With the release of 'Angels and Demons' at the box office, author Dan Brown and film director Ron Howard have given fans 3 exciting clues as to the plot of Dan Brown's next book 'The Lost Symbol'. This page is specially dedicated to uncovering the potential meaning of the 3 convincing clues, which incidentally are not contained in the published version of Dan Brown's book 'Angels and Demons' and are literally 'out of place' in the film. An interesting thing too... something that has Wayne wondering about those who are the big decision makers behind the film version. Many will have seen it too. The removal of a vast amount of Masonic detail covered in the book version. No Great Seal dollar bill coverage either.


The first clue to Dan Brown's next book plot occurs in the earlier stage of the movie where Robert Langdon quotes one of the clues he is following as per the book's murder mystery. In this regard, the book (ref: page 192 illustrated copy) reads as follows:

"The path of light is laid, the sacred test"

However, in the film, Langdon speaks of the clue as follows:

"Follow the shining star at the end of the path"

The remarkable thing about this quotation from the film is that initially when we hear it originally spoken by the Illuminatus character in a video recording, he says: "Follow the shining star at the end of the path of illumination". Wayne was almost in disbelief when Langdon repeats the clue with a shortened version omitting the words in bold print here as quoted in the comparison lines above. It hints of another grand secret Wayne discovered with the Vatican layout plan seen below. To be absolutely sure, Wayne went to see the film for a second time to be absolutely certain. Initially in the specially reconstructed image below, the path from the sacred cross of the Piazza (green arrow) shows the way to 'follow'. Wayne figured he needed to follow the statue of St. Peter who holds a key and points down the causeway to the 'star' fortress, the Castel Sant Angelo. The monument is not only a fortress designed in the shape of a five pointed star visible from space, it is the 'x' that marks the spot on the layout plan of an improved extended layout plan of the Vatican City. One modified by the Illuminati - Gian Lorenzo Bernini that mirrors one very special star in the sky. Namely, the 'mystery star' of Wayne Herschel's book 'The Hidden Records', the star of the 'gods'. 'Gods' in the sense of real life visitors that once frequented our skies in their celestial ships, the proverbial angels of St Peter's era in Rome.


The next clue is even more compelling and perhaps the ultimate clue of the movie. Langdon enters the Castel Sant Angelo, the 'star' fortress, and finds himself scratching on the floor looking for another murder mystery clue. He clears some debris covering the floor and uncovers a pentacle...

It is near an opening in the wall, which leads him to another pentacle on a paved floor and this is the clue to Dan Brown's next book. The film producers used this second ancient image of a pentagram found originally in the ruins of a Hebrew synagogue in Israel...

An artefact from another country and from another religion. Dan Brown used the image in his illustrated copy on page 192 and also said very little about its source and meaning. Perhaps saving it for his 'ultimate' book. In the film, this symbol has been placed on the basement floor of the Star Fortress - The Castel Sant Angelo. Quite extraordinary that this special Hebrew pentagram is being depicted on the floor of what can only be interpreted as an intentional choice because of the historical significance of this monument in the context of two powerful world religions! Put the two together: According to Wayne Herschel's findings: The Star fortress is the 'x' that marks the spot in his Vatican City star map finding, while the star with orbs around it is also the 'x' that marks the spot in the identical star secret as depicted in the 'Key of Solomon' parchment!

This artefact of an ancient pentacle found in Israel (See full story and artefact click here. ) depicts a five pointed star surrounded by orbs. It is the prime icon at the centre of the 'Key of Solomon' parchment and a beam of light comes down from it. The beam of light coming down from the star is of paramount importance, since the very same star with a beam of light is found in an ancient Egyptian tomb mural and on a Freemason document. The full detail is covered on the website linked below in part 2.

In the film, a third pentacle is visible on the wall partly obscured... hidden so to speak... but there is no doubt of what it is showing... a man within the pentacle.

A star man with arms out stretched so to speak, long before Da Vinci produced his 'Orion' Sacred Cross (lost symbol) version of the original Vitruvian man. It is a pentacle with the human 'code' seen above and as explored in the following link deciphering the meaning of the human geometry found in pentacles all over the world. Ancient civilisations claim this depiction of a man is a Star 'god' visitor or Sun 'god'. 3 pentacles all found in the Star fortress... 3 solar representations in a grouping, a "Solar trinity" so to speak. Interesting that 3 'Sun' -like stars can be found in almost every case of Wayne Herschel's ancient star maps.


Right at the end, the grande finale... another prominent clue emerges. No doubt any producer would want to lay a foundation for his next 'follow on' film. It is the classic approach of wanting to leave the audience hungering for more and allowing the viewer to figure out that there will be a sequel. It almost goes without saying that Ron Howard will be transforming 'The Lost Symbol' into a film at some time after Dan Brown's new book has made its appearance in the bookstores on 15th September this year for the reasons explained on the Solomon Key website. Wayne says it would not surprise him at all if the 'perfect timing' for Ron Howard's next prospective blockbuster would be for the annual peak holiday season... Christmas. A little soon perhaps? Perhaps not if one were to speculate that producing two films at once would be more cost effective, especially if one is paying a fortune to access some of the special locations as some of those seen in 'Angels and Demons', or if one were creating special sets for such places? Two scripts could have been shot unobtrusively without anyone on set specifically figuring this out. But this is merely speculation. The Christmas period also covers the special date on which the Pope makes his appearance before Sol Invictus, midnight on Christmas eve. See the image above showing the midnight event when the sky matches the ground, with the sacred cross perfectly East.

Right at the end of the film, a Vatican authority hands Langdon an ancient book from the Vatican archives... the camera cuts down to the book...

The book displays the title of the secret works by perhaps the most famous astronomer in Vatican history. An astronomer who was supposed to be a member like Bernini of the Illuminati! The Pope at the time also had him locked up in the star fortress of the Castel Sant Angelo for some time because he challenged the Vatican's belief of the cosmos. This member of the Illuminati challenged the understanding and secrets of enlightenment (explored at oneism.org). This man is non other than the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei and a secret manuscript titled 'Diagrams of Truth':

"Diagramma Della Verita"

Click the word 'Veritas' to see an interesting Vatican story on Galileo and the Vatican's 'Veritas'. The title displayed on the book chosen by Dan Brown and Ron Howard is probably fiction. But in the book this secret Galileo manuscript is only briefly mentioned in the earlier portion of the book. However in the movie only, it is also handed to Langdon at the end. The word 'Verita' means truth and the word 'Diagramma' refers to diagrams. In astronomical terms, most likely star maps. Secret star maps showing something forbidden perhaps? Here is an interesting fact. There is one very sensitive Illuminati secret society, previously forbidden star diagram recently released by the University of Bradford in the UK. It is probably the original secret star diagram of the Masonic founding character Hiram Abiff. The stars on this diagram have been tested by Wayne and found to be the same star diagram on a parchment of the 'Solomon Key', a star puzzle of King Solomon. It would be the perfect puzzle that Langdon can decipher. This fictitious secret book on Galileo would create an interesting beginning to the next great journey where Langdon opens the book to find a copy of the secret star diagrams. Star maps leading on to what Dan Brown already hinted... the 'Solomon Key', the name he previously chose for his next book before changing it recently to 'The Lost Symbol'. By the way, the Chi-Rho symbol is the big deal because it is the actual 'Key' of Solomon. Once the symbol's shocking star representation is understood, it explains the real meaning and location of the Bethlehem star!

Wayne found that the 'key' is also the Christ symbol and it is a star constellation. He realised Dan Brown was going to feast on this. Wayne sent the findings to Dan's literary agent a year or so ago, just interested in getting this crucial material represented accurately with its important message. One wonders if it inspired Dan to make some alterations to his manuscript, thus delaying it by another year. Just speculation here.

Another great movie involving Freemason secrets was National Treasure I and II. The second movie had almost the same ending as Angels and Demons. This movie also ended with a teaser and reference to a secret book and life altering truth. Compare these two forthcoming movies, their content and their direction. Secret clues in National Treasure I and II

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