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Mars Face

Ever since its discovery atop a hill in Germany in 1999, a Celtic bronze and gold artefact dubbed the 'Nebra disc', has baffled both archaeologists and historians alike as to its deepest celestial secrets. ref

Despite numerous debates, this Bronze Age relic still has historians arguing over the emotional inspiration and reason why it became a piece that appears to have been worn by someone. Was it worn in some sort of ritual or ceremony is the question. The general consensus is that it is representative of important stars, although opinions differ vastly as to which stars are purportedly shown, except for a cluster of 'dots' that all seem to be in agreement with.

The cluster conclusively represents the Pleiades. Here is a close up image taken just after it was restored and gold polished ref

One of the more recent opinions expressed by an archaeologist in an entry on 'Online Spiegel' ( 21 February 2006) is that in BC1600, the year the disc supposedly dates back to, the people living in the Sachsen-Anhalt area where it was found, used the disc to orientate themselves as to the seasons, an astronomical clock as it were.

Be that as it may, I have reason to believe there is a lot more at play here. For me the disc is yet another piece of the cosmic puzzle I propose in my star map theory that seems to fit with almost all ancient civilisations.

On first examining it, I could not help thinking: Is this not the most obvious example of the Orion, Pleiades and Sun-like-star cosmic pattern that seems to be included in most ancient cultures. It seems to have 3 dots in a row like Orion as the cosmic signpost theme as it appears in so many of the other star maps in my book.

From my interpretation, I agree with other researchers who say the disc maps out the Pleiades among its 32 stars, but I take this finding to new as yet unexplored heights.


There is an interpretation of the Milky Way in relation to the position of the Pleiades which scholars seem to agree upon. Once I knew that, the missing Orion constellation fell into place. It was perfectly presented. There are three dots in the very centre and it fits precisely between the two gold curved edges that adorn the two opposite ends of the disc.

I believe that in all likelihood the crescent on the Nebra disc is not representative of the moon, just as the orb in all likelihood is NOT our Sun.

Primarily because the Sun and the stars do not appear concurrently when we look at the sky.

Mouse over the image below to see the proposed meaning of the disc:



It is also more reasonable to understand more emotion might be attached to the place of their 'gods' with an exo-planet position measurement rather than veneration of our daily Sun. Is this the answer?

The Milky Way is on the bottom portion on the Nebra disc. It is just like a curved rainbow. This is the clue here, because the Milky Way is depicted curved from one horizon to the other, just like a rainbow.

Orion appears to fit centrally and vertical as the cosmic signpost that one must follow from the east as it rises to find the Pleiades. This is true in the night sky.

The orientation chosen with both the 82 degree portions for left and right also places Orion's Belt vertical and true in orientation.


The Nebra sky disc has the 82 degree split outer gold strips (one missing on left) and these are the magical marker angles for solstice ground marker events.

If the Nebra disc was found at a ring barrow landmark that scholars suggest might have had a woodhenge arrangement with alignment gaps and marker poles then one has to expect the secrets of the Nebra disc to be thee same as Stonehenge. Stonehenge as an identical Pleiades connection much to the dislike of scholars. ref .


Mars Face

The second part to the disc is where it duplicates that measured at woodhenge and Stonehenge.

Scholars noticed the solstice common marker lines when making a cris-cross marking on the ground as they did in ancient stone circles.

This X pattern literally completes the Orion hourglass pattern.

Not only is it correct with Orions belt orientation with this little trick but they match true marker lines at 82 degrees.

The marking of seasons and rising of the Pleiades at special times to celebrate the place of their ancestors and when to plant and harvest. These two things were a big part of life in the earliest epoch of humanity, globally.



Examine the computer star program image above. Notice that the brightest most easy to recognise star constellation with Orion's Belt have a general similarity to the gold dots on the Nebra disc. The Milky Way curve effect of hemisphere view has the illusion it curves like a rainbow around Orion. If one studies the Sumerians, there are hundreds of instances in which a large star and a crescent with seven heavenly bodies are depicted in conjunction with one another. Scholars have already suggested that the seven heavenly bodies are the Pleiades and scroll seal artifacts are listed in the British Museum as such. If the ancients claim there 'gods' came from the stars, is it not reasonable to accept this Orb and crescent have something to do with their place of origin?

It would therefore make sense that what is being depicted, is not our Sun at all, but a 'Sun-like' star system. In the same token, the crescent might in all likelihood be a planet associated with this star. A place of origin perhaps for very advanced flesh and blood 'gods' which are our ancestors.

Researchers claim that the Nebra disc is the "oldest representation of the stars in the world.

I believe this claim could be a little premature. One need only take a look at the Lascaux cave. ref This cave in France has the very same star map theme, and the site is over 17000 years old. The cave also has a second mythological version of the star map, and quite amazingly it appears to portray Orion as a deity, the very same bird headed deities of the Egyptians and Sumerians.

Given that archaeologists have come to believe that the Mittelberg hill and its stone pit where the disc was found, served as a type of observatory, one must also look nearby for surrounding sites that have astronomical records. The archaeological dig has gone down about half a metre into the soil, leaving loose stone walls standing. The site was once surrounded by wooden palisades and a complex of defensive ditches. Small wonder that many have likened it to Stonehenge! (Interested readers from Germany can click here to order The Hidden Records book from amazon.de )


Heading south in our search for more evidence, over 500 kms distance is the 'Royal Celtic tumulus mound of Magdalenenburg' ref

Historians believe they have marked out a full ring of constellations interpreted then go on to say almost nothing about the Pleiades and Orion special style metal and wood markers. I can't believe they omit speaking about the main feature markers here? Are they saving this for a film or special news release?

The Germen archaeologists called the strange tomb markers 'Spatenhoelzer' which are wooden and metal combination rods and 'Stangensetzung' are special placed metal rods. ref .




The detail shown in gold and my Orion labels are added. Note Orion also aligned with Pleiades rods and the pleiades rods seem to mark a crescent marker alignment in the sky whic would be East as the stars I propose rise on the horizon.

Here is the mysterious article that this image was reproduced from and the star map claim omitting what was obviously an easy to recognise Orion depiction. ref

Here is a video of the museum quality replica of the Nebra disc that I will be making available for collectors of duplicated artifacts of the advanced beginnings of humanity genre. ref

This reproduction is apparently much better quality than any other duplication available online. I show the detail of its secret and compare it to other duplicated artifacts with identical star theme found all around the world.



There will be more updates as soon as possible when images are available.





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