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Wayne Herschel hidden records



"The leg of the bull symbol (seen in the image above) in the famous Dendera Zodiac Disc of Egypt is the blueprint pattern design plan for the great city of David and Solomon of Israel".

I have believed for some time the star secrets of Egypt identifying the place of their 'gods'... flesh and blood star visitors using the symbol of the bull's leg icon as the Pleiades in Taurus to identify exactly where 3 Sun stars are found must have some substantial connection to the beginnings of Israel.

After all, Moses was brought up as a prince in Egyptian palaces who would be taught about the secrets of the stars and the star 'gods' and secondly Moses had contact with "One from above". But I previously had not been able to decipher any layout pattern or star maps in Jerusalem itself.

The beginning of Israel in the story presented here should first identify its icon, the six pointed star of David and the first actual pictogram of the legend "As Above So Below" found in Hermeticism ref . Some say it originated from the Emerald tablets ref , but I prefer to believe, it is global and the fundamental title for the star map monuments themselves as I have as the basis of my work.

The seal of King Solomon ref six pointed star is encoded below which is a fundamental part taking the research in a new direction with the Key of Solomon ref which is another story that follows.

But it identifies the six pointed star according to the wisdom passed on to me by a great friend and Rabbi with an astronomy interest background and has studied my work. For this reason he prefers to remain nameless but confirms:

"The six pointed star is no doubt 'a star' in every sense of the word, just like the Bethlehem star is for Christianity, perhaps even one and the same. It is tied to our origins. Our Star of King David is a sacred seven element symbol like the celebration of seven lights with the Menorah. It has six points and its centre making the great seven number teaching that is part of it. The two triangles merge and perhaps as you say, started the legend for "As Above So Below".

I admire these words in a non 'religious' but astronomical way and a spiritual way and I have to say no other theologian that has made time for me in these matters has ever put these words so perfectly.

The solomon Seal I decode here involves placing the holiest of holy at its centre... the Tau which I set out to prove are the 3 sun stars tied to the seven stars and covered in the Key of Solomon article if you click the image. Here is another reference showing a gold coin that has the three suns or Orion's Belt used to find its place in the sky shown in a straight line ref . Another reference showing a bull at its centre and the source of the Seal of Solomon seen in the image below that include the Alpha and Omega encoded secret ref .



The Menorah with seven candles is something holy found in all temples of the Hebrews. It is in my opinion the very same celebration of seven celestial lights that the Christian churches include as seven candles placed on the altar.

I also believe I have enough evidence to claim it is the Pleiades when comparing all the star maps and the extracted importance venerated in each ancient civilisation.

The oldest Menorah I could find has an extra pattern placed inside its design and it is here. I include the 3rd century CE terracotta menorah oil lamp artifact you see below from the Israel Museum Jerusalem. It has the same Orion's Belt component aligning vertically to the seven lights as found in the metal books called the Jordanian codices ref . I believe this is identical in representation that I found in another of my most controversial claims in the discovery of the REAL Holy Grail ref .



The actual star map discovery of the City of David in Jerusalem is the result of a massive discovery made by Hungarian researcher Marton Molnar-Gob in 2013 who cracked the Jerusalem layout code ref . What you are about to witness and carefully reason and test here is how this discovery beautifully fits with my previously 'incomplete' earlier work.


Moses, as legend has it, was the son of an enslaved family in Egypt and as a baby was set adift in the river Nile in a reed crib to avoid being murdered by the wrath of a Pharaoh who believed a prophecy that a new born child will be one who will end his empire. Moses was found by the daughter of the Pharaoh and she loved him and decided to keep him.

Moses grew up as the adopted son of this royal woman who then married Rameses who became Pharaoh of Egypt. Rameses treated Moses as his own son. Moses grew into a man of great morals respect and humility. It was here when his extraordinary paranormal encounters would begin. One day he experienced contact with what many believe was the ultimate contact experience. But was it the Creator of the universe he spoke to, or was it an advanced being more traditionally defined as an angel who would naturally be adorned in birds wings to teach the ability of flight? This is something each can decided on their own. Lets define in the most respectful way in this study account keeping an open mind: Moses had an encounter with "One from above".


Somewhere close to 3500 years ago Moses spoke to what the Hebrew records write as the Elohim. The spoken two sylable word Elohim is the word used for God Creation of the universe in the Old Testament. Its been debated for decades on its origin. Elo - him has been claimed by language experts to mean 'people' - 'from the heavens', and naturally rejected by all Hebrew scholars as untrue. The first context of this word usage was found on a 'Mars Face' matching Earth monument I identified on the banks of the River Jordan, within the previous 'historical Israel' boundry, the mound called Deir Alla. Click the image below to get to the page where the controversial Jordanian Codices metal books with star maps were discovered not far from this mound.

But to continue here, lets consider this 'who was it' encounter contact debate and proceed with the story using the more general words the One from above. Reference for the Deir Alla Elohim plural first record since it speaks of 'people' not just one person from the heavens using the word: Elohim ref



Moses asked how he can free hundreds of thousands of the people enslaved in Egypt, people that were his own direct lineage who were trapped in a very cruel social system. The rulers of Egypt had always enslaved 'foreign' people to daily hard labour in return for bare minimum food and shelter.

It is important to realise this crisis is the very same global crisis occuring today where a secret business cartel of the world's richest billionaires are the 'Pharaohs' of today secretly 'enslaving' billions of the poor to extremely hard work with very small rewards that it buys virtually the same food and shelter as the slaves of ancient Egypt.

The One from above who spoke to Moses said there was a way to escape this cruel system and asked if Moses was prepared to lead these people to a new land safe away from the reach of elite dictators and other tyranical kingdoms. During the trip the One from above said they will be provided for until they reach the promised land.

What Moses didnt know was how hard it would be in this long journey under the conditions of the One from above who would need the people also to work hard during the trip.


And so it began. Moses spread the word that time has come where all the people will bare witness to the One from above. They would begin the journey to the promised land. The One would lead them to the place of a new land to be free where they could hunt gather and farm and not be forced to work as slaves ever again.

Mouse over the image below to see both images and consider how grand this Exodus appeared by day and by night according to historical records. Today this account would be classified as something of the subject of UFO's. This amazing qualified sighting was not spiritual apparition or spiritual vision. This sighting was a 100% unidentified flying OBJECT of the One from above who also every night had to land in a roofless enclosure that nobody, not even Moses was allowed to enter and it was facing the tent of Moses so Moses could speak to the One from above. ref .




In this study of the trip through the desert, there are a few clues to help reason if this is God Creator of the universe here or an advanced entity encounter. Perhaps even an encounter with a star visitor being with its own interests and objectives as the following records suggest:

Every Sunday was collection day. Every person would have a tray that needed to be full of the best fruit, the best wine, the best woven linens, and so on. Meat would be burnt creating a carbon residue and the innards removed/sorted. Some believe carbon was the important collection but this is just a theory. ref . The claim of the burnt offering is written but it is probably not the real purpose of the burning of flesh. The texts say it was an aroma that was pleasing to God when people burn the creatures that he created. ref .

The people would have to work hard daily and provide resources to be brought on their trays weekly that would be needed for collection by 'the bright Cloud' that came down from the sky and landed in the enclosure. If one were to witness this occurance today seeing people in the desert like in this next image reference, it would look to most like a factory operation as an objective rather than a motivated journey to a new land.


Jerusalem pleiades



There were also very tough demands that had to be met to add to the Ten Commandments and to this day scholars are bewildered with the reasoning of some of these extra laws during the journey. There were laws for cleanliness that were incredibly important. If one had mildew in a tent there would be serious punishment. Personal hygene as well. Men or woman who missed a bath would pay dearly and The One would command they be thrown outside the camp. ref .

But was it so strange for the One wanting people to be free from microbes, parasites and bacteria? This is where who the One really was becomes questionable. For women during the few days of their monthly period... they were considered 'unclean' too and treated poorly as unclean. Women needed to be separated, perhaps out of the camp to sleep away from the camp until they were 'clean' again. In old bibles like the early king James (see ref) separation is clear. ref

But were women definitely being treated poorly in these cases? Some would no doubt say the records have been in the hands of manipulating destructive kings and adjusted by human hand in re-writing the records for each updated edition over generations.

One has to ask why women also had to pay for this 'sin' being 'unclean' and take extra offerings to the collection tent because of their monthly periods.

Here is definition of her being unclean as a sin: ref .
Here is definition of the paying for the sin: ref .

Never forget ALL holy books have been in the hands of what history shows are the old ways of raping pillaging plundering monarchy systems. The king would without doubt need holy books to be read to inspire his army to conquer ALL foreign people seen as people not chosen by God.


Jerusalem pleiades



While Moses was up a mountain for some time receiving the ten commandments carved onto stone tablets by the One from above, the people became desperate due to the tough circumstances of their busy life in the desert. The people took things into their own hands apparently having some knowledge of the teachings of Moses who would have taught them thus far. Teachings on the secrets of the stars and their star ancestors that they should feel proud about.

I believe Moses would have taught the meaning of the Apis Bull (seen in the image above) and that when they arrive at the promised land they will adorn their first great city temple with golden bulls better than those of Egypt. This is seen later in this article below when Solomon builds the '12 Golden bulls' monument celebrating the origins of the '12 tribes of Israel'.

But for these impatient people of the desert journey, the desperation for their own tangible God DIRECTLY interacting with them perhaps reached breaking point. They wanted their golden bull monument and they wanted it right away.

So they built an Apis Bull adorned in gold. Perhaps they understood the greatness of the place in the cosmos of their ancestors, the place of the Cosmic bull in the heavens. It was the place of the Sun system behind the head of the bull in Taurus. Just as it was seen in the Dendera Temple of Hathor in Egypt.

It was where the Sun and crescent world of their ancestors was revered by the exclusive high society of Egyptians.

But here is where it became a ritual of stupidity: The golden bull with disc instead of being a monument of honour of the place of their star ancestors, the desperate people believed this gold idol would become magically empowered and needed to be worshiped... as if was 'God'!

How could people believe in such an illogical destructive thing? This suggests how desperate they really were. Here a monument of honour celebrating human origins according to my research of who they are and where they came from became an idol of worship!

The price to pay for this was shocking. I believe this worship of a silly idol in all probability was all they were guilty of, and that there is just a chance here to consider the massive 'out of place and context' fornicating orgy claim perhaps added later as an edit to justify what the One ordered next. 3000 people, the men WITH their families and children were put to death by the command of the One. ref .


During the great journey to the promised land and before getting onto the story of Jacob or the building of the city of David and Solomon, there was one very tragic disaster during the trip and this cannot be overlooked. The day a group of 250 men did not feel they were being treated as holy like many other families and did not want to be part of this journey with Moses any longer. This would probably mean they went on strike so to speak and stopped weekly offerings as well.

This Moses reported to the One, and judgement was passed while the 'light cloud' was present in the enclosure. A voice from The One demanded the 250 men stand to one side and it seems their families as well needed to pay a terrible price. What happened next will upset even the faintest of hearts.

Two hundred and fifty men, and possibly their families included too as there is mention of women and children present as it is written there (Numbers 16:35). They were found guilty for disobedience and the punishment was catastrophic to say the least. A fire lept out from the enclosure and burned them alive where they stood and it seems even their families ended up in some sort of deep pit buried alive!

Ref: Old Testament: Numbers ch 16 .


Jerusalem pleiades



Here are some shocking final clues to reason probability of general events of the great journey to the land that thousands of people were promised before they left Egypt.

The distance between Egypt and Jerusalem is less than 300 miles along the general straight line path said also in generality to be the best walking route. Lets consider how long a journey would take hearding livestock and tents each night if the motive was to efficiently get there in a reasonable time. If one considers what a comfortable walk with livestock would be each day would then it would be about 5 miles a day taking breaks for comfort food and refreshment.

Lets look at the most comfortable travel scenario even though the records say they travelled at night as well. Lets consider after research that these walk days were comfortably planed as a series of 3 days of travel in a row with night camps and 3 days break of camps between each series of walks to produce that which was expected for Sunday offering days which would be a complete day of rest. Then each week starts off on a Monday in a cycle of walks while being productive and rested as well. This cycle adjusting on some weeks depending on distances between known water springs on route.

If Moses wanted his people to reach the promised land without interfering delays and hidden agendas then 300 miles could be achieved comfortably in a period close to 150 days. This is calculated assuming some days they could not travel as far for reasons of bad weather or problems with water resources along this well travelled route by traders. Lets be open to an even slower timetable and say it could be done in a year comfortably facing the worst kind of problems imaginable.

Well here's the thing.

Moses took a lot longer.

He obviously spent years between periods of walking from spring to spring. Years where people worked for producing that which was needed for weekly offerings. The journey took a shocking mindblowing period according to most scholars no shorther than 40 years! ref .

This is absolutely incredible and quite concerning. If an average human life span in those days according to archaeology dating statistics was under 60 years then the unthinkable occurs:

This means that almost every single adult human that started the famous walk to the promised land DID NOT EVEN SEE the promised land!

Not just that, IF all reasoned so far is generally true, seeing how they were treated in harsh desert living conditions with very harsh rules to obey and seeing many being burned alive for not wanting to follow Moses, then its fair to say:

People of the great Exodus lived out the rest of their lives identical to that which they were trying to escape from in Egypt.


The first great city of David in Israel is a very sensitive subject matter as to the meaning of its design layout pattern and what it meant as a grand 'beginning'. It will also be viewed a little later in a debate if the City of David was trully the first city, and there might have been another one earlier with a Face monument like on Mars and this debated against the biblical record of Jacob and his ladder from heaven.

Scholars have the area along the Jordan River as much older than the Moses account although many believe it was Moses who brought the ancestors of King David and Solomon who built this spectacular city we are about to look at in new light.

I believe the theory Israel already had Hebrew people living there right from the first time of humanity on the planet through the Bronze age and quite easily long before the popular 6000 year old claim. This will be debated although I believe scholars presenting the case that Moses brought the people back to Israel, and that this return group were the direct ancestors of King David. People who learned the Egyptian symbol secrets of the stars taught by tradition of the family lineage up until King David.


Jerusalem pleiades



The legend of Jerusalem is just like Rome that is built on a sacred piece of land that had seven hills. Rome is the only account where the seven hills are a very clear defined part of a Pleiades star map layout plan incorporating Vatican city. ref

But there are many other famous religious based cities around the world that chose its site because it had a heavenly pattern of seven hills therefore it was seen as holy. The seven hills obsession for a sacred land for a city is global, far more than any care to consider, where most believe its a silly superstition the ancients had, but I think nothing was superstitious here at all. The ancients were passionate about their ancestors from the stars and the builders of great cities all over the historical world seemed to obsess in their cities being a template of the place of their Pleiades ancestors.

Here is a general run down on the most famous cities built on 7 hills:


Jerusalem pleiades



Look how many cases there are here of cities built on this strange obsession with seven hills that was deemed a requirement to make a city sacred or grand. Here is a reference list to verify the claim and a special page will soon be taking this further when one simply views the cities historical maps and some even clear today when seen from above. Many are built in the same blueprint template of Jerusalem, as seen in this article. ref


Jerusalem pleiades



Before sharing the secret blueprint design of the City of Jerusalem it is important to know a little more in its sacred heavenly symbols. The gold artifact unearthed recently at Temple Mount created a lot of controversy not just because what is shown on it, but because it was found right at ground zero, City of David and Solomon in Jerusalem Israel. ref

I had proposed many years ago from my research that the Menorah represented the Pleiades where seven celestial lights are celebrated as a cluster. I reasoned this by taking a great piece of evidence further as referenced from a medieval kabbalistic literature from a famous ancient scholar Josephus Flavius of Israel (see image below). ref

The ancient scholar said the Menorah represented 7 celestial bodies. This places the Pleiades by far as the fitting template proposed with a barrage of evidence. Josephus Flavius ref lived very close to the time period following the landmark event that occured right here, the Messianic event of Yeshua Ben Yusef, who was later renamed Ieseous Christos by Emperor Constantine as a Hebrew name didnt quite work for him.

The Menorah origin and design reasoning is measurable just as Christian churches I proposed in 2002 use 7 candles to celebrate the similar tradition to that found on the altars in Christian churches. My work proposed in 2003 that the Cross of the churches in context with the seven candles is all one and the same shared cosmic representation of the place of our ancestors in a special place in the sky.

But what is special with the Menorah (see top of page image) is that the Menorah is designed with an upright pillar separating with three branches... 3 branches usually joined to the upright pillar with 3 orbs as seen especially in the Jordanian Codices renditions I believe represents the three stars rising as they do 3 in a row vertical on the horizon in the East to follow alignment to the star of David and star of Bethlehem. ref

In the menorah below note how in place of 7 flames burning the artist showed seven heavenly orbs of light. This is of paramount importance explaining its meaning. There is more. Although I agree with scholars the symbol below the Menorah (see image below) in the newly discovered artifact is traditionally common depicting the Shofar Rams horn, I agree its probably a Shofar Horn, but insist it shows knowledge of a little more. It could be a dual encoded interpretation because it does depict evidence of something that probably like in every other civilisation became a big secret kept by the high priests and elite of Jerusalem. Here it looks more like the Leg of the bull Egyptian symbol that you are about to see was the blueprint symbol for the grand city of Jerusalem.

1) It has the muscle sinew pattern identical to ancient bull's legs depictions
2) It has right angle knee joint as a bull's leg, but a Ram's horn is curved.
3) It has out of scale large 'hoof-like' mouth piece when it should be tiny.
4) It has no 3D trumpet horn opening like other shofar horn depictions.


Jerusalem pleiades



Once again Marton Molnar-Gob of Hungary found the extra evidence not only proving my collection of clues that led me to concluding my theory the Cross of the Churches is Orion. It strongly added clearer reasoning of the cross theory adding one extra piece of the puzzle showing it in context with the seven celestial lights of that which aligns with Orions Belt above the orb of the Earth... the Pleiades.

The finding was of the secret of the Carthusian Order ref ... the Latin inscription explaining the object the queen of England holds in the ritual of her coronation. The object the queen often holds is this orb with cross called the Globus Cruciger ref

The Latin words define scientifically that the cross of the sky is a fixed visual object in the sky that is seen on every rotation of the Earth... this leaves one option and one option only the star cross of Orion

I challenge every theologan on the planet to answer to this exposed secret? It is impossible to dispute or twist it to mean anything else in context with my complete global case study of 35 ancient star maps all claiming the very same cosmic story. One has to ask here as well: Is the gold orb of the Globus Cruciger something present during the coronation ritual of the Queen to show she has knowledge of its importance, something she is sworn to keep secret or protect? I am certain this monarchy ritual involves forgotten knowledge and both the Queen and the Pope at the Vatican don't even have a clue of the 'human origin star' or the referenced constellations used to locate it. ref .




Time to measure perhaps one of the biggest discoveries made by the Hungarian researcher Marton Molnar-Gob.

Marton set out on a quest to find more evidence shortly after I found the template match at Lalibela of Ethiopia. ref and Washington DC of the United states ref , and after returning from a trip to Germany where the city where the first bibles were printed at Mainz had the same leg of the bull pattern for a city layout plan. Three examples that seemed influenced by the Egyptian Icon of the Leg of the Bull symbol that represented the Pleiades. The design as in all the star maps so far all seemed to use this layout as a leg pointer mechanism through the hoof to the position represented in the heavens of the star of human ancestors origins.

Marton was sure Jerusalem would have more than just 7 hills in its design plan especially since the hills were not used as a collective design at all. When looking on google Earth at Temple Mount it is very hard to see anything obvious at all.

So I then he decided I would search if there were some old maps and typed in an image search on google using the words "city of david map".

I lost my breath completely as my screen lit up with exactly what I was looking for. There they were, so many ongoing heated arguements of different scholar's variations over which map was more accurate, but all showed the obvious. It had the shape that was undeniable... the leg of the bull! One even seemed to have an enclosure defining the shape of the hoof itself!


Jerusalem pleiades


Marton produced a new graphic presentation and contacted me. I replied in just one exclaimed word... "What?"

This is where the story had its breakthrough and I joined him in further research so both his and my websites can run the story showing the different results. Initially they both agreed what the city was aligning with and it will be shown in the next few images. I found out that a beautiful model was built by Leon Ritmeyer of the Ritmeyer archaeological Design professionals in Jerusalem and this model had years and years of carefull research to piece it together as accurately as possible. ref

My thoughts now were very clear that the ultimate astronomy artifact of Egypt, the Dendera Zodiac disc star map that has the 'x' that marks the spot is being mirrored here in Jerusalem! Compare the two depictions.


Dendera disc shows pleiades like city of David

Here is the Ritmeyer model below that has perhaps the most well researched enclosure of the two pools that once existed near the Palace of King David, two pools that I wondered might be representations for the stars Atlas and Pleione of the Pleiades that form the bull's hoof as stars.

While reading this, if you have forgotten what the Egyptian icon looked like in the famous Dendera Zodiac ceiling carving at the Temple of Hathor in Egypt, then look again at the title image at the top of this page or see the full article on it at ref . The hoof of the bull is easy to recognise.


Jerusalem pleiades


Since this finding I have spent a further year checking each record of each part of the lost walled fortress that provides the shape in the ritmeyer model. I found only very slight differences and show it in an overlay image here using the source image from Google Earth.

Here is the breathtaking final image below in all its stunning glory. Imagine how it looked in ancient times. Marton and I believe the 'X' that marks the spot was on the Hill of the Palace of Caiphus ref . There is also a secondary sun marker for the secondary sun star which is the hill of Zion where the tomb of David was moved to long after the destruction of the Palace and obelisk monument ref . This is a sensitive topic and argued amongst scholars for location and timeline and reasoning ref ... ref

The first main adjustment occured when I realised the thigh portion of the fortress would be tapered slightly because there remained a clue that it would be shaped as so. Look carefully using your cursor in a 'mouse over' action on the image and look how the Temple Mount area is shaped. It too has a taper design which is odd. I realised it would more naturally have the outer wall parallel to it to complete this area of the fortress so it was adjusted accordingly.

Note also how the remains of the hoof, is a cleared ruin area and it still retains a darkly shaded pattern like a portion of the hoof. Here is the link to Marton's article where he presents his discoveries including the area named after the sacred bull! ref .



Compare below to Egypt ground zero at Abusir, the "As Above So Below" legend in Memphis where the great obelisk of gold marks an ancient sun Temple , Egypt's ultimate monument in a pyramid star map ref . It stands to reason if Moses was once an elite educated Egyptian he would take the secrets of Egypt and human origins to found his own city in Israel. One King David would build with identical shape obelisk monument where he would be historically originally buried.


Jerusalem pleiades like Abusir Egypt



The palace of Caiaphus was once built on a hill name that is about to prove the Egypt connection:

It was built on a hill called... "Abu Tor" ref .

Consider the name connection to ABUSIR pyramids seen in the image above which Marton Molnar-Gob of Hungary now takes further: Consider the word TOR as well like at Glastonbury ... a tower monument on a hill ref . We are literally riding a tsunami wave of new findings that are connecting all the ancient sites around the world with the same fitting like a glove solution!

Abu = father
Tor = Taurus / bull

The earth shattering Arabic 'Tor' and 'Taurus' Bull connection word origins covered here and debated here .

The first time in Israel we find the obelisk like at Abusir Egypt, and next to the enclosure it seems according to some scholars the obelisk tomb of King David was first built ref . It is argued amongst scholars in heated debates but it seems it was destroyed then a Byzantine shrine built 1500 years ago. That was destroyed again in war and in a restoration project became a Templar church restored by Crusaders around 1000 years ago ref . The fall of Jerusalem or Battle of Jerusalem in 1917 the building destroyed and in 1931 a Catholic church built on this site ref .

The building stands today as The Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu ref . Such a sacred site would have been in the hands of the highest of high religious heads in both Israel and no doubt the Vatican in Rome. It seems Rome had strongest influence here and its final Christian design plan.

Would it still hold clues to the original 'X' that marks the spot sun postion in a star map secret design plan that both Vatican city ref and the Original City of David both share?

The building holds a stunning Sun correlation message built into it. Firstly seen from above its roof has a Templar Cross 'X' that marks the position ref but to see the Sun star correlation one needs to go inside the church.

Behold... inside the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu that once stood near the Palace of Caiaphus and the tomb of King David obelisk monument the Blazing Sun is found ref . I dont know of a larger more obvious Sun mural found in a church anywhere else in the world .


Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu Templar Sun

Some will no doubt question this particular epic if it was a 'God' experience or if it was an 'angelic' encounter who were teachers of 'God' and were 'lords of the sky' in every sense of the word so to speak. To me this speaks of star visitors making contact here in the Moses journey and leading them away from Egypt while getting some help suiting their own needs for material, mainly food and carbon it seems extracted in the offerings.

This is just one record of 'interesting' detail. Perhaps this account was an agreement with those from above to lead them safely away from the destructive Egyptian Pharaoh but the cost of it was time and hard work. Please understand the fact most of the biblical texts are positive, spiritual uplifting and constructive.

Remember the fact that these records have been in the hands of many Monarchy leaders hands and it is probably highy likely adjusted each generation as to how each king in each generation would want their people to believe their version. Kings obsessed in the right to pillage and plunder foreign people insisting they are not holy or chosen. This is how history has treated perhaps all holy book records and every kingdom on record has depicted the same right to murder and conquer and enslave foreign people in the name of the greedy profiteering king and not just this Israel account here.


The flying wheel within wheel encounter in the Old Testament Hebrew records needs looking at a little closer. The Ezekiel encounter can be decoded if one simply goes back to the oldest biblical copy. If you use modern bibles you will not find the hidden records.

Modern versions claim Ezekiel had a vision of a flying wheel INTERSECTING a wheel in a DREAM with creatures. I shout out with anger here. Absolute blasphemy involving an abomination of modern ALTERATIONS.

If you use oldest Biblical versions possible you find the closest record of what happened. The word 'INTERSECTING' does not exist. Instead it confirm both wheels were on their sides. I use the first Monarchy King James edition here: ref and it states him as a witness to a beautiful sight before him. He defined also direction and smell.




An important definition decodes further on what LOOKED LIKE a man in a throne on top of it. It was detail of similarity and sadly the biblical account records in Monarchy hands prefer this strange similarity thing to be ... GOD. Each to their own belief here but all I ask is be carefull with every account of old records because all are no doubt edited by mortal Monarchy hand.


some years ago I proposed that the sacred well at Solomon's Temple was some type of celestial ship of the heavens like in the Ezekiel description decoded, but more importantly celebration of a 'first landing' event. But here have been some new developments showing something that suddenly adds to more representations.

One would need to look at earliest Hebrew Solomon Temple records covering the founding of Israel. Be it brought forward from Egyptian human genesis stories by Moses of a landing of a celestial ship of Ra that I discovered as seen below ref . Or be it heavenly encounters that followed after Moses. This includes the records of Jacob, King David or Solomon.

My thoughts initially are since Moses had an elite Egyptian upbringing then his knowledge would be followed by King David and his son Solomon. Solomon would then want to express these records in his own way at his own built temple for his people.


The first landing of the Eloheim or Angels or 'Adam, Eve and Cain as the records speak of as covered earlier would depict the arrival of the first human life on Earth. Such an arrival would no doubt be celebrated in Solomon's sacred temple or in front of it.

Would we find a similar repeated story ... or not?

The image below is the Egyptian papyrus I was fortunate to decode some years ago for the beginning of ancient Egypt, the landing of the 'Neturu' that came from the stars of the leg of the bull. The very same symbol repeated for the layout plan of the city of David!

Mouse over the image to see the original Egyptian papyrus record or click the image to review the Egyptian star ancestor Pleiades claim.



The breakthrough unfolding here is that the identical theme of celebrating the first celestial ship landing on Earth said to be from the leg of the bull area of the Pleiades in Taurus also exists in Israel at the Solomon Temple.

In Israel Solomon chose a monument design encoded with the same celestial ship detail we have see in all the clues so far. A vessel from heaven was shown like a chalice above the back of the bull, celebrating origin, where the Pleiades resides, instead of as in Egypt, placed on the back of the lion.

The Sumerians celebrate both ship landing teachings of lion and bull in the same way. The teachings of how they got here and where thay came from ref.

Egypt mainly celebrated the celestial ship more often with how they got here, the riding of the cosmic dragon lion conduit as seen above.

The earliest Hebrew records in the Torah and Old Testament of this temple have scholars arguing over meaning and appearance of the 'monument'. Here is a reference link to to the best reconstruction appearance of solomons Temple which is widely accepted by the Hebrew community ref.

A big raised cauldron of holy water seen in the link looks incomplete, non functional and inaccessible if one needs to get to water that could stagnate if left on its own.

There is obviously some detail missing. Scholars who are followers of Judaism try steer away from and omit all the bull connected symbolism. I can understand the view as historical monarchy have done a good job of presenting the records of 'worthless' bull worship in a way that makes it look of an evil cult.

I agree too, if society became confused and worshiped an animal icon as a god and our own sun then this is evil. It was once something to be celebrated in honour of the Taurus heaven bull area teaching and another solar system Sun teaching. No one should bow down and worship any idol.

Revived history now shows honour and celebration of the Taurus bull area and a sun star found there which seems tied to our human origins and this no doubt predates the destructive off track worshiping cult of these icons that followed later.

That makes a complete different story doesn't it?

The historian approach is to question and show that there is quite a lot of bull symbolism.

King Solomon's design plans had in front of the temple an amazing wonderful symbolic monument which we will now decode. 12 bronze cosmic bulls which I want to investigate further. I am sure it is an encoded teaching of the 12 tribes of Israel and celestial origins. It had a beautiful bronze cauldron placed on a pillar that was decorated with symbols, again, of a celestial nature ref.

Lets have a look at how much celestial knowledge is encoded and look for the star map clues found with all the Egyptian records since the Moses and Jacob teachings no doubt have similar roots. We can then reconstruct the completed monument.

My research friend and colleague from Hungary has made a massive finding in the 'cauldron/sky ship' symbolism seen below and how it records cosmic measurments and from where Abrahams ancestors came from. I was fortunate to have decoded more detail in the appearance as well for this monument and together it explains something 'monumental'!

Marton Molnar-Gob from Hungary found what he decoded as a flying cauldron teaching... a flying ship type comparison in another country of a completely different culture that solves the cauldron mystery at Solomon's Temple.

He discovered another case for the cauldron flying pot in ancient China in his star map discoveries there ref.

I assume this commonly used cauldron would be the best descriptive thing to compare to what they saw come down from the sky. In my image below I have not added the additional supporting tripod legs which I imagine the original cauldron would have had. I show it as close to historians examples as possible and look at the more important detail that is confirmed.

But the real mind blowing breakthough here follows next.




Marton Molnar-Gob in 2023 found many images from ancient scholar's works, claiming the cauldron was mounted upon a pillar: Here is one example from the Vatican

If so, it most likely represents ALL THREE critically important interpretations below, with THREE other repeating matching ancient star maps I have decoded, as well as completley understanding the 12 tribes of the Tauri... from Taurus, are most likely proving many nations having the same roots:

1) It duplicates a GRAIL star map with a STEM PILLAR WITH 3 ORBS as Orion's Belt with 'host' Sol 1 ORB being 'birthed'. Here is one from the VATICAN ARCHIVES .

2) It duplicates the FREEMASON STAR MAP... with one pillar STAGGERED to be a precise solar trinity match. Also including the grail secret.

3) 12 tribes of Israel, seeded by the bull, as those that came from the heavens, fromTaurus to be precise, as seen in MITHRAISM .

Not to forget ... The Temple was built on Temple Mount ON SEVEN HILLS as a central feature inside the city of David in the enclosure now identified as the leg of the bull. Just to recap its position. The claim I have made from the Egyptian origins for this leg of the bull symbol is that it designates the Pleiades in Taurus.

The Temple monument has twelve bulls set in series of threes facing north south east and west. They all share the holding/carrying of a large cauldron on their backs. It is argued by scholars in the meaning of the cauldron, its original shape too ref.

My only artistic adjustments are based on my own research and I left out the tripod legs as this part is not totally conclusive here. Fountains are a speciality and daily functional display for a sacred place and source to collect water. We don't have to consider pumps if a spring was used as we know once existed here. There is a historical reference to using pipes for Solomons water pools as well ref.

Since water features or fountains are decorations found since the beginning of modern civilisations to decorate a place of prestige or importance I suggest how the water was optimised as a water that one can drink feature.

First primary clue:

Why show the flying cauldron on the backs of bulls?

The answer... to designate the place area of our ancestors. It was an ancient a global message common in all sky deity depictions to show the star area of origin is from a defined place in the Taurus constellation. The place of sun star systems and and their crescent worlds near the star cluster area of the Pleiades found behind the bull of Taurus head/neck area.

The same in Egyptian tradition as per the famous Dendera Temple depiction of arrival of celestial ships of the 'gods' and the Apis bull. This neck/back of bull placement of what I decode as a Sun and exoplanet is predating the common placing of a Sun between the horns which is easier to create in statues of the Apis Bull.



Second primary clue:

The coudron of the 'sea' (name for water volume) and perhaps also the pillar was decorated around its outer edge with orbs perhaps representing "Suns and moons" in a heavenly cosmic representation theme ref . Many suns and many moons or should one rather suggest... many solar systems and exoplanet worlds of the heavens.

Third primary clue defines the unthinkable:

"The depth of the 'sea' was five ells, corresponding to the distance of five hundred years' journey between heaven and earth" ref .

The words speak volumes for the star map theory.

It speaks of the correct distance from Earth where the Pleiades are found in the star maps if one consider the unit of light years!!

The distance of close to 500 light years distance to the Pleiades and the area of 3 sun like stars ref

This is absolutely mindblowing to say the least! (credit Marton Molnar-Gob).

Other clues suggesting water feature: "The Brim was turned outward" as per any modern water feature to allows perfect water fall flow. "The water was sourced from a pipeline from Solomons pools".

Fourth primary clue :

The records show there were 12 tribes ref as the descendants of Abraham where 12 groups of families spread out in all directions as immigrants in new lands ref .

As seen in the image below I am sure the two records are of the same 12 tribes rather than the 12 months tradition suggests it represents. If this theory is true for 12 bulls and 12 tribes as one then it is literally celebrating the 12 civilisations were descendant people of those that come from the place of heaven.







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