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The animation below covers the biggest discoveries I have made in my quest for truth on my Pleiades star visitor human origins claim since 1997. It includes up to when my book released in 2003 and updates published in periodicals and online copyright recognised sources right up to 2015.

These are the 6 major discoveries and approximate dates:

1) Egyptian goddess NUT womb '∇' represents 3 Sun stars and Pleiades 2004.

2) Womb of NUT merges with monument/pyramid to form Star of David 2004.

3) TAU cross represents 'TAURUS' Solar Trinity womb of NUT 2005.

4) The cross of the churches represents the Orion constellation 2004.

5) Key of Solomon is Orion alignment to keyhole star of David secret 2004.

6) Holy Grail chalice is the womb of NUT, Orion is the masculine phallus 2012.



For a free wallpaper of this graphic for private use click HERE

I will explain each frame of the animation above after this introduction summary.

I claim exclusive copyright to these claims as the original first to publish finder and my investors in the project have established firm copyright stance on all the intellectual property.

The magnitude of these claims are earth shattering and obviously challenging all written history and accademia. The depth of evidence for all the claims will be linked to as I generalise what each claim identifies below.

Each frame will be explained in the above animation and it begins below with the womb of the Egyptian Goddess NUT.




In the above image, AS ABOVE SO BELOW legend is explained where it was sacred duplicating a specific part of the Taurus stars on the ground with the matching pattern of the most sacred pyramid monuments ref .

The best archaeoastronomy records of our past are in Egypt and this is one of my strongest cases for the Pleiades star map correlation claim.

There are many depiction of the Egyptian sacred feminine deity personified as a woman filled with the cosmos called NUT and I propose her womb triangle is the triangle formed by the famous three suns depicted as a solar trinity which was of the first time in ancient Egypt. ref

I was also fortunate to define officially the UFO landing of sphinx claim with this evidence too. ref .

The papyrus evidence has a text written next to her womb explaining her birthing of a Sun ... but it is not OUR Sun at all as seen in the Senmut tomb. ref .

I was also first to establish the full 50 pyramids star correlation claim of lower Egypt in 2003 where I duplicated just 3 pyramids of the Bauval Orion correlation theory with respectful reference, and proposing an entirely different layout scale. ref .




In 2004 I was excited to discover the pattern of the two merging triangles seen in the image above which originated from the sacred feminine symbol of the sky as downward pointing womb has the encounter in cosmogenesis copulation so to speak with a cosmic 'male aspect'. The merging of stars and the ground obelisk as the sacred male aspect and the 3 stars of Orion's Belt are the seed of GEB of Egypt that aligns with the womb thus creating the first sun in the star area listed as Sol 1 ref . But it was celebrated also with an Earth male aspect as an obelisk on the ground representing Orion's Belt or the seed of GEB as Orion's Belt rising on the ground when looking East at a special time of the year called Sol Invictus.

The Hebrew tradition adopted this merged triangle symbol teaching and I claim it also celebrates the Pleiades seven stars as the Menorah and the seven aspects of the symbol itself. ref

This occured some years before the biggest breakthrough where researcher and colleague Márton Molnár-Göb found the Pleiades was the blueprint building template for the City of David ref .




It was in 2010 when I realised one of the Solomon seals included the Solar Trinity in a 'T' symbol shown below and named it TAU. I realised it was short for the Taurus star area ref .

I did not make it public in a big way other than a small magazine story. But recently I included it in a bigger story because a mass of new evidence was found ref .

The symbol also identifies Gobekli Tepe's monolithic T shape design that venerated this star area too ref .

This TAU star pattern is in orientation when viewed above east horizon and its time to include the vertical 'erect' Orion's Belt in the Orion constellation as it is used in locating the stars of the Pleiades and ignore the pyramid from here forward.




In the image below I discovered in 2004 the Cross of the Churches was Orion and its purpose was used to locate the Sun star on a special day of the Year before Christianity. It occured on Sol Invictus 25th December and for the reason the tiny sun star can be found measuring vertically above the horizon through 33 degrees of arc. ref .

There is a wealth of evidence to prove the cross of the churches is Orion with the evidence of my Solomon Key cipher finding as well ref .

The best collection of evidence for the cross of the churches is also in this article ref .




The image below is of the Key of Solomon discovery I made in 2004 which appeared in many international magazines and a DVD sold internationally since 2010 ref .

The strange teaching mechanism of Hebrew origin encoded Orion as a key in unlocking the secret with a keyhole symbol that also explains the star of King David.

I identified the keyhole symbol with the Sol star referenced as Sol 1 primary. It was was often depicted with ladder or beam of light that was conical. This shape was also something I proposed explains the origin of the Christmas Tree. ref .

Famous author Dan Brown was going to write a book on this mystery and title it Solomon' Key but something happened. He announced he would take another year and rewrite his book that already had a special website and called it Lost Symbol ref .

I speculate something awful happened and his publisher demanded another story.

Dan did something symbol experts would recognise to tell his secret and explain in code what happened before 'interference' occued with his new book. His next book cover explains it all. Dan kept his word that the rewrite would still be keeping to the secret design of Washington DC which I discovered was a star map ref but he did not expose it, and instead, to the surprise of millions of fans wrote a Freemason 'promotion' book.

Here was his encoded message in my opinion:

The American book cover was launched depicting the keyhole symbol ref and the UK version with the Key of Solomon with the teeth of the key like the Vatican Keys having an Orion cross symbol ref ... but his secret decoded...

... the teeth of 'Orion' is 'covered up' with a Masonic symbol . ref .

Washington DC was part of the Solomon Key design truth that he steered away from, a symbol of the star map blazing star with beam of light ref .




In 2012 as seen in the image below I made one of my biggest finds. I literally found'the' Holy Grail. I had it released in an international magazine and in DVD video a year later.

It was sacred knowledge and it was encoded in a Temple on the Island in the Java area Indonesia ref .

It showed how the sacred feminine of the seven sisters of the Pleiades was the womb of NUT and it was being penetrated by the Male anatomy of the male cosmic hunter Orion's phallus ref .

Nearby this site another written in stone finding showing all explanation ref .




Here is the part in the image below where I believe I have decoded the teaching of the Holy Grail identifying cosmic human origins from another solar system.

It is the birthing position like in Egyptian tradition of Goddess Nut giving birth to the most important Sun of the 'gods'. The Sun star designated Sol 1 primary in the star map ref .

A priest holds up the grail of cosmic womb chalice and Orion blade towards the heavens facing the eastern horizon where the sacred stars are positioned. He 'births' the host from the chalice womb sacred feminine representing in my opinion the Sun-star from the chalice womb 'birthed' as humanities solar system place of origin.

In essence... I am certain the initiate celebrates the bloodline lineage of the heavenly one... with us as humans... as one... as the same ref .




Now you have witnessed the traditions of secret teachings it is important to look at all the other encoded detailed star map representations I have found of the same secret around the world ref .

You can now review the animation bellow seen again in new light

Here is the animation again showing how the different traditions merge into each other and how the birthing of the Sun of our ancestors near the Pleiades occurs from the Holy Grail ritual.






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Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien star maps proving star ancestor human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in 1997 newspapers, followed by a Carte Blanche TV documentary in 2002 now on youtube. The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel released in 2003. (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records). There is a Pleiades correlation with Cydonia Mars, Stonehenge and Tikal and his new 2021 published Atlantis discovery show the same for Atlantis in Donana Spain. The site of an alien crop circle message with swastika and cross. The ancient alien human origin theory by Wayne Herschel claims humanity replaced Neanderthal. The ancient star maps of Orion and Pleiades correlation including three sunlike stars are all Wayne Herschel's copyright protected discoveries.