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The image above is of 'Zep Tepi' which means 'The first time in Egypt' ref and its first pyramids were built close to the area of Memphis. Abusir was the site and it also has Egypt's ultimate Sun temple monument that was more sacred than the Sphinx. Most scholars also agree Abusir is of an epoch pre-dating the building of the Giza pyramids.

My discovery claim here is that Egypt's pyramids were built to represent all the brightest stars along one side of the Milky way. A mind blowing 360 degrees ring of 50 pyramids in a massive star map designed just to show the 'x' that marks the spot place where our ancestors came from,

I present a continiously updating and growing hypothesis here with far more evidence since publishing "The Hidden Records" in 2003.

The Pyramids of Lower Egypt appear to have been built before something terrible occurred to permanently change Egypt from a beautiful green land with rainfall into a hot dry desert. Was it caused by the legendary Biblical flood event? Or another cataclysmic event that happened later? This will soon be something more defined and updated here as well.

Here is a major piece of reasoning that has not been taken seriously enough. Such an advanced civilisation that could cut and move the hardest stone sourced from nearly 1000km away and build pyramids and palatial temples would at the very least have the inititive and ability to do the obvious. To choose a far better site more fit for daily living and sustaining themselves. They would never ever consider the scortching heat discomfort and risks of a dusty dry desert for such a massive elaborate sacred city building project.

Scientists have recently proven it was green here as recent as 6000 years ago and changed to a desert in an unexplained as yet fast time period ref .

Assuming the high probability that they initially built the pyramids in a suitable climate, then something catastrophic occurred to end its first grand epoch. Something I believe that separates the once advanced era completely from the current officially accepted more primative Egyptian period that accademics present with builders using primative copper tools and ropes as we read about today.

Mouse over the image above to see the legend of the pyramids built under the Hermetic design code of "As Above So Below" ref .

It is a secret of design explored here encompasing what I propose would likely include the "leg of the bull" symbol as a geoglyph in its layout plan. It was part of the development projects predating the Giza pyramids so by logic ask yourself is this not already a clue it was more important?

This site is also located precisely at the centre of the 50 pyramids of Lower Egypt field next to their very first city of Memphis ref . Lets take this as a second clue. Again, thinking logically... if this is a star map, where else would you place the 'x' that marks the spot? The middle of the map is first that comes to mind.

The gold capped obelisk positioned at absolute dead centre of the pyramid field is according to most Egyptologists "the ultimate monument of Egypt".

It is also shown at an epoch when an advanced Taurus bull and sun venerating culture arrived here... from dare I say say it... the stars.

They would never EVER have chosen a misserable hot dry desert to build their first civilisation. If they had the technology and intellect as modern research has shown, its accurate to say it would have to be genesis Egypt ... Zep Tepi... at a period when it was more beautiful and when rain fell. This occurred over 10000 years ago and I ask you the reader to please keep your powers of reasoning focused here because you are about to go on a new journey obsessed in finding truth reason and logic as you review all the evidence from scratch. Everything you have been told and lulled into about Egypt and the beginning of civilisation have been enshrouded with chaos and the amazing truth hidden for reasons you are about to discover.




In 2010, one of the top Egyptian resident archaeologists, second at the time only to Zahi Hawass made an important statement at one of his public lectures. The man making the statement was already previously known to believe something that strongly opposed the tradition of academics. He was one who believed that the writings and passion the ancients had with their archaeoastronomy claims were not fantasy. His name is Dr Alaaeldin Shaheen ref and at the time was Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University ref . He said:

I cannot confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is “not of this world".

His claim went viral on every newage website you can imagine but during the hype some terrible things happened. Here is one article still well presented ref but for more websites with the added lies and chaos just google the doctors name.

I only found out years later that terrible things happened when some more information released years later, and why I release this story only now 2015.

1) His website was immediately hacked/removed ref which is listed on his CV ref

2) His online academic pages and CV were removed (now up but papers removed) ref .

3) Websites covering his story have been hacked continuously. Story here with images hacked. ref

4) Hundreds of fake agenda alien websites reeping chaos added further fake alien artifacts to his statement.

He is another victim, or 'truther' that has been reduced to a nobody. I was wondered just like many others since so many fake UFO sites claimed so much more with it that maybe it was just another hoax.

The hype fizzled out fast when an alternate archaeology author claimed he had an email from the Doctor who said it was a hoax. But here is a new conspiracy. The author who did this debunking article with the letter claim is also one who also wrote a whole book trying to refute the Orion's Belt correlation theory that Robert Bauval had established, one that I found was a real discovery. His debunking article also rounded off completely mocking general 'ancient alien' theory too.

Years later I found a certificate confirming the archaeologist's status ref so from there forward I realised something has been covered up.

As we work our way closer towards the truth one has to ask... what is it he saw and in which pyramid? I would say if there is something special not of this earth in any pyramid then it has to be in the biggest and most advanced pyramid. The Great Pyramid. You will see why at the new page linked to at bottom of this page identifying a breakthrough with the star shafts.

But to answer what it is then you need to follow part 3 in the Egypt story as it gets deeper into the proof of advanced 'not of this earth' beginnings with:


At the bottom of the celestial ship arrival article I look at what is the missing piece of the pyramid story to fit the doctors claim.


I launched my book internationally in 2002, that I believe unveils a forgotton 'forbidden' secret behind Egypt's pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx.

It was a secret that was hidden over the ages due to it revealing the sacred and equality of all human races... a secret that would hardly sit well with countries obsessed in plundering foreign nations for their treasures and to enslave their people.

Existing theories to date suggest that the side profile of the Sphinx represents the stars of Leo. However they do not explain convincingly why its architects would have chosen this constellation for its template. I have been a researcher and explorer of ancient civilisations for the last 17 years, and I propose an entirely new theory. In my book, 'The Hidden Records', I set out to prove that the Sphinx is the key to unlocking the secret behind a grand unified '50 pyramid' star map.



In 1995 author R. Bauval suggested that the three pyramids at Giza represented the three stars of Orion's 'belt' and Taurus was interpreted with the two largest pyramids in Saqqara. However because his theory did not find a way to incorporate the entire field of 50 pyramids, let alone the Sphinx as a direct placed part of this layout plan when viewed from above, academics had difficulty accepting it.

My cosmic interpretation of the Sphinx which helped me interpret the pyramids in a completely new way. I discovered that the angle at which the Sphinx intersects the collective three Giza pyramids on the ground, is virtually identical to the angle at which the brightest star of Leo, aligns with the collective row of stars that form Orion's 'belt'. (See the image below). Previous authors had missed this direct interactive cosmic componet.

Here are the critical clues in reasoning the theory. The Sphinx appears to have its stare fixed on the rising stars each night (not just the rising Sun). Then at a very unique moment in the night sky, the Sphinx watches its mirror image of itself rising in a perfectly upright stance as Leo.

It is here where the Sphinx whispers its secret:

"All the pyramids in Lower Egypt represent stars in a ring of adjoining constellations around the Earth, and the secret of the star map begins here at my feet with Leo."




But there is more to the secret of the Sphinx merely telling us that all the pyramids reproduce a string of star constellations. It is also the key to deciphering the pyramid mystery itself. It is showing the observer where to begin in cracking the mystery of the star map, urging one to follow the three star alignment direction of Orion's 'belt' in the sky as a 'cosmic signpost' to what seems to be the ultimate star.

My idea that the whole pyramid field in Lower Egypt represents stars was inspired by one of the oldest known prophecies. The mystic Hermes Trismegistus. claimed:

"Egypt is an image of the heavens… the 'whole' cosmos dwells here."

I subsequently conducted an experiment to prove all the pyramids in Lower Egypt represent stars. I overlaid a transparency of the stars onto a map of the pyramids. The result was breathtaking. All the brightest stars within the known constellations were represented in one complete 360 degree ring along side the Milky Way (which is also a ring around the Earth). All the brightest stars had all the pyramid counterparts on the ground. This proved Bauval's Taurus interpretation in Saqqara was not likely as Taurus was placed at the centre of the star map... at its heart so to speak. The star map started with the brightest star in the night sky Sirius... logical to start with one could say... and it has one star that is different to all the other 49 bright stars in the complete star map. It has this unique star set at the exact centre of the pyramid field... is this the 'x' that marks the spot? Logic again would suggest!



However, there were some important stars for which pyramids were apparently missing. In Giza for example, I found four potential, as yet unrecognised pyramid ruins on an antique early map that would conclude a previously incomplete Orion interpretation at Giza.



For the full story on this 'New Orion interpretation' and the comparison to Robert Bauval's original Orion interpretation with Taurus... Click here.

One finding would lead to another. Not only were my new correlations 'mirror images', but the pyramids were virtually divided into two separate layout scales on each side of the area of Abusir, thus providing another clue. It seems the Solar Temple obelisk was intentionally placed exactly at the epicentre of the pyramid field. What could this mean?

The giant obelisk was most likely the only ever gold capped monument. Perhaps to highlight that it was more important than any other. At last the meaning of the star map becomes clear.

Do we have the proverbial 'x' that marks the spot?

Does it provide the reason that would have prompted the ancients to design their star map using giant structures in the first place? One thing is certain, the star seems to be of paramount importance as the place in the heavens in many ancient civilisations as the place of our ancestors.


In the late 90's I remember once reading an old dusty book in my local library probably printed in the 20's that literally changed my life. It had a big story on the history of research on Abusir in the Memphis area of Egypt where the Sun temple lies.

I remember raising eyebrows with interest when it mentioned one of the first big projects there was a major earth moving project. I think it was as early as late 1800's moving thousands of tons of sand.

But I jumped right off my chair in complete excitment when they said the researcher documented more than 9 pyramids in this single area!

I forgot to make notes of the title of this book and for years have tried to reloacte it.

It changed my life because it was a large motivational driving force behind me believing Abusir was ground zero even later when I pieced this mysterious star map together.

I had also found the importance of the pyramids to the Egyptians was superceeded by something that for me explained the meaning of the pyramids. The 'x' that marks the spot ultimate monument is the Sun temple... a sun star placed amongst all the other pyramids that were placed in the Lower Egypt pyramid field mainly to show where this sun star could be found.

Pyramids as mirror patterns of constellation reference positions which correlated with the the brightest visible stars along one long edge of the milky way wherw their ultimate 'star' resides.

Abusir needed to be perfectly defined since it was right there at ground zero but it had one big problem. It was shrouded in red tape, anomalies and cover ups.

I went out looking for this book recently and wanted also to see if it was possible more clues were available on line to what led me to believe there were cover ups going on here. I might have found an online ref to the book that tells all. It is probably this book titled "Abusir : Realm of Osiris" By Miroslav Verner ref

It covers a little on how big the sand moving project was with the famous explorers Morgan and Perring over a century ago. Then the anomalies appear. Some pages are not available that reveal the pyramids. It says you can purchase a book copy then when you click options it says it is no longer available but some libraries can be located for reading. You click that and again no libraries have it any longer it seems too.

In all books I have found so far, all refer to one pyramid foundation ruin as an unfinished pyramid. It is the one in the image below that is at the middle bottom area that correlates with the hoof of the bull layout shape that I propose.




The ancient Egyptians revered a Sun... but it was not our OUR Sun! Astronomers can confirm that the Solar Temple obelisk is the only monument in the entire pyramid field to emulate a 'Sun-like' star (Ref HD 283271 'G' spectrum) and it is relatively nearby.

Here is the full measurement of the Sun-like star The correlation only occurred at its most precise position 17 250 years ago, perhaps documenting the dawning of humanity. All the other pyramids match bright stars that are nothing like our Sun. I suggest the 'Sun' Temple was named after a 'Sun'-like star and has nothing to do with our Sun at all.







Both halves of the star map (the two large images) are shown here as well as a zoom in on the Saqqara area with its real 'fly over' image. There are two independent layout scales on each side of the Sun Temple 'x' that marks the spot, located at the exact centre of the pyramid field. it is as if the ancients are saying as they do in all their ancient murals ...

"look at the centre of the murals to see that which is most important".

They did it with the Zodiac disc at Dendera.. they did it in the Senmut tomb... they did it in every important depiction involving the secrets of their star gods! I am convinced that the reason for the pyramid star map was to isolate the 'star of the gods'. I believe it presents a whole new theory of who we are and where we come from.

To add fuel to the fire, I claim that I have found evidence of a repeating geometric blueprint of the human form within other ancient pyramid and megalithic star map representations found across the globe.

The geometric blueprint is unique only to the human form and is identical to the original geometric man codex documented by a Roman engineer and writer, Marcus Vitruvius, who lived 25 years before the birth of Christ.



Leonardo Da Vinci has acceded to fame for his Vitruvian man, however few realise he reproduced it from an ancient manuscript. Da Vinci did not show the raised arms as you see here, but chose to reposition the arms where the square touches the circle.

He may have chosen to depict his version like he did to avoid the same fate that the German scholar, Agrippa (who lived at the same time as Da Vinci), faced for duplicating Vitruvius' work as seen in the image above. Agrippa died a horrific death. He was burned at the stake.

Without digressing too much, it is worth considering a few very important 'what if' scenarios.

One would naturally expect that if the star maps are true then why doesn't the Christ story mention it?

If what was encapsulated in the representation of the human form by Agrippa and Da Vinci had relevance to these star maps, why did Christ make no mention of this? It is indeed a very sensitive question and is currently open to debate here in different sites that will be discussed. There are many sources of early translations of the gospels that include references to the star associated with Christ's birth and other stars, such as Orion and the Pleiades. There is also a lot more being debated than this.

For starters, the meaning of 'Sang-real' has been rumoured to mean 'sacred lineage'.

What if the Holy Grail is real and contains an inscribed record of who we are and where we come? For arguments sake let us assume that it does. What if the ultimate secret was given to Judas by Christ (as the Judas codex seems to suggest) on a beautiful metal plate that was uniquely inscribed? (I had a strong feeling that in Renaissance art this metal plate is shown symbolically behind Christ's head, but it turned out it was a cosmic chalice that would deliver the truth) ref .

If one refers to the recently discovered Judas gospel, one could even conclude that there is a chance Judas may have been captured by the Roman authorities with this artifact that was to become known as the grail plate or artifact showing the truth in his possession. An artifact that had inscribed on it detail of humanity's lineage.

If this hypothetical scenario does indeed prove to be true, then one would have to ask whether the Roman authorities murdered him to cover up the existence of this amazing artefact, and more specifically its contents.

Perhaps we are approaching a new renaissance age in which humankind will begin to question its true origins? It seems likely now that Vitruvius was not the first person to portray the human form in this unique way.

In my work here you will see the result of a substantial snowball effect following from his basic story. I can claims confidently that the geometry of the human blueprint is a code that fits accurately into the layout at Giza, as well as that of Stonehenge, and last but not least in the layout of the most controversial place of all. In the layout of what are perceived to be pyramids in an area researchers call 'Cydonia'.

It may sound completely farfetched having such a vast collection of coincidences here, but in light of the importance of the claims, my fundamental research is freely available for all to see and measure with references.

In summary, I believe that by encrypting the human form in ancient pyramid star maps in this unique way, the ancients appear to show us that the human lineage is sacred and 'divine' so to speak and from above.

Coincidently the recent Judas gospel codex discovery makes another earth shattering claim, the significance of which seems to have eluded most observers. Christ beckons Judas to look at the night sky and says to him:

"Follow the star above… it is also your star".

If the star maps are truly genuine, surely someone with a mission as unique as that of Christ would have wanted to pass on to humanity this extraordinary piece of knowledge, even if it was not ready for his time. He probably would want it to be revealed in the future at a time when it was safer to debate such a 'provocative' version of humankind's genesis.

In time, the star maps and human code theory may well challenge the mystery of the 'missing link', which academics on evolution are still grappling with to this very day. Perhaps human beings evolved elsewhere in our vast universe, replacing Neanderthal after arriving here on Earth.

I have now taken my Egyptian star map template and have tested it on Stonehenge in the UK, Angkor in Cambodia, Tikal in Guatemala and on a nearby planet rumoured to have pyramid ruins. The results delineated here and in great detail in my book speak for themselves.

So… at the end of the day, what does all this new material offer humanity?

A clear message is decipherable in three of the most conclusive cases of the star maps. A pictographic story can be interpreted in relation to the star pattern.

I believe its meaning is paramount in uniting all of humanity as ALL equal and ALL sacred having the same special star ancestor lineage. Once we step back and review the original sources of great teachings from those that came from above, the truth emerges. It speaks clearly of the place of Creation of the universe, which has been told to humanity in many different lands, and sadly it has 'evolved' in every case, into very disparate interpretations that we call 'religion'.

The original sources of sacred texts must be given priority for true meaning. It is here where we have the chance of uniting humanity in one truth and understanding of a gentle Creator of the universe who has given us the gift of life. Our confusion about what we believe is fast manifesting itself in an ugly religious war that is playing out right now. Is it a coincidence that for the first time ever missiles are landing close a historical site near the northern boarder of Israel known as the valley of Meggiddo? Millions of refugees made homeless perhaps ready to march into Israel and beg for food and shelter. It is here that prophecy has written where we will fight our last war, and its literally the poor being destroyed by the wealthy using religion as the smoke and mirror excuse.

If there is just a hint of truth in this theory of the collection of ancient star maps and this theory on the human blueprint, it should be reason enough for scholars to test it.

And if there is one crucial question that still remains unanswered it has to be: Who is the cosmic message intended for?

Why on earth is the grand secret represented with such massive constructions and pointing skywards?

Why can it only be deciphered completely, when it is viewed from a satellite?

Compare Egypt to Stonehenge ... then Tikal then Mars .


A forgotten symbol on the Dendera zodiac disc unlocks the secret of the position of the stars in the ancient night sky... ALL SCHOLARS GOT IT WRONG! And so did the authors that followed 1920's scholars errors on the meaning of some simple fundamental symbols meaning...








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