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70 Metal book "Jordanian codices" - metal books called 'codices' are ancient books actually made of thin sheets of two different metals, mainly lead which have recently been discovered in a cave in Jordan. Many are still sealed books and appear to be over 1500 years old.

The Jordan university has made a release through The Jordan Times newspaper that the lead books that were scientifically tested are trully ancient and appear to be real artifacts.

According to the Department of Antiquities (DoA), first stage of aging tests to determine the authenticity of lead-sealed metal books billed as the greatest find in biblical archaeology since the Dead Sea scrolls have been “encouraging”.

“We really believe that we have evidence from this analysis to prove that these materials are authentic,” DoA Director Ziad Saad told The Jordan Times.

The tests, carried out at the Royal Scientific Society labs, indicate that the texts may date back to the early first century AD, at a time when Christians took refuge from persecution on the east bank of the Jordan River.

Here is the Jordan Times authentic news link... The Jordan Times Newspaper...

According to this news link additional scientific tests are still being carried out at the University of New Mexico, the Getty Conservation Institute and Sheffield University.

This webpage focuses on the valuable contents made available on 8 of the metal books but for the full story of the general discovery with updates by prime news media go to these links:
The Telegraph...
Daily Mail Intro...
Daily Mail Update...
The Mirror...

Image credits: The images on this page reference reprocessed images sourced from multiple versions of each metal plate. Images referencing David Elkington, Rex Features, David O’ Neill, The Telegraph, Ilan Shibli, Hassan Saeda, Ahmed Suli and Mahomet Hamdi. Getting any images at all has been a nightmare and knowing if they are the legitimate ones or not. I have decided to credit all the sources because all the images on this website are combined overlaid images. In the interests of clarity these are re-processed images, using differing light angle comparison for some and further processing to enhance 3D quality. I am hoping that these people who made some images available are not just interested in profiteering and that it is true that they say they are more interested to know what they mean.

As with any find of this calibre, the dissemination of false information and false claims is par of the course. Hence discretion is advised when viewing websites that are religious-based and others that may have their own biased agendas in how they present this information.

For developments pertaining to the authenticity of the books, go to this Wikipedia page for daily updates.

Some scholars describe it as the find of the century and deem it to be even more important than the dead seas scrolls. For this reason there has been a whole barrage of attempts at decoding them. BUT scholars so far seem to have absolutely no idea on the value of the pictoglyphs and symbols, which make up most of the detail on the metal books, and they already jump to mistaken conclusions and prejudge the authenticity since the texts are expected to be illogical and composites with other ancient languages, encoded in a strange way.

David Elkington seems to be a credible researcher and has found that the symbols are mainly comprised of an early Hebrew language known as Hasmonean Hebrew. Here is a link to the history of the Hasmonean Hebrews and their area of origin and reverance seen on their coins of the Menorah. Wikipedia page.

To them this means that they might be fakes. Consider the almost conclusive reasoning that these were forbidden books at the time they were written and the price to pay if found in possession of secret knowledge of this calibre would be death…


As far as I am concerned, the material found in just nine of the books seen so far, coincides with the whole spectrum of my previous research into humanity’s beginnings here on earth. I believe the message encrypted in the tablets will without doubt challenge the very foundations of ‘traditional’ religion. The image below depicts real astronomically measured stars in position at an ancient epoch. There are three sun-like stars that are relevant and these are just a hint of what ties in with the detail found in the metal books. All the ancient civilisations seem to have a record of these three very important stars, albeit that they may have presented this knowledge in different ways. However, one star – a Sun-like star potentially with earth-like planets – is always shown as being more important than the others. Ref: here




If anything, what you are about to witness will challenge your personal belief system, but rest assured, there is a strong probability that in time these findings will even meld with your own religion. In a nutshell, the truth emerging so far will not only elevate the reality of a Universal Creator to a higher and more pure human uplifting outcome, it stands a chance of uniting all traditions in every nation who actually share different pieces of this encoded puzzle. This possibility seems to be something our world super power elite would not find in their best interests at all as it will begin to work against their tactics, supporting their insatiable craving for ever bigger profiteering from chaos, religious differences and war.


With the tablets exposed only weeks ago, some forgeries conveniently made their appearance too and just about every religious denomination or scholars tied to religious networks have attacked all the codices as fakes because of a few. I believe this attack and appearance of fake books was fueled mainly by the revelation of what is found on the real codicies. One wonders perhaps if these forgeries were commissioned by the powers that be to publicise news releases that are well supported by scholars, running a campaign that ALL the metal books are forgeries when only a few have been identified.

David Elkington has said the copper books need to be watched acrefully, some might be reproduced by the Bedouin truck driver who had his hands on originals and some might be completely fabricated. The Bedouine truck driver in the media coverage from the Daily Mail was involved with holding some of the artifacts. David suggested media be weary of all the copper books and rather focus on the lead books for one main reason... it is almost impossible to reproduce the age appearance on the lead books but copper is much easier to artificially oxidise. All the claims of fakes are focused on three copper versions. I have displayed only one copper version below for one very important reason... it appears to be a duplicate of an original that is very important.

To monitor the developments that have come from scientific tests, go to the Wikipedia link above, which is being updated regularly by the highest ranks of their team. (See latest update at the top of this page proving the metal books are real). This attack on the metal book codices is to be expected, because the contents seen so far after only eight plates of the vast collection having been revealed, challenges the very core of what they have believed by virtue of the religions and traditions handed down to them. There are 70 books each comprising between 5 to 10 pages. This means that another 600 or so plates have yet to be revealed.


My Biography Why should anybody believe my interpretations on these important records? My claims compared to historians head in a new direction in one very big way, and it all started from one tiny common symbol. One primary and most important symbol of all, the symbol that has been forgotten in history also has a famous fiction author interested in it too... The Ra symbol... the circumpunct.

In 1997 I found a tomb in Egypt that proved the unthinkable... it was the Senmut tomb and one of the highlights in my book The Hidden Records. I realised something important...

The ancients revered a Sun...

BUT... it was not OUR Sun...

... it is another Sun!

The 'gods' of the ancients appear to be flesh and blood star visitors associated with another star system, near the Pleiades constellation and other ancient civilisations all over the world had the same obsession.

I have made measurable breakthroughs in symbology, where reasoning and statistics of the multiple repeats of my claim favours a completely new interpretation of the symbols in question.

It appears we were never ever alone in this universe and we are the descendants of star visitors.

This interpretation is in complete opposition to what scholars traditionally believe. See my new symbol interpretations that bring clarity to the mystery here. I believe the claims by the ancient scribes who wrote all the sacred texts, more often than not subjectively, are nevertheless real claims since what they claim is in essence similar on a global basis. They are real claims and THEY DID NOT LIE. Scholars believe they lied. Therefore since UFOs and aliens did not exist officially up until last week, (see below) to some scholars it was a cult belief, to others they have chosen to interpret what the scribes have written in a way that was still palatable within people’s scope of belief based on tradition.

My journey so far in releasing sensitive material that was previously regarded as forbidden is obviously not in the best interests of these very influential echelons of society that believe this information should remain hidden, especially those of the Jewish community. My name is being “Googlebombed” and associated with the word “hoax” by a Google hosted “blogger” webring owned by the two friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The impersonation of my website with my name is in complete violation of Google’s terms of usage according to hosting conditions and even with multiple reports of abuse made and my correspondence continually fall on deaf ears and it remains active. It is therefore the assumption that the abuse of my name is in the best interests of the Google owners. This impersonating ‘Wayne Herschel’ blog has the complete makings of a ‘Googlebomb’. It links in multiple ways to the renowned disinformation activists and more specifically to the UFO disinformation ATS website. Here the ATS website hosts over 800 pages of nonsense using the word hoax hundreds of times with my name.

I urge readers to challenge two critical things. Firstly, my approach and secondly why should you consider reading on. Who I am can largely be extrapolated from my life’s work “The Hidden Records”, which is an utterly different take to anything reasoned so far on humanity’s origins here on earth based on sound research. Why you should consider reading on is that everything in my book is corroborated here. Secondly, because the earth shattering claims in my book that have been dismissed as “impossible” because scholars have traditionally followed an official government protocol. “That we are officially alone in the universe until further notice”. This protocol can now be rewritten with the latest breaking news from cables released by the FBI in which it undeniably commits to the existence of aliens and UFOs – hence extraterrestrial life and that we are not alone.


Its important to mention this UFO analysis protocol right now... the subject was officially denied previously but something wonderful is happening, perhaps by force, and its perfect timing for what follows because the contents of the metal books ties the subject of celestial visitors ... star visitors to The Christ story in a massive way. The elitist powers that be have found a way to launch disclosure officially, and without much media fanfare and to prevent embarrassment for hiding all records on the UFO/alien subject to date. Perhaps because they know what is soon about to begin in our skies. Disclosure of this info was promised by Barack Obama before entering into office and it has happened so controversially that no big media are comfortable about the way that it has unfolded.

Source: it is an FBI website that released a cable by an agent employed by the FBI (Agent Hottel). The cable is on the report for attention of the highest level protocol i.e. to FBI head authority the first director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover. The cable states that a flying saucer craft (disc shaped) had crashed in Roswell, with its dead occupants who had similar appearance to humans BUT... WERE ONLY 3FT TALL and were wearing silver body suits.

Conclusion: The highest level FBI document by a government FBI agent of highest priority status on the highest level government FBI website. The FBI released the cables followed by a disclaimer several days later. The disclaimer ‘indemnifies’ it from this being an official proof of anything by virtue of the ‘fact’ that they do not have original copies. Furthermore, the story supposedly launched April-the-First to scare off any prime media from covering the story. However, some prime media have begun to accept this cable 2 weeks later as proof and here are the links.

FBI website Roswell crash cables and others UK Telegraph DAILY MAIL HERALD SUN


So what makes my research and work so different or worthy of cracking the code on these books... who am I? I have something very unique about my past. I had a near-death experience in a motorcycle accident in early adulthood and had an out-of-body event 'OBE' at which time I believe I came back with more than I left with... I believe I had a God experience.

I am absolutley certain I had an encounter with the light at the centre of the universe that fits the legend of the Cosmic Tree of Life. It was a life-changing experience, which compelled me to dedicate my life to this important human uplifting truth, reviving a treasure trove of lost sacred records of our past to prove the reality not only of our origins here on earth but where we go in the afterlife. I also make the important aspects free to all that seek it. This website carries the human genus origins and all the spiritual hidden records are here at oneism.org


The ancient records I have studied clearly show that most works considered sacred have been altered by human hand as time marched forward. The originals differed from the more recent translated records, most likely inspired by the interfering powers of kingships over the ages that prospered on religious differences. Why? Because they depended on the profits and ‘success’ of building war machines to conquer new lands, kill those that are foreign, rape their woman, enslave their children and steal their gold.

All religions appear to be quite accurate in general basis claiming we were placed on this Earth, literally invading the planet of the apes, the world of the Neanderthal who became extinct at the same time humanity flourished globally in a big way 10 000 years ago. But having said that the science of evolution is also a fact. How is it possible both statements could be right? That is why there is a clear missing link in evolution between ape and man. The records so far suggest the unthinkable for many: That our ancestors evolved somewhere else before arriving here.

Our ancestors were Aliens of the human genus that invaded the planet of the Neanderthal ape, and we are their descendants. Chronology

In what follows in this unveiling of hidden records, consider whether it would be less wonderful if angels were real flesh and blood visitors and the possibility that our scribes from ancient civilisations may at first have worshipped the visitors as gods… then later as angels. The outcome of my study on ancient civilisations suggests that all the holy books’ earliest records were real encounters, but altered over time by the rulers in power who felt their best interests may not necessarily be served by everyone being privy to this knowledge. At times these records were even romanticised, for example by adding birds wings to the visitors to teach that they had the ability to fly. It might have been a good allegory then but it certainly does not work today.

One can reason the logic of the need in eras gone by of ambitious rulers wanting to encode some of the texts that could only be identified by his chosen elite. Some of this encoded text can still be easily deciphered today and contains references to the heavenly star secret of Bethlehem. It is important to note that this is the very same star in the recent “Judas Codex” of the televised documentary in which Judas is told by The Christ to follow this star because it is also “his” star. It is the Star of David and of King Solomon and it appears to be the star and Crescent of the land of Sumer that has been included as an icon for many Middle Eastern empires.

The time has come to evaluate the hidden records of the metal Jordanian Codices but incorporating the new parameters without which, none of what they depict would make any sense:

• We are not alone in this universe
• The ancients never lied
• The details of this cosmic pattern are found in virtually the beginnings of ALL civilisations.


This particular metal plate was covered in a news release by The Telegraph, click here. It speaks of David Elkington’s amazing story, which sounds as exciting as the DaVinci Code epic. This small credit-card sized plate has only one theme and it is told in two ways. Scholars agree it was an identification plate carried by a person who would want to be able to conceal it due to its size and produce it to show he was a member of lets say… a secret society. It was secret because any person found delving into beliefs outside the traditional religion of the day would be sentenced to death as a heretic.




Metal book type: Single credit card sized plate. Scholars believe to be very important in holding valuable secret knowledge and easily concealed and carried as proof of identity or membership to a secret society. Secret society because the penalty in those days for delving into esoteric matters of alternative religious studies was death.

The plate appears to be divided into three portions. All three tell the same secret in three different ways. The first portion shaded in red with the Menorah is the main secret icon of this group showing that the Menorah with seven candles represents seven celestial lights in the heavens which I set out to prove is the star constellation M45... the Pleiades. This star cluster is close to locate the house of the Eloheim... that which religion has on record as "God'. The Menorah is a long stem version with three orbs as part of its design representing Orion's Belt rising vertically on the horizon with Sol Invictus (25th December.. Pre Christian tradition) and Orion was the sacred cross of the churches. This Earth shattering interpretation will be explored here with ground breaking new references.

The middle portion shaded Green is a breaking discovery in decoding this secret because it shows a star map of Orion and the Pleiades matching many other ancient star maps found in the beginning of ancient civilisations, and it is the biggest part of my work as an author in this subject. The cluster is shown illuminated (shaded blue) and the mysterious curved line suggesting a path or line of sight between the Pleiades and the Sun star with planet. It could also mean a cosmic journey from the Pleiades as a general area to our Sun and planet Earth. This second interpretation falls short because it uses three stars in a row heavenward to find the Sun... so it cant possibly be our Sun, it is another sun system which also matches all the other ancient star map themes found globally. There is a third possibility here that the curved line is a path of the heavenly deities and the line joins that which arcs around the Pleiades to the area where another sun star is found in many ancient star maps, and here suggesting it was colonisation from the second sun star before the main Sun star with planet depicted. Compare this to the image above found on the Voynich Manuscript and the Inca Golden star map at Cuzco.

The third portion of the star map at the bottom of the plate has a white symbol at its centre above Orion's Belt with a triangle as an arrow pointing to the Pleiades above it in the green shaded section. The symbol is paramount to this story as it was the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian symbol for the sacred seven stars that I recently set out to prove represented the Pleiades. The symbol for the Leg of the Bull which has a depiction of it from a coffin lid on my home page on this website. The three stars .. the three Magi which are Orion's Belt (see later) illuminated in turquoise use the sacred Ra symbols used for stars. The simplicity of placing a ring around important stars. One direction aligns to Taurus, (no surprise during a time of Bull reverence), the other alignment follows to a symbol I identify that resembles the constellation of Canis Major.




The image above depicts two of the at least seven of the most conclusive and stongest cases that I present proving the sacred cross of the churches is Orion... Why Orion? ... It is the cosmic sign post. But what is it showing the way to? The center part of this image is 6000 years old and its found carved on a rock in Valcamonic in Italy. It is well known in UFO research communities because it depicts what appears to be an Ancient Astronaut with helmet, bent knees and pointed toes suggesting the entity it flying. With dating around 6000 years ago this the oldest depiction of the secret of the Cross of the sky that Constantine, the man who launched Christianity said he and his whole army witnessed.

The stars matching this double Cross formation are Orion ... follow the three stars in a row to something sacred. In the Italian rock carving it shows it follows to an ancient Astronaut, but tradition has these astronauts associated with a star, the same star in almost every ancient tradition associated with our ancestors. The Three stars in a row legend is revived in the Christ story in the Matthew text... the Three Kings... (Orions Belt) as it rises vertically aligned on Sol Invictus (25th December.. Pre Christian tradition), it follows (alignment) to the position of a Sun-like star near the seven stars of the Pleiades (see image below). The primary importance of this text speaks of following the way to locate the Bethlehem Sun-like star position in the sky. In other words it encodes that one 'follows' (line of sight) the Three Magi/Kings from the East (rises in the East) to locate the star associated with the beginnings/birth/origins of The Christ.

The Freemason tradition has the same use of the name of the Three Kings as Orions Belt and it speaks of Taurus and the Pleiades and stars.

Ref: Freemason documents prove Taurus and Pleiades with name for Orion's Belt, see highlighted words... Three Kings

There is an ancient Latin Manuscript shown in the image above that has an illustration of the double cross of Orion depicted with stars. This speaks volumes. It also has the Lamb of God returning as a Messiah messenger .. landing on the primordial mound of Sion. Consider what the original Sion mound could be. I am convinced it is the earlier more sacred mound before Temple mount, the one I discovered a few months ago in Jordan called Deir Alla... a mound in the shape of a face. (See bottom of page). The manuscript seems prophetic suggesting the lamb of God returning and reviving the lost knowledge of the Primordial Mound... The Cross as the stars of Orion identifying the Star of out ancestors. He is one that will be riding a cloud speaking truth with double edged sword. His words revealing the abomination of those who are destroying the world with opulent profiteering and manipulating the gift of life of all of humanity.

Ref: Latin Manuscript previously deemed forbidden with star cross secret, Lamb of God on Sion mound Sacred Cross




Scholars have mentioned in many news reports already that the depiction of the Double Cross symbol on the metal books as seen in the bottom left corner below suggests a time of the return of a Messiah who they speculate will be a part of the breaking of some of the seals on these metal books. The Double Cross of Orion is most likely about to be revived in the detail soon to follow on what is found in the other metal books. The two metal books below are depicted with the Menorah and seven stars.... both symbolic of the star secret. The seven stars of the Pleiades, seven celestial lights in the heavens celebrated in one's home with seven candles.




Orion's Belt rises with three stars vertically and align in the sky with the pleiades above it. It is here where three Sun-like stars are found in many other star maps found around the world. The secret of the Vatican City layout plan includes the exact same star secret. Click the image to go to the story. In the image that follows the sacred numbers of the three stars of Orion's Belt and the Pleiades and three Sun-like stars is presented where it only focuses on the most important of the three Sun-like stars.... the Star of Bethlehem and the place of our human ancestors.




This metal book image below released July 2011 brings clarity to all the Menorah interpretations, especially of the stem representing Orion rising on the horizon and the seven candles representing the seven star of the Pleiades. As seen in this image below it seems to show more star detail as well, above the wreath-like green portion which I believe is a merging of the star secret with the Cosmic Tree of God. The ancients would put the two secrets of God and our star ancestors as one... which is how the biblical epic appears today. Above the green wreath of the Cosmic Tree, a string of constellations seem to be depicted and joined with symbols looking like 'x' 'y' 'z' 'f' formations which run at right angles to the sacred alignment of Orions belt seen vertically above the horizon with pleiades and Sun stars above it.

My belief are these constellations with letter-like symbol shapes binding them are the different zodiac constellations. If this is so, the writings use the symbols amongst ancient text and its no wonder historians are saying it reads like jibberish and therefore it is a fake. But one must not lose sight on the reality of these tiny indestructible books being the encoded cipher records of one of the first secret societies of a Christian based sect. There is a unique star detail revealed on Orions Belt in this and another metal book's depiction... it seems to show one of the larger stars of Orions Belt is made of two bright stars. Since Bright stars are the priority in depiction of the ancients as cosmic markers and two very large reasonably well spaced stars make up the Star of Alnitak, it might be astronomical recognition of the two as one ... like a binary star should be. In fact its a unique trinary star formation seen as one illuminating star yet actually made of three. One is a small star and like the depiction of Mintaka, (the smaller of the 3 belt stars) seems to be omitted too. finally the last few clues here are the comet like depictions which seem duplicated in different formations and hence might not be a comet, but a Cosmic Tree forming sky apparition we have yet to learn about in our skys, perhaps like the appearance if a worm hole were to open which I suggest in the next few metal books. It would probably appear as that shown in the plates that follow. I certainly dont think they are comet representations here.

There is a possibility that there is depiction of three stars above the Menorah as the solar trinity that follows with more metal books below. Lastly... in dual depiction fitting with this star merging cosmic Tree connection teaching... below the Menorah a depiction of cosmic Tree .. one that connects to all life on all star systems... shows seven fruit of the Pleiades here and two other bright sacred cross secret linked stars. Yes ... no doubt here, this is a very complicated hard to believe story... but consistent with all I have presented previously. For a close detail inspection of this metal book and two other menorah comparisons courtesy of Ilan Shibli here




The metal book below has a number sequence that is well known in secret society historical record and it serves as the most precise way to remember the star position learing just four digits...

3 5 7 1

This number sequence is mentioned in an early Masonic record in an old book. It is described as a way... a journey heavenward to find God... with secret numbers... each depicted in series of steps towards heaven. It is the only image on the page here.

The best part of all... the secret of the Palm Tree symbol follows soon... it was the encoding of God... not a man... not of flesh... an omnipotent light at the centre of the universe that processes all souls... The Cosmic Tree of Life... preview here.




The metal book below has something wonderful encoded and what you see here will be explored further later. It literally depicts the Tree of Life plasma ribbons forming the sacred Cross out of plasma ribbons, something associated with the myth of cosmic serpents, which is part of the cosmic Tree itself. Preview here or click the Oneism icon at the bottom of this page, compare the matching depiction I rendered that has been presented like this for years. Its a sacred teaching at the place of the Tree of Life. The special thing about this book is that it is sealed and waiting to reveal its contents.




The metal book below appears to be a follow-on from the image above. Compare one against the other and one can see there is similarity different only by sequence. Probably a visual appearance in the sky again and something humanity might witness again soon, unless the symbol can be deciphered. I realise now from the previous image there are probably seven stars on the bottom representing the Pleiades but the oxidation damage we see only five stars in the image above. Seven stars positioned as the Pleiades with Orion as the blazing Cross orientated correctly with the Pleiades as a secret cosmic pointer locator using Orion's Belt. The image below is sourced from a recent story update kindly made possible by David Elkington here. My Interpretation of the strange pear-like portions shaded green here are some sort of formations appearing on the cosmic ether aurora-like sky anomaly... some sort of teaching event witnessing literally the 'hand' of God. Since writing this article I have found more evidence deciphering the meaning of this symbol which follows but it could also represent a real visual sky event too. This Cross appearance in the sky acording to the metal book depiction suggests intelligence connected to the formation, it could be in the process of forming an image of the Cosmic Tree with the strange "fruit" as its symbolic knowledge seen in the other Cosmic Tree depictions with three, five and seven 'fruits' formed on it. The sacred numbers already discussed... teaching the way to find a special star, the star of our ancestors.




The metal book above has these mysterious 'fruits' that look like pears forming on what I am certain is the Cosmic Tree and its something that the ancients actually saw in the sky as an apparition. My latest reseach into this pear-like symbol has many associating symbols that seem to have evolved. Most importantly the symbols all directly represent something of God. It started with the Omega symbol as a close derivitive then I tried searching for God related symbols and hit gold finding the Hamsa symbol ref. click here The most amazing thing of the hand of God symbol is that its most common and earliest source is Hebrew and it looks like a UFO with all seeing eye (which is universal reference for Eloheim... Elo - "people" that come from Heim - 'heavens") and it is the same symbol for the Hindu and Egyptian and Arabic derivitives which have seven dots most likely representing Pleiades.



On the left part of the image above note the UFO similarity to my rendered image of Ezekiels wheel which is at the link when you click the image ... a disc with all seeing eye. It has led me to recognising the solution to one very forgotten 'God' symbol which is tied to the Sacred Cross secret at Lalibela and the symbols used in the layout pattern in both the Vatican and Monaco Palace seen below recently seen at close camera angles thanks to the recent wedding ceremony of the Prince of Monaco with his South African bride now Princess Charlene of Monaco. The wedding ceremony took my Chi Rho theory a lot further where the Chi Rho double cross symbol of the floor pattern in the Palace aligns with a Masonic-like Blazing Sun at its entrance where Princess Charlene entered.



At Lalibela all the churches especially one that is the most important monument in the Lalibela layout plan star map here. All the church windows have a theme of Sacred cross of Orion aligning with this window shape. For a long time this shape had me confused as I hoped to find a star instead of this strange pattern. But watching the wedding at the Monaco Palace (see image above) I found what i was looking for...

There it was... a white Omega shaped symbol staircase ... with ChiRho symbol forecourt.

I propose the meaning of the strange key hole Omega symbol representing "house of God" is conclusive. It also fits the missing star references for the Chi-rho pattern, and the complete star matching pattern are cleverly designed into the white Omega shaped staircase... it had three blazing stars correctly orientated up on the stairs in masonic 'celestial staircase' tradition. That would make the large Blazing sun at the entrance ... OUR Sun.

If true it is symbolic of something quite daunting. This Palace of Monaco is the head of a Global Monachy (word similar to 'Monaco').. a head place of the people of our Sun system. Would that sound a little too far fetched? Well... I coincidently heard on Euro News just when I wanted some sort of sign this crazy thought had just a grain of truth to it, they said it was the place of Billionaires... a Billionaires center of the world... 50 of them actually live here because it is a tax haven.


RELEASE JULY 2011 - In the map below you can see the position of all the important detail enlarged to compare how it all fits as one story shortly after the death of The Christ. Early in this research while searching for anomalies in the area of the metal books cave, (see the general secret area on the map believed to be somewhere within the red shadded area on the northern Jordan river bank and amazingly ... also near the Face monument in Succoth, story follows below)... I had a friend Ste Russell also looking in the area. Ste said he found a real 'X' that marks the spot like Orion and I should take a look (he found the anomaly on the far right out of the three anomaly geoglyphs). I was amazed because it looked like Orions sacred cross as seen in the insert of this image matching the ancient "alien" astronaut rock inscription found in Italy that has an arrow to show which way to follow from Orions belt. I found another two accounts and realised all three were in a row. It wasnt long wondering if they were representing Orion's belt here but where on earth would they align too? The smallest geoglyph here was about 250ft across and the other two were over 350ft across. So I followed in the direction of smallest anomaly like the real star map from the smallest star of Orions belt. Interesting thing is that in scale to the actual stars in the sky measuring 33 degrees of arc to find the star I associate as the Bethlehem star in the star map mystery... we land exactly at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem!

But the most amazing breakthrough for this interpretation as a star map was made recently where Ste Russell found more evidence of the star area of Taurus. It was an area that seems specifically on record next to the Temple Mount... next to Mount Sion... an area called Abu Tor ... "Father of the Bull". In this same area there is a Monastry of St Mark with his emblem... a Bull. Abu Tor fits on the right side of Temple Mount where Taurus is located in the heavens in association with the position of Orion. As above ...so below.




Years ago Dan Brown hinted he was going to be writing on the solomon Key mystery perhaps because it is one of the last great encoded historical puzzles that will challenge the foundation of all religion. He said he would publish a book on this before launching his book Lost Symbol. The historical record is known as the Key of Solomon Cipher ... something that would no doubt be more controversial than DaVinci Code. Then he dropped it like a hot potato.

Washington DC layout plan has ties to the Solomon key and was included in his book Lost Symbol. But interesting to mention... Lost Symbol seems like an introduction to the main part of Solomon key which is all focused around one symbol mystery... its meaning previously lost. The symbol of the circumpunct. Its the symbol for the Sun star of Ra... the star of Bethlehem and the star of David. Maybe Brown is busy fine tuning a book right now... or not.

What I am about to claim right now is the ultimate proof of the Sacred Cross of the churches and its also the sacred icon of King Solomon and the founding of Temple Mount in Israel. This extra material is another collection of my own discoveries and has its own website too and it has almost two books worth of content of cruicial lost material. Orion is seen on the Solomon Key cipher, note the hourglass Double Cross pattern... click the image below to go to Solomon Key and the Vatican and Washington DC star maps...




This metal book here is made of copper, is very clean and appears to be a fake copy of an important original book and this one was in the hands of the Bedouin truck driver. There is also a misprint in the image below suggesting the template was poorly positioned during the process of making a copy. The most important aspect in my book 'The Hidden Records' is in identifying the layout plan of all the megalithic monuments around the world thet mirror important stars. Especially the pyramid civilizations. All focus on the same star area as the most sacred place in the heavens. Note that on this metal book below, we have for the first time in Jordanian record as far as I know... depictions of pyramids!

The correlation of two pyramids are visible with bright stars positioned precisely above them. This is very important and stands as the first ancient 'biblical' works supporting pyramid star correlations. Although there are only two pyramids in the depiction along one print line (its repeated twice and there is a miss print)... there are three stars in a row. This is the main theme on the previous metal books and most likey Orion's Belt.

The pyramids depicted are therefore highly likely to be that of Giza where the three pyramids in a row correlate with Orions Belt. See my pyramid star breakthroughs with Egypt here

The secret message on this metal book has the Menorah in line with the three Belt stars of Orion... This is the secret of the star map!

The Belt stars align with the Pleiades... see here...



One has to ask... if these books are from Jordan and speak of the Christ, one could speculate that the missing years of the Christ might be included in some of the books. Some scholars have suggested previously that he roamed ancient Egypt. Lets look a little closer at the depiction.

There is a row of oddly placed stars along the pyramid ground line. It might suggest that all 50 of the pyramids of Egypt correlate as one large star map as suggested in my Egypt 50 pyramid star map correlation Egypt here

The Cosmic Tree is depicted here ... one bearing on fruit... another three near the Pleiades/Menorah and one with seven fruit. The earlier metal book reasoned these number correlations as part of the star map. But here the Cosmic Tree can be upside down as it is the ether.. plasma ribbons that connect to our world and ... enhanced inside the pyramids. I explore the link to the cosmic Tree and and induced out of body event in the Great pyramid here The metal book presents spiritual symbolism of the spiritual event inside the pyramid chambers. Compare the Palm Tree imagery to the Oneism icon at the bottom of this page matching the metal books. I rendered this re-created image for this web page years ago.




Stories in the papers claim this is the Face of The Christ. Scholars have already had a huge reaction to this claim and say the depiction below represents a Solar Deity. The most popular theory is that it depicts Helios. In all probability both claims are right because The Christ was one teaching of the Sol star.. the Bethlehem Sun-like star associated with humanities origins. The statue of Liberty is another Solar Deity and few know the Masonic connection for placing the statue of liberty where it is and why she has seven blazing rays of light.

The face here on this sealed metal book appears to have flames around the head and I have extracted the detail to show it is a Solar Deity. All that counts here is simply the association of the Great person being revered here with the Sun star secret. In the Helios carving it also has a star and world in crescent which matches other depictions of Solar deities.

The most important detail about finding a face on a metalbook like this is paramount...

It is depicted in an oval fashion without neck, curved high hairline, left eye emphasized and on the forehead... symbol for the Peniel... a mark... the third eye... the spoken name that Jacob called 'Peniel' now called Deir Alla.

This is a match to the Face Monument of Deir Alla.

I am absolutely certain this book will tell the story once the seal is broken about the monument found relatively close to the cave where the books were discovered. A face monument like that ... found on Mars. The Deir Alla face discovery follows below.




The lost teachings of the Christ... the metal books. Will these metal books reveal how the people of the time of The Christ could not understand the difference between praying to their Creator in heaven and simply remembering just with a sense of honour of the SUN of man... the Sun-like star of Bethlehem secret now removed completely from history. The elite believed the secret of the Sun star if revealed to all humanity would create equality amongst nations because it is found in the foundations of all history in all nations. This uplifting realisation of a sacred bloodline being the same for all humanity will also bring about peace and unity.

This was something not in the best interests of the Elite Army as its evil habit for funding 'elite prosperity' was war...

to plunder... to conquer... to profiteer... to enslave and take advantage of both commoners and foreigners... and it is alive and well today. The rich get richer and poor get poorer.

This abomination and abuse of humanity by the opulent powerful manipulating rich is about to end

It is most likely true in history that they murdered those who taught of the forbidden secret of the Orion Cross showing the way in the sky to the position of the SUN of man as explored on this page. The elite would want to make an example of those who spoke on this forbidden truth, and the message to warn others, the penalty for promoting this Sun-star secret would be death, forcing the victim to wear a radiant crown of thorns and to be crucified on a cross.

The time is perhaps very near to see the return of 'The Christ' riding his disc that forms a cloud, one who will be seen by all who will end the destructive elite ways once and for all, revealing just with his spoken words... the opulent ones by name who are destroying the human gift of life.




Almost identical in appearance, the African Chokwe wooden book discoveries from Zambia were published in 2005, almost the same time the metal books were found in the cave by the Bedouin truck driver in Jordan. Instead of metal in all likelihood due to the lack of resources, the African tribe used wood. Perhaps the upset in religious circles starts here, people who still narrow-mindedly challenge who were the chosen people of God. History has it that a Hebrew speaking group of Semitic people of African lineage, around the time the metal books were in use, travelled with the Ark up the river Nile to Lalibela, which has the same star secret tradition. See link

It is not hard to imagine how that tradition slowly spread south if one considers gauging by what the elders of the Chokwe tribe claim today. Namely, that they were visited by their ancestors from the sky who taught them the same truth in the same manner.

Here is a good example of how two different bloodlines appear to cherish the same ancient records:

Let us consider the obvious. That all humanity are the chosen people of God, and both books – the metal ones and the wooden ones – in different parts of the world speak of the same Sacred Cross secret. They both used similar pictoglyph teaching mechanisms. Both present the same star patterns as star maps of the same area in the cosmos which are identified on some of the metal books here. I am fortunate to have been made custodian of one of the most revealing wooden books of the entire collection seen in the image below.

The most substantiating portrayal on the image below is the same seven stars as the metal books themes, a path of travel...


It is most likely the depiction of the Face Monument of Jacob at Succoth shown below near the cave where the metal books were discovered.

The wooden book also depicts the primary journey path on the star map matching what is shown in a metal plate to follow here shortly. To see more wooden books and their encoded messages click the image below.




Not far from the cave in Jordan where the metal books were discovered... following a 200 year old Masonic embelished Parralel bible that led to finding many different versions, the best clues found in the Philadelphia published copies according to the degree of the council of Trent ... the biblical epic of Jacobs ladder, confirmed for me the importance of and connection to the Hiram Abif Freemason star map. Jacob in the biblical epic named the place of the Face of God 'Peniel', which was near Succoth on the East Bank of the Jordan. The name Peniel was no coincidence either that it is the same name for the spiritual Pineal gland inside the head and that all the Sun Gods in ancient civilisations depicted the mark on the forehead. Ref here .

All I had to do was get onto Google Earth and look on the East Bank area by Succoth in Jordan for what I thought clearly described what I was hoping to find that also existed on Mars... A Face monument.

I found Succoth on google Earth, and panned accross to the direction of the East Bank... and there it was... a human face looking right back at me EXACTLY where Jacob said it would be! The hairs stood up on my arms... I was completely lost for words just staring at the screen!

The Middle East archeology experts say this mound is called Deir Alla, its a Bronze age mysterious man made mound and artifacts found here include remains of...

...the earliest Hebrew texts with the usage of the Hebrew word 'Eloheim' in context referring to...

'multiple beings' from the heavens

Jacobs ladder references in Genesis:

28 : 12 - Ladder
31 : 46,52 - Heap
32 : 30 - 'Peniel' was the name for the place of the Face of God

It was one where the biblical character Jacob was told to build something remarkable to mark that in the heavens... As above ... So below... on the ground using pillars as markers and a 'heap' of blocks.

My full story soon to follow with the full deciphering of the Metal books began with the finding of an old Masonic Bible.

Is this the sacred mound of Creation as mentioned in the Egyptian records called Zep Tepi?

Was it Jacob who built the first sacred mound, or did he restore it?

Is it possible this mound predates the pyramids and Stonehenge star map themes?

Is the face on the sealed book here (above) the same solar star deity as the face monument?

Do the metal books link the Face monument to the other ancient star maps?


The angel Jacob had an encounter with named him Israel. The Face mound can be viewed at close proximity here or from many angles to compare the face detail and eye to the spectacular main overhead image. here

Deir Alla...which archaeologists call the mysterious bronze age mound has not been recognised for its spectacular Biblical connection founding one of the first civilizations associated with Jacob. Was it Jacob who built it or restored it remains to be researched.

Deir Alla as a name has multi-lingual history ties and suggests its name worked into languages since it is so ancient.


Its Aramaic and Greek and Arabic... Deir Alla has a multiple possibility fit with God or Mother or temple ... Face of God... place of God... mother temple of truth... a encoded name that would stand the test of time.

In Greek, Deir means TEMPLE... Alla means TRUTH... Deir Alla - "TEMPLE OF TRUTH"

Since Greek texts that comprise some biblical accounts date back to just after the Christ and no one knows when this name was given, Greek Hebrew and Aramaic were common languages in this part of the world. Since they built a Temple on top of a hill that had by erosion lost its primary features to be recognised as a face, I would bet the secret of the star map would have been the truth aspect in this TEMPLE OF TRUTH built on the sacred mound. Perhaps this is the legendary sacred mound associated with the Egypt mound legend... the Mound of the first time... Zep Tepi.

A mound that might have been the first monument on our world... in a place that was like Egypt at the time was a temperate greener land.

Some Biblical references cover detail on the place where the biblical character Jacob said he was shown a secret about the stars... the legend of Jacobs Ladded which is a major part of the Hiram Abiff foundation of historical Freemasonry.

Jacob said he named the place "Face of God" near Luz close to Succoth in Jordan where his ladder touched down... see the Freemason star map where the ladder touches the ground and Ra symbol is shown... here


Comparison to Mars Face monument and star map here
Where the ladder of Jacob touches the Face of God here
Biblical place of face of God here
Highlighted story of Jacobs ladder here
The Deir Alla has same 'Pineal' forehead mark like all the sun God faces here
More on the pineal representation secret of spirit here
The detail of the full story finding the Face Monument in Jordan, the UFO depiction in the old Bible, the secret of the sacred Cross of Christ and the Bethlehem star, star of David and its link to the same monument found on Mars will all be revealed here shortly... Watch this space.

IT CAN BE VIEWED ON GOOGLE EARTH...COPY AND PASTE ... 32°11'44.58"N 35°37'16.03"E









In a short while this webpage will be updated with how the pyramids and stonehenge connect to the mystery... the story all bound together including Helios and finding a Priory holding records of the unthinkable in Italy... another Bible that actually has a depiction of a UFO showing what really made the walls of Jerico crumble... here. The Sun deity origin connection to The Christ... and a fresco... one where it shows God riding a celestial disk... a UFO.





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