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The Atlantis Discovery book and DVD are now up for preorders! If you're looking for just links to the book or DVD, scroll straight down to the bottom of the page. I make this claim as the 4th person to try to prove Atlantis in Donana in Spain from a whole new angle and may have the proof that scholars have been looking for. After all, owning the claim to have 'discovered' Atlantis can only be earned when one presents the strongest case in proving it.

In competing to prove Atlantis in Spain, I credit the original finder of the site as E.M. Whishaw (1928). My video identification of only two of the circular canals is verified here. Plato said there were three canals, but because I was only able to identify the two deeper canals does not dispel the fact that there may indeed have been three. The third canal was probably not as deep. It may have split the first big rim island into two canals that were only designed perhaps for smaller water vessels and hence more in tune with colony residences.

My claim that the Richat structure in the Sahara is NOT Atlantis is based on many reasons. The main reasons being that it is too far south and too high in altitude. Also, another reason is that it fits an Earth forming molten crust impact site where normal impact geology residue would be long lost. Here is a study verifying the impact which matches two other multi-rim impacts on Mars and on the moon seen in my Part One Atlantis video ref .

Let us now officially accept that the elite actually succeed in convincing the world that the stunning recent-looking three-mile-wide geoglyph at the ancient site is manmade. Even so, it makes very little difference to the outcome and what is about to unfold very soon since logic and reasoning screams out it that is impossible to be manmade. You decide for yourself.

The geoglyph pattern seen in the top portion of the image above has a defined star map and encoded message with a countdown date to a moment very soon when something very sacred is about to happen on Earth.

This is why from here forward I will follow a new protocol for reasons of safety. While the book and DVD are still in the production stages, these video releases here are available to preview. The book will incorporate an entirely new collection of added findings, which will elevate the claim to a whole new dimension. While at the same time, steering away from any further debate on the origin of the geoglyph for reasons explained here.

The video clip for Part Two, as seen here, presents a strong case for the alien geoglyphs that I have identified with a message and possible Atlantis ruins, also the lost island continent and circular canal identification. Click the book image for the options or click contact and email interest in being notified when the products launch with free delivery.



The sensitive material that this subject deals with makes for a very risky journey, as does the extremely risky detail that exposes a very serious cover-up of the circles as... a sea monkey farm!

The big LA video preview production that launched an amazing quality presentation of the geoglyphs at a similar time to my claim originally also suggested that these anomalies appeared suddenly. However, it suggested that the geoglyphs were caused by massive ground subsidence from Atlantis ruins beneath the ground. I believe that they may have retracted the claim since? It would appear that as of November 26th, 2018 they might also be following a new avoidance safety protocol and perhaps also accept the manmade claim. Their new activity also chooses to avoid more debate on these extraordinary fast- appearing 'lakes'.

We both agree to disagree on the origin of the geoglyphs although both our claims take a paranormal angle. But one thing we do agree on is that both of our ongoing team activities, which focus more on the other finds in this area will stand on strong ground without this geoglyphs being proven manmade or not.


This is the last promo article where you will see my old videos and the alien geoglyphs claim in detail online to coincide with my aforementioned limited approach security protocol for the way forward. This will be explained. My book will cover less of this conspiracy and mainly cover the crucial archaeoastronomy analysis of it, be it man made or alien made.

I have come across what I believe is an elite cover-up using scientific scholarly papers that appeared online a week after my claim: Two separate papers with very bizarre reasoning and intentionally confusing elaborate wording. I was going to add a link but on second thoughts I would be promoting the cover up. They made this new paper look like an old post too and hard to google search locate for good reason. So let it remain as so.

The paper does not explain the building process of the nearly impossible to build gradient depth angular off-set ellipse shape 'lakes'. A project so grand it would obviously be a multi-million dollar project. A project set for one main objective: 'Sea monkey' (zooplankton brine shrimp) development. The project explanation offers no explanation on design size or 96 lakes chosen, yet gives weird other reasons real scholars are now questioning.

Here is a comparison size of the Giza pyramids to the geoglyphs' pattern. Consider just the volume of soil needing removing if manmade and how it would have been removed... secretly. It makes better sense if we were to consider one possibility, evidence of which exists worldwide. Namely crop circles! What if aliens decided to make a very big crop circle the same way by pressing down a crop into a pattern, but it was so big it used the same method and style but PRESSED THE CIRCLES INTO THE EARTH!

One must realise that there is a very valid reason why you will not have seen any reports in crop circle groups on these massive geoglyphs. They may not all be pro disclosure as you believe. Consider the reality too that only some crop circles are actually real and the cover-up campaign through all these years actually involved unexpected organisational help. Real 'crop circle investigator' teams who would promote there findings to the general public, were infiltrated and began operating with unprecedented cover-up agendas. And what if the same infiltrators are just as well involved in making hundreds of their own circles to keep the subject in complete chaos while bringing in revenue with tour groups?




Then would it be too farfetched to imagine that star visitors could make these geoglyphs the same way? But instead of pressing down on a crop field to make a pattern message, the message would be pressed down on the actual ground itself of the grand collection of old abandoned rice plantation fields. Recent radar testing shows a dense ground beneath each ellipse. Did the project builders really choose to go to this extreme? A 96 crop circle pattern created on such a massive scale it defies comprehension!

The elite would have no other option if it was not manmade and just appeared, other than to pretend to use the ellipses as lakes and claim that they in fact built them to be used for whatever natural life forms in them, ostensibly for new research. Yes, in fact 'sea monkeys' have always been appearing there naturally, since the eggs are very resilient. Their resilience is one of the reasons why these amazing robust creatures became a magical 'just add water' instant pet gimmic for kids in the 1960s.

Donana Spain without my alien crop circle claim still has something phenomenal to offer, if the masses believe it is not alien. It has an undeniable cosmic pattern made so large, it can no doubt be seen from deep space.

Alien claims aside. If it is manmade, it stands as the largest micro- organism project ever built on Earth. A project so secrative no newspaper ever covered it, no TV station and no periodical or magazine covered it either during the claimed 'build period'. Google earth then swapped images showing 'other' empty fields during the so-called build period claimed from 2003 to 2011. I watched the satellite image site often looking for ruins during this period.

I choose to delete the old 'real' date-stamped images that went missing of empty fields for my own safety, however rest assured there were many people searching for ruins there with these same missing 'original' images from 2004 when another National Geographic Atlantis discovery claim for the same area aired. I was always hoping higher resolution images would show more detail of ruins from weather changes and better sun angles. It never really bothered me why suddenly old images for that period were exchanged for others. But when Google Earth showed the massive 4 km wide geoglyphs completed in 2011 it was a big deal for our research team to try to find out more. We found nothing to verify who did it. Hence did a Cape Town talk event on it in 2013 to exchange public view on how big and alien it looks. With this having produced no further insights, let's leave this behind for now.

Let's also ignore the enormous construction roads that would have been needed to reach each lake that are now missing and were presumably planted over to maintain the all-important nature reserve visual appearance. Even though the visual appearance seems to have no bearing on anyone. After all, nobody has been allowed to visit this exact area in the last few months after there was filming discovered in the area. Let's also ignore the mountain-sized soil quantities the project claims to have removed that was obviously done secretly with nobody having seen them removed. Let's also accept that the builders chose the ancient star map pattern either by coincidence... or not.

If our powers that be insist we believe their construction claim, in all fairness we must be allowed to question just one thing if manmade: That their elaborate choice of pattern coincidently matches an ancient star map tradition with an encoded common cipher pattern, irrespective of whether is is made by people or by anything not earthly.

Let's ignore the reality that the double-mirror style depiction shows my established star map theory on both the western and the eastern horizon, matching how Orion appears when viewing both horizons as seen below.

2020 UPDATE OF ALIEN MESSAGE Now we have passed the year 2019 which we felt might be the date. The time has come to add an urgent update to re-evaluate the alien message that is about to be explored for readers that are revisiting this page. I have also had to remove the message detail from the videos as well. There were previously believed to be two possible correlating answers to the cipher code. One was the anticipated date, as this would be the type of expected message of any first contact event. I incorrectly assumed there were only certain elements in it to decode and this was an error. Also the symbol "<" reveals far more.

The new date has been decoded but sadly, due to a substantial risk, we cannot reveal it until the time is secure. We all expect that the message which is a time and date and detail of what to expect and where it will happen most likely will be the ancients' grand return... an official alien arrival possiblilty. This date and world site needs to be kept under wraps to avoid the risk that 'the-powers-that-be' will plan an attack on these benevolent ancestor lineage of our human genus.

The elite believe and follow the absolute insane protocol "Attack anything that might be considered a possible threat" merely based on the power the visitors have with their technology. This is unacceptable in cosmic law and why our world has endured a hidden visibility agenda and no go protocol for a long time in the opinion of all cosmic visitors.

Our reality is fast changing. Closer to the time of the reveal we will be calling on light warriors worldwide to step forward and join a new awakening awareness campaign if they want to be a part of the change that the world so desperately needs and that a messenger event like this, as we expect it to be, can bring about.



The pattern code coincidently depicts what I challenge is the old 'Orion punch card cipher code' seen in the videos and book. If the powers that be had local project leaders create this project at the site my work recognises as Atlantis, then we must ask the obvious.

Why coincidently they chose the real star map pattern that I reveal is ancient for this area. A layout pattern placed coincidently on the land many explorers claim as the real ancient site of Atlantis? For me, the land that was the site of the first Earth arrival colony landing over 17,000 years ago?

Chosen during the Ice Age period, an island continent on a very cold Earth that could be warm since it was in line with a renowned warm sea current. A land mass small enough that they can remove all dangerous creatures large and small and make it a safe EDEN paradise.

Atlantis also had the well-researched 'As Above So Below' star map layout pattern I set out to prove showing the star of origin of our cosmogenesis ancestors. Most now refer to this as the 'Herschel' star map layout template in the context of seven islands correlating with the Pleiades. Mouse over the image to see how the landmass of Spain and Portugal was an island continent over 12,000 years ago before the major impact event caused the crustal plate to shift as we see it today (seen in the Atlantis video Part One). Mouse over the image to see the overlay animated transition.



One must ignore all these coincidences, but consider just one obvious thing if we are forced to believe the geoglyphs were manmade:

Are the elite here on Earth trying to attract "First Contact' with a countdown to the specific time given in the coded layout? Are the geoglyphs at Donana aimed at our cosmic ancestors who built the pyramid star maps seen worldwide and on Mars?

If so... do you think for one milli-second that the ancients, our celestial ancestors who watch with surveilance technology beyond our wildest dreams, would trust our powers that be to meet with them secretly at this site on the given date correlation? With so many records of cover-ups, and shooting at UFO's so often in more recent history there is no hope in hell they would trust our planet's elite.

I am sure that our elite know that they know they will be atacked so then why would they cover up the geoglyphs if they are alien? Because the biggest fear is actual first contact itself. It speaks for itself that our elite would fear any cosmic messenger inclined to expose how our powers that be manipulate humanity for their profits and power. A messenger who would expose the human suffering crisis that is rampant on the Earth right now!

Let us now evaluate the star map portion of the Donana Atlantis geoglyphs and take a look at the video showing the countdown date encoded in them. Notice how everything about what we see in the video shouts out an official sighting or messenger event that will change history. Here is the portion of the star map showing the 'x' ancestor origin sun star that marks the spot in a way we can actually measure the precise position. As explained in the Part Two video, the grid layout plan of the fields matches celestial hemisphere grid patterns. The tilt of the geoglyph proven as Orion is shown correctly tilt matched compared to the band of the Milky Way. Is this all a coincidence or do we have a real alien star map and arrival message?



So we are back to debating the geoglyph chosen celestial pattern. You, the reader can decide who did it. The swastikas as stars show our ancient cosmogenesis ancestors' identity using only the Orion portion of the star map that I have found throughout history and as seen in the following latest discovery image.


Found on the island continent that I propose as Atlantis, north of the Atlantis ground zero circular canal site of Donana in Spain, we have a sacred relic with a star map (recently discovered by Mark Scott of the THR Team). ref .

Up to now there have been many skeptics claiming the swastika is not Orion, even with the convincing Hindu version showing the Om symbol as a bull of Taurus with the swastika and the 'X' sun star and exoplanet that marks the spot ref .

We had not yet found a swastika with a good correlating Pleiades portion on any relic to date until now. This valuable discovery will add more to the star map claim I have written about and established since 2003. This earliest human record artifact over 10,000 years old seen below speaks of the template star map of our ancestors' cosmogenesis... a cosmic template I have presented strong cases for with 35 ancient sites around the world ref .

Mouse over the image below to see the two traditional star map pattern themes the ancients used. Both share the 'X' that marks the spot so instead of using a big stone to place Orion's position more accurately they are literally squashed together. One showing the Pleiades in correct orientation seen above the eastern horizon. The symbolism purely aimed at venerating the teaching mechanism of the two celestial way-showers. The other one, the Indus/Hindu-recognised swastika style for Orion ref just like the Christian Cross I proposed in 2004, is used following the three Magi (Orion's Belt) alignment to find the 'Bethlehem' star. Mouse over the image to see the overlay animated transition.




'Atlantis Discovery 2018' is timed to launch with my other new book and DVD on how the ancients traversed the heavens: 'The Alpha Omega Taurus Star Gate'. One book covers the beginnings of humanity, the other covers the end times. Both stories go hand in hand to fully understand the hidden records of humanity... the cosmogenesis of our beginnings.

I claim to add more to prove a claim in 1928 for the same site that did not previously convince scholars it was Atlantis. I add a lot more and verify what seems to be the first place of advanced human colonisation on the Earth.

'Atlantis Discovery 2018' in Donana Spain completes a very complex bigger story.

While the world counted down and waited for a cosmic messenger event in 2012, fulfilling the writings recorded in the Mayan calendar, the unexpected happened. We may have had a cosmic visitor event that went unnoticed telling us the real date of arrival. Literally overnight sometime in 2011, a 3-mile-wide message with encoded date appeared at the site now being claimed as Atlantis.

What is being being questioned as the largest-ever created crop circle, it uses a swastika symbol for the stars of Orion showing the way to the position of a sun-like star near the Pleiades.

Atlantis is most likely the first place on Earth and it is a massive piece of the hidden records of life on Earth. The chronology of how, where and when can only be justified with a book. What happened in our solar system when Earth was seen as the planet of the apes? When its natural-evolved dominant hominid Neanderthal was robbed of its destiny around 17,000 years ago?

Our solar system experienced a massive alien invasion. Two planets were colonised by our human genus ancestors, who evolved somewhere else very far away within the same Tree of Life radiant blueprint universal code of life. They built their first civilisation cities with the cosmic template... a star map defining who they are and where they come from. They also colonised Mars with the same city of Cydonia layout plan.

Earth had an island continent that Plato explained had many features, all of which only a book can do justice to. Then a cataclysmic event occured in our solar system. Meteor fragments destroyed Mars, while Earth had a fragment hit the North Pole. Yes, ground zero for what caused the event known as the Biblical Flood has been found. But what does this all count down to reveal? These life-changing possibilities need to be seen. Because time is running out. Will this book be removed from trading due to the forbidden content it reveals? Get your copy fast before this all disappears silently into the night.

Will the new discovery proving the canals, how the island was once transformed to where it is today, the smoking gun impact event that caused it all and the massive foundation ruins be enough new evidence to convince the world of the truth?

Click the pre-order option here for either the book or the DVD...






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Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien starmaps on human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in papers, followed by his book The Hidden Records by Wayne Herschel (2002) (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records) A Pleiades correlation with Mars, Stonehenge and Tikal was released in South African TV documentary Carte Blanche in 2002.The ancient alien artifact expo by Wayne Herschel presenting museum quality replicas of controversial rare artifacts with star maps and Pleiades are all copyright protected pieces.