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The breakthrough here leads to deciphering the Holy Grail...The Sang-real.

There is far more to this proposed Vatican secret than meets the eye. A two-dimensional star interpretation of Orion showing the way to a nearby Sun-like star is only half of the story.

What may also have some bearing on this secret are the positions of real ‘Sun worship’ Egyptian obelisks, which will be addressed in this article. Of equal importance, and yet to be mentioned, is that the geographical criterion may have inspired the site on which Rome was built.

Rome itself was built in close proximity to seven hills that have become legendary to the city.  So legendary in fact, that they are even known and referred to as “The Seven Hills of Rome”.

This was the last clue I had been looking for. I had previously found many accounts of seven manmade hills/pyramids/mounds that were venerated as representing the stars of the Pleiades by most of the great ancient civilisations.

A friend of mine asked if I had checked a very significant possibility. What were the implications of the Vatican causeway’s alignment with the ‘star fortress’ when looking East, as viewed from the Pope’s balcony? Was it designed this way intentionally, as was the case in many of the other great cultures that celebrated the rising of important stars with the Sun on the horizon?

It was a very significant possibility that I had not yet tested.

In ancient Egypt, obelisks became synonymous with solar gods and Sun worship. Or to be more precise, worship that was once associated with stars that were like our own Sun. It was a once-advanced civilisation that most likely built the monuments:
  • To celebrate their origins with the layout of the monuments
  • For spiritual ritual inside the monuments

Over the millennia, this knowledge was lost; perhaps disappearing in a huge cataclysmic event Earth had been subjected to. All records and libraries would likely have been annihilated in the mass destruction; and as a consequence, the remnants of the aforementioned knowledge would have degenerated into a primitive cult that worshipped our Sun.

Ostensibly, the significance that the Sun-like stars held for the ancients had been all but forgotten over time. No small wonder, since these stars are too tiny to be seen without optical equipment.

The Sphinx secret, which has been found to mirror a recently exposed Freemason secret, can now be tested at the Vatican. What we are looking for is an Egyptian ritual in Rome. If it can be found then conclusions can be drawn far beyond this story being merely a coincidence.

The age-old solar cult celebrating three Sun-like stars as solar deities on the 25th December is Greco-Roman. This date later appears to have been adapted to celebrate the birth of Christ. Ref - three solar deities – solar trinity origin – Sol Invictus click here.

Perhaps this is another clue as to the exact date when one needs to test what is seen in the sky in Rome.

Sun worship was a well-known obsession in Egypt at the time of Christ. It would therefore not be surprising at all if some crucial knowledge pertaining to this solar cult has been preserved at the Vatican in some way if Christ himself addressed the subject with more clarity. One has only to look at the prevalence of Egyptian obelisks at the Vatican to come to the conclusion they were sufficiently important to warrant their inclusion in the layout.  

After spending a few hours on my star program I hit gold once again. In the image below, I have re-enacted an exaggerated perspective of the Pope’s view from his balcony and the view from Saint Peter’s statue looking down the causeway, specifically before the city of Rome became built-up. (The Sun-like stars and obelisks are magnified for clarity). The sky image has been reproduced from a computer star program. Here it is set at a little after 6pm on the 25th December. We seem to have discovered the meaning of the three great Magi in the East and importance of the cosmic bull of Taurus in the sky above the causeway. Given this extraordinary revelation, it is not in the least surprising that bull worship evolved from this very ancient secret.

It is extraordinary to note that on December 25th (Christmas) historically, the Pope stands at this balcony to address those gathered below.

If the Pope were to look at the sky in the direction of the causeway towards the East, (obviously at a time before city lights spoiled the view) he would be in the best position possible to get close to the visual experience you see in the image below where the sky mirrors the monuments on the ground:

 “As above so below”.

The Christmas evening sky in Rome is comparable to that of ancient Egypt and this fundamental image is contained in the foundational secret of the Freemasons… their first degree tracing board! It is a secret that reveals humanity’s unexpected connection… with the heavens.

The Pleiades appear to be an accurate orientation match with the Seven Hills of Rome’. The three nearby Sun-like stars (researched on this website) in the vicinity of the Pleiades appear to be an accurate orientation match with two of the solar obelisks on the ground in relation to Rome’s “star fortress”… the ultimate star correlation.

Given this remarkable revelation, it hardly comes as a surprise that the Pope appears on this night with a public event celebrating midnight mass. At midnight the stars are higher up in the sky and more visible.

All indicators are that the three kings (Magi) that follow from the East are the three ‘belt’ stars of Orion. This interpretation is as old as the secret itself. Freemason reference… click here

"The three kings come from the east and follow (three in a row alignment) to locate the star associated with the birth of Christ". (Gospel of Mathew).

It is said that a stellar observatory once graced the top of the Castel Sant’ Angelo “star fortress”. Therefore, a star-shaped fortress and the ritual of solar alignment and Sun-like stars seem quite appropriate, not to mention that the so-called ‘hidden records’ of the Vatican are also said to be stored there.

The obelisk at St Peter’s square seems to designate the star that is at the centre of the Orion ‘belt’ stars, as it were representing the Orion constellation as a whole. The same reasoning seems to be true for the obelisk at the Bernini fountain, found at the foot of the most famous hill of Rome, the Hill Capitole. In all likelihood it designates the other great constellation of relevance… the Pleiades located in Taurus. (The two smaller obelisks in the image).



I propose that it is these very same star constellations and sacred stars in the vicinity of the Pleiades that past civilisations originally revered! These stars seem to be associated with their gods who came down from the sky.

If this Map of Heaven "As Above So Below" sacred template is so obvious then there must be an even more obvious Orion or Pleiades star depiction encoded in the most holy of holy internal layout plan itself.


There is another grand star map hidden beneath the floor of the Basilica. At the entry to the Holiest of Holies area are the tombs of the Popes and where St Peter is buried. The layout plan ref is an absolute Constantine CHI RHO symbol seen below.

The floor pattern has 3 orbs in a row matching where Orion's Belt correlates with this layout ref

There is more... the shape of the area with 3 in a row floor design is built in the shape of a 'T' for the TAU cross that I propose represents the Tau cross for the Solar Trinity like found at Gobekli Tepe ref



But would it have a Pleiades correlating theme to confirn my belief there is a sky ground plan? Yes there is an encoded secret. The tomb of Pope Pius XII with encoded secret murals ref brings us to the next breakthrough correlation:


The mosaics here have a modern mystery and not an ancient one and there is little record of who commisioned them, who chose the Pleiades message, or who carefully encrypted the message one can decipher.

They were made in 1971 by the Studio del Mosaico della Fabbrica di San Pietro following the art works by famous artist Ferruccio Ferrazzi ref . They were placed in the chapel in 1982.

Was this man part of an elite order? I prefer to leave this reasearch alone and let it remain a mystery.

The murals speak their deepest secrets with the most real depictions of the Book of Revelation famous Pleiades references. The first ever mural repeats my theory the seven candles are correlating with seven stars found with the hand of the cosmic messenger ref

This completely made the hairs stand up on my arm!

Then look closer, mouse over the image to see the secret.



The first ever depiction of AS Above So Below and the land where the candles are mounted is presented in not just a Pleiades shape but the 'Leg of the Bull' symbol for the Egypt Dendera star map secret ref and the Jerusalem city of David star template match ref

These references are powerful stories on their own.


The other wall has the artist repeating another aspect of the Pleiades story from the Book of Revelation. The story of the seven heads of the dragon that has been demonised in the Bible. ref

This is the greatest finding so far in the Vatican mysteries here.

Why? Because in my quest for the truth, this story is about to work its way to what may well become the most inspiring revelation ever to uplift humanity. It is all leading to the Star Gate... the gate to Heaven!

What is it? How does it work? But more importantly what proof is there of the existence of such 'star gates'?

As I have shown before and will soon make clearer, the Cosmic Serpent Dragon is something sacred that has been demonised. The best definition of what it is: It is the Holiest of Holies.

Making up this Cosmic Serpent Dragon are plasma ribbon streamers of the essence of Creation ... wormholes that traverse time, distance and space.



There is a seven head Dragon and Beast star map and it is a major finding showing how it has been demonised and I have it in the Sumerian article ref and you will see why. Seven heads again correlate with seven stars!

The tail of the Dragon links to Creation... 'The Tree of Life' ref a place I claim to have experienced in a near death experience ref and the reason I am passionate to bring these lost truths forward.

This is an important reference to see the identity of the Dragon and the Beast and who is behind the hidden records.


The seven heads are seven conduits to the seven stars. How can I be sure of this theory? You will soon see but here the artist has shown precisely this secret.

Mouse over the image. The tongues of the Dragons are opening conduits to the Pleiades star area. The Solar Trinity is here. This is absolutely mind blowing!

For now lets wait for the Star Gate article to release before we take this story on to new solid ground.

What can I claim about the Grottos star map? That it is another map of heaven, the place of our angelic bloodline ancestors.

If this grand sacred star template is so important then I would I expect to find it displayed with the most significant depictions there are in and around the space in the Vatican that is most sacred... the Papal Altar. What are the chances it is could be here?

For years getting the clearest photos of the largest designs of both ceiling and floor had problems. I was not able to visit while my work was attacked as it had basically grounded all travel for a while.

A friend said they would visit and check out my theory as well as look through all the most popular coffee table books on offer there at the Vatican novelty shop.

My friend who prefers they remain nameless checked out all the other ancient churches in Rome and visited the The Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels and the Martyrs ref .

He couldnt believe his eyes. The Basilica there has a mural on its marble floor over 8m wide that screams out star map ref . Here it is in the image below. It depicts the secret of the Globus Cruciger star map ref which is decoded measurably with the Carthusian order secret of the Orb at the centre as the Earth turning while the cross (Orion) is fixed in the sky and as we know ... Orion is used to align to find the Pleiades in the sky ref .



Now if it is in the centre of the smaller Basilica here, what would we find with the Vatican, the ultimate sacred Basilica in Rome?

The truth is hidden in plain sight. It is here at the Vatican and it is a much bigger version of the Pleiades. In fact it is so big finding an image that proves there are seven stars was a mission on its own!

Here is the image below and this is a good time to compare the legend of seven candles found in all churches and with Menorah in Synagogues.

The Biblical works encode it well. Seven accounts specifically talk of the seven candles in temples celebrating the seven stars... ref .

The altar of four pillars with 4 suns on top of them ref like masonic tradition of three pillars for Solar trinity ref .

Here there are 4 pillars with suns ref because it is celebrating inclusion of our sun with the Solar Trinity like the famous President and Freemason George Washington ref . The seventh star of the Pleiades on one altar corner is slightly obscured leaving seven visible stars ref celebrated with the altar of seven candles.

This was the grand star secret of Taurus ... hidden in plain sight!



I suddenly realised another breakthrough.

Now we know about the Vatican Grottos CHI RHO Pleiades encoded tomb of Pius XII has Pleiades encoded messages, and St Peter is buried here with all the previous popes in the womb of the Earth. I realised there is more!

This is also the Cosmic womb of Taurus in the stars ...

THE HOLIEST PLACE FOR THE POPE ONLY has seven sacred lamps hanging ref ...the womb shape in front of the altar in the image above is where you enter into the Sacred Vatican Grottos.

The area where the male aspect of Orion is below the 3 dots in a row, where the Pope lies face down on top of the Vatican key cross symbol. Is he presenting himself as the ancients Gilgamesh and Vitruvian man deities did and more importantly as Abraham did too...

...crossing his arms in the Orion cross ritual matching the Abraham encoded mural star map ref ?

Personification of the cross as Human Origin coded Orion Man?
ref 1 ref 2 ref 3



The Chalice shape is of the Vatican tall Grail tradition style ref 1 ref 2 ref 3 is in the correct oriented upright shape of the Taurus area for the ancient tradition of the womb of Egyptian goddess 'Nut' who is personification of the cosmos ref ... the symbol for the Grail chalice symbol! ref

Can you see the Grail shape of the Grotto opening using part of the floor pattern when you mouse over the image? Ponder on the magnitude of what you have just realised. The references are critically important to complete this very complex story.

Do the Popes of the past few centuries know this star map secret? Im my honest opinion I believe all in the past since the time of Pope Pius XII didnt even have a clue just like the modern Monarchy. But the new Pope seems to know. I believe he knows the truth and is going to reveal everything soon. Maybe I have false hopes but here are the clues.


The current Pope Francis ref I believe might be someone that is more humane and of good will and perhaps more interested in truth and the good of humanity like no other before him.

In this reguard I hope this is the man that is going to help in the changes that stand open to a leader of this high status who has power to make changes. Although sworn to Jesuit oath that most will say will not allow him to do so, I have faith he stands to do something monumental.

I have seen his coat of arms symbols and you can see for yourself. He has an encrypted star map like no other Pope. When he was first chosen, he used his own version seen below with the Cross of Lorraine shown and then had to change to the Vatican cross of two keys and three crowns (seen on page 2).

I proposed earlier The Vatican coat of arms represents Orion as a cross with Orion's Belt. The Papal coat of arms was added which is now part of his official coat of arms using the same star map detail in the encoded blue shield ref



A common ancient symbol for the Pleiades is a cluster of grapes ref and on a vine that for years I have shown represents cosmic conduits that decorate churches.

The symbol of the Christ Sun is self explicit and its secondary positioning as Sol 2 has been seen in all the star maps so far ref

The triangulation with pleiades is accurate.

The celestial ship symbol of the Vatican hat I proposed some years ago is the means the Angels traverse the heavens, the ropes another symbol for cosmic conduits and possibly the cherubim traversing to and fro the cosmic ropes to Earth in the past.

It is this star map representation seen accurately in the sky at night setting on the western horizon in true orientation (maybe because the cross needs to be placed above what ever detail a new Pope chooses for his coat of arms). This symbolism for me for this new Pope and his already seen passion for the poor and repressed people on Earth inspires me that he has a surprise in store for all humanity... a quest of bring forward lost truth.


This grand area in the Basilica around the Papal altar is the highlight inside the Basilica and it is the biggest landmark outside the Basilica chosen for the building of the entire Vatican City near seven hills. Seven hills that nature placed pretty close to the Pleiades exact layout.

Here is a clearer image of the city from above identifying the seven hills of Rome.





Notice the beam of light down to the Castel fortress in the above image near the top of the page. In Masonic tradition, the star with the inserted traditional beam of light/cosmic ladder is also synonymous with how the star of the gods has been depicted in Egypt’s Senmut tomb. It is most likely the star referred to as the “blazing star” by Freemasons long before they reinterpreted it as the star Sirius. The “star fortress” in Rome represents this critically important Sun-like star.

One could even further speculate that this secret originated from an Egyptian manuscript, and is now a hidden record that both the Vatican and the Freemasons share.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the Vatican once venerated the same Egyptian obelisks and pillars integral to the Freemason’s aforementioned tracing board. In both instances the pillars and obelisks are beacon markers celebrating star positions. Click here

It is the very same star theme mentioned in the biblical account of Jacob’s ladder coming down from the sacred star in the Genesis text where Jacob built a pillar on the ground to celebrate its position.

The “star fortress” encapsulates the Da Vinci Vitruvian man geometry thus suggesting that humanity is physically connected to the Sun-like star.

By now you must be wondering why ancient Rome, as a map of the heavens, was built so expansively that up until now no one has even noticed it due to its size.
Here is the twist to the story: The message appears to have been designed to be projected skywards! 

Even the Pope’s vantage point from his balcony in earlier days was not really high enough to see the vast and intricate layout in all its majesty.

It is becoming increasingly evident that humanity has been way off track in its interpretation of the meaning of the three Sun-like stars in the age old habit of sun veneration.

In early civilisations our ancestors were very proud of these stars, but as civilisation became more destructive we began to adore the ancient depictions of these stars in what had slowly degenerated into a very primitive and meaningless solar worshipping cult.

In addition, humanity also began to worship the celestial bull of the heavens, in a misconstrued teaching that should have been about the rising Sun entering Taurus. Our many cultures foolishly preferred to venerate the place these star visitors (linked to our ancestors) came from rather than focusing on the invaluable teachings that transpired from their visits.

It seems even with the arrival of Christ, part of his great teachings would appear to have involved putting the records straight. Sadly however, after the Romans murdered him they probably also decided that the truth needed to be hidden. Ever wonder what happened to the original Aramaic or Hebrew gospels before they were conveniently ‘found’ written in Greek, the prime language of early Rome?

Equally baffling is why nobody seems to be bothered with the reason behind the messiah’s original Hebrew name of Yeshua having been changed to a Greek name, Jesus. His altered name is pronounced as “I” – “Zeus” which sounds too close for comfort like the Greek reference to “of Zeus” i.e. son of Zeus. Christ was added from the Greek word Christus, which most likely describes “criss-cross”. Inadvertently: Son of Zeus - Man of the sacred cross of the sky.

The sacred cross knowledge associated with Christ makes one wonder if the crucifixion itself on a cross, just like St Peter’s crucifixion, was punishment for those who believed the sacred cross lost knowledge.

It is also strange that the Vitruvian man mimics the stance of the Christ… a cosmic ‘teacher’, showing the way as Orion to the Bethlehem star in the sky. Take a close look at the Vitruvian man image: Why the three exaggerated marks on his waistline? Why would DaVinci make errors in depicting muscles like this on a man who had very little physical development?

For the Roman Emperor Constantine this cross of the sky was the most important reason for accepting the Hebrew man as a messiah.

The Bethlehem star secret would appear to show that human life was divine so to speak. This is exactly what Judas was told by Christ in the recent Judas codex that was discovered, and in which Christ said to Judas:

“This star is also YOUR star.”

In other words, Jesus was telling him in his last moments that we all come from the heavens by virtue of our ancestors. It is a truth that would confirm that we are all equal and that human life is sacrosanct. Not a very pleasing thought to a Roman dictator who was used to conquering new lands and enslaving its people.

To compare this star interpretation to other ancient civilisations click here

As already mentioned, the important Sun-like stars in the night sky are not visible to the human eye at all, so it did not take long for our ancestors to assume that the bright star Sirius, or our Sun was the answer to the cosmic mystery. Coincidently, Sirius also lay in a position that aligns with the three ‘belt’ stars of Orion. Our Sun aligns with the ‘belt’ stars in the month of May as it enters Taurus the bull. The Freemasons thus assumed the “blazing star” secret was Sirius… a star not conducive to supporting life, as we know it. But some ancient texts also spoke of important Sun stars and they were decorated with human faces. Perhaps this was their way of suggesting these star systems had human beings colonise their planets. (See star map on Mars and face anomaly).

Our ancient civilisations apparently cared very little about the great lessons the star visitors taught them. This was their greatest downfall. They did not ever consider the possibility of prioritising world peace or the equality of all people. They were quite happy to continue the habit of cruel dictatorships and extorting money from their people where tradition insisted:

You had to pay the church to have your sins forgiven

Men were to be given preferential treatment over women

New lands could be conquered and foreigners could be killed

Foreign men, woman and children could be owned as slaves

One has to consider the possibility that both the Freemasons and the Vatican would want to keep any mysterious and primitive records of Sun worship hidden, especially since their great secret did not make much sense at all.

And if you think that this is where the story ends, you are mistaken, for there is infinitely more. The earliest Hebrew parchment of King Solomon referred to as the Key of Solomon (from the Clavicular Salomonis manuscript) imirrors this story ref .


This could all just be a coincidence, but if it is not then we need to revisit history from a new angle. At the beginning of the story it was suggested that this secret might be forbidden to humanity because it could change the world. How would this story change the world? If it is proven as factual (and there is now enough new research material to test it) then one has to ask the following three earth shattering questions:

· What is the Christ star? · What did Christ mean in the Judas codex "This star is also your star"? · What would it mean if our ancestors all originate from another star system? Ref - click here

Are the star maps saying the entire human lineage is not of this Earth and we are all descendant from a divine lineage so to speak? If this were true it means we evolved somewhere else and there is always going to be a missing link in Earth evolution.

The big secret in hiding this knowledge is obvious.

If all humankind is of the lineage of 'angelic' visitation would it not be certain that the logic of this revelation would insist we are all equal, no discrimination whatsoever, be it between male, female, society, race and religion? This would end slavery and human rights violations? Would this be worth hiding at the time of Christ… or at the time of Leonardo Da Vinci? Understandably and very sadly… yes.

We have just reached the time in the journey of life where any form of human discrimination is now recognised as completely unacceptable so the time is right for appraising the star map secret.


Is there more on the secret Grail story? Was a secret given to Judas by Christ before his crucifixion and was Judas murdered by the Romans and the artifact confiscated? Ref - click here

Here is the release on the Holy Grail...The Sang-real.

It is important to me to address the discomfort that some Christians may experience when confronted with my star map theory. I would like to reiterate here that my research fully supports the truth that the Creator of this universe spoke through Christ.

The latest research is without doubt heading in a very new direction that will promote the value of the human spirit and promote peaceful living. It might even unite humanity, as all human races stem from this same lineage. The new research at the same time shows respect to those of firm traditional belief based on the original earliest texts that all religions refer to.

It is important for people to know in which direction the new research is Heading.


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