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To open this story let me say firstly that nothing to date has revealed so much truth about Rosslyn Chapel like what you are just about to read and visually experience and measure.

Many theories by authors to date saw the eye opening secret symbols and clues without finding the answers and in desperation to cash in, were forced by their agents promising large advances to quickly make some sort of acceptable dynamic conclusion to sell their story. Since the release of sensational movies like DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons the world has been convinced of two earth shattering new ways of thinking. One new angle sets off a positive new direction of research decoding truth but sadly another aspect still clings onto a false propaganda campaign designed to throw us 'commoner society' way off from truth deemed only fit for elite eyes.

The positive side is the promoted freedom of new thinking on sensitive topics previously considered where people must just believe with 'blind faith' and never research or question such important matters.

The negative side of the saga here is the accepted content that is needed for the public, and it is decided upon by the elite owned media of book and film industries. The protocol followed to show content that they want to show, without revealing any elite hidden truths and with nothing but profit in mind.

Everything that's wrong with what the world followed on these two movies occurred when the masses were lulled into a false sense of belief that there is a descending very small community of the 'magical' bloodline of God Creation. Am I mocking the claim? Yes... magical is what the masses believe and still believe. That a special bloodline of people have some sort of unique special importance. Some say it even goes much deeper and they feel a very sick arrogance and need to be seen and revered by the common public as 'godlike'.

The DaVinci code however in a very pleasing way presented an inspiring and humble person as the descendant of God as the Holy Grail and it accomplished something unexpected.

It presented one wonderfully highly important possibility that 'The' Holy Grail might not just be a single 'magical' gold goblet, that it most likely is something mysterious about a bloodline secret that is important in some yet to be proven way.

General history has a holy bloodline legend claim tied into the belief of many elite wealthy manipulating of society families. Both stories very cleverly take ones thoughts away from these elite who believe their bloodline is far more special and holier than others.

At the time of launching this complete Rosslyn Chapel study article here covering its deepest most sacred secret, it was made after I launched my biggest claim of all recently. The discovery of 'The' Holy Grail secret that can be tested and measured.

That it was never a magical goblet and true to legend its all about a sacred bloodline of people not of this Earth. But the shocking measurable truth is ALL humanity are of their unearthly special bloodline. We are descendants of what the Christ tried very hard to teach and it cost him his life in the process.

If this sounds like I am jumping the gun then its important for you to read that story first before proceeding. It is right here:

Holy Grail Discovery

If you have followed my work to date and already have experienced the massive collection of evidence showing we are ALL descendant of the ancient star visitor race from an area near the Pleiades that once colonised our world, then read on.


For those who really like to know a little more about the Rosslyn Chapel general church history then click the link here before reading on. ref . Rosslyn Chapel was built over 600 years ago in Scotland and it has perhaps the most intricate stone detail of any church of its kind. It also is a church that is founded on the history of the Knights Templars ref and most are already aware this society was known for carrying secrets of the Grail, a society once lost was then followed by the Freemasons.

For those not familiar with my work on the Freemason history and the star map I identified ref then come back to this link later compare the repeating themes that keep popping up in every ancient civilisation, every sect, every noble group known on the face of this Earth.

The Church was built by descendants of the very controversial elite St. Clair family that became the Sinclair family. ref .

I was quite amazed recently one of the Sinclair family did a film documentary on Rosslyn Chapel and he boldly spoke about its history on camera dressed in his red cape Templar outfit (as seen re-enacted standing in front of the Church at the top of the page).


Lets start from scratch now on this mystery armed with just the basis of my theory claim on the ancient star maps I have found all over the world that all have one life altering massive message conveyed. Where all religion appears based on the same global recurring star visitor teachings by those we call either angels or messengers from the heavens. So far all founding records seem to place the teachings back to a common important secret of one single Creator and one single lineage that became altered in every single culture on Earth.

Great kings could propagate the profits of war against each other based on their evolving fake propagandas that foreigners the king wanted to rape pillage and plunder were not chosen people like they are.

Walking around the outside of the church before the massive restoration program started, there was one well known piece of ancient graffiti some call it. Something most say was Templar graffiti depicting secrets only that they were privy to, and not shared with common people. Some say this graffiti is an actual part of the building insignia that the building masons used to show who built specific sections. I think it is a sneak Templar added piece of graffiti just showing off a clue that the ancient member knew Rosslyn Chapel's deepest secret.


Rosslyn decoded


This complex story unfolding now for some might sound quite confusing if you have little knowledge of what my ancient star map hypothesis is all about, please either bear with me as I explain more as we go along, but if you feel you need a basic quick overview of my work then click this summary at the top of the star map page here ref .

It has what I propose as the Solar Trinity or sacred feminine symbol as the triangle ref .

When viewed as I propose was common in ancient Scottish history preferring to celebrate the star map secret above west horizon ref as it sets so the Orion cross is above the sacred feminine triangle of the Pleiades area. It was celebrated more often instead of a womb of the sacred feminine but as a pyramid on the ground with same orientation of an upside down womb of the sacred feminine. It is in essence generally speaking, an upside down Grail goblet symbol.

The famous controversial Hermitic order of The Golden Dawn secret society use this symbol ref . The order actually correctly places a sun inside the triangle as the 'x' that marks the spot as the place of human origins in my claim on the collection of global star maps, and its not OUR Sun at all.


The next major clue you will see in many of the oldest churches around Europe and as expected hidden in plain sight. If my work thus far on the Sacred feminine breakthroughs earlier this year are true and churches are designed to symbolise sacred teachings, entering a place of celebration of the sacred womb of Creation would be the first way to design a door front so one literally walks through the symbolic portal opening of the place in the heavens of the sacred femine womb of the Grail secret linked to earlier.

There is was as clear as daylight the same traditional orientation as the graffiti rendition with Cross of Orion on top of the doorway that has the sacred feminine chalice open to walk through. Sounds quite complicated and only a graphic overlay can explain it. Mouse over the image, or simply hold your cursor on the image back and forth to see the encoded symbolism.




On entering this beautiful chapel the first impression is of stone work like no other. The ornate symbols are everywhere. Many TV documentaries have covered all the Freemason symbols and I don't want to repeat that as the secret is not just find Freemason symbols. It is identifying where they lead the initiate seeker of knowledge to, once you know what most of the symbols really mean.

One carving that speaks volumes towards cracking the code of Rosslyn Chapel is this next small carving of Moses.

Moses is adorned with something spectacular and many will already be gazing at the image with eyes wide open. Scholars and the Sinclair family who are the most knowledgeable today all agree its Moses but their views on the bull horns are argued.

By the way it is important to mention right now that the Sinclair family as a whole and Sinclair family member dressed as a Templar as the narrator of the story seen in many TV special feature shows insist there is no hidden secret to be found.

Those who know star map Jerusalem will not be surprised at all that Moses was crowned like in Sumerian and Egyptian tradition as one of the Bull horn crown. It is exactly the same meaning and simply attachment of Moses to the Taurus star map story. Jerusalem clearly seems to have the star of David as a real star just like the star of Bethlehem for the Christ as the place of origins from the bull of Taurus. A genesis tradition and if this comes as a surprise then first follow the Moses Jerusalem story at this link ref .

There were other famous artists that presented Moses in statues with horns, it was unsolved until Rosslyn. No horns looked anything like a bull when they were carved to avoid controversy but some had very revealing massive blazing suns behind them. ref .


Rosslyn decoded


The tiny statue of Moses speaks its secret of Rosslyn... that Rosslyn carries the very same secret of the beginnings of Jerusalem ref .


The feature stone carving in Rosslyn is without doubt the famous Apprentice Pillar ref . It has a very interesting Freemason story with it but the part where I agree with scholars is that it is representing the Tree of Life texts in the Bible, and yes more hidden records on God Creation that I have presented my own website for ref .

For me, because this church has this rare Tree of Life pillar celebration icon representation it makes Rosslyn Chapel quite special above any other church. It has what I believe is representation of the cosmic Pillar of light at the centre of the universe with winding cosmic 'serpent' style vines that are part of the Cosmic Tree. Remember this encoded symbol in every ancient church: Vines are representing cosmic conduits, a means of path to travel that scientists call wormholes in space to travel to the place of God Creation. You will see if you look in every church how Angels and serpent dragons (another symbol for cosmic conduits) and Suns and worlds are popping in and out of the bursting flowers on the cosmic vines.

The entire chapel is bathed in coloured light visiting at the right weather conditions. Not when the sun is behind one side of the building only reaching some of the glass, but when the sky has summer Sun overhead and a thin layer of cloud that spreads the white light equally outside to all the windows. In these rare times without over usage of spot lights, the church takes on a heavenly bathed bluish light as seen in all the images!

In the image below of the pillar, something in the stained glass caught my eye...


Rosslyn decoded



The light was a little blinding and hard to see detail initially but it warranted a view up close. I couldn't believe my eyes, just like in the Cape Town St George's Cathedral (story release soon) it had a Solar Trinity depiction of three orbs in the biblical common tradition and Egyptian tradition of viewing the stars on the East horizon as the triangle is pointing down. In Scottish history it was seen before the Christ era on west horizon with an Eagle ref .

Just like in Cape Town, it seems to depict tiny planets too in typical Earth-like Blue colour. Yes it might sound crazy without seeing the rest of the story but take it with a pinch of salt for now. To complete the reasoning connecting with cosmic conduit vines as paths to and from these sun stars. The lower orb is the most important Sun with more yellow colour and more planets. In the biblical story it is the Bethlehem star and I believe in the Torah it is the Star of David.

Note how the cosmic vines lead to what I propose is both suns and planets.

Do you know of any vine that produces both large yellow fruit and small single blue fruit on a vine? If its just ancient romanticized symbolic church art, would they chose to fabricate something illogical and impossible for nature or is it trying emotionally to portray secrets that elite eyes could decode?


Rosslyn decoded



All the clues so far lead one into the beautiful open hall under the most famous feature of this amazing chapel, the star theme carved ceiling. Not just stars but a ceiling adorned with roses. The famous Rosicrucian Rose secret which is also a big part of my work decoding the meaning of the Rose as a Sun star. ref

If true and seeing so many of them here one has to wonder how many Sun-like star systems there are that have life.

This image below is the biggest single image on line covering all the important detail that is leading to the big reveal of the mystery of Rosslyn Chapel.

A sacred place where you will probably agree is where 'The' Holy Grail resides ref and you are about to witness how it tells the story identical to the Senmut Tomb in Egypt that presents two versions of the same story, one in symbolism and one more like a map. ref .

The truth will unfold here in the same Egyptian traditional way and this is no surprise having Freemason design and Templar history which not only uses some of Egypt's symbols but duplicates its ancient secrets. One portrayal of the secret you will see produces it symbolically with tradition of secret symbolism and one as a cosmological depiction labeled with symbols. Both can be verified for their hidden meaning against what appears to be a manuscript the Vatican archives made available recently.

The ceiling has 5 strange decorated pattern panels and between them the most amazing carved details that tell a lot more than just the secret that is about to be uncovered. There is a legend about a choir in this church, creating specific notes and what those notes could do and how it connects to the main mystery is a quest for another day.


Rosslyn decoded


But the beautiful part of the mystery is how the ceiling is aligned correctly east west in orientation just like ancient temples in Egypt and the Vatican secret that I propose which also duplicates the very same secret ref .

It is important to see where the details are in the ceiling that lead to a big breakthrough. The areas marked in round circles are visible features that will be decoded and the ellipses are detail carved theme positions that are obscured from view. There are four ringed carving themes in the top of the image in the star panel area marked 3 Angels (one is of the Christ to total four). There are another 4 carving themes ringed on the opposite side of the star panel labeled 1 The Secret. There is a Trinity and sacred feminine carving ringed and on the East Stained glass labeled 2 The Secret Stain Glass.

The East portion of the stained glass is visible and it is here where the biggest breakthrough unfolds at the end of this story as the grand conclusion.


In the image below, a hand holds a crest with the Cross of the churches that I have proposed is the star cross of the Orion constellation. In holding it position as such it beckons one to consider the message is to hold it up in measurement on the horizon. It has two Rosicrucian Roses on each side symbolic of two sun star positions common to the star map theme.

This is a great clue here in the star ceiling theme that no doubt is designed to encourge the viewer to look for a star theme to begin with.

The cross of Orion's Belt aligns to the area in my star map theory to a triangle of stars. The triangle also as the womb of the Egyptian goddess theme personification of stars called Nut ref

But in theory with the rose flowers as sun stars inplace of the womb should be a third rose. This is a clue. The builders chose to show the womb part so it acts as an arrow pointer as well.

It creates the shape of a carved arrow most likely 'pointing the way' to both stained glass themes.

This is reasoned simply if you stand in the east side of the chapel the arrow points to the very top portion of the west stained glass. If you stand in the west part of the chapel the arrow points to the top part of the east stained glass theme.

Mouse over the image for the star map interpretation. Pleiades added just for completion of the interpretation but all it really has is Orion cross and three suns and the bird.



Speaking of 'the bird' - Is it the holy spirit message pertaining to the Christ from this Sun star, the Bethlehem star that the 3 kings (Orion's belt) follow in the east to locate the star of Bethlehem?

Or is it the Scotland ancient rune stone tradition showing the eagle with the three suns as uncovered in my Scotland story? ref .

The next thing to mention here while eyes are scanning the roof for clues to a person standing in this area is the piece labeled Trinity theme with a typical Sumerian Tree of Life pattern. But this is tiny detail that only those perhaps with 20-20 vision might be able to see with the right lighting catching the detail.


Out of the two west and east positioned stained glass themes, to a new viewer looking for clues, one very easily can see the top portions of each portray strange mystery and interest and the lower parts are simple traditional life themes with little to reveal. Out of both themes the west positioned theme shouts out to the viewer that the Christ is speaking his secret.

In the image below of this western placed window theme The Christ holds the Carthusian Globus Cruciger orb with cross.

He also does something I have never seen before and it shouts out there is a message here!

Some time ago I suggested The Christ uses three fingers to point to the heavens not in blessing people in these depictions, but pointing to the three heavenly bodies in the sky, he is teaching of the Solar Trinity ref .

Here he has an awkward wrist tilt to the left (viewers perspective) literally pointing to something important in the ceiling detail to the left in the star panel western portion.



While pondering what The Christ is point to in this image above and what it has to do with the Carthusian Globus Cruciger orb with cross, its time to recap on another author's finding.

Researcher Jeff Nisbet made a fantastic breakthrough some years ago realising most roof panels have a spacious checkerboard pattern but not all. The theory is that one can expand the roof tiles outward of the roof panel that has no blank tiles to also be checkerboard pattern to solve the ceiling mystery which I partly agree with. Jeff believes two roof panels can be expanded and with this effect creates a Cross of Lorraine.

I believe since only one roof panel is completely without the checkerboard pattern or with blank tiles that it forms a typical Christian cross and does something more importantly in solving the mystery here.

The cross of the churches of Orion is here in the ceiling and it is positioned and with orientation facing east pointing and showing the way to the big secret!

Aah! Now a sky image is beginning to take form.

If The Christ is trying to speak of the secret in code by holding the Carthusian Globus Cruciger orb with cross then it is time now to recap on another Hungarian Researchers massive discovery supporting my Orion cross is the Cross of the churches theory. I made this claim based on the Solomon Key parchment previously which was a story so massive in itself, famous author Dan Brown himself was preparing to write a murder mystery around it as well. ref

But for reasons unknown he cancelled a whole years worth of novel manuscript work and wrote another book called Lost symbol instead.


Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb made the find of all finds in support of my Orion cross theory with his research into the Globus Cruciger in the Carthusian order ref . The Globus Cruciger is the golden orb with cross that the Queen holds in her crowning ceremony ref .

You are about to learn the fact that the orb part of the gold piece she holds represents planet Earth. Consider this moment when she takes her vows. Is she swearing protection of its secrets from evil or from commoner? Consider this as well, the queen is sworn in this ritual in this matter holding the world, not England, not London.


If you believe there is some sort of conspiracy about this figurehead as a new world order leader and what prophecy has to say then you need to see the Babylon prophecy manuscript breakthrough because New Babylon has also been identified in the Sumerian article. ref

The Carthusian Order was another secret order separate to the Templars with their own protected secrets.

So what was the big secret of this order?

Firstly they knew the cross of the churches that Constantine claimed he saw in the sky was Orion! The image below shows how the cross aligns with seven stars of the Pleiades and emphasizes with symbolism one in alignment is important! Secondly, in the image below it has the Latin inscription that scholars are going to have a massive problem in disproving with my Orion and Pleiades star correlation theory.

The inscription claims:
Stat crux dum volvitur orbis

Which means:
"The Cross is steady while the world is turning." ref .


Carthusian Globus cruciger orion pleiades


I challenge every scholar on the planet to prove this material wrong or officially make a comment on it. To date some had accepted to look at the material but in a matter of days they drop it like a hot potato because they know commenting will wreck their career if they support alien theory, and wreck their career if they dispute it, which might be a disaster if it is later accepted, which by mounting evidence is highly likely.

Either way it is almost impossible for any scholar to comment in these circumstances. These new discoveries are not going to go away as their roots are already deep set and viral around the world.


There is an illuminated manuscript in the Hartmann Schedel collection titled The Nuremberg Chronicle 1493 XCIIv The image below is of the record of burning bibles that correctly depicted the solar trinity and the Globus Cruciger Orion connection. The source link here ref the image link here ref .

These two pages here speak volumes on the period when illuminated books were burned with their heretic writers. The author tried no doubt to tell the story safely with use of too much artistic illustration of what exactly was being burned. In his article on explaining the actions by demand of the powers that be his depiction on the left page shows the 3 Suns and books with a cross insignia.

I dont have to tell you we only have one sun and this was his way showing what 'crazy' material was being destroyed with the books with a cross on them. The books being burned are not just illuminated books, these are Bibles here. I have more on secret Bibles for those interested, one called a Parallel Bible ref . One of which helped me locate a matching face of Mars monument on the border of Israel ref .


Hartmann Schedel Nuremberg Chronicle 1493 XCIIv solar trinity bibles burning


There is more on the second page in the illuminated manuscript in the image above on the Globus Cruciger. It shows the separate kings or in conext with the calling of the destroying of the illuminated works.

All three kings here are presented as they were in the coronation ceremony holding the very revealing Globus Cruciger. The sworn conditions they all honour as a way of rulling commoner... 'their' people.

Now in story context here we have Solar Trinity hidden records of three sun systems of our ancestors, angels if you will, people that are a lineage we all originate from. These records are being destroyed by those who hold a model of the Earth and how the Orion cross is what is used to locate the position of the 3 suns, one of which is more important than all the others as seen in my articles here.


There is a second image (below) perhaps from the same volume of works (waiting confirmation) depicting the chosen sun Sol 1 above the two others using the Orion Cross of the churches placed within the chosen Sun star ref .

In placing the Templar Cross that represents Orion as I have proposed all these years in one Sun it speaks volumes. Sol 1 is the only one of the three that aligns closest to Orion's Belt and the expressions of the faces now speak.

In the top portion two suns are in crescent with their exoplanet worlds shown with less radiance in this way while one stands radiant blazing. Their faces speak a thousand words here. The expressions of confused disappointment in these two crescent faces is clear. The Blazing sun however seems proudly looking on without a bother at all.

The next caption below it shows what happened in the churches choice making this sun seem more important in context with the others. They are enshrouded in storm clouds and the proud Blazing sun expresses some disappointment and perhaps a little upset.

Are we looking at the first evidence of lineage and religious discrimination here... the first ground zero catalyst for all wars?

My analysis is on the right... The Holy Grail is depicted here as a combination of Orion with the solar Trinity and the discovery of this has its own article ref . The Blade and the Chalice legend as found in Rosslyn Chapel is the combination of Sacred Feminine ... the 3 Suns as the chalice, and the male aspect beneath it as the Blade... the handle of the Chalice of Orion's Belt. ref


Hartmann Schedel Nuremberg Chronicle 1493 XCIIv solar trinity Holy Grail


Let us not steer too far off track and return to the Rosslyn Breakthrough. To recap we now have Christ pointing to the ceiling area near him beckoning the reason of his cross of Orion shows the way to what he is pointing to with three fingers so we should expect a substantial solar Trinity depiction. And we have the cross of the ceiling as Orion showing thee way to the east that perhaps concludes the story taking one across the hall to the east panel stained glass area to conclude the mystery.

Follow his three finger gesture takes you to the left hand side star panel and it has 4 special inserted carvings as you see below.



There it was... hidden in plain sight... the secret in stunning detail.

A sun that is not our Sun, The Christ with the Secondary Sol 2 sun behind him and the tile that makes the Solar Trinity complete, a third sun with a flock of birds in front of it and I knew this was the Pleiades because of another recent discovery justifying it as so.

Hungarian researcher Marton Molnar-Gob had previously found an old manuscript that we both believe was one of the codices that the Vatican recently quietly released to world researchers online.

The carved tiles show The Christ and suns and stars and I concur with Marton Molnar-Gob's claim the flock of doves represents the Pleiades as you can see here: ref .



I wondered about the extra bird here and noticed another strange detail. It had three dots in a row to confirm the Orion's belt claim as it too aligned with Pleiades doves. But what just a bird here as a 4th theme? Since we have our Sun that needs to fit this picture I propose its is the 'Eagle has landed theory' that I proposed for Scotland with the rune stones. ref That it is the journey of our ancestors to our Sun depicted. Same in the sacred feminine bird depiction earlier on the ceiling.

On the right side of the star panel ceiling another four carvings are shown. But The Christ is not pointing to these at all. Are they there just to make the secret hard to decode? Perhaps so. But it has one tile of Christ with hand raised in the other tile on the left side and three winged deities. Are these the three Magi as Orion? For now I believe they are just there to cloak the secret for worthy elite eyes only as the builders wanted to protect.

I have identified a complete astronomical layout of suns amongst stars as a star map sketch as the secret first breakthrough (labeled Secret 1) in direct layout. It places the Christ with the Star in the star maps called Secondary Sol 2 and this is the one that speaks of human evolution origins in my book and website here: ref .


Now its time to follow the Orion ceiling panel cross effect to the east stained glass panel to conclude the mystery.

It has exactly what I was hoping for like in Egyptian Masonic tradition showing two versions. One direct sketch and one swamped in symbolism and allegory. It had DaVinci's 'code' with his Vitruvian Man blueprint geometry of:

Squaring the circle!!!

Mouse over the image to see the secret.



The inside of Rosslyn Chapel creates a duplication of East horizon and sky above and outside the building with its counterpart matching stars.

As the legend of the star map goes "As Above - So Below"

This was the Christian tradition of measuring the stars in the East.

It has six pointed stars with doves as the Pleiades

It has 4 Egyptian tradition Suns connected with vines

3 are of the area near Pleiades and the 4th is OUR Sun

But here is the special part. It had the famous Vitruvian geometry that DaVinci claimed holds the secret geometry of the human form. In my work to date I have found this altered code shown here with hands placed back where they were supposed to be (see link) and reasons for it being 'completed' in this way with a conspiracy cover up claim. The Vitruvian man is also an 'Orion man' as per Christ secret tradition where DaVinci emphasized:

3 dimples in the waist area as Orion's Belt!

Full human blueprint code explored here: ref .

The human blueprint code is positioned between ALL 4 Suns

In Summary: For those not familiar with my work and what the star maps represent. Here is a brief summary:

The starmaps show ALL humanity are descendants of angelic lineage, every single race and we are all sacred beings since all the hidden teachings by the star visitors are about living as spiritual sacred non violent caring human beings.

If one does not cross reference this story here with all the references I listed so far and one does not compare this claim with these cases that I list below then you have only experienced a fraction of the material one needs to witness that this claim is a REAL globally repeating solid hypothesis. Here is the list of other cases: ref .


I challenge you to think of your most favorite advanced ancient civilisation names and type those sites into my search window at the top of the page and see if they are referenced with the same claims made here.

Virtually all the ancient civilisations claim this star map area as the place of their ancestors. Did they all just tell the same lies? Or is there something amazing that occured in our past that is about to occur again? If so, and it occurs as prophecy has shown in 5 solid prophecy cases studied on my website here, then you might want to know in advance what an arrival might look like.



Would it not be important researching what possible messages a cosmic visitor might speak of and how he introduces himself as he shows with his right hand his cosmic address. An event possibly occurring sooner than most care to think during our very catastrophic crisis. Currently with over 3 billion suffering souls in pain and starving and in absolute crisis having been worked out of our manipulated elite controlled social systems. We are running out of time.

IMAGINE - As I decoded in the alien message found at the Atlantis site, It is now 2027. You are watching TV and the signal starts going fuzzy then your screen has an unusual looking person standing there claiming this is an urgent message during a hidden world crisis that most dont even know about. He says this message is being broadcast from a position in space near Earth. He claims he is not of our world and the whole world is receiving this message live on every channel. The Person introduces himself and explains where he comes from, and possibly that he is of the same human lineage ancestors as our ancestors. Then using a hologram visual shows where he and our ancestors come from.

How will the world react? Do you realise our elite manipulated society have conditioned our minds to reject this event if its real. Do you know why? Do know what it is they are afraid of?

TRUE. The prophecy in the Book of Revelation has the messenger hold seven stars like this and he arrives riding that which makes 'a cloud'.

TRUE... we have been spammed in every movie and documentary, magazine, newspaper and millions of websites to fear bad aliens and an alien invasion no matter how good the aliens appear. Historical monarchy in charge of biblical publications probably even added a few lines themselves that Satan will look pure and he should be ignored because the king even feared he would be exposed for raping pillaging and plundering for the crown based on lies. All will be covered here on this page.

Ask yourself when this day occurs will you scream "Bad aliens!" or "Satan!" as you have be tuned to do or will you think for yourself what can be measured about such a visitors claims?

Here is the prophecy page where the reasoning and evidence of this continues: ref . The Templars valued the 'Sang Real' sacred angelic lineage secret of humanity that they celebrated in communion ritual using a gold chalice on Sol Invictus as Sol 1 rises above Orion's Belt on Eastern Horizon. It was this gnosis that led me to decode and find the very secret of the Holy Grail itself.




The Hiram Abiff secret seems where it all started which became honoured by the Freemasons in their First Degree Tracingboard

Note the star pattern looking above eastern horizon...

the ladder to Sol 1 has a grail and has 3 known symbols for Orion's Belt measuring 33 degrees.

Click the image to see the article:




The Rosicrucians knew it well...

They showed how our planet had a human arrival from Pleiades Sol 1....

... and how Neanderthal lost his destiny in an 'alien' invasion of our celestial ancestors.

Click the image to see the article:




Compare it to the Key of Solomon cipher code from 2004

Solomon also used the Orion cross of the churches that aligned to the star of David.

Simply decode the puzzle pieces in the outer rim and piece together the leg of the bull constellation coordinate.

Click the image to see the article:




Some say a Templar treasure from the recently decoded Oak Island star map ref was found around the time of George Washington and it funded the building of his city matching Oak Island and Jerusalem template.

It has the same layout plan as Oak Island.

The Obelisk is the 'x' that marks the spot and has more to reveal.

Click the image to see the article:




This is an actual photograph highlighting three real astronomical referenced positioned Sun stars that I have proposed since 2002 found in the beginnings of virtually every civilisation. Click the image to get the basis of my work here:








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