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Right at the end of the movie 'National Treasure II' the producers presented a teaser suggesting there will be a National Treasure III and what its plot will be based on. This is interesting because the recent Angels and Demons film based on Dan Brown's novel has just done the exact same thing and possibly hinting along the very same new path.

The US president asks Gates if he was able to look at page 47 of a secret presidential book he was fortunate to browse through. Gates replies yes he did see it and yes he will be able to help with it. He then said its contents were 'life altering'!

Two movies now both dealing with Freemason secrets... both known for revealing historical material with an element of fiction... both hinting to reveal something monumental once hidden in secret books. Both genres Wayne has shown were founded on ancient star secrets and beings spoken of as Angels who came from above.

Wayne's book project has sustained a continual barrage of interfering factors that are literally untraceable yet have almost stopped his book from getting seen by the masses and getting onto most bookshelves. His investors have seen the interference and agreed substantial back up measures should be set up to make sure the book does not get removed completely.

It is their firm belief that the 'Elite' are behind all the interference, multi-million budget film makers and famous book publishers probably trying to overthrow copyright on this material. Wayne believes no matter what happens now the truth is going to be out soon and obviously his book will still have its chance to be seen in new light.


In 'National Treasure I' you may recall a fictional hologram embedded in a parchment that could only be read with special glasses. It had a strange pattern and this pattern was also found at a site in the city where the protagonists were following the Wall Street clue.

Three solar deities as a trinity.

Click on this image below for the historical references.


What seems like wild theory right now is going to make a lot more sense towards the end of this article.

We find ourselves back at our first clue once again, and now with more clues at our fingertips, certainly more 'enlightened' to decipher the secret cartography of one of the most famous American presidents.

Unlike the fictional secret treasure map encrypted into the reverse of the Declaration of Independence, there is a real 'treasure' map, and once deciphered, may reveal to humanity one of the greatest secrets of all time.

The key to unlocking the design plan of Washington DC lies in George Washington’s family portrait.

He appears to be pointing to a secret map, one that highlights positions of revealing symbolic monuments that will enlighten humanity, if deciphered. This map contains the same heavenly secret that is mirrored in the monuments and archives of many ancient civilizations.


What first came to Wayne’s attention about this portrait was the geometry. It closely resembles the geometry he has found in virtually all the most famous of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings. What intrigues Wayne about the Renaissance paintings is how artists like DaVinci and Poussin have encrypted a blueprint of the star origin secret behind the human form into their symbolic subject matter. They seemed to obsess in the geometry with pride, perhaps showing other elite masters that they too know the grand secret. However, what they were subtly disclosing in their works of art was not enough evidence to have them burned at the stake.

Click here Ref: Painting geometry DaVinci - Poussin - Salimbeni - Rosslyn Chapel – a star secret fitting a human blueprint code.

Click here Ref: Definition of the human blueprint as a 'star man'.

So what is the meaning of this? The human form blueprint is depicted as geometrically unique and as a 'star man'. In the context of murals showing angels or the Christ story, or of significant monuments embellished with star themes, the hidden message strongly suggests that humanity was one from the stars.

The Washington DC city layout seems to prove in identical fashion that this ancient knowledge was a reality.

Take a close look at the reproduced rendition of the Washington map below, onto which a copy of the original map has been overlaid. Note how it is tilted at 33 degrees. This is the highest level of Freemasonry to which George Washington apparently belonged. The map is of the unique layout that Washington proposed for his city: Washington DC.


George Washington himself provides the first clue. He points to the planned foundation for a spectacular monument. Today the building that stands in this spot is recognized as the largest building (in terms of its base area) visible from space since the building of the pyramids: The Pentagon.

Fort Runyon was the initial landmark built on this site 60 years after the death of George Washington (well before the Pentagon project). It appears to have been the first attempt at building a star shaped monument, like the base of the Statue of Liberty in traditional Roman style. It looked somewhat like the monument proposed as the ultimate star monument down the causeway of the Vatican Piazza in another example of Wayne's shocking star map theories: The five-pointed star-shaped fortress that became a focal point of Dan Brown's 'Angels and Demons'.

Click here Ref: Vatican star map

In later years the American Defense Department's Pentagon replaced it in the area George Washington is pointing to on the map. This building's breaking of the ground ceremony in traditional Masonic style took place on:

September the 11th 1941.

In many ancient civilizations as proposed in 'The Hidden Records' it would appear that all the major pyramid cities chose a spectacular monument for this particular Sun-like star correlation.

Without going into all the detail and reasoning what Wayne believes these cultures of days gone by wanted to represent, this star was the place of human evolutional beginnings in the heavens.

Click here Ref: Wayne's chronology interpretation for each star on the tracing board.

They also found a way to build the monument as being representative of its significance: In some cases as a star representing the divine proportion of the human form as a pentacle. (ref human blueprint code link earlier).

What is absolutely phenomenal about the design of the Pentagon is that its orientation is such that it almost precisely matches the controversial five-sided D&M pyramid ruin on Mars. Mars is 'The Hidden Records' most controversial star map! Not only is it in a place not of this world, where evidence is mounting, proving that Earth-like conditions once existed on the 'red planet'. But it mirrors the same pyramid star map layouts on Earth, and the tracing board with by far the most exacting star position correlations and geometrical proportions.

Click here Ref: Mars star map

washington map 2

george washington

Both the five-sided monument on Earth and that on Mars have a matching triangular pointer oriented North.

Both correlate with the very same Sun-like star… the second most important Sun-like star in the ancient civilization star maps. (listed as HD 282943)

Compare the inserted image of the D&M five-sided pyramid on Mars with the Pentagon in the Washington DC city image.

george washington

George Washingtons sword points to the place of the most important monument. It is the great obelisk celebrated in ancient Egyptian tradition as the ultimate solar obelisk. On Mars it is celebrated with a mountain-sized rendition of a human face. This is the ultimate monument correlating with the ultimate star (also measurable on a star atlas as a Sun-like star) - the prime star system of our ancestors. It is this star system that Wayne identifies as the most likely match for the Freemason's "blazing star."

The Egyptians built their ultimate obelisk at the center of their pyramid field, they adorned its capstone with gold to celebrate the "blazing star" of Ra, the probable domicile of our ancestors.

Click here Ref: Egypt's 50-pyramid star map with the obelisk at its center as proposed by Wayne Herschel in 'The Hidden Records'.

The third most important monument is shown with the symbolic mason's chisel that Washington's wife is holding. It points to Capitol Hill: a splendid mansion surrounded by a garden in the outline of a crescent. From his research base, Wayne has established that the ancients (especially the Sumerians) revered this shape as the world of their human ancestors bathed in a crescent of light radiated down on it from its blazing sun, a Sun-like star like our own. Here it is represented by the great obelisk.

And last but not least, Washington's daughter's strange hand gesture marks the place of the pentacle symbolic of the human blueprint. It aligns with Washington DC's most famous Masonic lodge and the great blazing star Washington monument obelisk.

The final piece of the puzzle is somewhat hypothetical and is currently being explored further. It is the shape that is visible from space outlining the Rosslyn and Arlington areas. From above (especially when illuminated at night and highlighted in blue and white in the image below) it appears to match the shape of the sacred Egyptian 'leg of the bull' icon. As already established in 'The Hidden Records', this shape represented the stars of the Pleiades for the ancient Egyptians.

The map of Washington DC appears to be a star map of the Pleiades and its nearby 'trinity' of Sun-like stars. The obelisk is in the position of the "blazing star" (in typical Egyptian style solar obelisk representation) and the Pentagon is in the right orientation and position (exactly as in the case of the Mars anomalies) representing the Human genesis Sun-like star position. Both of these stars are stars that have been catalogued by astronomers as 'G' spectrum and are stars exactly like our own Sun.

A landmark to represent the third star is still open to speculation. One would need to fly over this area at night to see the whole city when 'illuminated'. There are two circular areas visible via satellite: one is the military cemetery and the other is also a military establishment. Watch this space for an update.


There is more. The aerial view of Washington DC has a large circular field positioned next to the great obelisk and is gently highlighted in red on the Washington DC map. It is the field where another representation of the ‘blazing star’ occurs… once a year. Its chosen position near the obelisk is hardly a coincidence.

It is the place of the celebrated Yule tree: Washington DC's Christmas tree.

The origins of the Yule tree tradition may even predate Christianity itself.

Click here Ref: Yule tree

The pine tree was chosen for its conical shape, which Wayne is absolutely convinced represents the beam of light coming down from humanity's star of origin. It was always adorned with a five-pointed star or angel positioned at its top.

Wayne is certain the star/ladder with beam of light touching the Earth celebrates the Egyptian secret in the Senmut tomb, the Freemason document and another that Dan Brown is no doubt also including in his next book. It is the earliest Hebrew talisman from the Clavicular Solomonis manuscript, probably the actual talisman that will soon be recognized as the Key of Solomon itself:

Here are the three examples all compared to one another:


Wayne is certain that the "blazing star" is also synonymous with the Bethlehem star. The star that the three Magi (Orion's 'belt') 'follow' (an alignment) from the East (stars rise in the East) to find the location of the star associated with the birth of Christ (Bethlehem star).

Consider the symbolism here. Either a five-pointed star or an angel is placed at the top of the tree, either way both seem to celebrate those that came down from the heavens arriving on this Earth.

The image below shows the carol singers in Washington DC beneath the great Yule tree with "blazing star" on Christmas Eve.

Imagine how this would appear to an advanced intelligence observing this ceremony from space: If anything Washington DC would appear like a recognizable star map from above, with the great illuminated obelisk representing the "blazing star" and the tree visible behind the carol singers duplicating the meaning of the obelisk... a star with symbolic beam of light coming down from it. The two celebrate the same secret.

Little did these singers realize how they look when viewed from above in the context of all of the symbolism that unbeknown to them, surrounded them. The singers would have been oblivious to the long lost symbolism of the Yule tree, and the significance it and the obelisk nearby holds in commemorating the history of the most important question we all ask at some time or another: Who are we and where do we come from? Ironically Christ also makes mention of "his" star of beginnings in the recently discovered Gospel of Judas where he explains in his last hours: "This star is also 'your' star"... the star of humanity.

Click here Ref: Judas codex

christmas in washington


Ever wonder why the 25th of December was chosen to celebrate the birth of Christ? Well here is another interesting thing. The day previously celebrated an occasion also relating to the Yule tree tradition: Sol Invictus - The Unconquered Sun.

Click here Ref: Sol Invictus

Before Christ, it was a celebration for the ‘birth’ of the great Sun. No... not the great Son… the great Sun. It happened around the period of the Summer solstice… the 25th December. It was the chosen day previously on which three known Solar deities were worshipped, inadvertently so because in all fairness they should really have been 'honored' and not worshipped.

In all probability, according to Wayne's research the Sun rising on the 25th celebrates the memory of our origins from three great heavenly Suns that our ancestors came from (as seen in the Tracing Board on this page and in the ancient star maps already covered on this website).

When the notorious Roman Emperor Constantine declared Christianity's place in society, he conveniently replaced 'Sun' worship with 'Son' worship. He kept as much of the old tradition in place and made the new tradition fit in as he saw fit. Hence Christians adapted this day thereafter to celebrate the day of the birth of the Son... and no longer the birth or the Sun.





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