recurring dreams of ancient knowledge were not some fantasy. In later years with advanced meditation techniques, he recognised the time had come to look for proof of what he repeatedly saw. Valuable knowledge that can actually circumvent all differences between divergent people and bring them together to end all wars. It could end the manipulation of the masses instigated by the greed-obsessed profiteering few in society.

What he was also to learn about were our origins. And more specifically that the human genus is basically of 'alien', that is to say 'angelic lineage', that is sacred and where all geneologies are equal since they all share origins that are identical. He was also to learn how humanity arrived in our solar system. What was beginning to look like a sci fi story was in fact our history.

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Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien star maps proving star ancestor human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in 1997 newspapers, followed by a Carte Blanche TV documentary in 2002 now on youtube. The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel released in 2003. (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records). There is a Pleiades correlation with Cydonia Mars, Stonehenge and Tikal and his new 2021 published Atlantis discovery show the same for Atlantis in Donana Spain. The site of an alien crop circle message with swastika and cross. The ancient alien human origin theory by Wayne Herschel claims humanity replaced Neanderthal. The ancient star maps of Orion and Pleiades correlation including three sunlike stars are all Wayne Herschel's copyright protected discoveries.