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The origin of the word OM has convincing clues to follow on its own. The Hindu tradition links the word very strongly to:

" ...something divine yet something human ... a Trinity aspect tied to Creation... imperishable... truth... that which is beyond the sun in the cosmos... " ref.

In Romanian language the spoken word for 'MAN' has quite a surprise too... it suggests the creation name for man has similar ancient ties and it is nothing other than... OM ref .

Now look at the ancient Hindu inscription thought to have been found in one of the early temples depicting the complete OM symbol. The detail now being explored and discussed in this article. Mouse over the image and ponder on what you see... has anyone wondered where the expression 'aiming for the bulls eye' ever originated?




The magnitude of the findings unfolding in this case here are mind blowing and inspiring to say the least in context with the status of global human beliefs. Those of firm belief will initially experience a strong sense of discomfort as new information threatens to alter ones comfortable habit of belief, but rest assured, the outcome will elevate a deeper more spiritual and cosmic awakening within. New clarity on the human origin theory and the basis of spirituality is about to quantum leap.

Some strong Hindu faith folks might even argue this new 'proof' of where the Indus civilisation Indian lineage originated from are the descendants of the 'gods', an actual measurable sun star system target in the heavens means something unique. That firstly since the swastika is now a proven Orion connection as it uses Orion's Belt alignment through the Bulls eye of Taurus (Aldebaran) to a sun star and crescent exoplanet, then this is the strongest provable star map so far. It basically is, and one can't deny that. If so, then of all religions to date they could argue that the Indian race is more conclusively of 'angelic' bloodline and the most sacred people on the planet. The chosen people so to speak?

That would be true if the other religions of the big four did not have any identical star map history showing the same. The thing is, they all show the same story. Not as conclusively, but in different ways since each wanted to look different to the other in the name of the profits of war and plundering other nations for their beloved manipulating Kings family.

Some might not quite see it like this just yet... some will.

Most know the star map message of sacred lost truth showing how human uplifting the ancient symbols origins are and how they all show all race and tribe all have a sacred angelic origin bloodline. A finding that uplifts the ancient teachings and decodes astronomical evidence where our ancestors came from.

The cosmic star map is more human spirit uplifting after it sinks in a little deeper over the days ahead and you realise how our historical powers that be have hidden something that unites a unique identity of us in context as one united cosmic human civilisation and...

... I can now prove it dwells encoded secretly in the foundation of 'The Big Four' religions ref


The first big breakthrough in this story started with some astronomical research and some long exposure photography of Orion. I had a feeling the nebulosity patterns might explain why some cultures prefer to celebrate Orion with a swirling cross pattern. What if it really had some sort of swastika effect since this was a 'cross' pattern that takes a whole new direction. I believe from what you see here explains everything.

Astronomers actually named three swirling spokes and did not recognise the swastika connection. I named the fourth spoke from a dark cloud that completes it. I compare it to some ancient Celtic coins of an empire that also once knew the swastika secret.



Hungarian researcher Marton Molnar-Gob was also looking at the Om symbol ref and he recognised its pictographic design resembled something important.

The Om symbol you see in the image below has its modern depiction on the left and some historical depictions on the right. The debate on the source of the image at the top of the page so far is that it might be a modern sketch drawn with a charcoal inscribed method. It was sent to me with no mention of which temple so this is a problem. The original sketch at the top of the page was thought that it was much older and removed during WW2 for obvious reasons, but this is all now respectfully needing more research. The crescent aspect seems likely and although the line passes through the bulls eye, the eye dot itself might just be a blemish. The 4 dots with swastika is also found in ancient temples and some new images shortly will follow.

The Om is a mysterious symbol of the Dharmic religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism ref , is also a mantra used in these religions.

Om is part of the iconography found in ancient and medieval era manuscripts, temples, monasteries and spiritual retreats in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism but its origins are a mystery.

In Hinduism, Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols. It claims with this symbol the soul, and ultimate reality, entirety of the universe referred to as the Brahman, ref includes all truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, and knowledge. The symbol is often found at the beginning and the end of chapters in their holy works and prayers. The references for the 3 old images compared to the new image... ref 1 ref 2 ref 3 .

Although Hinduism is not a follower of Abraham legend, they have the legend of the 'Brahma' bull origin creator deity that sounds almost the same source word as Abraham. Coincidence? A breed of cattle ref with a bull that has something on their back, a bump that the cosmic statue versions which they call Nandi ref fill in the bumb with a sun and crescent. ref. For these reasons I believe the Hindu records have the same star map origin records encoded as the three Abrahamic religions.



Márton saw the symbol looked remarkably similar to a bull with head facing down and with 2 horns pointing to the left and a crescent and orb behind its neck.

At first I felt maybe its just a coincidence as it is more like a word or writing style as the common version of it today is hardly a crescent and orb symbol as it is a small square and what looks more like the stroke of a paintbrush.

Márton found a coin with what looked like a different version of the Om and it had an hourglass symbol below it and he launched his finding on a social network platform where many researchers debate the basis of the new finding.

His claim remained like this for a long period of time as just a theory but looking for more to prove it.

I started looking a little deeper into it recently after hearing from a Hindu friend that only if you can decode this symbol's origins then and only then will you know our true cosmic origins.

This nagging cosmic connecting thought would not leave me in peace so I started searching for more. Its origins seems to have been erased from the internet as there is so little on how it came about.

I pondered on the thought of a bull with crescent and orb behind its neck rather than between the horns which was common in ancient Egypt. I realised that the earliest depiction in Egypt of a sun with the bull was in the temple of Hathor and it literally creates a mirror image of the Om symbol.



This was for me the inspiring drive to look deeper. I realised in the previous image that the older versions of the Om had without doubt the crescent and orb too and with these two facts I knew right away Márton's theory was something that must have more evidence out there. Why? Simply because something this big would have been well written about in the past so there would be high probability I would find more if I dig a little deeper.


I started an image search online for the Om symbol trying all sorts of different wording. Then suddenly an image appeared that added something quite unexpected to the Om symbol.

The image added a swastika ref to it ... a line of alignment from it through the Bull with horns and to the orb and crescent in its TRUE correct depiction and a trident crown. This is an image rebuild below of how it was apparently seen in an old temple that now is impossible to locate online. The explanation of it I will explain as it becomes crystal clear what we have right here in front of our eyes.

Mouse over the image to see the breakthrough of the complete star secret that I will now explain in full referenced detail. The explanation is paramount and what it leads to on the ground in India will make it completely conclusive... it is a star map.




Not just by appearance but by early tradition. I needed to find proof that somewhere the general cosmic connection would add a little more detail than just saying it was cosmic. There are many variations that evolved trying to split up the symbol into spiritual meaning. Perhaps we went through an era of monarchy order and cover up protocols and evidence was destroyed.

Why would the monarchy want it destroyed? Because it places greater importance to the Hindu and Buddha religions as based on real truth. The monarchy systems of other lands and religions would obviously target propoganda to try make their religion more important and different to Hindu and Buddha tradition.

I found an old online description of each character symbol and it sneaks in the piece of evidence I was looking for ref . It claims the Bull appearing symbol is a "Heavenly Region" of the night sky. For me the choice of making this symbol the official "heavenly region" speaks volumes. Taurus is the same area in the sky for all the other ancient civilisations, 35 cases to date ref .

But there is more. The naming of the Bull is 'Nandi' ref but for me the type of bull species chosen speaks volumes. But first in reasoning... the name for the highest Hindu universal principle is titled "Brahman" ref . Is it just a coincidence the particular species of bull in sacred depictions is none other than the Brahman Bull ref and we find them shown with a bump behind their shoulder in sacred statues as if God made this hump to show us where we come from.

Speaking of Taurus, this is where the pleiades and three sun stars are found. This seems to make their hump special. Not just in India but in Sumerian tradition too as seen on the "Genesis tablet" that is shown below the next image.

When looking a little closer at the statues, there are some that show what is special in the hump also with a Sumerian art style of crescent and orb seen in my previous reference... a sun and its exoplanet found in the Sahasra linga temple area in Sirsi India as seen below: ref




Compare the Om Brahma bull above with the Crescent Sun and exoplanet that I propose. The full story on the Sumerian Genesis tablet that seems to be an absolute match here is explored at this reference link ref .

Consider how on Earth was this cosmic teaching spread in such similar detail and personification of deity similar teaching methods. Was it some mystery solving obsessed mortal scholar that became a messenger on a quest travelling from continent to continent which was supposed to be impossible in early human beginnings? Or was it an ancestoral tied cosmic messenger from another solar system like ours in the heavens travelling from one great civilisation to the next on their own quest to end human chaos and wars and suffering by teaching how we are all of the same origins, same place and same sacred order of life?




The image at the top of the page and below must have many bursting with interest and wondering where I found the inscription as shown. The history is revived of this iconology today due to brave Hindu followers. It seems to have been removed from history for a while during the second world war era when the Swastika was hijacked by Hitler when he tried to control and hide what it meant.

Hitler started his scam where he tried to promote his quest for war fuelled on hiding the human equality secret since we all have the same place of genesis. He liked how the Hindu symbol that he knew was part of the basis of a human cosmic origin truth and it had no visual appearance similarity to the Menorah and star of David in Judaism teachings that he wanted to destroy. Here he started his chosen bloodline lie suiting his own interests. In doing so he gained more power controlling people of great influence but he did not succeed in his quest for world domination and manipulation.

There is no historical depiction available of the complete symbol which is called the Om Trishul or Tri Shakti ref . This link for now is the only seller of the amulet as a good luck talisman that cares to explain it. This will be updated. Google image search either of the two bold Hindu names with the word swastika and you will see how vast it has spread.

I am calling on all Hinduism and Buddhism followers to please help me find very old images and early historical origin references of its first depictions in temples and holy books.




The image above presents a trident three pronged crown above the Sol star giving it a title. The first obvious symbolism here is just like that found in Christianity beginnings is the Solar Trinity ref . There are three suns in this position and the crown literally correlates with the three vertical green lines drawn from them which I added on the main image with mouse over,(the second image matching the one used at the top of this page).

For me the astronomical truth was the primary teaching of the Om. Yes all the spiritual teachings that went with it were attached to its 'meaning' too and once the star map became a forbidden topic I would imagine by order of ancient Hindu kings who no doubt had war as their motives. I propose this cosmic map of human origins was seen similar to the foreigners they wanted to conquer and this star map part was considered a forbidden topic and only spiritual teachings were allowed to explain the Om meaning.

The trident seen with many Hindu deities with a blazing sun ref in my opinion is a dual representation for the trinity crown with the depiction of the Tri Shakti as this was most likely the technical device used to open the star gate called also a 'Vajra'. I have proposed this solution for the Sumerian depictions of the same three pronged devices held by Sumerian legends like Gilgamesh himself opening a star gate ref .




The first clue in deciphering the swastika symbol ref here begins with the 10000 year old Val Camonica 'Camunian rose' cross seen in the image above ref in Italy that I proposed in 2003 represents Orion showing the way to the place of the 'gods'. This swastika symbol version seen up close ref has dots placed in the outer spokes. I could not see what stars would correlate initially. But more importantly this petroglyph stands out as ground zero, it is one of the oldest swastika depictions on Earth.

But it is not the Hindu Om version. The Om version seems to evolve from a more recent 5000 year old simplified version which is found in the Om tradition as we will clarify in a moment.

The swastika with extra dots remained a mystery for some time. I did however notice there was a faint line going through the centre of the petroglyph and seemed to join three cup marks in a row. Here I am sure we have Orion's Belt which is unrecognised by scholars.

There is more that has been missed ... it has the 'X' that marks the spot crescent and Sol 1 Primary sun star proposed 'human origin' solar system to complete it!

I had just decoded another case in support of the sacred star map of the ancient people's star visitor ancestors found all over the world.

I was sure it was Orion because something unique was found nearby this petroglyph site. Another simplified petroglyph of the swastika in the form of a Christian type cross and it depicted the very same Orion's Belt part showing the way as a star map.

This was a ''Christian Cross'' but it was thousands of years older than Christ!

The petroglyph below shows possibly an ancient astronaut with helmet and his toes pointed and knees bent, suggesting flight. This is clear suggestion of flesh and blood star visitor human lineage teachers who came from the cosmos near the Pleiades where Orion is showing the way to 'follow' to find it. ref

Depicting stars is conclusive when comparing it to an ancient Christian manuscript seen below and found at the NYPL New York Public Library online texts ref . Orion as the cross of the churches seem clear, where the 'short cross' of Constantine as the chi-Rho ref seems to match it.




I recently realised there was a second identical petroglyph to the Val Camonica Italian petroglyph. It was found a long way away, across the ocean over in the UK.

It is thousands of years old as well and called the Ilkley Moor swastika stone ref . Here is the close up iimage reference ref and here is the best article on it ref . Scholars and authors in this subject do not realise it is Orion and that the Orion's Belt interpretation might reside here too.

If you look very closely and mouse over the image there are two green circles placed where slight indents are found in the stone.

TO SEE THE SWASTIKA IN THE STARS... mouse over the image below:




The image above speaks for itself. Scholars can measure the stars and see the accuracy of what I have presented is clear and conclusive.

The Celtic civilisation of the UK were not quite linked to the earliest ancient Romans. But here is a repeated ancient record that must have had some extraordinary sourced linked teachings.

Compare in a mouse over action on the image to see the 'long' Cross version of the churches (includes Sirius and Aldebaran ... the 'CHI RHO 'short cross' uses just Orion itself). These star obsession traditions can be compared, the Cross of the churches and the swastika legend.

They are one and the same

I have now identified the missing 4 brightest stars that correlate as shown.

Two star maps identical, both thousands of years older than the Christian cross, both have the same 'x' that marks the spot where their ancestors originate from.


Keeping the petroglyph images just seen with with swastica spoked 'wheel' having one added outer 'x' marking the spot target, look at how the next example repeats it by choosing the Trinity triangle symbol to mark the spot for all three sun star targets.

Thanks to the research of Marton Molnar-Gob of Hungary in this subject, he has made a remarkable Armenian discovery. While he prepares a substantial article on this to add to his Armenian Cross page ref a short preview of it here.

Seen below is the ancient wall motif of the 1500 year old fortress on the border of Turkey and Armenia for the ancient city called 'Ani' ref. The wall depicts the swastika with a stone inlay and a carefully placed mysterious triangle with it. I have shown this detail upside down for the purpose of consistency in comparing patterns seen viewing stars above the horizon in the East. It is on the wall in a position simply depicting the same stars correlating on West horizon.

The triangle symbol I decoded in ancient Egypt proving the Goddess Nut womb for the place of 3 suns as a Solar Trinity ref .

Mouse over the image to decode the secret using the findings covered in this article:



Some references here present a teaser of what Márton has found. He has recognised the cosmic lion conduit teaching depiction places a cross and star on its back of the cosmic lion for their flag... this speaks volumes ref. Reference to cosmic lion as found in Mars records ref .

The fortress itself holds the breakthrough, it is identical to the Jerusalem star map ref... it is a cosmic 'leg of the bull' Pleiades mirrored fortress and it has the 'X' that marks the spot monument venerated! ref. More later.

The Om swastika seen below uses the CHI RHO matching symbolism as a 'short cross' version using the 4 outer stars of Orion between the spokes of the swastika and nothing shown in the spokes. I find it amazing we have two cross versions... one 'long cross' tradition using Sirius and Aldebaran and a 'short cross' of Constantine which is one more recent in history, and the same occurs in the Swastika tradition exactly.




Found in Greece at the legendary site of Troy ref , one small statue Heinrich Schliemann ref uncovered has the Swastika symbol. It is of the legend of the sacred feminine that this statue in lead depicts. Seeing a womb of stars for me was quite a breakthrough and initially I overlooked the value of the swastika here.

I just thought it depicts general human genesis. This was not too far off from the truth because the star maps use Orion to portray the place of human origins as a lineage. But I only realised conclusively in this Om symbol breakthrough that without doubt it is Orion showing the way to human genesis... but in definition, Orion is the decoded symbol.

The sacred feminine and womb of stars is explored here ref




The Swastika placed at the centre of the Cahokia Orion cross. Here both as one perhaps showing both symbols mean the same. The pre Christian Orion cross and swastika traditions have more in common and it is time to compare. This artifact seen in the image below found at the site of the Cahokia Pleiades star map pyramid city site outside Illinois USA ref

Here I believe the Cahokia people show how Orion is taught using a cross and I propose also identifies that it has the three stars of Orion's Belt in it, thus proving my theory aligning correctly in sacred tradition as it is seen on eastern horizon in Egypt and Europe traditions.

Three stars in a row vertical aligns through the centre of the artifact where the title for the symbol resides, right through to what I look for in all the ancient star maps, the 'x' that marks the spot. A circumpunct which seems now to be a universal symbol for stars and especially used in many ancient civilisations for a Sun or sunlike star. Note how the 'x' star marking the spot is correctly shown as a smaller star.




The image you see below is of the watermark of the Cathars and published by Harold Bayley's book The Lost Language of Symbolism and the sources here ref and ref who references the watermark and how it was used by the Cathars. The Cathars were Gnostic monks of a secret Christian order far away from India in Europe. A secret order of European monks protecting ancient knowledge that was compared as not too distant from the Templars many say. There are also high orders of the Cathars called the Carthusian Order ref that carry the Globus Crucigar and Cross with seven stars of the Pleiades with the latin inscription ... "the Earth turns while the cross is still in the heavens"... words proving the cross secret is one of stars.

Mouse over the image to see Taurus. Consider right away in the way the horns and head of the bull are so similar in theme to the Hindu Om. Note also both have a star of great importance portrayed behind the head of the bull.


But most of all the importance in comparison here is the Cross of Lorraine ref is chosen for Orion. The cross creats an 'H' symbol like Gobekli Tepe ref and the Dogon tribe ref . Add this with the latest swastika symbol now deciphered and concluded for the very same depiction the case for Orion is solid.




What happens next in decoding the Cathar watermark is a land mark breakthrough. We have two very far apart in traditional cases of the bull and a Sun star behind its head/neck that represent Taurus and now... one of the most mysterious Egyptian symbols unsolved suddenly seen in more conclusive light.

The Apis bull of Egypt ref with sun disc between horns


It is now conclusively shown in two separate accounts it is another sun and one finds it using Orion's Belt alignment through to behind the bulls head in Taurus!

In the image below with mouse over animation I will take you through each portion of the watermark that is comprised of 4 symbols starting from the bottom of it.

The Watermark is in essence showing the planet of our ancestors within the triangle of the Egyptian sacred feminine womb creation of humanity symbol and suggesting to solve its secret follow the Cross of Lorraine alignment through the Bull of Taurus like in Egypt to a seven pointed symbol for ... the 'Sun-star' solar system wher the exoplanet resides.

1) The triangle pointing down is the sacred feminine womb of the Egyptian Goddess Nut ref and it has the crescent world as an exoplanet of our 'angelic' ancestors I propose found with a special sun star the watermark star map is showing you where to find it...

2) It places the exoplanet beneath this specific depiction of the cross of Lorraine ref like the cross of the churches I propose is Orion and will soon have a new page but still covered here ref . This cross uses as highlighted in green the Tau cross ref of three suns solar trinity ref of the three suns as secondary cross with main cross added to the cross of the churches symbol to have two bars... but it is Orions Belt still aligning showing the way to the Bull.

3) The bull is Taurus as seen as a star map and bull worship is found in these traditions: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Eastern Anatolia, Crete, Iran, Indus Valley, Cyprus, Levant, the Celts and Romans and Hellas and now referenced as Taurus by scholars ref

4) follow the line to the Sun star shown and it has seven rays. The seven rays sun is a special symbol for the Blazing Sun seen in Sol Invictus ref and in Masonic tradition the ultimate sun star out of a group of three decoded with same pattern and Orion here ref . A sun star that I present in an article with Hebrew history of the Key of Solomon is the blazing sun like star of human ancestors ref .



We have a lot of strong new evidence now from the Cathars understanding the Om symbol in its early historical depictions.

I have found over 20 cases of the star map obsession around the world placing their monuments on the ground to mirror the star positions in this cosmic human origin teachings. All seem to be of a matching teaching theme suggesting all civilisations were taught by the same star visitors on some sort of enlightening quest to help humanity find truth.

For these star visitors being of direct linked human lineage to us, thier motives of compassion must be driven by an instinct to help their own kind.

I would therefore expect if all I have proposed so far is true, then there would be a ground layout temple or monument star map like the other civilisations listed ref .

I would also expect it to be found in earliest history, right where the Om had its genesis in India, involving the Brahma bull/Nandi iconology and some sort of sacred feminine and masculine cosmic personification of the teaching too.

Yes... it exists... right where the Sacred Brahma/Nandi bull statues are found at a site near the Barabar Caves ref from the Maurya Empire (322–185 BCE), located close to the Bela Ganj Block of Gaya district in the Bihar area. But it is better known as the Sahasra Linga site of Karnataka India. SAHASRA LINGA KARNATAKA




The megalithic site of the Sahasra lingas ref are found near the Barabar Caves and the linga carvings areplaced in their hundreds on rocks in the river Shalmala itself. My thought here is if this is a cosmic layout plan representing stars then just like Egypt having the Nile river representing the Milky Way then this situation here cound be identical.

My first search results delivered exactly what I was looking for. The most sacred cluster of these linga which also are the most visually impressive area are also considered a cluster of seven. What were the odds it was the Pleiades. For me the pleiades star positions are something I know well. It was a match. The image below is what is found as common and I will add a few image results for you to compare with what I have here. ref ref ref

The Pleiades dwell here! I can measure it. I have added lines with a mouse over to get the general match possibility for it but there is a better way to measure this.




All I need is an overhead image.

It was not available so with a little more thought I realised one can alter perspective scientifically with my image program by simply stretching the height to width ratio.

This is the result below and it helps one see the more appropriate compared match comparison.

Note even the small grouping of two beneath the Pleiades are in contention as well as the line of three small correlations from the largest star Alcyone.




These starmaps found all around the world usually have a purpose to teach what is special about the Pleiades area and I spent weeks trying to get someone to go there and look in the special area if there is something that marks the position of the Sun star common in all of them so far.

I found nothing on the internet. I then thought of another way to search for it. If there was something it would be passed down in spoken traditions of the holiest place on this river so I set out using the appropriate search words.

I found something! There is a site and apparently it was also in the river and it was the place of the Shiva Brahma/Nandi bull place of offerings and ceremonies and it was said to be right next to the precise grouping of seven linga in the river.

I then set out looking through every possible variation of images on the internet and I managed to find one image that shows both linga and bull area that marks the spot in the river.



It was of the exact same Brahma/Nandi bull as shown in the image above which I think in some cases as a sacred cow in its feminine aspect and yes... as I found earlier it had the cosmic holy place of two orbs shown behind its shoulders as seen in the image above.

Here is the source image defining its position and you really have to look carefully to see the sacred primary large bull on the right where the people are standing who are partaking in a ceremony. ref

I also was fortunate to find another image that had usage permission and set out to enhance the contrast and create a mouse over clearer option so all can see the detail... behold... the linga star map of India where I propose the linga represent the Pleiades and the bull area the sun and exoplanets of the deities who are our ancestors:




The place of linga and bulls have a primary bull on a platform rock which reminded me of the Moses journey that tried to keep the teaching of the golden bull statue with very same sun behind its head in the Star map Jerusalem story ref .

Here is the image with mouse over explanation below of how I believe it once taught of the place of our star ancestors and here are some other great images online ref , ref , ref , ref ,

I am completely convinced the primary bull represents with the main double orb bull hump on its back the Sun and exoplanet of our ancestors which is in correlation position of the Star I document has Sol 1 and the smaller linga and bulls with the surrounding rocks celebrate other exoplanets too.




For some time I have saved an image of a small group of what looked like 6 linga in a cluster on one special sacred teaching rock seen below and it was time to find out more. Firstly if it had a seventh linga to complete it and secondly the place where this rock exists and thirdly, is there is an 'x' marking the spot position as expected?

Here is a copy online of my original source image showing just 6 linga. ref

Breakthrough... there is another image online and it truly has the seventh linga! Here is an article and would you believe its right next to the Barabar cave area ref near the river where the primary star map resides and hence why I propose it is a teaching rock site of what resides in the river. Here is the article ref .

I have still not found a better image revealing the 'x' that marks the spot yet for this rock carving and I am calling all my Hindu friends and other researchers to please keep a look out for the complete view showing more to conclude this valuable story.




Although the area of a cluster of seven linga above seem to present the shape of the leg of the bull which I would expect, there is a legend of a single lingam ref which will be explored in a moment.

Before going into its design origins I realised some of the alignments of the bottom part of the circles in the cluster of linga in the image above have their 'little causeways' where the offerings of milk or honey drain off.

The hoof part of the leg shape had correct orientation to show the way to where I believe we will find another special lingam or bull on this rock in the weeks that follow.

Is this telling us more on the design of the sacred pillar linga origin?

In decoding the sacred combination of the cosmic area the Egyptians claimed was a cosmic womb of star goddess Nut in the cosmos... the place that birthed the suns of the deities and humanity seen in this papyrus with ufo landing on the Sphinx ref and the full article on it here ref , one begins to find ancient origin common ground between the Egyptians and Hindus.

I realised the most common belief in earlier days with the cosmic lingam was based on a cosmic event of heavenly union of the male and female anatomy personified in sacred stars ref .

Yes modern Hindu scholars uncomfortable with the sexual nature of the symbolism are arguing this is not true as they place another cosmic pillar in confusion with it as the Tree of Life which I explore here from my near death encounter experience with this cosmic source of all life ref .

The Arabian empire had a similar cosmic teaching according to some researchers who link to a reproduction painting here online of forbidden records of the cosmic union and creation of our ancestors, the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine ref.

This is important to compare to my Holy Grail ritual teaching discovery decoding the complete mystery on the Holy grail ref .

The site of the Grail discovery had a rock carving showing exactly how the chalice of the grail was the womb and the blade handle was the male anatomy ref and this was the ritual celebration of cosmic union I propose the Catholics adapted birthing of the sun disc of the Christ body... our bloodline origins... as we see today ref .

I set out to find the most important history of the Lingam design teaching and I found wonderful things.

Firstly the image below shows the pillar of the sacred masculine with 3 rings called a Tripundra and what I believe is a sun and exoplanet decoration as used on the foreheads of devoted Hindus ref . and here are references of it with the stone lingam ceremonies ref , ref , ref , ref .

Many scholars simply in recognising the pattern of the Vatican city obelisk and Piazza shape have claimed the symbolism is the same. I can concur in my work especially since both pillars are without doubt personification in the cosmos of the male aspect of Orion's Belt. A sacred cosmic union of human beginnings ... Creation... as it shows the way to the sacred womb of the stars where 3 suns form the womb triangle in the sacred feminine area of the Pleiades. The full story of this meaning here ref . Watch this space for updates.




Not far from the Linga area and still in the Karnataka area the Halebidu Lakshminarayana temple ref has a lot to add to the mystery of the identity of the beings of human form that were venerated as gods. It is very similar to other holy temples of other religions around the world.

The only way the ancients could reason these sky ships in comparrison depictions were with things they knew in their daily lives like an umbrella. The Vatican records show flying hats and one must remember recently we did exactly the same silly thing. We first started calling them flying saucers! Very rarely do murals show very precise depictions... have a look at the next image.




I was watching a video some time ago of a foreign TV documentary showing the subject of UFO's and they had footage of a temple in India somewhere that had an amazing mural seen here.

The footage was aired on an Italian TV channel.

I am also calling again on other researchers or Hindu friends in India if any know the exact location and if there are more referencs to prove this valuable piece of the history of India.







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