February 2012 Breaking discovery:

A 12000 yr old geoglyph depicting a giant bull, carved into a hill along the Taurus Mountain Range in Turkey, has been discovered. The geoglyph contains a stone circle star map with an enigmatic message. These are claims made by me as a researcher and author of The Hidden Records - Wayne Herschel, on the mystery of the Gobekli Tepe historical site in Turkey.

When seen from above, the cluster of six stone circle monuments now excavated convincingly form a star map representation of the Pleiades… and using astronomy around 12000 years ago and its symbols... it clearly speaks an ancient celestial message. Credit: Google Earth image source with some objects sharpened.



Here is a 3 minute preview video of this page (above) for quick evaluation of the new claims. This finding ties all the grandest megalithic cultures as one with the same genesis theme. It is the final piece of the puzzle that now concludes the mystery of all mysteries: that there is a grand unified building plan in virtually all the famous stone masonry empires.

Gobekli Tepe presents another account of a distinct pattern of what I have presented as the star ancestor code of humanity. This theory is still unrecognised by scholars yet the evidence is rife in all of earth’s greatest civilisations, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Inca, the Maya, Stonehenge and Angkor just to mention the favourites.

After launching my book The Hidden Records in 2003, I read an article in 2006 that Gobekli Tepe had been discovered. It was deemed to be the first human civilisation! A search on Google Earth would reveal the site. What immediately struck me was the geoglyph pattern depicting a bull! It was easy for me to recognise this especially with the knowledge of what exactly it was that I was looking for. At the time I was sure that this could predate the oldest star map in my book: the Lascaux Cave in France whose pictograms are said to date back 17000 years. The star map in the Lascaux cave ‘coincidently’ repeats the pattern at Gobekli Tepe. The pattern of both is literally a mirror image of one another. Click here for full story on Lascaux.



THE CLUES 2006 AND 2012

I had been looking for these distinct bull worship patterns at Gobekli Tepe ever since the site had been discovered. Surprisingly archaeologists have not noticed the geoglyph at all.

Since 2006 I have kept my findings under wraps until further excavations had been completed. Archaeologists in a report dating back to 2006 originally claimed they were a “cluster” of stone circles. When I read the article this was the magic word. Unfortunately a map showing the exact positions of all six stone circles that look like ruins of ‘dwellings’ would not become available for a long time yet… until now. Then the day arrived, new images were made public and Google Earth released their new image.

Years passed, until just the other day one of archaeologists released their excavations map that is up to date with what was seen on Google Earth... (ref)



The ruins correlate with the Pleiades... in orientation and with the biggest stone circle also correlating with the biggest star Alcyone. Note the area on the map at the top of the image with a question mark. This is where I believe an original circle once existed instead of in the position of point ‘E’ (an enclosure that is square and not circular but is made up of 4 megalithic stone pillars). For now, let us accept point ‘E’ as representing the star correlation since it is an enclosure and it holds 4 substantial stone pillars (blue).

Egyptian evidence coincidently proposes the two stars Atlas and Pleione in this ‘straight line’ alignment in more than two cases, so what one needs to recheck with astronomers is star movement data. They say that the Pleiades cluster of stars has retained its general positioning and appearance as it is seen here for over 17000 years. The position ‘x’ is where I believe another circle may once have existed and has potentially been removed through either war or later rebuilds. Or perhaps the ancients thousands of years later forgot the secret, its sacredness and used the stones.

If scholars insist Gobekli Tepe was the ‘first civilisation’, I realised that if my theory that visitors from an earth-like planet associated with a Sun-like star near the Pleiades was a reality beyond theory status, then evidence of this had to be found here too… ostensibly the oldest civilisation. But not just a hint of the theme, it had to be one of the strongest cases to date presenting my work.


My ‘star map theory’ insists that ALL the first civilisations on this planet had beginnings with advanced knowledge, all were obsessed in portraying their identical but shared blueprint code of who they were and where they came from: that they were human and that they came from the stars… or more specifically one special star. One would surely expect this kind of passion if humanity shared a unifying and unique genesis: people proud of their heritage as descendants of a very advanced and sacred star ancestor bloodline.

Yes, this indeed seemed to be the case in the beginning. Civilisations put up monuments to their heritage, built cities to emulate the stars and areas in the heavens that they were so proud to come from. But in time, in the name of kingship, glory, power and profit, one by one, kings decided to hide the truth making it available only to their kin. In doing this, they lied to their people that only they were of the sacred bloodline. Foreigners, whose heritage had once been the same, were considered as ‘not chosen’ lineage completely and it was easy for rulers to recruit armies to attack those who were not the chosen ones. They would obey orders and murder, rape and pillage foreign lands.

The elite rich people kingships in many lands kept the secret. Powerful empires grew and in all likelihood this is probably how secret sects and secret societies began… hiding and encoding knowledge of the divine and heavenly equality and sacred beginnings of all humanity.


Gobekli Tepe in Turkey is currently placed by archaeologists as the ‘ground zero’ of human beginnings on the planet. Some go as far as saying it must therefore be the Eden of the biblical account, while others say this is the real place of ‘Tep Zepi’ predating Egypt. I believe Stonehenge, Egypt, Sumer, the Inca, the Maya and all the other ancient civilisations had the same early arrival so to speak on this planet, so they all share this colonisation ‘secret’ in many areas within a similar time window. But let us go with academic insistence for now that this is the earliest record of advanced thinking human life and they place it somewhere around 12000 years ago.


For those not familiar with the history of the Gobekli Tepe site in Turkey or the general findings claimed so far by the historians working there. Look at the way the top portion of the stone pillar has its strange tilted lintel fit flush like the Inca, here is where the stone masons are megalithic class without a doubt. Click the image below for more. This link has the latest stunning images presented by the Smithsonian:



Academia will no doubt fight my controversial interpretation with all they can throw at me since it challenges every traditional theory proposed by big name archaeologists – scholars who once presented their work as a theory are being followed by modern historians as if it were facts. The theory of worshipping our Sun from the beginning was obviously misinterpreted. The earliest ancients seem clearly venerating another Sun in the cosmos. Yes there are many cases thousands of years after the grand human beginnings where records were destroyed and hidden. Confused perhaps, the priests at the time began worshipping our Sun and sacrificing bulls.

I propose that the first accounts of all early civilisations were not worshipping our Sun or bull imagery at all, but more likely revering and honouring the knowledge of the stars and our ancestors’ abode in the heavens. Just as we do with modern monuments honouring something worth honouring today. It seems our megalithic ancestors were honouring something profound in the Taurus constellation. Not our Sun but another Sun… a sun-like star system of our ancestors. But when our Sun sets at the time that it is conjunct with the sun star of our ancestors, it is then and only then that our Sun was incorporated into the ritual.

It will be some time for scholars to accept the earth-shattering collection of linked claims that by statistics now add a whole new science into reasoning the lost truth as well: probability emerging from repeated re-occurrences, and the findings are global.




Here is my full interpretation… lets just call it a theory for now and time will test its credibility. The image animation here of the bull geoglyph above repeats the legend of Hermes: “As Above So Below”. A bull with horns is clearly visible, our Sun is between its horn (conjunct occurrence date discussed later). The stone circle ruins (with oval rings) number six for now and it seems that one is missing (shown with ‘x’) perhaps not uncovered yet or over the thousands of years was destroyed in warfare or dismantled for rebuilds once the knowledge of its meaning was lost.

The stone circles appear to duplicate the stars of the Pleiades (see image below) and the position of what I have presented as being a tiny sun-like star in my book, is in the exact same position and orientation as that found in at least fifteen other substantial cases at different ancient sites so far.



There are two major points hardly covered in all the articles on Gobekli Tepe so far. I believe one has to worth cross referencing the small collection of site evidence so far with the following findings:

Marton Molnar-Gob a fellow researcher in Hungary was researching another Turkish site looking for the same blueprint code found in my book, when he stumbled on one really large piece of the puzzle that places the Taurus bull geoglyph into the light.

He found that the Mountain range running through this area in Turkey is called the Taurus Mountains. The name is everything, something that was set so far back in time to inspire the name of the range itself.

Click here for the Taurus mountain range reference.

Here is more reasoning: According to written history there was a previous civilisation believed to be the oldest civilisation until now, but which had lost its title to Gobekli Tepe. Not only is it in Turkey, but it is also very close to the region of Gobekli Tepe. It is the site of Catalhoyuk. Thought to be around 10000 years old, it is replete with bull worship artefacts and Sun worship themes. This is fundamentally very strong evidence that Gobekli Tepe should be found with identical beliefs.

Click here for the Wikipedia background on Catalhoyuk

These two points speak volumes in reasoning the pictoglyphs of the cosmic bull as found in Egypt with the Sun between its horns with my complete pyramid layout article titled Star Map Egypt. Ref.



A bull with solar disc between horns like Egypt is identical to the geoglyph. If the bull theme seen above has OUR Sun between it just like in ancient Egypt over 5000 years ago then it is highly likely that it is the celestial Taurus bull. Yes our Sun passes between the horns in its path through the cosmos each year… but here and in other cases in Egypt it seems to venerate a time when our Sun is conjunct with the sun-like of their ancestors who were venerated as gods. Now since Gobekli Tepe is located on the edge of the Taurus mountains.

If one is to interpret the bull geoglyph as the stars of Taurus, there are six further convincing points that fit the interpretation:

1) the bull is ‘upright’ in north alignment
2) the bull is watching itself in the heavens setting in the night sky and entering upright into the underworld.
3) the bull geoglyph has the Pleiades on its neck which is the correct position of the Pleiades in the night sky in relation to Taurus the bull
4) the orientation of the Pleiades matches the geoglyph
5) the orientation of the Pleiades, the position of the special sun-like star associated with it and the position of the sun all match the night sky
6) the bull geoglyph complex is a mirror image of Taurus on the western horizon in the Spring Equinox 12000 years ago


There are only a few cases of symbols found so far and scholars as usual have many astronomical theories but feel it is too early to make conclusions.

Let us look at the artifacts and symbols and reason the obvious:



In the image above, on the right is the bull with the sun between its horns – the biggest clue of the bull-obsessed lost civilisation! Note how the bull is poised in the air and the other celestial creatures are placed in a typical constellation-like fashion. A statue of a man dressed in an impressive V neck garment at the centre holding what scholars claim is a fox or leopard pelt just like the Egyptian pharaohs depicting kingship. Here is some interesting thinking. The man is not appearing like one who would be living in Ice age conditions. He should look like an Eskimo. He looks shaved and wearing a body suit. It would be silly to insist well maybe he was standing naked. It was just far to cold in this region and altitude then, and to a certain extent, in recent history.


The “H” symbol seems to appear very similar to the world famous and very global Kanaga symbol (see below). Not only that, its meaning appears to be linked also.

The Kanaga symbol is one found in the earliest depictions of ancient civilisations all over the world. The image below shows the Kanaga symbol most frequently found with the Dogon tribe in north west Africa.

The origin on the symbol fully explained at this link here (ref).

How is it possible all cases of the symbol have such odd bent arms and legs at right angles, but more interestingly, with the two dots on each side of it in earliest accounts?

I insist this global occurrence speaks volumes. It basically shouts out loud that all ancient civilisations around the world knew the same symbol. But would it not be likely that all knew the same meaning also? Were they taught the knowledge by returning star visitors or was it a natural thing to obsess in by some strange instinct.

All ancient cultures most likely were taught by visiting entities they often depicted as human-like gods who could fly. The teaching of all teachings! Something of the greatest significance to humanity that survived a devastating cataclysm that ended the Ice Age! A teaching that would resurface once advanced civilisations had been reduced from advanced people back to hunters and gatherers. The visiting entities would teach the survivors of the ancient civilisation the lost knowledge about our great ancestors who came from the stars.


I am convinced that the Kanaga symbol represents Orion. The two dots seem to be Orion’s belt. Some show it more like a lizard with a tail and others more like a man. The latter seems more fitting since myth has Orion as a hunter… either hunting a bull or more logically for me… showing the way with his arrow or three belt stars something sacred near the bull.



Here is a major archaeoastronomy breakthrough… look how the “H” symbol and the Kananga symbol seem one and the same…

The “H” symbol with two ‘sickle’ crescents are unique too (ref). and having two on each side of it already suggests the crescent is not our moon since we have only one moon. Is the “H” symbol in true orientation?

There is another megalithic pillar with a combination of all the symbols documented so far at Gobekli Tepe. It places them in a pictogram.

In the image below the orientation of the “H” with its symbols below it is where the Orion theory sits well. Something extra is seen in the “H” … a small oval suggesting the belt aspect of Orion which aligns to show the way to what is beneath it. The Ra symbol… the circumpunct… the ultimate sacred symbol in my book found in the Senmut tomb (ref). and just like the Senmut tomb it is aligned with Orion’s belt showing the way, personified as Horus. The Ra symbol also has the crescent … not our moon but a world bathed in partial light from its own sun star… another solar system where one would expect life to originate from.

There is another star map here: the secret of these symbols matches the theme of the Gobekli Tepe geoglyph, not just as another star map showing the way to the Sun-star (ref). found in all ancient civilisations but it matches the orientation on the western horizon: As above So Below.




Here is the magic moment in time comparing Gobekli Tepe to a star program that goes back in time to the spring equinox where it shows more than just the bull watching itself in the heavens.

It includes where our Sun is positioned at this epoch at sunset on the spring equinox. Only advanced astronomers could calculate so much into just one grand depiction and their inhabitants were no primitives.



Spring Equinox 12000 years ago agrees with the date historians suggest as the age for the site. It seems the ancients here watched the setting of the stars in the west as it entered the underworld. This is unique, especially for the choice of the bull shape of the constellation of Taurus on the horizon. Why? Because the ancients in all ancient civilisations believed stars were more sacred on the horizon.



This is where their astronomers measured the stars. If we accept scholars claims that Gobekli Tepe is older than any other ancient site then it is quite possible thousands of years later other ancient civilisations chose the east horizon as the stars were ‘reborn’ according to their texts, but none of the other cultures depicted the bull of the heavens like this. The reason for this is possibly because of the importance of the bull being upright in the sky on the horizon, a show of respect to its heavenly form.


In support of the re-occurring three sun-stars near the Pleiades in some Templar records (ref). and the importance of which I have identified in earlier research of a Solar Trinity, there is a plain circle at Gobekli that has no inner megaliths just like the circle found between the horns of the bull geoglyph. This suggests it represents another sun-star… a third.

I suggest the more recent farmer may have removed the simple stone circle to make way for his plantation of olive trees.



Why did the ancients find the horizon important you might ask?

I propose another interesting thing about the star map when measuring the position of the important star that appears to be very tiny and sun-like… and only visible with optical equipment.

Orion has a unique feature where its belt stars are concerned. On certain times of the year like Christmas the 25th December (which was once named Sol Invictus long before the Christ)… and the star map of Rome ... Vatican City... clearly another example of the star map... (ref) , Orion’s belt rises perfectly East and sets perfectly West with the belt stars, as seen in the Kanaga image above… perfectly vertical. One simply needs to use a large set square at a distance, set a pair of dividers to 33 degrees of arc and measure line of sight above the horizon to find the ultimate star of our ancestors.

Another interesting feature of the bull on the geoglyph ‘watching’ itself on the horizon: it is exactly what the Sphinx in Egypt is designed to do. It also watches Leo on the horizon. It does so whispering its truth: “As above so below” as if to say “interpret my secret on the ground as it is in the heavens”… “Interpret the pyramids as stars”. (ref).

In Egypt Leo holds the key to the same star map found at Gobekli Tepe. But it has the Sun rising between the paws of Leo because it too is a zodiac sign… carrying our Sun in unison, celebrating our Sun together with our ancestors’ sun-like star on specific dates. In the Egypt star map, the Leo orientation confirms that all pyramids need to be interpreted as a star map. (ref).


Not many historians have presented an explanation for the stone circle ‘dwellings’. However since they have walls around the carved stone megaliths forming an enclosure, it would be fair to interpret them as double walled well insulated Ice Age-type dwellings brimming with sacred astronomical pictograms. source image... (ref)



This is one of the stone circle dwellings that I propose makes up the Pleiades star correlation interpretation. Note the alignments with yellow lines of the stone megaliths inside the dwelling. Note the double layered wall as if to insulate it from the coldest of icy weather at the end of the last Ice age. All it needs is a substantial thatched roof with a high apex so snow would slide off. The megalith pillars have angled top pieces, which suggest aligned beams of wood would have been placed here.

This is quite different from Stonehenge. Mainly because Stonehenge most likely had open sides for clear stellar, sun and moon alignment measurements.


UPDATE APRIL 2015:This image below is how the circular 'dwellings' appear after the stone rubble was cleared from them. All historians working on site so far as well in hand with some authors on this mystery in touch with them insist the ancient site was buried by the people that somehow chose also to leave the site.

You are about to discover evidence here that this theory is so off track and obscure that one wonders if it was presented to try create a sensational spin on the site or to excite media to sell books. Their arguement was that the rubble had stone size that was too big to be natural wind blown soil and dust that covers ancient sites with age.

Mouse over the image below to see how the site appeared before it was excavated in a translucent graphic showing the size rubble that was found in each circular dwelling. It seemed so strange to the experts working here that they forgot what Ice Age dwellings developed to survive the terrible cold.



The image below is of a typical Ice Age mound dwelling in the Knowth area in the UK. Their usage of a solid 1 meter thick roof that grass could grow on was the ultimate insulation through very cold periods.

The mound covered dwellings were supported in most sites in the UK with stone lintels and it would have been quite a building achievement for any builder.

Imagine now if large trees were more available then it would be easier building than using stone lintels. I propose this is what happened at Gobekli Tepe.



Now consider Gobekli Tepe used wooden beams to hold similar roof designs for their dwellings with a meter or more depth of rubble and planted grass over it to secure the roof through seasonal changes.

What would happen after this site lost its people? How would time and wood rot transform each dwelling?

The rotting timbers would give way to the heavy rubble and fill in the dwelling.

mouse over the image below to see the animated effect.



But then there should be claims of timber debris amongst the rubble. I know of no claims so far and this might be the reason the historians chose to believe each dwelling was buried by hand.

But what happens with snow melts on this rubble pile covering the dwelling? The obvious. it would have a very wet and porus medium for the wood to rot every season. Each year a little more until there would be no traces of any wooden fragments, if and only if the case is that there were no timbers found.


There are records in many ancient civilisations from the earliest periods of cave paintings showing beings with 'T' symbol crowns as if it were a title status from behind the bull head in 'TAU' Taurus. ref.

After decoding the Seal of Solomon talisman some time ago I was completely convinced this symbol explains the 'T' shape monolith found in many other civilisations as well as Gobekli Tepe and I now propose a strong case it represents the most sacred place in Taurus.

I will add some more references here to show the magnitude of the strange prehistory obsession with this 'T' symbol later.

Click the image to go to the Solomon Key page and scroll down half the article to see the full explanation.




The ancient Inca of Peru built a very unique 'Tau' shape symbol identical to the Gobekli Tepe style, located close to lake Titicaca. They constructed this 6ft high 'false door' just like the ancient Egyptians. Seen in the image below the same unique Tau shape doorway, but blocked by solid rock. ref

The Inca called it 'The Gate of the Gods', or the "Puerta de Hayu Marca" and thier legend claims it is a cosmic conduit to the PLACE of their 'gods' ref . A place in space with a title matching it? The symbol is chosen perfectly here as a title for the place of the gods. It matches if I am right that the Tau symbol is for Taurus representation of the three suns area near the Pleiades. Its important to accept reasoning and logic if one of these 'T' monoliths has an Apis Bull as shown with a Sun between its horns then it is shouting out the same archaeoastronomy message which historians agree in Egypt represented a bull of the heavens.

Mark Scott a researcher friend sent me his theory that they are both identical shape because they are connected in identical cosmic knowledge representation of their same human ancestors from the Pleiades. Mark reminded me the Peruvian 'false' door is no ordinary door and it is an actual historical accepted claim they believed it was star gate! The Inca's main star obsession was with the Pleiades and a world they depicted near it and they made a star map out of gold shown on the image below. Full story on the Inca's golden star map tablet ref .

But here is the shocking reality of it all. The Tau symbol secret is shared continents apart with Turkey and Peru in South America making strange science fiction star visitor claims, but even further away in Israel. It too has historical legend of the very same Tau secret and same star area of star visitors. The ancient Hebrews take this 'bizarre belief' further but with more explanation. I have a separate article for Solomon's secret here ref.




There are other megalithic sites around the world that have built 'T' monolithic standing stones or part of a central inner structure like Gobekli Tepe

The first one that comes to mind seen below found by Márton Molnár-Göb in Hungary is of the 'Taula' megalithic stones in Balearic Islands, Menorca Spain seen in the image below ref. Note the Tau name is part of the title for these structures.

The second site is one I am researching right now for ancient star veneration are the ruins in Chaco Canyon New Mexico. Round kivas like the example here from the Casa Rinconda ruins ref.

Ancient rock art rock art depictions in Turkey found by Hakan Ogun with very strange Tau crowns ref.

There are identical rock depictions to these like Jebel Burnus in Saudi Arabia found by Mark Scott that show the same beings with Tau crowns ref.

These 'title positionings' of the 'T' crown just like the Cappadocia depiction of the cross of The Christ topped with 'T' shaped portion where the trinity 3 heavenly bodies are positioned with it. I propose the 3 heaveanly bodies are the 3 suns of the pre Christian tradition of the Sacred trinity completing the 'T' shape in star area of Taurus. ref.

Here is another article reference on the legend of the Tau cross in other ancient historical sites ref.




Here is the best collection of evidence for the TAU symbol representing the 3 sun stars in Taurus near the Pleiades ref with the Egyptian goddess NUT ref personification of the living cosmos birthing one of the suns in the top center position of the image below.

Speaking on the Egyptian evidence first, thanks to the research of Mark Scott, The Ankh symbol for 'life' is shown with the golden ankh seen below that scholars themselves title as a 'tau cross'. It has 3 Suns included in the looped portion with more detail. It also had the primary sol highlighted busting out... birthing... from the lotus cosmic conduit.

The 'living' Ankh I discovered in many of the earliest relief carvings in Egypt personify the ankh as a smaller than human sized being in various stories relating to celestial ship and caring on all life ref . In my spiritual study site Oneism.org I take this evidence further ref .

There is use of an unexplained Aztec 'T' symbol with 3 swirls that I believe are conduits to the 3 suns that appear in relief carvings right from the Maya period to the Aztec periods. But the best evidenece of the Tau cross complete in almost identical form to the Egyptian ankh symbol is at the Mexican pyramid ruins of Calixtlahuaca. ref .

Márton Molnár-Göb of Hungary found the earliest depiction of the mythical god Thor's hammer is most obviously a TAU symbol ref as it is often depicted with the solar Trinity symbol shown that I propose are the three suns overlapping ref .

The biggest evidence so far brought forward by Australian researcher Miryana Baran is what appears to be a silver historicval Cathar coin being discussed on many internet sites for its meaning ref... ref.

Look closely at the coin compared to the gold ankh... it has the TAU cross with its centre portion with what I am sure is depiction a small womb of Nut birthing the the Primary sol 1 sun star. It has tow other suns on either side of it and there is a little line joining the Sol 1 to its birthing womb. This I an sure symbolizes the birthing genesis of humanity in this way in Taurus.

But for me the special part on this coin is inclusion of the Templar cross of Orion ref aligning with this cosmic womb depiction!

But the ultimate breakthrough expecially for me and my near death experience ref involving interaction with these small grey entities that I believe the biblical references call'Cherubim' is how the ankh personifies these being and their status. It defines for me the explanation why they watch over all life here. This is where they come from, they are from the same area as our ancestors in Taurus. It makes absolute sense now considering why these entities I believe are android entities with artificial intelligence that might even involve having a soul. They care about our lineage replenishment and its spread through the cosmos. I discuss this here ref .




There is one 'T' sacred Tau monolith that should be identified as a star map of where our Sun resides in a genesis story when it was colonised, and Orion shown in comparison to its position. But no Pleiades because, dare I suggest... it is a star map view from the ancestors exo-planet of origin and its Sun star in the Pleiades area!

For some time scholars have said the megalithic stela below holds the secret of Gobekli Tepe because it seems to be the only carved depiction that has the most detail and something astronomicaly defining. Scholars have out right disputed the bird with Sun as a swan claim and hence representing the stars of Cygnus. Mainly because its impossible to be a swan. The beak is hooked, its neck is too short and fat but in context with Scorpio it is impossible to correlate as shown. There is also absolutely nothing else at Gobekli Tepe that suggests Cygnus stars pattern or the Swan was important in the sky.

The site has the global Bull obsession and a bul with Sun between horns and it screams out loud that this settlement was no remote insignificant settlement... it screams out that it had exceptional advance beginnings ajust like in Egypt and it knew the universal consistent star figures found in all ancient civilisations constellations. If it got Taurus right and with same Egyptian theme then one needs to see what this depiction here has in context with Taurus and why it might be ground breaking.

The first important clue here is Orion as the symbol 'H' is depicted on its side so lets set up the Milky Way with Scorpio and Orion in these matching positions. Please note that the image below is one Milky Way portion from West to East but in real time it should be twice as long but for comparison it is all 'squashed' into one frame so the patterns can be identified.




So... we have Orion shown with Milky Way and Scorpio matching in a grand star field. The next important detail is the inclusion the great dark patch more favoured by ancient Australians as the dark Emu bird patch. Here it is debated for correlation but this is the pattern position that most Archaeoastronomers believe fits. Here is a reference to this dark cloud Cosmic depiction: ref

There is possibly another bird constellation of Corvus added just to show the other bird figure constellation however I dont think even this correlates accurately at all. It is asimilar orientated as so with Scorpio.


No, as already mentioned, its definitely not a swan or perhaps as scholars suggest as a strange out of context vulture. It has a hooked beak that is well known in ancient genesis depictions in many ancient civilisations as I claim.

Here is the first breakthrough, the creature seems to represent an intelligent and standing upright cosmic deity with human shoulders and trying to 'speak' of what it is above its wing. Trying to appear human-like is the first clue. The bird head is common with the hooked beak in many civilisations but the best match is without doubt of the first people of the Maya and their nearby culture of the Cahokia Indian settlements.

The Cahokia Pleiades star map correlation has a big connection with the first tribes legend of the 'Birdman'. Here is a link to the full story and compare the beak of the birdman in some of the artifacts here. ref

The same birdman deity seems common in the Maya El Baul ancient astronaut stela seen on the popular TV series Ancient Aliens. Here the same bird head is placed as a title for where the ancient astronaut comes from. It is placed within a ring like an Egyptian cartouche with seven orbs I believe are the Pleiades ref

But nothing confirms the Bird head genesis deity like the Totem poles of many American Indian traditions as seen here.




Here is a high resolution image of the entire stone face ref

I made a previous breakthrough when studying this very same depiction of Sun positioned between the claws of scorpio in one of Nostradamus' sketches and a Maya depiction. I propose that the only way these two prophecy depictions makes any sense is if one views our Sun from a specific position out in space. But where in space would our solar system appear between the claws of the Scorpio star constellation? ref

It occurs only when viewed from the star area of the Pleiades




How on earth did I figure such a controversial claim? Its simple... just double click on any of the 3 sun stars I have identified or the Pleiades itsef. The program needs a single star so I chose my proposed sun-like star Sol 1 Primary which is HD 283271 in Pleiades area (in any computer star program) and then the option to 'view from here'. Then move the star view to locate our Sun... and there it is right between the claws of Scorpio!

This claim is earth shattering literally if its found to be true. Why? Because this confirms an advanced star visitor event at Gobekli Tepe and one fitting the prophecy of the return of the star visitors at the given link. How soon a return one would wonder? Look at all the clues and time markers at the link as it also firs with another sighting of a big Comet or meteor event.

What is the message of this Gobekli Tepe depiction?

This speaks of the star visitor ancestors visiting the Earth in the past and I believe the future. But here is a conspiracy theory at Gobekli Tepe. The detail using symbols is covered in a very neat placed line of rocks.





In the above image there is a complete Milky Way layout showing a wide star field view from the Sun position all the way across the field to Orion.

But it is a complicated Orion 'H' situation because there are two 'H' symbols in two different orientations . We only have one Orion so why are there two and one 'H' on its side?

Again pictographically, it speaks volumes.

Since this is possibly the only 'H' on its side it must be so because in the star field depiction, this is a direct match.

So we know which one is part of the field, the one seen beneath it in the traditional upright position is what the ancients all over the world measured.

It is the rising and setting of Orion above the Horizon. Historians agree this concept only existed in Egypt. I say not true, it was global.

The amazing extra detail in my opinion proving the Kanaga 'H' symbol is Orion in this added 'explanatory sketch' seen in the image below, in the upper part of the image is the sideways 'H' which is true orientation as explained in the star field. But below it we see the normal orientation 'H' is what looks like a cosmic serpent. Its tail altered to make a pointer to show pointing to terra firma... ie. the horizon.

Its face enhanced as a secondary information pointer to emphasize one must look at the area of Orion where Orions Belt is found. The center of the 'H' symbol. Mouse over the image for clarity.




How is it possible the most revealing megalithic mural is only partly uncovered? How is it possible the bit covering the critical message of the arrival event is so neatly stacked with a straight edge? It should be rough rubble as this material IS NOT part of the building's outer circle.

Did archaeologists feel its unsafe to remove this rubble or did they find something monumental here and shake their heads, photograph it and cover it up? Look at the close up detail below.




Note the strange straight line of the rocks blocking the detail. Look closely at the strange depictions: Something most would say looks like a large dinosaur, a 'domesticated' one since it has a collar and something on its back. It looks like the face of the one riding it has been defaced. The big excavation accident and a face that is hardly visible. The face does not look human at all.

But that's not the exciting part. I am more interested in the arrow pointed tail. What could be interesting about that? This story is short of one main piece of the puzzle that is common in the other ancient depictions of star visitors and star destinations. The means to get here through a secret encoded symbol of the cosmic serpent Dragon. Now having said that. Could it be that the dinosaur-like creature has a winding tail that is hidden behind the rubble up to the arrow pointed tail? But why cover such a common accepted traditional symbol that only a handfull of people on the planet know? What if it shows the star visitor in a strange celestial ship that is like a disc riding the serpent dragon as a real cosmic wormhole conduit?

This would be important to bury very quickly. It would create chaos in the accademic world that funds them and that officially denies this paranormal history. Watch this space for updates.

There is one more stunning piece of supporting evidence for the arrival of a deity that was shown as a birdman. One that coincidently has the same age date of 17000 years old. The Lascaux cave in France. It shows a depiction that strongly suggests Taurus birdman arriving on terrafirma with an arrow pointing downward. ref


The geoglyph of Gobekli Tepe proposed would need to be the front portion only with front leg to perfectly match the heavenly bull of Taurus. Lo and behold… it does… front hoof included.

Here is the shape of the hill and what appears to be the front leg of the bull. Note in astronomy legend the bull always had its front legs shown… but never its rear legs. The full bull interpretation is questionable, but the front leg surely makes it probable. There is faint stone walling remains for the front hoof.




Looking at Gobekli Tepe from the sky having its stone circles as a cluster behind the neck of the bull geoglyph portrayal, one has to wonder how is it possible this cluster does not have its counter part symbolism portrayed obsessively within the stone circle's many stela?

Well it does. I initially didnt think much about the hard to extract detail in the stela below that has the seven birds all crammed together when someone did a story on the recognition of seven birds in 2008. We are not even sure the person suggested it could represent the Pleiades. For some time the incomplete idea of it lingered.

Márton Molnár-Göb a researcher from Hungary then found another depiction after a friend uploaded their new photos of the seven birds and it was shown in a more interesting position. At the foot base of one of the stela. Now if more of these turn up and they are repeated more than all the other detail so far then one will be able to conclude that this was the most important theme in their cosmology.

It does have an odd hole in stela that begs an answer. Perhaps this was a mounting hole for something that completes it... like a beautiful blazing sun disc. Mouse-over the image to see what it might look like. A sun near Pleiades depiction.

Seven birds chosen for the Pleiades is a well known tradition in ancient civilisations but mainly in Europe from the Templars. The Rosslyn Chapel star map is soon to release where it used this symbol and Márton has a finding in an old manuscript showing seven doves with a Christ depiction and Sun and crescent to compare with Rosslyn. ref




Without doubt the most famous archaeoastronomy artifact stela in the world is the Dendera Zodiac disc on the ceiling of the Temple of Hathor in Egypt. The Hathor Goddess by the way reference feminine aspects of the Cosmic Bull. the Temple itself venerates the Bull and its seven Hathors.

If this Scorpio view from Pleiades theory has strong grounding then one would expect it to be visible in the Dendera depiction. Well it is, and its as clear as daylight. It is this largest orb on the mural itself in front of the pincers of Scorpio. Click the Image below for the full decoding of the Dendera star map and Scorpio Sol position comparison.



In conclusion, this Gobekli Tepe star map interpretation by me should stand its ground thanks to a host of corroborating evidence here on this page. But since it challenges all written history, expect silence for a while because scholars will prefer not to comment for some time.

We all look forward to the possibility that if there are some important hidden records buried at this site, the unexcavated area presented as the sun-star correlation… here would be the place to look.

I address all scholars evaluating the article claims here. One must compare Gobekli Tepe with the complete list of all the evidence in support of this claim. Here is the complete story of this star obsession the ancients possessed which I have made freely available … click here





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