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This article here looks at many versions of the legend of the Holy Grail some know as the 'Sang Real' but the discovery of the mystery behind the origin of the Gold chalice goblet now has its own page here:


Since the Dan Brown blockbuster book and popular movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’, society has suddenly realised that everything we traditionally believe in our religion was perhaps not exactly how it really was in history.

I have another piece of the puzzle here. Inspired by my global star map finding linking to the foundations of religion all over the world, it was not long before The Gospels of The Christ would reveal more clues.

I had already found in the earliest copies of the Gospel of Mathew that the Bethlehem star was a real star in the night sky, which can be located using the ‘Three Kings’ of Orion’s belt... Ref. It was followed by the shocking new Judas Gospel discovery. It revealed the importance of a special star that Christ had told Judas about in his last moments that. The ultimate secret he shared with him was that the special star was also HIS star. In this context National Geographic film makers for some reason felt inspired to show what looks like Orion’s Belt aligning with it. This TV documentary suddenly got me very motivated to look deeper... Ref.

My more recent finding that King Solomon most likely shared the same star origin secret led me to deciphering two of Christianity’s greatest icons: Firstly, the Chi-Rho comprised of a combined XP representation and inspired by Constantine’s encounter with angels... Ref, and secondly, the fish symbol representing the Pleiades found on an old Roman coin... Ref.

The Holy Grail legend more recently written about in the book ‘Holy Blood Holy Grail’ then revealed another important clue.

Author Richard Leigh realised that the origin of the name Holy Grail was from the word Sangreal and when split in this way… Sang Real translates as ‘Holy blood’.

This gave impetus to my next important clue…

If the star of Bethlehem was the same star ancient civilisations revered as the place of their celestial ‘gods’, and they encoded the human form in their monuments showing that they are in fact… us… Ref... then there is far more to the new theory that Mary Magdalene is the Holy Grail by virtue of a blood line so to speak.


The interpretation of Sang Real in transliteration could also be‘sacred lineage’ rather than a specific family bloodline. In other words a sacred lineage that came from the heavens. Humanity has always been obsessed in The Christ as a physical ‘god’ and the importance of physical possibilities like a blood line, a path that sadly seems a little off track.

Christ told Judas, according to the Judas Gospel that the star includes all of humanity, and regards all of humanity as sacred. This shocking truth in ancient times would have altered history considerably. It would be against war and pillaging other nations. It would mean no slavery and equality of all in an ancient epoch where the wealthy churches no doubt completely rejected with such a thought.

I believe this is where the truth was hidden. Was it hidden in the Vatican secret archive? Who can say?

But what one should question is how the truth of our sacred origins from the heavens as a sacred lineage was carried forward? Was it inscribed upon something like a tablet or parchment that was given to Judas to bring forward the truth?

As history shows, Judas was found hanging from a tree not too long after The Christ was murdered by crucifixion. Theological scholars reading the altered gospels (already in Greek, not Hebrew or Aramaic) believe it was suicide. Such a claim does not make sense at all here. He was probably also murdered by the Romans. The Judas Gospel was probably hidden for this very reason. The records of Judas thereafter claimed Judas as a betrayer of The Christ. Judas was The Christ’s most loyal follower and was probably given something that Judas could protect and bring forward. He probably had a valuable artefact not of this world in his possession when the Romans heard rumours of it. But what was it?

I spent months looking for clues on secret manuscripts of artefacts but came up with nothing.

Here was the breakthrough… the disc behind The Christ was depicted in this way exactly like the Sun disc of Egyptian tradition where I had found that the Sun–disc also had dual meaning representing either Sun/Sun-like star and a disc of the ‘gods’ that flies.

The Christ story probably involved a ‘gold plate’ that was given to Judas by The Christ and it most likely had a secret inscription on it that would show the star map of the sacred lineage of our ancestors. Consider now how John the Baptist was involved with this theory. Legend speaks of him and a grail then there is this odd reference of a plate with a face on it. Scholars prefer to believe the old Roman interpretation at the time of Constantine. That it was the actual head of John the Baptist on a plate after he was beheaded.

Wayne’s journey would now include all the ancient depictions of the sacred cross as seen on The Christ image (above).

Consider why tradition placed The Christ’s face at the centre of this plate in churches all over the world? Were they not showing that the face on the Plate was his lineage… no wonder the obsession was only on his bloodline.

Notice the first depiction of a Meso American Mayan bowl… yes… another eating vessel! I believe it depicts Orion’s Belt showing the way in the bottom portion of the cross, showing the way to what looks like the ancient Hindu cross at the centre perhaps being the important star in question. At Lalibela the cross temple representing the special star matches this way of thinking... Ref. Directly above the head of The Christ in the image we have the Sumerian flying disc but here it is filled in with the sacred cross with a round object at its centre. Top right in the image above in Southern Africa the Chokwe tribe speak of the same sacred cross of the sky and its representation of Orion... Ref.

On both sides of The Christ there are coins depicting the star nature of the sacred Cross of Orion. Third down on the left is from a marble wall depiction from the Westminster Cathedral in the UK. Third down on the right is representation of Baal the ultimate place of God from Baalbek as covered in the Key of Solomon page suggesting the design of human form as a temple… Solomon’s Temple. All seem to have the Sun star at its centre.

Beneath it (in the image above) is a typical Templar cross with the same centre but here with Holy Trinity insignia... Ref. The next important finding perhaps reasons the face at the centre of the depiction and why The Christ’s face was depicted with the Grail cross depiction. The Incas of South America show the face in the centre of the sacred sky cross too.

It was only when I found the Voynich manuscript that I found what I was looking for. The Voynich manuscript deals with secret writing still not deciphered and it looks a lot like Da Vinci’s secret writing. The images on the manuscript depict nymphs - souls travelling the cosmos through cosmic wormholes and records of plants that are probably not of this world.

On one special page it depicts the sacred cross with all the missing detail I was looking for. It had the star secret and a face Sun star at its centre. It has a cluster of seven stars and a little line as if signifying a path of travel to the Sun star very near to the Pleiades, as already discovered me in many other ancient civilisations!


Mars Face

There is another dual representation here. But this time it selects another galactic reference which is also a cross. It fills both portions of the cross with many stars. The vertical one seems most fitting to our Milky Way as the stars of the Pleiades are not too far from this location. But we have a second galaxy representation here and it cannot possibly be our ecliptic because it is filled with too many stars. Another fact here is that the Andromeda galaxy, our next door neighbour galaxy seems represented here since it is almost at right angles to our galaxy and in the context of all the other important bright stars in the area close to the Pleiades.

A New age group 'Silver Gate' has already threatened that they will plagiarise and be promoting Wayne’s Voynich findings as well as all of his star map findings and falsely adjust all of them to make it fit their movement, hoping their followers will not know it is altered. The Silver Gate movement also hopes its followers ignore the two galaxy reference as a cross interpretation (a dual representation with the cross of Orion since they are both important crosses and easy to remember as a teaching). The face and special star depiction is at the centre of the plate/grail because in ancient murals the most important theme was always depicted in the centre. This is just how they prioritised importance in ancient epochs.

All the other star maps that I have found to coincide with this theory here are situated all around the world, and all speak passionately of their ‘gods’ from the stars. They show the star positioned very close to the Pleiades in every account. They depict the special Sun-like star at least ten times closer to the Pleiades than the Milky Way.

In the main image of all the examples of the sacred cross I have reproduced an image of what the Holy Grail most likely looks like. I did this by referencing the Voynich manuscript to recreate what I believe to be another version of the Sang Real, the Holy Grail.

It probably has the same face design like the Turin Shroud, a relic that Leonardo Da Vinci most likely faked because he was inspired by something he probably had seen in a secret manuscript of the human Vitruvian man form. A secret face rendition like the Maya sun god… like the Sphinx Sun god and like the Inca Sun God… but more importantly the ultimate face/Sun star depiction of all… The ultimate pyramid star map of all and forming part of it... the Face on Mars.





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