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Written by Wayne Herschel 2nd February 2013

'Zep Tepi' ref is the hotly debated name given to the 'first time' in Egypt where ancient texts speak of the arrival of a 'cosmic egg' that Ra, their passionately venerated 'god' literally climbed out of. This story I recently claimed to find proof on; a papyrus depiction and text identifying precisely what the celestial ship/cosmic egg really looked like radiating coloured light and a shocking depiction of where it landed, something completely ignored by scholars ref.

Academia clearly has shown over the years to have placed a protocol of 'official denial' on any work irrespective of its merit depicting any advanced beginnings until further notice.

It has always been argued amongst scholars that the Tep Zepi texts with powerful 'gods' that fly are all just crazy fantasy claims. They are in effect saying that just like all the other ancient civilisations found all around the world, who claimed the very same 'gods' who came from the sky... they all obviously lied.

Academic protocol is completely questionable when seen in context with the pyramid mysteries, that all the ancient civilisations across the globe all needed to build giant labour intensive pyramids, as a natural progressive evolution like discovering the wheel.


The biggest problem with the 'advanced beginnings' hypothesis is that no researcher has ever found the 'smoking gun' artifact that depicts advanced technology at least 1000 or so years earlier than the accepted pyramid building time period of 4500 years ago... until now.

In the Tep Zepi texts the arrival of Ra in his 'cosmic egg' was after a period 'waters covered the Earth', perhaps after a great flood and then references to the importance of a great 'mound' amongst other 'mounds' ref, or, are they not speaking here about mounds as in 'man made' mounds... the Great Pyramid seen amongst the other pyramids?

In support of the 50 pyramid star map theory of 2002 in my published book ‘The Hidden Records', my new findings on the Dendera Zodiac Disc provide what I believe is the 'smoking gun' artifact, something critically missed, or perhaps even covered up. A symbol that marks the genesis date, then in its new context sets off a snowball effect from one breakthrough to another.

To begin I will set out to first identify the conspicuous errors in previous scholars and known authors work revealing how and why they all missed the obvious.

The new findings make something very clear, they literally scream out loud that the ancient scribes of Egypt never lied about their claims of people that came from the stars and how these 'gods' traversed the heavens and where they went. The ancients were telling accurate accounts of their time and sacred history – all new findings are measurable and referenced.

The image above, and highlighted below depicts the detail at the centre of the artifact pertaining to one of the most important archaeoastronomy artifacts in Egypt – The Dendera Zodiac Disc. Carved in stone over 4000 years ago, now housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris, this remarkable piece was once positioned on the ceiling of the Temple of Hathor at Dendera Egypt. There are important parts in the image above which are gently colour enhanced highlighting symbols and details which I shall be discussing.




The centre of the Dendera Zodiac Disc was according to many scholars and authors the most important detail on the disc itself, as it carries what some refer to as the ‘Genesis Symbols’ however as I proposed in 2003 the three stars (with the red glow ) and the Bull’s leg are what appear to be three Sun-like stars of the Egyptian ‘gods’ and the Bull’s leg. What I presented opposes scholars' theories when it clearly appears as seen below, to be representing something far more measurable and more obvious. Note: 'gods' in inverts here with a small 'g' refers to flesh and blood beings with advanced technology.

Taweret the hippo deity is said to be the goddess of childbirth and some even suggest is a Genesis symbol of Egypt – these I both agree with, it is in regards to the bull's leg symbol where I find scholars are misinterpreting the information. The bull's leg symbol is connected in a mysterious way to Taweret the hippo deity which since the 1920’s has been incorrectly claimed to highlight the ‘northern circumpolar stars’.

The leg symbol without any doubt represents a cluster of seven stars; however scholars in the 1920’s made the glaring misinterpretation of claiming that these stars represent the Plough constellation also known as the Big Dipper or Ursa Major. This misinterpretation has ever since been adhered to as though it was fact with the majority of scholars. Many authors from the 1920’s until present have trusted these theories on which they have built the bulk of their research.


It is now time to expose the glaring errors by definitions with intense but concise analysis and with the raised question; was it just a careless error or an intentional cover up? The cover up conspiracy aspect is a major piece of the puzzle, but before going any further it is important to know that the secret of these stars here is also part of the foundation of what Freemasons have spoken about. It was aired officially on a TV documentary that "there are no secrets" but in regards to their history they claim to have forgotten; it depicts an identical star pattern of a cluster of seven stars surrounded by Suns as documented at the UK Bradford University.

If you need to have a quick glimpse into the forgotten foundation of secret society material (perhaps once the secret Hiram Abiff was murdered for) then click here ref Going forward we will now take a look into the lost ancient secret society history with Washington DC and the Vatican which will all tie in to the story at the end of this article.

The Leg of the Bull representing Ursa Major is not only improbable... it is measurably impossible.

1) The ancients said this symbol was the leg of the BULL of the heavens. The bull of the heavens in ancient Egypt IS conclusively Taurus as seen in the image at the top of the page (shaded green) and scholars agree the bull in the zodiac of Dendera IS Taurus.

2) When speaking of the BULL of the heavens in their texts they use pictographic hieroglyphs of a small bull and the first scholars were uncomfortable with this.

3) The claim that the bull's leg symbol associates as a "circumpolar constellation" was concluded because of one, and only one tiny insignificant weak clue leading to their questionable assumption. The utterances of the bull's leg speak of the seven stars with hieroglyphs that translate as "eternal" and at a stretch the word "imperishable". The first scholars felt the word ‘imperishable’ therefore could mean that they stay in the night sky and never set. It was from here that the birth of their claim was forged. A claim that strangely insisted that any scholar or student going forward should completely ignore all other overwhelming evidence in regards to aspects of the bull symbol, to only be completely in favor of the new belief the stars of the bull need to be Ursa Major.

In searching for more clarity consider this:
1) If it looks like a BULL's leg, it's spoken of as a BULL of the heaven's leg, it's repeated like this obsessively throughout all their history using BULL hieroglyphs... it is therefore more than probable the bulls leg of TAURUS.

2) Look at the image at the top of the page. The bull in the Zodiac artifact actually stares back at this leg symbol because it is that which resides on the back of the bull where he casts his stare, the place of this strange shape of a leg constellation called the Pleiades.



3) There is a ritual of the bull's leg carried out by their ultimate 'god' Isis as seen in the Senmut tomb star map account of this leg.

She holds a cord attaching to a Sun next to the leg.

The words are something along the lines as follows; Isis stretches forth the cord that attaches to the bull's leg as it is cast astray in the heavens (from the bull) and tethered so it is secure. Taweret is also tethered to the leg in the 'genesis theme' at the top of the page but here she might actually be the cause of the leg traditionally taught of as becoming set astray, which will be discussed. ref

4) The name for the Pleiades as "eternal" stars is more fitting with those they claimed came from these stars. They were the ETERNAL deities they venerated as 'gods'. This word has another aspect even more fitting. The Pleiades is a very young constellation comprised of hot blue giant stars which have uniquely retained its leg shape constellation, almost unchanged already for a staggering 20000 years. It will outlast all the other constellations by time and by retaining its shape set almost as they said eternally as they are, 'frozen' in time.

5) My earlier groundbreaking discovery published in 2002 of the ultimate Egyptian monument within the Egyptian complete pyramid star map, comprised of all 50 of the lower Egypt pyramids, placing their ultimate obelisk monument of Abusir at the very centre of the star map. It is the 'x' that marks the spot, the reason for the star map, right next to a cluster of pyramids representing the Pleiades ref

6) Here is one of the earliest accounts of the Leg of the Bull and consider the accuracy in which they depict the leg inscribed to the most important figureheads of Dendera, you will understand that yes, it is in fact the Pleiades they are depicting. Here for an example is the Priestess of Hathor, from the 11th dynasty 2061 BC on display in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the artifact I hear was removed from display shortly after my book was published. Proof of its existence can be found with this same reference in the publication by Wm. R. Fix titled "Star maps".



Note in the image above the two stars in the hoof of the leg appear to be altered and straightened in a line and denoted differently with dots inside the stars. The same thing occurs in the Senmut tomb and it can be reasoned as follows. They straighten the two hoof stars possibly not because they appeared like this in that position during their epoch, but it was specifically altered beckoning the viewer to consider the importance of following this leg of the bull as a cosmic sign post pointer aligning to the most important nearby Sun star.

7) The obsession with Pleiades star visitors is not only an Egyptian obsession; it is the obsession of virtually every ancient civilisation in the world. Even by the science of repeating statistics this beats the odds by chance, the Pleiades has not only the most important secret of all the stars... it is associated with the ultimate secret of our star ancestor human origins, that all these civilisations seemed to insist upon. I have presented 35 different accounts of it all over the world and it can be reviewed here: ref




The image above is yet another important Egyptian individual’s coffin lid inscription. Why was it only the earliest dynasties and the highest of high ranking Kingship's family in Egypt that have the Pleiades inscriptions? Was it deemed only their secret? Why hide such an important historical sacred bloodline piece of knowledge from all their people. Were our descendants of these beings venerated like 'gods'?

Here is a simple reason and it appears to have occurred in every ancient civilisation. All ancient civilisations were war-like and Kingships abused their people in the typical monarchy system where people are worthless, expendable and need to be obedient. They needed their people to obey, fighting their wars under the lie that other civilisations were not chosen people and it is good to rape pillage and plunder foreigners.




The symbol for a bright star here identifies something paramount that I had been looking for and many years passed before I could get a high resolution image.

Many authors agree Orion here is as shown, Taurus is clear with no doubts but where was the brightest star in our night sky... that of Sirius?

All I needed to do was trace my finger along the Orion alignment line and there it was. It is shown as oval with a wreath-like symbol wrapped around it, a wreath? Sounds a bit strange but I believe it’s a wreath symbol to know what a bright star is represented by in order to help identify another identical symbol on the Zodiac Disc for the very same thing.




The identical symbol for Sirius is placed near the polar area of the star artifact and initially I was very confused as to why it was placed right at the base of the belly of Taweret.

I knew of a very bright star in the North ... the star Arcturus and it was not anywhere close to the pole position now or if we follow previous precession theory proposing where the old pole position was.

But suddenly it was clear... what if the pole position theory is completely wrong and Arcturus was much closer at the time they built the Dendera Temple.

Suddenly the constellation Bootes made sense. This constellation resembled a big fat standing upright hippo and at its base... Arcturus. Taweret the hippo deity is just a personification of another constellation where the star Arcturus is one of the brightest Northern Hemisphere stars and it is here where Taweret displays her message, she seems to be beckoning us to decipher a message in a long forgotten legend of all ancient civilisations.

Let us now look at another depiction from the ceiling murals at the Temple of Hathor in Dendera to understand more about Taweret.




As mentioned already, Taweret the hippo deity is seen here with some sort of stretching the rope tradition. What is Taweret symbolically teaching while attaching herself to this bull of the heavens? Is she somehow representing something a little more associated with her well accepted genesis theme of human childbirth?

The seven stars of the leg symbol are here and the bulls head on the leg is merely just a crown showing the leg is of the Bull of Taurus. Yes another point proving the leg symbol is the Pleiades!

But look closer... this mural has something wonderful... amongst the stars and behind the bull crown head we witness the unthinkable! Two Suns! This firstly proves it can’t be our sun near the seven stars, one of them also seems to have had an attempt of being scratched off in order to reason it’s just our Sun near the position. If a scholar claimed it was our Sun it means the leg of the bull cannot once again be the Big Dipper because our Sun does not pass anywhere near the Big Dipper! The second Sun is only clear here at close detail.

What is Taweret trying to teach here? Her stance seems more appropriate symbolism of ploughing the heavens with the bull of the heavens. If so what does this mean or have to say about the beginnings of human childbirth on Earth?

Could it be the human DNA code is represented here matching as I proposed in my book in 2002 identifying the human code geometry of the Vitruvian man that is associated in three of the main star maps.


It was a discovery Hollywood movie makers decided to claim for themselves, the 2012 movie 'Prometheus' used my unique hypothesis identifying repeating accounts of ancient star maps found all over the world and in a cave and with the Vitruvian man human code message encoded into the star maps as a messag of human origins, and then as expected, perhaps even intentionally destroying the seriousness of the material, twisted it all into evil alien fiction.

The real ancient deciphered message speaks of our human star traveller place of origins from a group of three Sun stars near the Pleiades.

But now it means the pole star theory needs re-evaluating from scratch if everything so far was true. Where does one start?


The developments now beg one to reason the legend of Taweret especially if she is the centre of the Zodiac disc. But how can she be at the center representing another constellation where current precession theory insists there are no correlations for Taweret at all. How can she be so close to the pole star position? What is the suggested pole star correlation with the Dendera disc?

At the centre of the Dendera disc there are two strange lines leading from her hands or belly and attach to the leg symbol. But how can the Pleiades stretch toward a central position here? Is it possible the Pleiades are the reason for the disc message itself and this disc is telling a story based only around the star deities that came from stars near the Pleiades?

I will now confirm that it is indeed that the Pleiades are added to the centre because they are the absolute most important star constellation message as well above every other constellation tenfold, and this will become clear as we decode the pieces of story unfolding with Taweret here.

In the image below let us consider what the strange symbol is that fits perfectly at the centre of the disc between Taweret and the Leg of the Bull. To be precise the perfect centre of the zodiac disc artifact is dead centre of the strange symbol that looks like a plough.

But scholars were quick to say in the past that the plough constellation was the leg of the bull. There cannot be two ploughs? Only one symbol here can be the plough.


Here is a reference of earliest world astronomy. Yes it's a fact that ancient civilisations in different parts of the Northern Hemisphere followed ancient naming of the stars and it is a fact that Ursa Major the 'Big Dipper' stars were also known as the cleaver constellation as well as a plough. Here is the ref




This was the defining moment... the reason scholars tried to make the leg of the bull symbol into The Big Dipper/Plough constellation is because they also thought the two lines from Taweret were just ropes!

In my 2002 book I was also sure they were just lines connecting to the leg symbol.


If what I propose is true, that the Plough constellation fits as the pole stars as dead centre of the disc artifact (see yellow cross hairs for dead centre), then the next big shock followed...

The new documented pole stars are so way off the current precession calculations, in fact so far off it suggests two amazing insights. Firstly the age calculation is going to be much earlier for the building of this Temple of Hathor at Dendera as well as the pyramids which no doubt fit the same epoch.

Secondly, that a monumental event must have occurred to distort the already accepted measurement curve after a century of measurements of precession from a stable circle to a far more recently unstable newly formed ellipse!



In the image here I propose a completely new revised precession measurement, not only because the Dendera disc inscription of the Plough was depicted in its precise position as pole stars, but because after looking into the math of the precession calculation, no two scholars seem to agree on the current proposed model. Here are the generalities that are wrongfully accepted on the old precession model ref

Compare at first the massive variables and approximations before even doing the calculations as to why the precession model is just a general theory.
ref 1... ref 2... ref 3

In this model I propose just by approximation here the Dendera artifact should be dated another 1000 years earlier to start with, but when the experts finalise their calculations... expect it to be even earlier.




The amount of polar deviation is at least another 10 degrees of arc from the old Thuban star proposal theory around 4500 years ago and at a completely different angle direction. A total approximation of 50 degrees is in contention here for new measurements as seen in the image above.

This deviation now means that the entire Milky Way becomes more equatorial positioned between Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and all other stars suddenly follow the deviation and need a whole new computer program.


UPDATE 2015: An international author well accepted by many scholars and strangely missing on the internet and for contact to discuss his work has presented a book on the Babylonial Sumerian archaeoastronomy history ref.

There is however a mystery behind his work that you are about to compare because... there is no known artifact rendition of the hemispherical zodiac and pole stars in Sumerian and Arkadian history like seen at Dendera in Egypt.

But due to his well acceptance by scholars writing supporting articles of his piecing together of his rendition it is time to review his work. He has no doubt based his rendition on years of research and artifact references and I have to say I am absolutely impressed how compelling his work appears to be.

The author is Gavin White and his book Babylonial Star-lore ref has the illustration of his cover with what I propose is the Sumerian Solar Trinity but his complete zodiac illustration seen below compared with Egypt has help conclude a few of my biggest proposals for the Dendera Egypt interpretation.


Dendera star map Egypt
Gavin White babylonian star map


I assume the author has not seen my work and placed his interpretation purely on what he had pieced together from his own work. There is an article on line written by another scholar on Gavin White's work and can you believe the writer chose to write on the Heavenly Bull as the important theme of his work. ref.

Although he does not speak about it one has to conclude this matching depiction speaks volumes! Here is Gavin White's rendition that I had to render my own image from keeping as accurate as possible: ref

He has the ploughman which I propose is Bootes personified as a deity carrying the 3 Sun stars! This is the Babylonian way of highlighting the solar trinity story at the center of the depiction in place of the confusing way the Egyptian version placed the bull's leg closer to the centre.

The zodiac depictions are very similar (in pink) and the Taurus bull Gavin White agrees has identical theme as the Sumerian clay tablet I propose as the star map of our ancestors ref.

I find it also compelling the author placed the Pleiades by importance and a crescent. Since the history of the crescents shown with Pleiades as a sickel type crescent showing something more than our Moon, it is remarkable the author completed this star area with the star map I propose. Orion is agreed to by other authors articles on White's rendition.

For now the amazing depiction of the Plough of the Big dipper as perfectly above North Pole is all I would like to mention. Hopefully scholars that supported this work so far will ponder on how how dramatic this star map is if this is historically accurate as seen in the Dendera version as well. I am trying to contact Gavin White to confirm my rendition under fair comparison is online as well as get his opinion of my star interpretations and most importantly, from what sources inspired placing these characters in positions shown.


I am assuming from here forward, for now that the pyramids might have been built at a similar epoch since this temple has the most advanced records on its ceilings and is replete with the most advanced building techniques. If the pyramids were not built at the same time as Dendera then they could be older.

The Great Pyramid, the largest pyramid of Egypt at Giza with its previous star shaft alignment claims are all null and void if the new pole stars identified were true when the Temple of Dendera was built.

One needs to recalculate from scratch new star alignments but first, let us recap on previous theories and claims.

Look closely at the image below. It is the 'current accepted' model ... well accepted perhaps by the public but still completely rejected by most mainstream scholars. Why? Simply because there are conspicuous errors that are impossible here and part of it seems immersed in an interpretation fitting the old public accepted tradition, believing the ancient Egyptian beliefs were just lost and confused.



The claims of this previous 'accepted' star shaft theory lull the reader into believing one shaft aligns with Orion's Belt stars while the other aligns with Sirius at a specific time. This is impossible because there are 6 degrees of arc between the two points and Sirius is 21 degrees of arc distance from Orion's Belt.

Over 10000 years ago this distance has only moved by a degree or so. Confusion in the theory is rife! When reading the complicated claims again, maybe they are saying the two points are aligned to the shafts at different times.

BOTH of these choices again are completely impossible circumstances. Then the most discomforting theory of them all for academics... that the shafts with this 'alignment' are of religious belief symbolic representations of deities in the sky represented with chosen stars, join the dots and then place the sketch over the pyramid side elevation.




This celestial globe is not only in appearance a beautiful piece of astronomical equipment, it is like holding the universe in your hands.

To measure 50 degrees deviation to the old pole stars you can simply turn the whole globe and with a pair of dividers simply plot a new path.

While looking at a celestial globe as seen in this image above or a star program that allows setting a new pole position it would enable us to get a little deeper into the message Taweret is beckoning us to decipher.

From looking further at the Dendera Zodiac disc pictured below, I realized why the scholars might have been confused in the beginning, which caused them to make the huge error of naming the Leg of the Bull symbol as the Big Dipper/Plough. From this realization I now think that it is entirely possible that this was a genuine mistake and not a cover up and conspiracy.

At the start it was confusing not being able to realize the difference between personified deity star constellation representation in context with the leg of the bull theme, which was enlarged and placed towards the centre in order to show it as the initial teaching behind what the disc really means.

Let us first look a little deeper and try to unlock the mystery of Taweret and discover the truth she seems to beckon.

There is a definite pattern sequence here... from the left numbered 1 to 4 we have what appears to be the 'code of Taweret' and what she is trying to say in a celestial mythological way....




Taweret is in position 1 and is what I believe is the keeper of the human genesis secret we are trying to decipher. She is representing the constellation Bootes and is the one that severs the leg of the bull ... 4 constellations tell a story... explaining the leg of the bull

Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb checked up on Bootes to find confirmation that the Egyptian myth I had pieced together on the Dendera disc was also an ancient Greek legend. It also claims Bootes is the constellation of the one who drives the plough as a 'plowman'. ref




The ancient Egyptians were very similar with the ancient Greeks in their star lore, they both had exotic myth and legends to teach of the star positions. I believe it was a romantic way to memorize what stars were where and how humanity began.

Since no legend has yet been deciphered as to how it all began or which part of heaven was our ancestor’s place of genesis, I realize I could now be unveiling something so monumental to the whole history of our civilization, a daunting thought. This small section of my work could be substantial enough to elevate my theory worthy of consideration by scholars.

For now it seemed as if I was working with something that was intentionally hidden, something smeared and encoded with secrecy. Records not seen fit for the eyes of ordinary man and woman but knowledge only fit for the highest monarchy families. It is a fact in thee past that those caught with this type of material would be burned at the stake as heretics.

I noticed something very odd...

Taweret had one hand holding the Plough as we covered so far, but very awkwardly had a large butchers cleaver as well.


Taweret is holding two legends as one. Perhaps the earliest was a romanticized myth teaching of a real story, and more would be explained with the cleaver than that of the more common Plough first used by the farmers who began on this Earth.

This could be it! But how would the cleaver explain anything?

Suddenly it made sense... Taweret was one who severed the leg of the bull... it is from this legend as to how the bull's leg would appear as if set free in the heavens and where Isis in ancient texts tethers her rope to it so it would not be set astray!

In the image below follow the legendary story from Bootes as Taweret with the cosmic cleaver (also a Plough) who as a teaching tradition, cut the leg of the bull from Taurus the bull. See the previous image now where parts 3 and 4 are now complete as one completely flowing and aligned deciphered message.

From the simple words of Taweret; "As goddess of childbirth, the genesis of the first children, I severed the place of our origins, the leg of the bull constellation and set it astray in the heavens".

It is a romantic story perhaps created to inspire children at an early age to become interested to learn the secrets of the stars. Stars perhaps associated with our place of origins... worlds where we evolved from apes to humans before our ancestors came here and colonized this solar system. Neanderthal was the last earth evolved ape and could have been robbed of his future.

Here is an artifact source of the Egyptian cleaver shape and there is another decorated with a bull's leg as a handle celebrating the 'severing of the leg' ref.




The severing of the bull's leg legend is without doubt in my mind the perfect example of how something that was once great knowledge and understanding became nothing more than a worthless destructive cult. The legend of our ancestors originating from stars in the area of the bull of the heavens most probably started as something of great honour and with great pride towards the traditions to commemorate where they came from... their home in the heavens.

Then through the ages it appears that arrogant war mongering kings decided this knowledge was no longer for everyone, because through this knowledge people were much more aware of their cosmic connection and ancestry, making them a much more peaceful and docile civilization, knowing that all races were connected and all sacred.

Kingships gripped with greed power hungry wanting only to rape, pillage and plunder anyone who they deemed beneath them, profiteering under the lie that other nations were not the “chosen ones”. It is from here that the secret teachings were encoded into a God fearing cult and spread into all countries in similar guises.

Kings from all nations proclaimed they were families of the great ancestors- the ‘gods’, in which their families and theirs alone had to be worshiped alongside this place of the heavens, to obey the king ultimately – the great lie which in many countries still lives on even today.




And so it began... the mind numbing destructive worship of the celestial bull. The image here is of the cult of Mithrus. The severing of the leg is more obvious in some of the earliest depictions, while in others like this one the knife is closer to the neck as the secret began to twist with time through the many kingships.

The cult was saturated with secret symbols so the elite of Rome could decipher the message while the ordinary man and woman would bow down and worship it as their Gods. Here is the full referencing of the Mithric cult


In the Image above note the Pleiades on the back of the bull on the cape of the deity. Also notice the Sun with the conical beam of light, a tradition that I believe became the origin of the Yule Tree tradition called Sol Invictus ref chosen for its shape with a star at the top. Furthermore I believe it became a simplified 'keyhole symbol' not just in later Egyptian depictions correctly placed behind the Bull's neck, but it was also a symbol of obsession for the shape of tombs in Japan and geoglyphs found all over the world. ref.

Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb found this depiction above had the three sol stars that I had found in many other cases. I suggest in my research that the Templars carried the first aspects of the secret as a Solar Trinity... ref and could have been responsible for the design of the Vatican City... ref as it evolved founding the history of Freemasonry... ref before it was completely lost or intentionally removed in history. Some say it has all become harmless mystical allegory filling just a small part of what remains a tradition within modern Freemasonry today, one where many lodges dedicate more time to fellowship and charity than focusing on the old ways.


After weeks of arguing with experts over ways to alter our star programs on our computer, moving polar position and having no luck finding a celestial globe to tinker with, I found an approximate way to plot the new star shaft alignments.

It is an approximation so while we wait for scholars's confirmations doing it on a bigger astro computer we will have to work with a general interpretation. It meant plotting the chart as it is on my computer set at how it appears today, then for each calculated view from Cairo through 12 hours of Earth rotation I had to plot a point. Then calculate a 50 degree deviation at a new angle and mark the new point. Each point needed rendering on an art program as I stitched together the pieces of the night sky. A laborious task to say the least and with many failed attempts but with a lot of coffee and after a very long day I hit gold.

Before we discuss the results one needs to know exactly what we have with the star shafts and their previous claims.


One needs to define firstly that all four of the star shafts in the image above are spiritual function only because a person cannot be positioned to look up these tiny 20cm wide shafts mainly because they have portions at the bottom of each shaft where they are horizontal before climbing heavenwards to the stars.

The so-called King's Chamber has two star shafts openings inside the chamber on the North and South walls and these are the real star shafts.

The so-called Queen's Chamber never had openings inside the chamber at all. The shafts were hidden behind solid granite walls and made to be completely invisible when one is standing in the chamber. These two shafts are also blocked long before the outside edge of the pyramid and sealed. The two shafts have equal angles of 39 degrees incline and no doubt have another expected training function, namely for training the initiate who will traverse the heavens as a spirit. With both entrance and exits completely sealed it appears to be some sort of test for an initiate to prove they were 'of the spirit' and able to find some test set for them in the tiny hidden chambers, and speak of it after their experience.

I propose with good reason these shafts have nothing to do with any star alignments.




I have stated before in my book 'The Hidden Records' that I agree with many authors in this field that I have always agreed that the pyramid chambers are not for any dead kings or queens. It is one for the living, one where a living initiate has their soul induced out of their body using a natural 'mountain energy' field enhanced by the perfect shape and resonance of the chamber. A chamber made of what the Egyptians refer to as spirit stone, one that a spirit can feel as a dense object.

The famous pyramid texts from the pyramid of Unas are supposed to be the oldest Egyptian texts and the pyramid ritual is well documented in the book by Wm. R. Fix titled "Star maps" page 90. The texts actually describe the meaning of the pyramid and the ceremony of the initiate where it repeats over twenty times:

"... the king is not dead, he is alive..."

followed by clues to the chambers that are not star shafts

"... he struggles and permeates the two closed stone doors... "

Then during the bulk of the texts Unas gets to traverse the heavens like a 'god' and the texts describe all the stars on his journey that heads to the most sacred of places...

"... he is one like Ra..."

"... Unas is at the Leg of the bull constellation... "

"... he is welcomed by all the Sun people there... "


The Unas texts are in essence written in this chamber to teach what happened in the Great pyramid... why? Simply because it mentions the meaning of the two small stoned doors of limestone that are on both shafts of the Queen's Chamber. Limestone is no doubt more permeable than the granite chamber and part of the initiate training is to find some sort of symbol inscription marking and come back and prove to the teacher that you have had a controlled out of body experience as an initiate and by showing what is written in the mini chambers they have earned the right of passage in the star gate... the King's Chamber.

Scientists have already discovered there were secret symbols that were not Egyptian inside the tiny 'initiate chambers' and hence the usage of the word 'alien' symbols. ref




There are therefore only two star shafts in the Great pyramid and each has a whole new alignment to reveal.

The northern shaft has a unique alignment and speaks volumes about the builders. Firstly it is perfectly celestial pole aligned thousands of years ago and it still is today. How can it be unchanged? It proves the North Pole was exactly where it was when the pyramids were built and hence why the pyramid sides are so perfectly North South orientated.

The engineering feat in building this accurate alignment is breathtaking to say the least. The big question is, there is obviously something more important than stars if it is set to perfect celestial pole position. What on earth could it be?

An answer to that would need to be spiritual and where would one look for clues? There are basically only two places of obsession that the ancients speak of in their books on the spirit. Wallis Budge called it book of the dead, but if one reads the hieroglyphs for dead... it is 'of the spirit'.


One primary destination is the Sun people near the Leg of the bull constellation, the next most obvious ultimate destination is the Duat.

What is the Duat?

According to historical definitions from all over the world there are many accounts of a place that appears to match the Egyptian description of the Duat as the place of 'God' with a capital G, because the Egyptians include mention of a critical detail, that it is the place of judgement of the soul after death. ref. The common claims of other ancient civilisations go even further suggesting it is also the place of Creation of all life, that which gives life, the nucleus of the Universe.

I have a whole website exploring the Duat. In Egyptian words... it is the place that has an 'underworld', a Tree of Life at its centre, nurtured with sacred waters, living cosmic serpent conduits, the place of judgment of the soul after one passes after Death... the place of the greatest 'gods' and the highest of high in the universe. The website compares the Egyptian Duat to many other matching ancient accounts of the very same sacred place here. ref


From the moment I realised the deviation of the north pole was as much as 50 degrees compared to today and the different angular direction, I suddenly realised it is very close to galactic pole alignment.

Galactic pole is 60 degrees offset from our current North Pole and what is clear that the new star shaft alignment will be scanning along one side of the Milky Way and not cutting across it like in previous theories. The 360 degree scan of the night sky would be close to the Milky way right through the Pleiades and on the opposite side ot the scan near the centre of the Milky Way it would deviate a little further away from the Milky Way.

Here is just an approximation scan for now until it is verified with an advanced astronomy program at an observatory.

But it was unanimous... the general path of the Southern shaft was scanning the purple path shown, on one side of the Milky Way, the side with Orion and Pleiades.




Even without the final refined scan results, for me this was my eureka! moment.

I realised my entire Egyptian star map published in 2002, with absolute no knowledge of what the star shaft was intended for, gave me confirmation that I had got the star map right. The Egyptian star map of 50 pyramids covers a string of constellations in one complete 360 degree scan of the heavens matching those along only one side of the Milky Way which the Nile River represents.

For years I have never been able to explain why they chose this large field of 50 pyramids to cross reference and position their most sacred place... the place of Abusir... 'Ground Zero'... Memphis Egypt's oldest pyramids, a place where their ultimate monument was built.

The Solar Obelisk was the only monument representing a Sun-like star amongst 49 other star correlating monuments, which were for representing the brightest non Sun-like stars just as star position references. The massive obelisk monument representing the 'x' that marks the spot was placed at the perfect centre of the pyramid field.

Egypt's full 50 pyramid correlation star map: Click here





The reasoning behind the conclusion as to the function of the star shaft design is quite simple and fitting if the star shafts of the ultimate initiates star gate Pyramid has these two ultimate destination outlines.

If you had to ask any Egyptologist what the two most sacred places in the heavens were, the most important would be the Duat as it is the most sacred place of all. The second area would be the area in space near the leg of the bull constellation because it is mentioned far more than any other star constellation and as a place of the Sun 'gods', in other words the place of what they call 'Sun' people.

One shaft appears to prioritise the Sun-like stars near the Pleiades... and the other the Duat since it aligns with North Galactic pole field and perhaps the most direct conduit cosmic serpent ride to Creation... the two ultimate destinations! (Cosmic serpent cosmic wormhole references to follow soon).




The Duat... if an initiate choses to lie in the Sarcophagus and then the stone door of the chamber closed as it was designed to do with a pulley system, a resonant Earth frequency, probably a neutrino flow based resonance vibrates the soul out of the body.

The initiate has chosen the northern star shaft (green line in all the diagrams) at any time and any epoch it will direct the indestructible soul of an initiate's body towards the pole stars and upward in alignment with the Earth magnetic field flow through towards the flow of our Galactic north magnetic field conduit flow, as recently measured by scientists ref directly through to the Duat or at the very least, through other Galaxies most likely in the direction of the once big bang creation event... now the nucleus of the universe... the Duat.



In the image above, look closely how an initiate's soul would most likely appear induced out of the body. Note the door system of the chamber was made to function by opening and closing so it was never designed as a permanently sealed tomb.

Note also the tiny shafts have a metre or so of it travelling straight and on a level path before they angle towards the heavens.




The initiate would rehearse their chosen destination and it would time with a specific hour when the shaft aligns each day with the Pleiades area. It is interesting to mention just as in the book of the soul (book of the 'dead') records on what hour they pass specific places in the heavens relative to the hour means even with the Duat destination they seem to have access to different doors with each hour.

Here the initiate would need to remember the simple orientation of the Pleiades and as one approaches the Pleiades, remember the Leg of the Bull teaching and follow the direction that the leg hoof points to, finding the greatest of the three sol stars destination, a place according to the common claims in many other cases around the world, a place where the world of our ancestors exists.

To return... one thinks of one's body and home... and the soul follows its silver cord connection as ancient beliefs suggest, back to its body. The Unas texts have something very revealing to end this article with as discovered by author Wm. R. Fix in his book titled "Star maps"... the text says:

"... O Unas ... stand up..."

"...O Unas...receive this bread from me..."

"... put on thy body... stand up... "

"... awake Unas... turn around..."

"... dance... rejoice..."

"... Unas is one who has been and returned."

Unas returned from his cosmic journey and as author W.m. R. Fix suggested, Unas needs to awaken and eat and 'dance'... not so much to celebrate, but to exercise and get his body to recover from the trance.

What about all the other pyramids? They are of all sizes and also have chambers?

An initiate after many events will have gained experience and learn to induce an out of body experience having less need for large pyramids and guidance alignments. Each will no doubt learn to do achieve it in smaller pyramids and chambers. Perhaps after some time as they become more experienced they can do it at leisure any time... anywhere... even without a pyramid.


The Dendera stone star map has one more surprise here. If you look at the title image again. Is our Sun system shown and is there a message how our Sun is considered in the star map?

That answer is yes. The Sun is the largest orb with star deity inside it. Why is it positioned in Scorpio in front of the Scorpion's claws?

Here is the possible answer... If you are a star traveller from the Pleiades and you ask where is our Sun positioned in this Zodiac disc of stars. The answer is in front of the Scorpio's claws!


Just like Gobekli Tepe and other ancient records of Nostradamus. Click the Gobekli Tepe Galaxy image below to see the Gobekli Tepe depiction and the quest for the message of the 'destination Earth story' and seeking...

... the exact time... of their return.






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Special thanks to Zoee Nakoma Ehinger for final editing, to Márton Molnár-Göb with his added research finding more evidence and to all the astronomers who wish to remain anonymous who helped in checking my measurements.





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