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STORY RELEASE 2014: The ultimate scroll seal below is about to speak its secret here explaining all seen in the above image. Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb found this seal and he immediately recognised not just Pleiades theme but a deity standing on a bull and a separate bulls head is obviously of paramount importance supporting the star map hypothesis.

Sumerian Scroll seals are stone cylinder seals that roll over clay/wax to imprint a seal on a papyrus scroll.(See lower down in this article).

This very large 35cm 'new' museum quality scroll seal print, now available to collectors shown below, ref is currently one of only two prints on show in the world. The original tiny 7cm print together with the real 4500 year or older ancient artifact is currently housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Here is the online image and reference AO 22347


Sumerian Seal Wayne Herschel theory


In the image below as found on literally hundreds of scroll seals with the Pleiades, where scholars (British Musem) list it as a seal showing Pleiades stars, I identified this to be a title theme. The common style with Pleiades Seals have 4 symbols common on most of them. It is important to separate this partially from the general theme which in this case pepeats some of it in the context beneath it. The logical message of this Title is easy to decode and I have many examples later in this story:

1) The Pleiades

2) Exoplanet in crescent from a Sun star

3) Disc that flies with occupants that visits many suns

4) Sun star with 6 rays.

I insist its as clear as daylight... it is the place of the Sumerian ancestors from a sun system near the Pleiades with its planet in crescent light and the disc that flies is how they got to Earth. ref


Sumerian Seal Wayne Herschel theory


In the image below we begin with the left portion of the seal print. A bulls head in Sumerian history is a celestial bull worship symbol and this is not in doubt and I propose it is the Taurus star area. What is in doubt is the scholars belief the strange detail above the bulls head is just a gazelle and since it is with bull and standing on its head it is a mysterious celestial representation. If one looks at the museum print AO 22347 and click to zoom it is shown double in the print.

My first problem is there is no constellation of a gazelle behind Taurus. There is a ram of Aires, but if it is a ram depiction, how can it have distorted legs tucked in and its thin horns that are more straight than curved and a tail. Rams dont have tails ref

The 'tail' touches the strange branch anomaly that touches the head of a being as well (out of the picture, see complete image rolled out later). I will go into detail later as we identify the green detail is part of a cosmic conduit wormhole map of the path of the star travelling 'gods'.

The most emotionally sacred place behind the bull's head of Taurus is the legendary Egyptian leg of the bull ref

The leg of the bull obsession was global knowledge it seems. Right through as the symbol being used to begin many great cities as a ground template carrying the legend "As Above ... So Below" starting with Jerusalem ref .

I realised something obvious and how this star map secret evolved from one society to another so they could provoke war against those that have different belief and not 'chosen ones'. Each wanted to have their own way to teach it and each tried to make it look different to the other. Since Egypt used the leg in clarity, it seems the Sumerians depict it, perhaps encoded strangely like a gazelle 'foetus', tail facing upward, tucked legs and head facing downward.


Sumerian Seal Wayne Herschel theory


In the image below scholars call him a thunder god like Zeus, yes no problem with that as I believe Zeus is this very identity as celebrated by the Romans. But I believe the Sumerians identify this deity something other than what scholars suggest.

I agree with Márton Molnár-Göb of Hungary that the Bull is part of his identity that he is one that upholds the Taurus star map teaching and of the highest rank.

We have believed this to be Gilgamesh himself... one personified also with the stars Orion as the human code teaching showing the way.

I found two strong pieces of evidence in the image below how we can verify this is Gilgamesh as Orion and it is repeated in the Sumerian Tablet that follows. Yes as in typical Sumerian veneration standing on the back of the bull is royalty but he is standing there because thats the part of Taurus where the stars of the gods reside. The Pleiades is found behind the head above the back of the bull.

But the evidence this is Gilgamesh as Orion wearing a star crown showing the way is firstly because he places one of the Vajra tridents awkwardly in line with where his belt would be because the tridents are Orion shaped. These devices are in depictions of star 'gods' found all around the world and I use the Sukhu Temple where the Holy Grail resides as an example in the image ref

But the best evidence for Orion Man Gilgamesh is because he has another constellation placed in orientation with him personally. The Rabbit constellation of LEPUS

This small piece of the puzzle places the rabitt correctly depicted if Gilgamesh is personification of Orion that uses his belt stars to show the way to the Pleiades area.

I compare Gilgamesh in another scroll seal where he rides a dragon serpent I propose as cosmic conduit wormhole holding the same trident Vajras. Here is a vajra in the British Museum where it is argued if its Asian or other in origin. ref . I am considering ordering museum quality duplications of this item for the pubic if there is enough interest. (If interested please write to me in the contacts link).


Sumerian Seal Wayne Herschel theory


Moving more to the right decoding this scroll seal piece by piece from left to right we see a very strange shape below a crescent between orbs as highlighted. One orb below the strange shape has two extra lines added to it.

I believe a full Solar Trinity layout is depicted above the strange curved symbol with our Sun having the two lines with Earth.

Mouse-over the image to see the full interpretation.

I am certain the curved symbol is the Vesica Pisces secret of Christianity, the shape created where two circles are scribed to overlap ref . Not much is spoken about this symbol due to it being considered forbidden knowledge.

I propose the Trident forks called Vajra create the opening of the cosmic conduit wormhole star gate so to speak and it is shown this shape to show where it opens from.

The area in the sky on record as the womb of the Egyptian goddess Nut, the triangle created between the three suns I refer to as a Solar trinity, the Holy Grail secret ref

Yes this is a complex story and yes the ancients found all sorts of ways to encode it and even demonise it to keep commoner away saying these teachings are the devil and if one is caught with such manuscrips they will be burned on a stake as a heretic.




Time has come to measure this all and using reasoning and logic to see what is really hidden. I want to debate if the reason our sun is placed beneath the opened sacred conduit of the star visitors seen above with our Sun system as destination, did they record a time marker with this double line as the time of a large comet encounter or... is it the star gate opening symbol pattern of a lotus flower as seen to the right of this detail at the bottom of the serpent ropes as seen in the next image below.

The final detail on the scroll seal is the Tree of Life and disc that flies seen below.

This is a subject matter I claim to speak from experience accurately because I believe I have been to this place where a Cosmic Tree of Life light nucleus of the universe resides. It is home of the soul and Creation place of all matter and life that should really be classified as "God" The Creator which I call "Creation".

No... no european man in a golden throne as one regional holy book account for europeans needs you to believe. The Creation is light with many plasma ribbons streaming from it, a place that every soul originates from. A very deep loving experience feeling like home that is everywhere omnipotent eternal all forgiving all loving all seeing light and a part of you yourself. I had a near death experience and document on the website oneism.org that I was allowed to come back with more than I left with. A life quest or pledge where I felt an emotional sense of responsibility to bring evidence of it forward with this research I call The Hidden Records, the name given to this free view website and my book for those that can afford books ref .

The depiction below is the Sumerian style depicting the place of all souls and Creation. The orb at the bottom of it is the biosphere built around it where this ligh anomaly is bound by rings buy the first life to find home a long time ago. The seal shows both rings and the Eden orb. It also connects to all stars and here denoting many Sun systems for planets and life as we know it.


Sumerian Seal Wayne Herschel theory


In the image above there are two deities nurturing the Tree of Life. Interacting with it teaching that there are people like us that watch over the Tree of all Life and can not only interact with it, they can use the cosmic streamers of plasma as wormholes and traverse space to reach all the sun systems.

The two 'serpent ropes' each interact with is a teaching found in Vatican records and other teachings around the world which will be added here to debate in Part 2 that follows.


Sumerian Seal Wayne Herschel theory

The Sumerian Scroll Seal depicts a disc connecting to many Suns...

This is an identical symbol to the controversial symbol seen in the Australian Gosford site with Egyptian glyphs! ref

For now you the reader if you have read this article and seen the links and if having some background on my star map theory or the Tree of life story you can now look at the image at the top of the page and know what is going on.

I will add more shortly with part 2 but for now this is the intro to the Sumerian Seal that I have made museum quality copies of for the public. I cover the general detail here in the video. But before closing part one, a few days before the Mars comet event, ponder on the possibility this is a message identically matching the Inca Golden tablet pleiades and comet story ref ... and the arrival prediction I cover that seems due any moment soon in the study of all prophecies here ref .






FULL STORY TO BE LAUNCHED NOV 2014... with the analysis of something mind blowing on this tablet as there is a complete story encoded. Here is just an intro to the artifact.

The most convincing evidence of what can only be described as an obsession on the stars of the Pleiades, the most important sun-like star associated with the deity Gilgamesh, a planet in crescent and a flying disc are about to enter the arena.

The best example is found on this artifact of the earliest collection of clay tablets of the Sumerians and it is on display in the Berlin museum. The supporting evidence of an obsession with it is the repetitions of the theme numbering in the hundreds. They are found on the earliest Sumerian scroll seals in museums all over the world.

The clay tablet depicts what scholars conclude as the Pleiades stars. The artist for this particular artefact has shown remarkable detail and realism compared to any other artefact. But here is where the scholars’ comments end. The being in the flying orb/disc is shown not wearing typical Sumerian attire in comparison to those in the scroll seals that follow. Also this time without showing the teaching mechanism as traditional birds wings to show it is flying. It was not necessary because the Pleiades appear as real stars with slight differences… the being is traversing the heavens!

The being is wearing a body suit with legs not covered with usual Sumerian robe. He is not bearded and even looks more Roman in appearance. The being has one hand on what looks like a lever.

There is dual representation here where the flying disc also shows where it comes from. The disc also represents two orbs with one in front of the other, creating the usual star and crescent. This soon to be analysed here.

Let it be known there are a wealth of Sumerian scroll seals in museums around the world. Here are some of the seals that show the star map secret.


The cradle of civilisation is often spoken about at a place called Sumer in Mesopotamia, well over 4700 years ago which became Babylon in the area of Iraq today. The Sumerians that founded the site seen below was the biblical Babylon which originates from the word ‘Babilani’ in Akkadian’ which means ‘gateway of the ‘gods’. This is another clue here since they aligned stone gates for viewing the important stars here as they rise in the east on special days. ‘Babel’ or ‘Babylon’ is supposed to represent ‘the place where ‘god’ came down to Earth ref’ - Genesis 11:1-9. Taken literally this suggests a visitation event… contact. In Mexico the largest ancient city of the Maya that the Spaniards conquered was given the identical name but historians think it is just a coincidence.

Sumer was situated within the Mesopotamian plain, now Iraq - between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Bagdad. What we see in the image below are the ruins of Babylon today after Saddam Hussein rebuilt the three original ziggurat pyramids which are located almost in an equilateral triangle layout position. I have proposed here that Babylon was another star map of the three Sun-like stars near the Pleiades that is associated with these so called Sun gods. The ruins that I hoped would match the Pleiades position in a layout plan were destroyed so long ago that there are also no layout patterns visible.


Their massive Ziggurat pyramid temples once were said to be built ‘so they could reach the heavens’ which suggests their cosmic connection both in layout plan and inner pyramid spiritual ritual. These three large monuments most likely once represented their three most important Sun gods.

Three names that appear more often as a sacred group of three are …

Ninki (later became Ishtar) the mother

‘Enki’(later became Namakh) the father … represented with a bull of the heavens

Marduk'’ the son … usually represented with a Lion


Here is the next collection of evidence that proves the obsession theme of the four icons that decode the star secret:

Special star
Flying disc


I claim the Pleiades, special star, flying disc and crescent were an obsession… are there more?

Here are just a few examples. Some show more than others. Now that you the reader know the meaning of the basic patterns, see if you can pick up more in the pictographic images that follow. What other secrets were the artists suggesting? See if you can pick out the Tree of Life representation which was another obsession of the Sumerians.

Compare these star patterns now with Egypt, Stonehenge… even that on Mars, and ponder on the possibilities of it all being a crazy religion and that all the ancients across the world lied claiming making the contact with visitors from the heavens. They all built pyramids or large monuments… they all worshiped star visitors from the Pleiades that looked like themselves, but they were so advanced that they were deemed ‘gods’. All these ancient civilisations also interpreted the Tree of Life as another important secret that later was almost completely forgotten.

This is all up for viewing at oneism.org .

star map Pleiades Sumerian

This project is striving to release enlightening knowledge considered forbidden by many powerful institutions.

Please consider helping my quest in either the film project campaign (above) or directly to revive the hidden truth about the sacred equality of all humanity tied into this ancient secret...


©The Hidden Records® 2015
Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien starmaps on human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Mars Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in papers, followed by his book The Hidden Records by Wayne Herschel (2002) (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records) A Pleiades correlation with Stonehenge Tikal and Mars was released in South African TV documentary Carte Blanche in 2002. In 2013 The movie PROMETHEUS has claimed usage of the ancient star map human origin plot/material/rights and twisted it into worthless "evil alien" agenda which is curently being investigated. The ancient alien artifact expo by Wayne Herschel presenting museum quality reproductions of controversial rare artifacts with star maps and Pleiades are all copyright protected pieces ©2013