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Easter Island star map pleiades



Easter Island, known originally as Rapanui is a very small remote island positioned very far from any continent and is literally all on its own in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is "a lost civilisation" and their secrets also lost. The Rapanui people after many researcher's interviews over a hundred years ago and in the more recent years have confirmed they have lost the original meaning of their own culture and hence why it remains a mystery to this day. The island has well over 800 giant megalithic statues called Moai that have baffled the world for centuries.

Many a theory of the meaning of the statues have been published but strangely not one of them ever really presented a complete well-reasoned story showing all the evidence suggesting why they built the statues and what the people believed about them.

Easter Island’s general history is well documented on line. To learn more about it go to Wikipedia before reading further (ref)

I recently made a few decisive breakthroughs that add new pieces to the puzzle. Here is the full presentation of what I believe makes the most sense.


It is important for those first reading this story to know that I will be using the term 'sol star'. It refers to a specific star area in Taurus near the Pleiades and Orion, a commonality I have found in virtually all ancient civilisations. If these new breakthroughs sound confusing to you, listed here are the other ancient sites for more on Wayne’s star map discoveries for you to browse through: ref

The so called star blueprint code that I have found important in virtually all ancient civilisations is seen in the animation below. This is what will be compared with Easter Island.



The sources of clues here are derived from works by original explorer Thor Heyerdhal (ref) Some forgotten excavation discoveries not made public in the unearthing of some Moai from the 1915 Routledge excavation project (ref)

Also the Google Earth observation source when viewed from the sky (image credit)… also oral tradition of what was passed down through the Rapanui descendants but most of all, new deductions comparing to Wayne’s globally common first civilisations star map theory… and testing if it fits my measurable blueprint star map hypothesis.


Here is a list of the most inspiring Easter Island facts and new clues I haves pieced together:

1) There are two main varieties of statues: widespread single Moai numbering close to 800 and of average masses between 30 to 40 tons are found all around the edge of the island mysteriously and haphazardly buried with generally only head and shoulders appearing. They are the type seen in the image at the top of this page.

2) They were megalith block builders of pristine perfection and style of block building just like the ancient Inca of Peru. Some stunning examples seen here ...(ref)

3) Some Moai are seen as special… the bigger variety standing on a special platform called Ahu. Some scholars say it represents a celestial canoe. Fantastic clue here.

4) All Moai statues, both on the Ahu platforms and those buried all over the island have their gaze set above the horizon. But the statues all around the coastline of the island have an extra feature... Their heads tilt backwards forcing their intense gaze much higher above the horizon towards the sky as per the image at the top of this page. The free standing Moai variety on Ahu platforms are the most sacred and some are crowned with head stones called Pukao as in the image below. The eyes looking at the sky above the horizon forces one to challenge a recent claim that they are looking for their ancestors homeland. The iris here, even if it is a modern addition is not an issue to consider when evaluating the general head position and direction of stare. They are all still looking just above the horizon, even if the iris was positioned normally. (ref)

The Egyptians wore round objects on their heads representing celestial bodies. Is it possible the Moai are doing the same but the round objects are horizontal and not vertical? When seen from above, they appear identical to what is known as the circumpunct, a dot in the middle of a circle which represents a celestial body.

Easter Island star map

5) There are two groups of three mounds that were regarded as sacred, one with three in a row towards the western rocky cliff area of Maunga Parehe and one with three in a tight triangular cluster at the earliest known historical site called Anakena beach. This is the place to look for a blue print code. The place of the foundations of the first Easter Island civilisation. The bay area at Anakena beach in the Northern central area was also once the most beautiful area with masses of palm trees. Most books on Easter Island don’t mention any sacred mounds at all.

6) Of the sacred statues, only one Ahu platform called Ahu Nau Nau that has 7 Moai is poised next to the most sacred cluster of three mounds and it is located in the place of first settlement at Anakena, the ‘place of the beginning’. Found here is the island’s only beautiful white sand bay.

7) Also another strange clue. All the Ahu Moai watch the sky but they do so facing inland, all but one Ahu, the Ahu Akivi also with 7 Moai. These watch the western ocean horizon and are also crowned with heavy head stones called Pukao.

8) There are carvings that show clusters of an entity that is half bird, half man, exactly like the star obsessed cult of the Egyptians. Note the word cluster. This was another clue what I was looking for. The historical Pleiades symbol’s unique aspect is the tight cluster nature of the Pleiades which I believe it has a connection to.

9) Completely surprising was the unrecognised symbols match at first glance to other ancient civilisations not published at all, ancient symbols found on the other side of the planet.

10) There was also clear evidence of star deity obsession with some stone carvings and their earliest writing in the script called Ronga Ronga.

Easter Island star map

Key details… ‘Ahu’ are the platforms the two separate areas here show (blue glow) that have seven ‘Moai’ statues standing on them.


The greatest ‘hidden’ records of the Rapanui people seemed to be missing in the most popular books on Easter Island. The details explored here now will speak their long lost secrets. The amazing excavation of an unusual protocol expedition in 1914 called the Routledge excavation project was revisited by recent archaeologists and they re-excavated the intentionally buried evidence for a second time.

How do I know for sure it was re-buried. Its simple. The image of the two Moai in the images that follow have serial names and were shown in a recent modern technology colour image completely buried. They are the same Moai that were shown uncovered in old black and white film from 1915 in the link that follows.

How strange is that just for starters? The first expedition unearthed them and documented the breaking discovery pictographic evidence, didn’t make it public in a big way at all, then for unknown reasons, buried them again! This is insane! What could have been so shocking for them to have been completely covered up again?

The Moai were recently unearthed for a second time and they have it documented here ...(ref)

The image below shows how much of the Moai are buried by photoshopping a person between the statue to show size. What logic is there in burying most of the anatomies of the Moai that the craftsmen so painstakingly carved just to place them below soil level. The Moai is covered in beautiful carved symbols and it has long thin arms and hands too.


The thin arms art style reaching forward with fingers pointing down at 45 degrees is exactly like the recently unearthed megaliths at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. This alone speaks volumes and if this isn’t convincing enough, the two large symbols on the back of the Moai are of the same theme and style too.

By chance having two individual civilisations on opposite sides of the planet, one located in the middle of an ocean, having the same obsession with massive stone carvings and showing the same symbols, story, style and entity appearance is absolutely mind blowing!

Look at the statue of a man unearthed at the Gobekli Tepe site… it has the similar square topped long head and big long nose and long jawline. This is a breakthrough here and it’s a definite link between knowledge and theology.

Question is how did they carry the same story? This will be addressed in the conclusion.

In the image below, one Moai is buried up to its eyes… a substantial cataclysm clue! Here is another obvious clue, many of the Moai have half of their bodies buried but have obscure angles.

Why on Earth would they set an obscure angle like this in a statue ‘burial’ ritual? They simply can’t tilt by themselves with half their body buried. Something cataclysmic occurred here on Easter Island and it was no earthquake either.


In the image below the Gobekli Tepe megalith and statue are superimposed above the Moai statue listed as RR-001-156 for comparison. The ‘M’ symbol is shown beneath the ‘O’ symbol whereas the ‘H’ symbol seen to be Orion at Gobeki – who watched the western horizon – has it placed above the ‘O’ symbol. First thing that came to mind is that the ‘M’ symbol might be Orion here and it would be true if they are celebrating the same star I was looking for fitting the ‘O’ symbol… the ultimate Sun star of the ancients found all around the globe.

But one first needs to be sure on the strange curved 4 lines between the two symbols.

Easter Island star map

Stunning archaeoastronomy detail that was buried again after the mysterious 1915 excavation but even before that, appears to have been buried centuries ago, maybe millennia ago by massive soil displacement by what I propose was a forgotten vey massive tsunami. One that could have stripped all the vegetation and brought an end to the majestic era of the Rapanui people. This raises the possibility that the original advanced culture that founded Easter Island lost its greatness in a very large tsunami. ...(ref)


It would be important now to look for other cases on the island of the four lines symbol and see how something else fits with the strange birdman cult.

There is one carved rock on the eastern part of the island that reveals groundbreaking clues on the meaning of the most obvious symbol: that for the horizon and what was being measured on the horizon.

Verification of sourced image, also the Rongorongo text and birdman cluster (ref)

Easter Island star map

I saw the four curved lines (purple) first and looked a little closer. My first thoughts are they have little symbols that I knew well… they had what looked like comets… (turquoise stars) and three different positions too as if it was a documenting of a large comet in its correct tail facing upward positions over a correctly curved west or east horizon. It depicted an altering very familiar tail angle (its coma) which occurs over the days it seems to be recorded.

This could be the first example of how the terra firma curved Earth horizon was documented, inspiring the symbol on the Moai.

There is another depiction of the comet (green) amongst the birdmen deities… a cluster of birdmen that I believe could be representation of the Pleiades (lowest portion cluster)… Orion (upper portion of three) and a group of three, the solar Trinity obsession I was looking for (with three yellow dots). This is all general speculation for now of course. One needs a lot more evidence first before making such loosely woven claims.

There is a very mysterious round dot interacting with the comet too… but let us not speculate on that at this stage. The Pleiades are in an orientation taking the human face as upright. This suggests that side of the rock was watching the western horizon because the Pleiades would appear like this, and the other side of the rock with the comet depictions were watching the eastern horizon so the earth curve and tails are correct. Just before sunrise is the correct time on the horizon to look for comets.


Compare in the image below the birdman depictions which are found all over the island. They are part human and part bird just like in Egypt and Gobekli Tepe. In this comparison here note the Easter Island deity holds a sun… just like in both Egypt and Gobekli Tepe. There is another interesting connection here. The Gobekli Tepe animal pelt… either leopard or fox was seen as a status symbol for Egypt deities too. African tradition has chiefs of tribe adorned with the same status.

Why did different cultures here choose the same theme for their leader’s status? Why not chose more obvious themes, like a simple crown or necklace? Was it just a coincidence perhaps?

Isn’t it likely these ancient civilisations were inspired by the unthinkable, something scholars hate with a passion, something that has been officially denied in history by universities because it would mean a rewrite of almost everything they have proudly protected for centuries.

The birdman stone holding what I believe is the ‘sun’ star - British Museum (ref)

It matches the Gobekli Tepe bird deity perhaps holding the same sun-like ‘sol’ star.

Easter Island star map


The obvious answer here is confirmed by the debris surrounding the buried Moai. It has debris common with flood zones mainly with mud sand and pebbles… the kind of pebble and greyish clay found after a tsunami. But this event must have been one that would have been far bigger than the Japan and Indonesia events combined.

Was this the end of the great period of Easter Island, it probably was. It seems probable because the building of statues and the building with megalithic stone ended. From here forward perhaps after a lot of their valuable trees and edible plants were lost they would have probably believed the gods were angry with them. In defiance of the gods they probably started to topple the last standing Moai and this went on for a long time according to records. The last remaining people of the island were toppling them again during the visits of great explorers in the 18th century when the island experienced another disaster. This time it was an invasion for slavery.


In the image below the pictoglyph nature of the Rapanui text called "Ronga Ronga" is almost the same as the Naxi Dongba texts. Both seem to be using the star patterns themselves and bird head people as actual spoken word. Note the Naxi dongba text has three crosses as stars perhaps next to a cluster of six markings. The Easter Island text of Ronga Ronga also has two very common characters in texts speaking of their celestial deities using a group of seven dots and a group of three dots in a row and a group of three crescents in a row that resemble the mask worn by the Rapanui people in ceremony (see mask in depiction in purple lower down).

There is one very interesting association of text to something I researched in the Christ star map story: three star entities together mean three wise kings. The Magi I proposed represent the three that follow from the east associated with finding the location of the Christ 'Bethlehem' star, the stars of Orion's Belt as a sacred cosmic pointer, the 'forgotten' cross of the churches.

Is this just a coincidence or are we seeing evidence of a global teacher passing through ancient civilisations.

Text source ...(ref)

Easter Island star map


After discovering the importance of the Kanaga symbol and mask of the Dogon tribe in West Africa, I couldn't help wondering the connection here was also the same (ref)

The Dogon celebrated Orion with a special mask. What were the chances this mask which looks like the digit '3' wrapping around the eyes, perhaps birds wings suiting the bird head deities seen below and seen repeatedly in the stone carving that follows. Is it Orion?

There is one carving that shows one wearing the bird Orion mask and has light blazing from his head like the Greeks, the Maya and American Indian cultures more so than the others.

Easter Island star map

Lets have another look at the earlier birdman stone carving (repeated below). It is found in the Eastern territory near this depiction of a Rapanui face.

There were two clues on the stone carving that use a symbol of a '3'. It is also possible it could be a bird as if in flight. But it wasn’t until much later this symbol would be proven as Orion when I recognised its importance as a bird deity on another Moai.

For now consider in the image below the bird mask '3' symbol is shown twice next to the birdman with three yellow dots suggesting it was measured on both horizons with that collective pattern and it is seen documented below the horizon with the comet record.

Compare the crescent shaped eyes in the mask (purple) to part of the Ronga Ronga text image (above) that uses three crescents as this same face when speaking of their celestial deities. Are they showing crescents as a face in dual meaning of the place the faces come from, worlds associated with the 'sol' star, the sun-like star that becomes quite clear as the story unfolds.

The last interesting symbol is the omega symbol (orange) but that is for a later date involving wormhole theory which will take away the flow of this story.

Easter Island star map


While comparing the symbols on the backs of the Moai in the earlier image from the re-excavation site and from the website ref showing more images, it was clear the Easter island people had the exact same clear obsession with the stars like all other ancient civilisations.

The first thing to bear in mind right now is their texts have utterances just like the ancient Egyptians speaking of gods from the sky and their arrival in canoes. Now here is the thing. It is all very well for scholars to avoid the star visitor hypothesis and say their gods came across the ocean like they do but that’s mocking their own intelligence.

All the clues so far point to the sky. The archaeologists seem to avoid the dots on the Moai as stars and look for more terrestrial solutions.

Compare the canoes with lines beneath them. Scholars insisted this symbol is spoken as 'vaka' and are the 'canoes' of the 'gods'. Then almost contradicting themselves follow on to insist the 4 curved lines are spoken of using the same name! This explains the 'flying terrafirma' celestial ship reasoning for me, and that would by logic also be spoken of as the same as Earth terrafirma. (ref) (see both illustrations of the backs of the Moai)

There is another strange thing about the Orion masks. Here is reference to what scholars claim some strange Maya glyphs found in Georgia which show similarity to the Orion mask star reference resembling the number 3 (ref)


Bird headded 'gods'? People of flesh and blood not of this earth are hardly 'gods'. In my book 'The Hidden Records' I present an obvious interpretation of why ancient cultures would say they had 'bird heads'. Consider a motorcyclist for example wearing a helmet with his visor or sun shield peak up. It looks like a bird with open mouth. The maya show more mechanical detail in some depictions, and in others they put the mans face in the open mouth of the bird!

The Moai depiction below is the 'not of this world' breakthrough here. The celestial boat depictions by the way are common and found on many other statues. The bird depiction with wings in position like the digit 3 seems to represent Orion poised with the stars and a fleet of celestial ships above the western horizon while one special sun-like star is in place here on the horizon. Ancient Egypt also found the place to measure stars is only done on the horizon.

Image source and stunning unearthing of the Moai covered here (ref)

But the importance in identifying the fleet of celestial ships here is another Egyptian symbol match, the art of giving each little ship its own mini Vaka, its own flying terrafirma.

Easter Island star map


Since a comet is being measured across a few bands as shown in purple on the moai like in the previous rock carving of the birdmen. It is likely this multiple line of bands is the horizon. The most sacred apparently to the Rapanui people, the Western Horizon.

Here is another Moai with birdmen and Orion poised in its appropriate place. We will test this all on a star program and see what we find below the horizon where the strange McDonalds' style 'M' symbol is depicted.

Easter Island star map

The ancient Rapanui people seem to revere the ‘sol’ star on the horizon just like in Egypt and on the Western horizon like Gobekli Tepe. The connections to the archaeoastronomy are convincing so all that is needed to solve the mysterious M symbol is look below the horizon. I already knew there was a sacred constellation below the horizon because Angkor in Cambodia revered the lower constellation. (ref)

This finding on its own is of great importance in reasoning the validity of the star map hypothesis. Compare to Angkor and more importantly see how all the brightest stars around Perseus convincingly display an 'M' formation in its correct orientation as it slips below the horizon. Note also how the middle of the 'M' has an extended lower line: another breakthrough. It passes right through the Perseus 'arm' that aligns with the Pleiades. This all makes sense and quite simple knowing in advance how important this area of stars are.

It was Perseus, but would those stars mark out the never seen before M constellation.

The star program was set to a reasonable ancient date around 4000 years ago and set to winter solstice on Western horizon … Perseus is part of the symbol…

Easter Island star map


All Moai have the mysterious fixed trance-like stare set just above the horizon. All special Moai on the Ahu’s also watch inland direction and skyward… except one.

This must be a substantial clue because we have another group of seven Moai that once all had head stones on the Ahu AKivi. (See map for position and orientation).

I am absolutely convinced at this stage that the Pleiades seven stars are being represented here by the seven majestic Moai like they were correctly depicted by a cluster of birdmen as stars in the rock depiction.

Where have we seen this unusual stare? The Sphinx in Egypt has it. Yes… it is watching something above the horizon and it leaves a few possibilities. Due to the stare set substantially above the horizon the statues were unlikely to be looking at incoming voyagers.

The obvious options here are they are either watching for the return of their deities or the movement of celestial bodies in the sky… the stars.

This proposal of the Seven Moai on the Ahu watching Orion was presented by another researcher J.A. Belmonte some time ago who studied the celestial knowledge of the Rapanui people. He believed the spoken word for Orion was the word: 'Tau-toru'

I believe the similar sound to Tau-rus here might not be coincidence because when watching the setting of Taurus on the ocean, Orion is literally and symbolically chasing Taurus the bull, as in a hunting legend that stands in Greek mythology as well. (ref)

Easter Island star map


I discovered only recently that not many researchers speak of sacred mounds but no excavations have proven if they were manmade or hills that were sculptured. The first group we look at here are the three mounds in a row as seen on the map on the eastern part of the island.

I believe after close study on the geology here that these three (one partly washed away) are natural formations, however, they seemed to have a little more detail associated with them suggesting they might have resembled something they would know very well. Orion’s belt perhaps? If you look very closely at the image especially on Google earth, there are very slight traces of what might have once been an enclosure built around the three mounds. Also a friend of mine who went there to verify if they were natural mounds 'thinks' they are perfectly round because they have been altered with blocks.

Easter Island star map

For now most would say this is not much at all to go by at all and one of the reasons I held back for some time. I believed it was not a conclusive case and the enclosure maybe wasn’t much to consider at all or the claim very worn block ruins are found around the edge are proven. That was before more discoveries would inspire this to be looked at again.


The second set of three mounds was what some scholars briefly mention as a cluster of three as well but in triangular formation. I read it one cold misty weekend in 1998. It was a rainy day and I remember it well. I reached out for one of my favourite books: The Worlds Last Mysteries by Readers Digest printed in 1977 page 100… they briefly spoke of sacred mounds then just change the subject and moved onto another aspect. This always stayed fresh in my mind. It was this memory rekindled in 2004 when I read another article that also suggested similar, saying they were no doubt sacred because this particular cluster of mounds was found at their one and only beautiful Beach bay on the northern territory.

I went onto Google earth and looked for the bay… sadly the resolution was so poor that the mystery had to wait for its moment. Just a few months ago facebook had been passing some new images around showing the full length of the Moai that were most common.

It was time to see if the new Google Earth images were updated… they were and they showed the detail I was looking for.

Easter Island star map

The three mounds are replete with remnants of artifacts and stone chips all over them, some faint building detail also seen clearly. The one mound near the beach has a small causeway to one single Moai (highlighted red and enlarged) The Ahu Nau Nau of seven Moai have an alignment and orientation that can be measured too.

It is time to compare them to the star map blueprint as seen in the animation earlier.

Although this is not the clearest of ancient star map themes as seen in Egypt and Stonehenge and all the others it still has a layout plan that makes better sense when considering what we have seen so far. They had a star obsession… they believed Orion was important and Perseus measure the position of in most instances one Sol star on the horizon or two of a group of three set together and they are right next to the Pleiades.

It is reasonable to therefore consider the three mounds here are representing the three sun-like stars I have presented in the full starmap theme.

Not just that… the alignment of the Pleiades is quite appropriate with the Ahu aligning with the rising and setting Pleiades stars at a certain time of the year at special unknown viewing times at night. What were the chances the alignment date correlates with important times when to plant and when to harvest their crops? Some experts are looking at this because it all depends what time of night this viewing took place. It makes all the difference and we will wait on the experts for that who will compare it to the correct planting and harvesting seasons for whatever their main crop might have been. Lots of unknowns but updates here will follow.


There is a special Maya discovery documentary that will be launched soon and a preview of something extraordinary was shown in 2011 that was so alien looking, for years many believed it was a hoax. The Filmmaker Raul Julia-Levy listed this photo below as evidence for a highly advanced, unknown, pre-Mayan civilization that he says suggests contact with extraterrestrials. The photo was taken in jungles of southern Guatemala in the 1930s, according to Julia-Levy and shows a 51-foot-tall, beautifully carved head, with face turned toward the heavens. He says it dates back to between 3,500 and 5,000 B.C.

The news source can be viewed here: (ref)

Note the similarity to the Rapanui statues. Head style and tilted towards the heavens. Many public bloggers responded since it is no surprise that its almost identical. Look also at the Gobekli Tepe statue and notice the square head similarity, strong jawline and appearance. But this is not all that is special merely by observation. What is special is the connection to other landmark ancient statues that suggest the unthinkable.

Easter Island star map

There are people standing on the head of this lost monument! There is far more than just a visual connection which some will say is quite extraordinary on its own. Firstly if the statue is as old as it claims to be and near one of the oldest Maya cities of southern Guatemala then it would be fair to compare to what was else was special with the city of Tikal because it too holds a very alien theme, one completly officially denied by scholars so far because alien claims are officially scorned until further notice.

Tikal has a fantastic example of the alien star map theme matching Easter island and can be seen here along with another very ancient very alien ruins, one not even on this planet, the star map on Mars. Mars also has a face theme as the ''x'' that marks the spot on the pyramid star map. (ref)

Here is a crucial point to consider: The human face as a monument is the best way to tell a very human story, but not just any face, one that for some reason presents a very square head. The sphinx and other Solar deities (gods associated with sun stars) have a unique detail shown on their foreheads too. Will this new statue have something on its forehead showing how the soul connects spiritually through cosmic serpents to the universal source. Will there be a cluster of pyramids resembling the Pleiades star constellation? Something we all look forward too seeing soon.

By the way, just a few months later after making a claim about what their discovery will reveal, the team making the film felt the urgent need to retract the alien claim almost completely.

Heres the thing, if you watch films like Ancien Aliens and UFO documentaries they all prefer a very special protocol, firstly keep it a mystery, and secondly, not to show clear detail of the star maps. In fact when they briefly mention a star map aspect they actually show depictions that are so inaccurate and missrepresented that they obviously are not wanting this story to be clear.


Up to now the long ear lineage of early 'gods' of the ancients have not been covered in great detail. But there are long eared entities depicted most importantly in the lineage predating the Maya. They were the Olmecs and their statues depict all races of entities that came from the heavens including the very famous giant head statues of a definite African lineage.

In the image below, artifacts at La Vente museum show two Olmeec sources of the first civilisations of the empire that became the Maya. Note the long ear bloodline, something very unusual but very important in records of the heavenly visitors of the Olmec. (ref)

Compare also the well defined chins of these visitors that came down from the sky. How is it possible there were common accounts of the earliest empires all having these unique features appear, then literally go extinct. After some years of research on the elongated heads of the Pre-Inca bloodlines I found some had as much as 1000cc of extra brain volume compared to an average human skull. One must not confuse the elongated Pre-Inca head with super sized brains to Easter Island directly because the Easter Island bloodline probably had a normal brain size like most Olmec and Gobekli Tepe depictions. However one cant rule out the alien nature of the super sized heads. If you think that the elongated large brain heads are uncommon... then see how they were found in the earliest of many different civilisations like Egypt, Bolivia and more (ref)

Easter Island star map

The interesting thing here is that if the star map interpretation is true, the Rapanui people seemed to choose the star that I found of second most importance in my star map hypothesis. The same star that is tied with what I believe is the first solar system of human evolution. A place where other star maps seem to present it with the human blueprint code geometry. It’s the star depicted by the five sided pyramid in the Mars star map (ref)

Human blueprint geometry code (ref) a star system that in the cases studied suggests we evolved from apes to advanced humans there before colonising other solar systems like ours.


Oral legend on Easter Island does not quite include the seven moai looking at the Pleiades as the place of their ancestors. If you take their words verbatim one could argue that it can only be the star area, but think more simply and there is another alternative option although less likely.

I mention this because it led to discovering another Easter Island culture-linked star map.

The belief is the seven moai are looking across the sea to another island where their ancestors originate and hence a theory supported by scholars. If you follow across the ocean in this direction you find the Nuku Hiva Island of the Marquesas Islands.

Here we find another star map and this one seems prophectic as it includes a time marker comet.

The image below is of the petroglyph site at the ancient me'ac (Maori temple) at Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva Island of the Marquesas Islands .

Mouse over the image to see the correlation possibility I offer and how it compares to other star maps around the world that also add a comet clue with it.




Here is where this star map gets very interesting. Let me first cover the interpretation of the ancestor stars and the Tiki cosmic teachers wearing what looks like goggle eye protection and headphones.

The 3 turtles in a row are the obvious biggest feature and are the way showers no doubt of Orion's Belt showing the way to something that seems more important than the actual stars there. It aligns pictographically with what I am sure is a comet.

Let's accept this most likely represents a comet and if so, it is shown that it will be seen near the Pleiades. A line of path drawn from the comet head that has a nucleus eye shows that it passes near the Pleiades. But more precisely, passing near Sol 1 Primary. This is the exact positioning of the most important ancestor star in all the star maps. What I also believe we are seeing are the complete listings of the 3 sun stars found in most of the star maps found all around the world as well.

Sol 1 Primary is also shown with another global symbol common to all civilisations. The bird to teach the flight ability of the ancestors is also the common founding civilisation symbol in my opinion.

Oral tradition sees the bird symbol and comet and Pleiades as something quite off track. Locals insist the Pleiades are a boat with seven ancestor occupants with bird head 'god' symbol and they travelled across the seas to other lands like Easter Island to colonize them.

You can decide for yourself. Ask yourself perhaps why the strange alien-looking beings who do not look human are also the teachers of this legend of origins of the people? It does not quite gel does it?

Now... the interesting part that seems repeated in many other ancient advanced teachings.

The comet interpretation is most likely the very rare moment one day a comet passes really close or in front of the view of the position of the ancestor star. A comet visually seen by naked eye is perhaps this rare time marker when the ancestors return. When will such a comet come to pass? When have there been other comets that previously passed next to the Sol 1 Primary sun star?

Our researcher team believe that not one single correlating path with naked eye visual comet that passed the position with the Sol 1 Primary star has ever been seen. This means it is still to come. We will watch the skies. The time according to the Revelation texts describes a time when the Earth is suffering and chaos is rife, just like it is now. Watch this space.

Compare this matching story to the Inca golden tablet ref


All the deciphered detail involving stars here is new. It was obviously an easy exercise measuring it to see if it carried similar clues to what I deciphered in other ancient civilisations. The ultimate question has to be addressed now and and I asked this before, how did all these ancient civilisations that you see in just this story here carry the same story? Was it civilisations travelling around unbelievable difficult distances around the globe meeting other foreign cultures with foreign language and sharing their story, which by the way would be quite extreme and quite farfetched story to peddle to another ancient civilisation.

That theory is impossible, because history shows war was the norm with foreign people of different language so that leaves only one other possibility. Scholars hate this obvious but impossible to avoid theory and its simple…

1) Almost all ancient civilisations carry the same star visitor claim
2) Almost all ancient civilisations show celestial ships and mostly bird head deities
3) Almost all ancient civilisations built unique megalith structures
4) Almost all ancient civilisations show pieces of the same star map

Here is another thing one has to add to this article. Did all ancient civilisations lie about their claims, and if so, how did they all concoct the same grand lie of all time?

All ancient civilisations had exactly the same obsession with star visitors, people who are most likely our ancestors returning to try and teach us who we are and where we come from. But what did our ancestors do, they worshipped them as Gods. See all the other accounts of the repeating star map here and the 3 sun-like star definitions in astronomy (ref)







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Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien star maps proving star ancestor human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in 1997 newspapers, followed by a Carte Blanche TV documentary in 2002 now on youtube. The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel released in 2003. (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records). There is a Pleiades correlation with Cydonia Mars, Stonehenge and Tikal and his new 2021 published Atlantis discovery show the same for Atlantis in Donana Spain. The site of an alien crop circle message with swastika and cross. The ancient alien human origin theory by Wayne Herschel claims humanity replaced Neanderthal. The ancient star maps of Orion and Pleiades correlation including three sunlike stars are all Wayne Herschel's copyright protected discoveries.