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Written by Wayne Herschel - July 2017

LEGAL NOTICE: For both security and legal reasons everything you read in this article has been categorised as a THEORY. No images or content can be used without permission by THRBooks, which has secured and holds the international copyright.

INTRODUCTION: This article is NOT intended to be an ornate written composition. On the contrary, it is designed to work more effectively with online language translation tools. It also keeps a complicated story as simple as possible and gets you the reader to question every line, claim, reference and every image. It is all about the images of real source artifacts, sites or ancient records. It is recommended that you study each image in-depth to give yourself the full opportunity to reason its thought-provoking meaning.

For a more relaxed entertaining presentation you may want to consider the DVD version instead that goes into the main aspects of the content covered here ref.

"IN A NUTSHELL" - Here is a short video preview of my new decoded symbols. They have been tested and measured and lead to the ultimate breakthrough 'Revelation':

If you have a large widescreen TV then the DVD version will be a great option. Using a slide show style format I graphically animate the clear quality images and point directly to the components, explaining what you see. The narrative is pleasantly delivered with the ethereal music background by none other than the great synthesizer genius Kevin Kendle.

The only choice of reaction possible by scholars to this article will be to attack either the writing style or claim the interpretations are 'fantasy'. I expect nothing less. Reasoning, logic and repeating measurable patterns are all on my side. These will no doubt corroborate the probability of a truth debate and completely work against them.


Research in this forbidden history of ancient star maps and monument correlations, which reveals an earth-shattering alien human origin theory, is the subject on which I published my first book ‘The Hidden Records’ 15 years ago. The image below shows nine cases identifying the primary sun star solar system of our ancestors. There are however 35 strong cases of the repeating 'alien' star maps showing that there are three sun star targets identified in this area. They answer the mystery of the solar trinity legend. Clues to the meaning of these alien maps are found in most of the megalithic civilisations. Here is the list ref



The sensitive material that this subject deals with makes for a very risky journey, as does the written-in-stone detail that exposes a very obvious cover-up. Views expressed against people in powerful positions and what has been covered up has caused a lot of interference in my life.

It is also worth mentioning at this point that freedom of speech laws are fast changing, including laws to protect those who want the revelation that is being made here covered up. It must therefore be stressed that there are absolutely no intentional direct allegations made against any individual or group, since this work is presented as theory.

This extrapolation presents many repeating theme patterns and goes on to make comparisons that show that every theme is not a one off chance. Due to these repeating patterns the reader may feel a strong sense of repetitive content style. This could not be avoided.


With my work defining how the 'God' Creational Source involves plasma ribbon physics with the use of advanced devices, a whole new angle needs to be approached.

There is a connection with ancient paranormal mysteries that reveals a Universal Creation force. A very important point to make here is that the devices literally seem to ride/use/traverse the plasma ribbon 'hand of God' with actual 'star gates'.

The subject of religion, prophecy and current world timeline events carry a huge connection to the meaning of what is about to be revealed. This subject ties to the basis of the star maps so it is critically important that it gets a solid introduction. It seems many different famous prophecy sources have seen this development and I will show why it is timed for now.

I would also like to make mention here, that with my status change now that I am handing the activity of the truth quest to a dynamic team, I must apologise in advance that they will now target more fund raising and advertising in my writings. All along in this journey, I have been against this sort of tactic, but they say this is the only way for the project to survive and move forward.


There is no getting away from the fact that the content presented here will more than before cover very sensitive religious material. Some of it unveils and identifies a questionable element that reasons how religions all evolved to tell completely opposing doctrines from one original solid truth. Some content will however uphold most of the common grounds of all religion with some uplifting surprises that you can add to your firm belief.

There will be better reasoning and logic for all aspects of religion never seen before if you are a seeker of more truth. Especially learning the keys to unlocking those portions of it that are encoded. For those of you who are very religious and cherish your gift of life and follow the high morality, peaceful living and love and respect values of your religion then feel proud and stand strong. The world needs more like you. Please just consider this article for its theoretical value.

This article is very important, especially for those who feel physically and spiritually lost. Or those struggling to find the meaning of life, the implications of current world developments or just seeking uplifting lost knowledge.

The release of the final pieces of an earth-shattering monumental puzzle is finally here. A solid claim has now evolved merging SEVEN of my greatest discoveries and they are presented here.

Some of the new breakthroughs many will agree are my strongest material ever released. The updated conclusions made on all seven breakthroughs will elevate both my 'Solar Trinity' star visitor human origins theory and my Pleiades and Orion ancient star map theories onto solid ground.




I coined this 'Solar Trinity' definition in 2002 after realising the Biblical Trinity had completely hijacked something much older. Namely the lost knowledge of the records of three Suns of the 'gods' found in both Egypt and Sumer.

I have a full article dedicated to the origins and how the Holy Grail itself celebrated the same lost truth. ref.

You can see in the shadows to the left of the 3 intersecting circles which is the official historical 'Trinity' symbol. Note the three orbs as a very clear hint they are actual round heavenly bodies as one. The historical Rothschilds family seem to have purchased an illuminated manuscript on it too. It is now officially named The Rothschild Canticles which is now online referenced in a special article ref.

The highlight discovery of the findings you are reading about here is without doubt cracking the clear message of the Biblical Alpha Omega 'code of God' at the end of the article.

The message identifies ancient records of real ancient star gates 'dialled into' a set Taurus address matching all my ancient star map findings. The heavenly gate is revealed in records on the Christ story and in an Aztec codex released recently by the Vatican! Once I knew the secret symbol for the star gate, it set off a snowball effect from one finding to the next.

My latest discoveries are presented here but I also add some of my older groundbreaking findings too as they suddenly show more as we weave together the old and the new.

FACT: The premise of my research is that: All over the world, vastly separated ancient civilisations all built similar megalithic monuments and claimed similar stories on star 'god' ancestors of similar appearance. However, scholars just shrug their shoulders and say "Coincidence!"


My star map theory proves why almost all the megalithic grand beginning ancient civilisations all obsessed in the cosmic bull. The best example decoding what bull worship was once about is found in one recently discovered mural that was not destroyed like all the others. Márton Molnár-Göb must be credited here for part of this star map detail identifying the 3 suns. It reveals the version of Roman bull veneration called Mithrism ref.

The heavenly deity that flies and who is behind the cosmic bull's neck (where the star map is found) is Mithrus. He is severing the bull's leg (symbol for Pleiades) and setting it free in the heavens where it came to rest behind the bull's neck in legend. He is clad in a red cape and blue body suit and I think he is the inspiring origin of the choice of a very interesting modern-day story with a popular following. That of the fictional hero 'Superman'.

The mural is from the recently uncovered temple of Mitreo Barberini found in Rome ref.

The veil or cloak is the doorway to the heavens and the Pleiades are seen through the cloak window. The 3 Suns are present as well in correct orientation as seen on the horizon when they rise. We will explore this cosmic doorway in great detail.

Mouseover the image to see the decoded detail.

Note there is also the clue to the deity arrival here in our solar system. It suggests literally seeding our earth with human life that came from the area of the cosmic bull. Hence involving the teaching of seeding life from the bull and the male part of the bull. We have the cosmic address with the bull, 3 suns and the Pleiades, as well as a destination. Traversing down a serpent conduit from the bull's leg (Pleiades symbol) to our Sun system which we will prove resides in between the pincers of Scorpio when viewed from the Pleiades area. Notice also a man with a trident rod literally 'opening' the star gate. All of this will be explored further on.




My journey trying to revive what I would soon learn to be forbidden records has been a struggle to say the least.

In 2003 I published my first book ‘The Hidden Records’ which exposes that the ancients ALL obsessed in the same precise star area. However, my claim ultimately set off unexpected interference and blockage from every media and book trading option I tried.

By 2004 my book was repeatedly cyber attacked. Time after time with each new distributor, storage of the book faced unusual anomalies that came in hard and fast requiring me to move tons of books each time. I was basically blocked from all the big name retail stores globally by 2005.




‘The Hidden Records’ 2003 Book 1 glossy paper 300 page full colour edition is at the time of this release about to come to an end globally. I officially state: Although I tried to beat the publishing world’s manipulative system with a private funding investment syndicate for ‘The Hidden Records’ book project, due to a horrific ongoing 13 years of interference, we failed to make it generate a return for investors. Here is the news article on the final pledge and detail for investors ref.

The greatest of all the unforeseen costs was the repeating loss of distributors’ contracts due to anomalies over and over again and the extreme cost in moving tons of stock each time. The last remains of Amazon stock are linked to here: USA and UK .


Unless a tough publisher or film maker out there has the means to turn it all around, the project will have to grow in greater numbers of active supporters first to be more successful. The THRBooks project is currently targeting an eBook series with a print on demand option and DVD's (of the same eBooks’ content) also created on demand. The idea is to avoid seriously vulnerable large stock holdings at all costs as these have been the targets of attacks. A printed book project will be considered with a large publisher to replace the current book once I have an established co-author interested.

The current published book and website material did however set a substantial copyright status in selected copyright linked archives and libraries all over the world. It was the responsible thing to do, achieving the securing of lost sacred knowledge with the correct representation of it. Also to be in a strong position to counteract abuse of it.

See the full story of the book with a dedicated 'goodwill' pledge to those who invested in it and my plan to keep free view content online, as well as the continuation of the DVD and eBook options ref .


Both thehiddenrecords.com website and the Oneism.org website will probably be under its usual series of attacks and be offline a lot so if you are reading this on the website please save the web pages to read offline. If you would like to pre-order and download the larger eBook or DVD version of what you are reading here with some added 'exclusive' material, and the other soon to release full series special offer, then here is the eBook link.

There will be some free view temporary copies of this Alpha Omega analysis online through news websites so word search "Alpha Omega Taurus Star gate" and carefully choose the most secure listed news sites and especially those without too much spam advertising. There will no doubt also be some bogus listings or viral loaded sites so be vigilant.

It is 2017 now and it is time to release online and as an eBook this heavily referenced final episode of the seven breakthroughs to launch the secret of all secrets.

The discoveries identify that all the ancients used similar powerful symbols to tell what I reveal as the same earth-shattering 'human alien' arrival story. We evolved somewhere else. We then arrived here and robbed the Neanderthal of his destiny.

I would never have dreamed in a million years that the final pieces of the puzzle that truly tie everything together would involve the actual discovery of records of star gate devices to get to these same specific stars.

The time has therefore come to ask: Seriously, is there even just a grain of truth in academia claims today that the ancients all told the SAME incredibly detailed matching lies by coincidence?

Absolutely and unacceptably not possible

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the sensitive developments revealed here, I believe it is no longer secure for or me to continue being active on my own in public in ‘The Hidden Records’ quest.

For over a decade I have tried to do what I do while living on a shoestring budget and continually experiencing all sorts of interference and losses. I just cannot manage to make ends meet on my own. As per my reasons outlined in the link , I now place all quest activity in the hands of 'The Oneism light warrior team' .

These are my main contributors, researchers and donors thus far. Soon the group will grow including the smaller active social media members and donors who will also become active Quest members ref. I need to take a long break, but I have been assured I will still have all my most important findings remain free view on my website.

Donations for the Quest that I will still manage, will help me get back on my feet. But never before will the Quest need public help like it does now. Please consider joining the Quest with a donation if passionate about really making a difference and helping to bring about urgent changes to help uplift humanity (See the bottom of all the hiddenrecords.com pages ref ).

But if you prefer helping the Quest with proceeds but getting back something really special: Please consider ordering some of the famous museum-grade ancient alien genre artifacts that have been decoded in this Quest seen below.


Soon to be updated with five more amazing relics, I currently have 25 artifacts, including what some would argue is some literally written in stone proof. As seen in the image below, these pieces are also referenced as 'The Herschel collection' and are now causing a big stir in academic circles. Especially now because the unknown detail of 3 suns and a star gate that was in doubt on five of the most controversial artifacts is completely solved. These powerful undeniable claims of an ancient star visitor forgotten truth are all telling the same shocking story. If just these pieces alone could be taken more seriously, they would inspire and uplift millions due to both the secrets of Creation content and human greatness that they portray.

The problem for scholars with these pieces is the repeating versions of matching details and symbols of a star 'god' arrival record which have not been recognised. As you read on, what I will cover will be the latest developments on ten of the pieces displayed here.

I have a study page that shows the exclusive ‘Hidden Records’ replicas created for passionate collectors that all show the forbidden truth of our history. Some are very famous and some were hidden. I have been fortunate to expose these forgotten pieces and render replicas for collectors. Click the image to see each piece up close, the source of the piece and the article decoding each piece. By the way, the hands in the famous artwork by Michaelangelo, now holding the Alpha and Omega symbols, are proportional in size to the actual sizes of the replicas seen here.




My theory that so few artifacts are found around the world with 'all the lost truth' is an obvious one and it needs to be explained. The name also I chose for my first book is the very reason that explains it. I am also thankful each ancient megalithic site had a few missed forgotten pieces of the same puzzle too otherwise people would say "well this is not the same for every civilisation". My powerful angle on this is... it is global!

I believe kingdoms of powerful families around the world all realised that the obvious risk to their position of power depended on keeping the human origins secret to themselves. They knew they would only stay in power with the con that they were more important than commoners if they began a whole new campaign.

The quest of such a campaign would be to locate forbidden records. Searching for artifacts that showed obvious human origin greatness and where all our ancestors come from.

I bet there were groups of chosen soldiers that had this mission and to find them in lands they also conquered.

Perhaps in every kingdom worldwide, they literally hunted and collected these sacred artifacts and locked them up in their elite archives. They were hidden records, the name of my book. Perhaps I should name this last collection on the planet showing the secret "The Forbidden Records".

The funny thing here is that they could not hide the biggest clues of all. These are their largest monuments! The pyramids, Stonehenge, and all temples. They were all placed in special positions where ground monuments match sacred stars in the sky. Positioned so to speak under the cosmic order they obsessed in that became the legend of "As Above So Below." This is the biggest part of my star map theory. Namely, that the layout pattern of the monuments around the world mirror the 'star visitor' human origins secret!

This is how my journey began, then the artifact hunt itself was inspired by the monuments. To see literally what artifacts were missed. I knew the story was just too big. Yes my most important pieces were the most obscurely placed pieces too. Historians no doubt wanted them in the background because they refute their academic sets of 'standards'. Their compilation of history theory to date that they follow like a religion.


This has been my main income to date marketing these collectors' pieces to the public and shipping replicas anywhere in the world followed by free delivery DVDs and eBook sold.

To find on my website that which you seek, simply use the special search window at the top of each page ref

My quest has always been driven by a dedicated sense of responsibility to revive ‘The Hidden Records’ project, then once completed and secured, consider my work as having been accomplished as a new growing team takes it to the next level.

For reasons of security, I insist that this article remains classified as a 'theory' although many 'silent' scholars insist that it is more than that. Scholars are now also invited to challenge or present their own papers on it and debate among themselves whether the history of human origins or the foundations of religion need to be re-evaluated more seriously or not.

See the bottom of this web page identifying and crediting the new growing team of growing active donors, active investors, active researchers and social media 'light warriors' who continue to make this project possible. There is also the offer to other websites and media for usage conditions of this article at the bottom of this page.


I believe you have all been lied to. I think historically the lies and cover ups and hidden records are intentionally motivated. The con of man under elite control reigns right up to this day. You are now going to discover the motives and what was covered up.

Almost all megalithic grand civilisations claimed to worship 'gods' in celestial ships, a cosmic bull and a Sun and a unique sickle shape crescent. The meaning of this has been hidden and it is a key factor in the records of history.

It was NEVER EVER our Sun being revered, it was clearly shown in so many repeating cases that it was another sun, a Sun-like star with its crescent exoplanet. They all appear to revere human origins arriving in ships that came from the exoplanet in the area of the cosmic bull in Taurus.

Kingdoms of earliest civilisations found a way to separate ancient records into two separate categories. Historical monarchy law was tough worldwide on separating works on daily worldly matters from works on belief-based claims which founded religions.

Both topics were under extreme strict laws to ensure that they do not merge. Once religions were established they put an end to any new claims on holy matters because they were easily smeared and deemed work of the devil.

From here forward the elite literally capped the paranormal subject for the reasons you are now going to be able to reason. Paranormal records set the foundation for the belief that you were born into and were not to be questioned or you would pay a horrific price.

Should you still trust this old primitive elite system? Was it the best intention of the leaders in these epochs to look after their people's ways to find truth and knowledge? Or was the protocol more in favour of the best interests of wealth of the family of the crown in each land that had been achieved through their plundering wars?

This control over humanity is still rife, and it is more serious because the 'super rich' over time seem to have forced their way in as money can buy literally anything. What follows is the reasoning to answer why this is causing a global crisis like never seen before.

Please be aware that this analysis uses interactive graphic overlays to view on a PC with mouseover action by your cursor, in other words, placing your cursor on some images reveals detail and explanations of my findings on the images. If you are reading this on a smartphone for example, the graphics will not work. The pdf version with the eBook will be the only option if you are passionate about understanding and owning this breaking new material.

This 'final analysis' of my research now questions the most logical measurable identity of a Universal 'God' Creation identity ever attempted. This final chapter so to speak includes a key missing piece of the grand puzzle - a cosmic door to 'heaven' device. Or should I be more specific - finding records of a wormhole mechanism literally riding a string of plasma 'serpent' ribbons from the Universal Creation Source. In all cases targeting only the sun stars I identify in Taurus.

The only way to approach this eye-opening material requires a refreshed introduction to some fundamental wrongly interpreted historical material and some critical founding religious clues from earliest records.


You are about to discover that more than half the world gets up each day in absolute terror and pain. People terrorised by gut-wrenching hunger, pain and emotional trauma. People trapped in elite inflicted impossible costs of living and current society's manipulations of chaos.

The real 'terrorists' of the world are those at the top of the pyramid of power and wealth.

The timing of this Alpha Omega analysis and seven new discoveries was calculated to coincide with the moment the crisis reached the level it is now. I will expose and clarify something completely inhumane and now catastrophic which is basically hidden that might find a new way forward.

Exposure of the shocking fact that more than half the world population is in deep crisis will be covered first, before the star gate codices and new artifact decoded discoveries are revealed. These things all need to be seen in the context of one another. Especially if the many prophecies are true and this type of wormhole star gate opens, allowing humanity to see in the form of 'first contact' the one who is destined to save humanity from the current world crisis.

Crucial excerpts from the Book of Revelation play a big part connected to the findings. These prophecies of St John have endured the hands of mandatory historical monarchy scribes. I propose that these manipulated writings over time chose to encode the identity of 'God' Creation for the eyes of enlightened initiates only.

If ever there is a more exact timed moment for the Book of Revelation 'end times' and the return of a cosmic messenger, perhaps overriding all TV networks, holding seven stars in his right hand identifying where he is from... then it would be now ref.



Why do you think I believe a 'first contact' event will take over TV channels? The fact is no alien messenger will even have a chance of exposing anything unless it is seen on TV. Especially if those he is exposing as the evil of the earth have the power to control everything you see and hear. No messenger will be ever be able to set a foot safely on our world either. The powers that be have seen to that too. An alien messenger or even a mortal active speaker revealing corrupt world powers that be would be arrested in a matter of hours. But especially an alien. They would be arrested and silenced after setting foot on Earth just in case they are a theat or carry dangerous disease or microbes. The world protocol has apparently always been to swiftly detain any alien and lock them up for study. Even if it were a just a televised takeover message the elite will do everything urgent to try shut it down. The excuse they will give for this is that they insist it is for public safety, just in case aliens want to invade or destroy the earth.


The collection of my new claims adds to my 'alien human origin' star map theory founded in 2003. This was based on 35 ancient human origin accounts ref showing 3 real documented 'G' class Sun-like stars near the Pleiades as seen in the animation below. I propose they possibly have exoplanets like Earth and the star maps show they use Orion's Belt to locate the Primary 'Sol 1' 'sacred' Sun star area known by many names: The Star of Bethlehem, Star of David, Star of Ra and the star of the 'Gods' seen in many civilisations.

Apart from the Tree of Life Creation material as seen on the Oneism website at oneism.org , my entire 'star map' theory seen on ‘The Hidden Records’ website and in the book by the same title, involves different symbolism. The depictions all amount to a complete narration fitting EXACTLY what you are looking at here. So if confused with any depiction or claim that is explored, scroll back to this animation and see how it correlates.


My claim that I am a 'Symbologist' needs greater clarification.

For those that don't know my general background, to be more accurate, I am a freelance, free from strict academic protocol "pictographic symbologist" with two decades' research ref. I present a completely new collection list of symbols decoded. ref. I operate independently and free from the strict manipulations and conditions applied to specific portions of paranormal history commanded by elite controlled academic society or publishers. Do I sound anti-academia? The answer is yes in regard to what I believe appears to be these censorship protocols.

World academia have what appears to be restricted manipulating protocol to treat all material suggesting alien evidence as off track cult belief systems. They are strict to insist alien life does not exist until one day there is enough evidence that it cannot possibly and conclusively be refuted.

It appears to be the norm that all alien claims be smeared, ridiculed and any scholars attempting to write seriously on this subject have lost their scholarly positions.

I am also aware there are media placed scholars and media personalities that create 'the illusion' they are revealing revived truth on human alien origins. On rare occasions these speakers show benevolent alien evidence as lost knowledge and subject matter. But usually they prefer the bad alien agenda perhaps keeping their elite sponsors happy. In reality the material they present is no more revealing than the masses of already published material deemed safer, covering less important confusing aspects.

These elite favoured reapers of chaos weave a false sense of importance. This invariably results in the general public seeing the safer but intentionally confusing presentation of only questions and no proposed structured answers. They also seem to prefer content that entertains rather than tells the truth to earn their ratings and profits. Sometimes the confusion of theories has very inspiring graphics, but I am convinced that they are all under strict control of either their social order or sponsors they are making money for.

The general big media mission in my opinion in this ancient alien subject matter: It is all for the money, avoid the forbidden star map facts, show some of it in obscurity to confuse interest, twist the truth, promote a larger dose of bad alien theory and keep asking questions so the potential for more episodes or books and presentations can be secured.

I also believe some of these established personalities involved in popular alien documentaries are about to fight this hold the elite have over them. Let's wait and see who break free and cover the truth first with correct usage and referencing and who remain pawns of the elite.

Academia offer many courses for archaeologists dealing with the earliest origins of texts which originated from pictoglyphs and were turned into spoken sounds in language and texts. But for one reason and one reason only the small pictographic images that became words follow a defined strict ruling. They avoid reasoning of what inspired depictions of these themes in the first place. Then to add insult to injury, there is the mandatory categorising of the inspiration as weird religions and mindless off-track cults.

Due to protocols mentioned, academia seem to follow one specific trend: They believe it is not important to question why all the ancient civilisations all chose the same paranormal themes with illustrated pictures and the same unique matching symbols globally.

These matching themes are often called coincidental. Also coincidental to them is that all ancient civilisations built pyramids and megaliths venerating the same human-in- appearance star gods as their ancestors. It is also worth mentioning that images which became symbols once illustrated emotional stories that had meaning long before each symbol had a completely separate use to its meaning for the recording of spoken sounds and words.

For example the 'pictographically based' researched rebuild of the missing Inca Sun disc I rendered which I am holding here. It takes all the Inca artifact depictions into account that scholars did not. Firstly the face needs to be oval. This brings into account the global records referencing the renowned Sun God face detail that you will see in this presentation, and on Mars . The beard, goggles, microphones and special star patterns in Inca correct style. The seven main sun rays too. Click the image for the Inca Star Map article and new discovery of the real Cusco Puma geoglyph layout plan.



My new and original works unveil a whole new collection of lost secrets, lifting the veil on what I believe is a global mind control mindset so to speak. I am certain we have been bombarded with decades of potent mental hypnotic suggestive material in all media to get the masses to consider all ancient alien mystery conspiracies and UFO research as silly fiction.

Media is constantly bombarding us all with the most horrific violent content too. Ever sat back and measured how many TV games or TV channels are crime, violence and horror filled?

Is this not literally terrorising humanity?

How can a child grow up with this as the norm? It is as if those in control want us to be violent by nature so they can recruit these children as soldiers when they grow up to fight the war of all wars.

When media are 'allowed' by their tycoon owners to show documentaries on these topics, they tend to promote the 'evil alien' agenda. We also see this being the case in 90% of sci-fi films so we become afraid of a first contact event. I believe this is a mind control tactic so we fear aliens and when our leaders shoot at them, no doubt many will believe it is the right thing to do.

The mind control veil also needs lifting on the human origins theory. We seem to follow like sheep the current 'missing link' incomplete and inconclusive Earth evolved ape to human origin theory literally as if it were fact.

The masses seem lost in chaos in some sort of deep hypnotic trance causing most to feel exhaustion or uncomfortable when seeing material on our real star visitor origins and the star maps. Could this be caused by some hidden suggestive mind control? I believe it is possible.

On a more positive note, most readers of my work so far, after dedicated wading through the material, learning of both our sacred bloodline origin and spiritual soul origins, suddenly seem to 'awaken' and become active in all sorts of humanitarian ways.

New revived sacred truths are the key in awakening consciousness. These truths will steer many away from old manipulated warlike belief systems and cults, especially extremism. I have named this combined collection study of the fundamentals of all religions, the paranormal, my material pertaining to the secrets of the soul and on the 'Oneness' of all humanity, 'Oneism' and it can be found at oneism.org.

Oneism and the sacred records of our star visitor human bloodline that can be found on the website thehiddenrecords.com have been set up in a very defined way and made very clear that there will be no possible chance of it evolving into any form of extremism. The hundreds of pages of important fundamentals are available at NO cost to study with free view online on both websites.

The Oneism spiritual way is a peaceful gentle way for each to seek and find oneself in the process and more importantly to experience it as a private belief system. It must never ever be forced on anyone. Everyone reserves the right to believe whatever they want. However the Oneism belief and study outlines clearly that any form of religious or spiritual extremism or expression of religion in public creates upset and is a destructive trait.

At the most, for ANY belief system including Oneism, coverage of belief based content in any media should be as neutral as possible and concise as possible. Nobody wants to see other rituals or others beliefs pushed into their faces.

IF ever my Oneism promises of no extremism, free content, or the prime content is suddenly massively altered, then something terrible might have interfered with it and I urge all to look out for original unadulterated copies. I am taking this strict approach especially for the eBook, which has only one official source distribution for now. Anything else, do not trust, unless the source page adds new safe distributors.

We stand a chance at truly becoming more humane if all these new works that I present become known, tested, measured and followed. It will end the destructive ways of society that are not harmonious with nature in any way, shape or form. The truth will set us free and elevate the human spirit and uplift humanity.

The release of this presentation in August 2017 occurs during a developing world crisis situation that seems set on having one of two alarming outcomes. Either way, both threaten to override all the revived lost knowledge that might uplift the human spirit out of chaos. Firstly, there is a possible world war disaster scenario that might unfold. Or if not, secondly, a scenario where the very rapid manipulation and reduction of human rights will manifest itself globally.

Human rights ethics are being manipulated very fast as humanity becomes more enslaved to the world elite club of billionaires. A group of people who appear literally to 'own' governments are challenging our reality. It is important to digress a little explaining this 'connection' before revealing the new discoveries.


Since the movie 'Stargate' my research team like me have all been active followers of many claims that some symbols by just their appearance represent star gates. Since 2003 we showed online that we agree with many researchers how obvious one symbol especially looked. But time has passed and no researcher up until July 2017 offered a discovery claim to prove why one special symbol more than others can virtually prove the symbol's meaning.

Nearly two years ago, when I knew for sure I had developed a strong case to present my discovery proving the meaning of the Omega symbol, I wrote to two of the best support researchers I know to share the news. I also asked for help to search for more material to prove it further. Our growing in size research team now has two highly trusted public active researchers you see in the image below, Márton Molnár-Göb from Hungary is on the left and Mark Scott from the UK is on the right.

The complete T.H.R. team (The Hidden Records team) currently also has 5 silent active researchers and promoters and 5 silent active investors. I shared the breakthrough in complete secrecy with just these two members due to the magnitude of the findings.

I also showed the Omega symbol in the context of the work of scholars also decoding the Alpha symbol and what it means in the context of the Biblical quote.



Márton and Mark were very excited to say the least. They agreed this is also the strongest material so far in support of my basic star map theory. This is because the collection of supporting depictions of star gates all had evidence of the address that was 'dialled in'. It was the Pleiades area!

We debated how since the 'Stargate' movie many researchers have wildly claimed that the Omega symbol looks like a star gate. But then so did claims of all sorts of depictions and monuments too, which swamped the topic in chaos.

The credit of who was first in the discovery of the Omega we will leave open in case there is a first finder with substantial case that needs referencing. However, only if the claim predates 2015 when we released a few published teasers on it with the usual time marker stamped proof in social media to verify the release date.

I asked both my research colleagues urgently to search for more records proving the use of the symbol and they both contributed with additional valuable material. I thank them again for their dedication and I will reference their names and what they found in each case.

The Alpha and Omega are obviously the Greek letters for the beginning and end of their alphabet. But one needs to find out what it meant in EARLIEST HISTORY in the context of the Biblical Book of Revelation quote 'I am the beginning and end'.

This quote actually speaks a complete sentence and conveys a message in the context of the mystery messenger individual who claims who 'he is' and why he holds seven stars. A heavenly visitor that we expect will announce what most believe are the critical changes needed to society and reveal the way to help those who are in crisis RIGHT NOW. The two other Greek symbols of the Chi-Rho combination suddenly gel too as they are part of the encoded message.

According to one line in the book of Revelation, the earth-shattering words by a future messenger are quoted as saying: “His words cut like a two edged sword.” I believe the harsh tone of the words is most likely aimed mainly at the 'world powers that be'.

This article will first decode the Alpha symbol completely with scholars and their references proving they made the finding. I will introduce early in this article a preview of the oldest and most pictographic written-in-stone life-changing depiction of the Omega symbol on what I name 'The Genesis Stela' as the first major discovery.

But I will not completely reveal this stone's full Omega message in context until you see ALL the best evidence of it. Many cases will piece together the ultimate unified Omega records found throughout the ancient world.

Trace the written-in-stone proven origins of the two Greek symbols below and place their original sacred representations in context with the extracted meaning derived from all the global cases using these symbols and you will be absolutely amazed what it actually means!

I will present the full message I will present as a grand conclusion right at the end of the presentation.

This Revelation quote claims a Messiah 'returns', or just as many like me prefer to believe, a real 'first contact' star visitor 'Cosmic Messenger' event occurs and something profound is revealed. Either way, this individual associated with Creation of the universe makes the claims seen in the quotes seen in the image below:




This collection of major breakthrough discoveries that I present here is so inspiring that it is inevitably going to go viral and may ultimately overcome the perpetual interference and blocking this work has endured.

Many are familiar with how my work has had to endure constant removal from book shelves and media, not to mention being tarnished in social media by malicious cyber activity, as well as 'fake truthers' trying to twist the meaning, while being active in smear campaigns.

This collection here also builds upon the works of many historical theories made by countless brave authors of the pre 1800s era. Many of whom were treated horrifically as heretics. Thankfully not all their books were removed or destroyed due to their content. I have found some rare copies of such in old libraries. I should also credit an unexpected religious institution too for recently and very timely releasing these saved manuscripts.


I can hardly believe what I am writing here but it is true, I must credit the Vatican for some of the most important lost knowledge works recently released from their archives ref. (The historical relics released will play a very large part in this article).

I'm not sure which Pope to credit here. In time all will be clear.


I also need to address some historical religious encoding of the essence of 'Universe Creation' Source. What emerges is a more measurable 'less fear instilling' more scientifically reconstructed light form for the omnipotent all-seeing all-knowing force that created time space matter and life.

'God' Creation identity is a very sensitive topic and because of this, it warrants greater logic, reasoning and consideration of known scientific force field patterns when studying the Creation of the universe event itself.

We live in a very fast developing field of physics and quantum mechanics, especially in the fields of time and space bridging parameters, and considering the nothingness of everything that we believe is solid is in fact, just force fields. It is a matrix illusion of life we live in, but it all has a design code for the gift of life itself ref.

Do we have a world where we can cherish this gift of life?

99% of all humanity is not able to cherish the gift of life and these new truths stand to change everything.

The element of worship is also another human trait that has been manipulated to keep humanity oppressed and literally ... on its knees.

Get up off your knees and celebrate and be proactive with your gift of life and evolve into deeper love and honour of the light of Divine Creation.

More directly: Awaken from the element of 'worship' and evolve into higher consciousness in deep meditation connection to source while you express thanks and cherish your gift of life.

For those who are not keen on meditation or prayer... that's also fine. The Creation connection and higher consciousness option is still possible. More importantly what is more sacred and 'holy' is HOW you live life daily in harmony, constructively with all things nature and with fellow humanity, even without prayer or meditation ref. You will most likely be living in a very sacred way by living CONSTRUCTIVELY and not destructively even without meditation or prayer. This, compared to someone who believes in the revived truth and prayer but lives life destructively! ref

The 'con of man' in many belief systems is that you can live life destructively, even occasionally go to temple and pray from time to time, but when near death, simply repent all sins and you will be assured of an afterlife of paradise. This is so illogical and wrong in so many ways, it carries the fingerprint of historical monarchy in the text edits, a monarchy trying to fuel holy war machines for their profit. I do not doubt for a second, asking in prayer for forgiveness on a death bed will help one's afterlife potential, but it cannot possibly be a quick free ticket to paradise.

As for the concept of worship, why not engage in a very simple logic test for this claim right now: Let's do what earliest religions originally appear to have done and personify Creation again as human, BUT not as the man with a beard in the clouds, but more along the lines as our loving cosmic 'parent'. Then ask yourself how would one's parents feel if you constantly bowed down at their feet, for long periods of time, uttering long rehearsed often repetitive ornate lines of how much you adore and need to worship them like this?

Is the Creation conscious light (of which your life force is probably a small piece of it) NEEDING the element of worship or would it be more sacred and holy replacing this with living more constructively through expression with a more gentle humility, love and honour and appreciation for you gift of life?

Now... using this personification test too, would one's parents be happier and prouder of you and want to connect more with you like this? Or would they logically prefer more occasional emotional expressions of honour and love while you get on with your life constructively, adding to society and cherishing your gift of life?

This outcome is far more logical and reasonable replacing the element of worship with love and honour.

It is time to take the religion out of religion and become more spiritual.

These new insights will also hopefully make us good constructive human beings and evolve away from evil destructive habits and away from living in fear of God and the warlike element of religions. What is the definition of good and evil in the context of daily living some may ask and how can one reason such a life-changing measurement?


Morality: "Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour."

Where is the humanity in our leadership today since this ethic went missing? How could we have got so lost along the journey of progression? It is never too late to revive our morality.

There is a very easy way to reason and define morality and everything written in every holy book on good and evil...


Twelve humane 'good' moral trait word definitions that one can nurture, while remembering also their destructive opposite traits that one can stifle seen in the image below.


Ref - Oneism.org Any theologian will agree that if you take all the Christ personality traits written about in all the New Testament texts and try to define his character it would score nearly perfectly in the blue triangle seen below. The Christ expressed anger in the incident when tipping over the tax collectors' table. Even that expression of anger taught a very constructive lesson in the public eyes and written record. He was being pro-active without violence inflicted on another or destruction of anything important.

To define a Holy person it is logically one having the highest level of God consciousness/connection and to add, one who would exist on Earth in absolute harmony with everything created in nature.

Therefore in defining what a holy person would look like it would be one that has a personality and life habit that literally radiates all of the constructive traits.

You will also see three unexpected crucial traits here that the elite have conned us to accept under their rule of the media saturated world we live in. One is to be 'motivated' or 'demotivated' has never really been seen as good or evil. Fact is most are entrapped in horrific circumstance and it is impossible to be motivated due to elite control. The goodness and way to do something great with one's life needs the joy of being motivated to engage in constructive action in living life and developing society and its people.


The two personality traits of arrogance and greed are two easy to recognise traits that expose the Earth's '1%' billionaire elite. Their destructive greed is now inflicted upon the '99%' world population. They might have succeeded partly over the ages in trying to con us that arrogance and greed are okay in business and not evil if you want to be successful and profiteer. They smile often when they tell you how in business they are winners. They feel no remorse when they 'destroy' their opposition where a whole company gets shut down and all made jobless. They love saying...well, it is just business.

Right now arrogance and greed are the two most destructive forces that egocentric billionaires utilise in destroying society.

If ever there could be one trait that stands out strongly in Oneism it would be the most holy and sacred way of humility ref. Here is the graphic of traits in one simple image that covers learning more about good and evil in an important precise and clearest possible way. The 'old way' needing one to study a traditional and often manipulated concept on it has not helped the masses at all.



For those using translation software:

GOOD: Appreciative of, and protector of nature and life:
Peaceful - Gentle - Humble - Loving - Sharing - Respectful - Joyful - Caring - Honest - Forgiving - Motivated - Patient

Now for 12 words that reflect the exact opposite:

EVIL: Unappreciative of, and destroyer of nature and life:
Warlike - Violent - Arrogant - Hateful - Greedy - Disrespectful - Miserable - Uncaring - Dishonest - Unforgiving - Demotivated - Impatient

Please note there are many other words one can add, but for simplicity the 12 strongest are presented for good reason. You will find other traits in question are either sub grouped traits under those above or the trait in question cannot occur if the person has mastered most of the good traits mentioned. For example 'ego' was debated if it should be added. One is definitely easy to recognise as arrogant if one has a destructive ego. If humble it is almost impossible to have an ego.


The statistic update referenced below in an elite controlled media world is probably not the true number which some say is much higher.


Out of the 7 billion plus people of the world, the number who wake up every day experiencing hunger, in emotional and physical pain and filled with anxiety, is close to:


I can imagine many screaming out "This is not true"! The fact is it might be even far WORSE. Firstly consider that a vast portion are suffering children too. This is unacceptable. One has to also consider millions of middle class too that are close to suicide from pain due to horrific anxiety approaching an unavoidable disaster. They know they are slipping into a situation where they are about to lose their homes due to cost of living debt and harsh banking ethics. But the more serious crisis right now are the poor. Here are the already out of date figures that calculate:

Three quarters of the world live on less than $10 a day ref

Ten dollars a day in reality is more like an 'enslaved' labourer. Let's say he has a wife and two children to support. The family have no chance to live securely in dangerous times in much more than a shack, hardly enough food to eat to be healthy, no chance of spending on serious medical situations, or proper clothing or having reliable transportation. Everyday existence where a hungry family like this is working long hours in absolute anxiety and hardship is not what life was meant to be. Now imagine also at least a billion of these souls in even greater crisis running from war or without work and homeless with nothing... add these poor souls to this misery calculation and question world morality.

If the Creation shares consciousness with all life...
Will the Creation allow life on Earth to continue like this?

Or will our elite manipulated laws ever change fast enough in time to save the world before it is too late, by putting all those causing the crisis on trial for crimes against humanity? Are billionaires really the cause for the crisis?


The explanatory analysis and reasoning follows now which exposes critical world issues that fit with the star gate discovery. Why?

The conclusion will reason the high probability that if all of this basic grounding information is true then we might actually be very close to a FIRST CONTACT event. When a star gate opens and a cosmic messenger delivers a message!

All the clues to the timeline when and where a cosmic messenger might appear and what will be the basis of such intervention will be in the eBook .

Everything is about to change in our daily reality due to the hidden global human suffering crisis I have revealed in the next few topics covered. Be it catastrophic war, attempted mass human slavery, or where humanity makes a stand.

The Great Human Uprising event seems likely now, due to more and more people seeing clearly how we have all been lied to and manipulated by our powers that be. But the big change to peace and happiness for the world masses might involve a little help from above as many of us truly hope.

An alien first contact event is likely with the star gates that I have recently identified, which have the cosmic address that they appear to be 'dialled into'.

Let's look at what I believe many experts have outlined, with very little media coverage, as the cause of the world suffering crisis: The catastrophic profiteering by billionaires.

Definition of a billionaire - Those who have a net wealth above one billion US Dollars. These are the members of society that make up a small portion of the '1%' of the world population of the so called 'super rich'. Any millionaire, especially those below 100 million USD net wealth are in my opinion NOT the main cause of the current global crisis.

The super rich and powerful, over a long period of time have conned all humanity to adore them and accept their greed, manipulated wealth and nobility to be regarded as a measure of greatness and more.

I have created a powerful short story here to recreate a situation of what happens when 100 people are shipwrecked on an island and they start from scratch with their own new society. I uncover how blatantly evil and easy it was for the monarchy system to thrive and achieve that which all the top members of the 1% of today have mastered and that is destroying the world.

Ever wonder how the monarchy system created the illusion that they were more worthy than a 'commoner', a special bloodline perhaps? Or how they found a way to get all to adore them and their family opulence and wealth? Yet they somehow managed to instil a combination of adoration and fear, ensuring they elicit obedient acceptance and having everyone bow down before them as though they were gods?


Imagine travelling on a small 100 passenger capacity ship on a holiday cruise and the worst imaginable solar flare has just knocked out all electrical systems everywhere around the world. It knocks out all communications and electrical systems on the ship too. The ship then sails blindly onto an island coral reef because it went far off course in the chaos. All 100 survivors jump off with sacks of fruit and vegetables before it sinks and are on the beach with literally just the clothes on their backs and the produce that they can plant.

A group of environmental scientists who were on the cruise and were supposed to be heading to a convention explain to all how serious the flare situation is that they were monitoring. They reveal that the world is literally going to go through a period of no technology for some years. Nobody would be coming to rescue them either or even know that a rescue is needed. The 100 survivors are now on their own and they will be alone for a long time on a tiny uninhabited island. But fortunately it is an island that can be planted with food since it has great resources of water, trees, deer and no horrible insects or predators.

It is decided they urgently need to build shelter, make fire and separate a small group of temporary leadership based on their experience of survival skills. The scientists then hold a meeting and propose the best way forward would be to spread the planted vegetables into groups who will watch over specific plantations, as well as deer hunting and breeding. They also propose that a barter system is the best way ahead where each group needs to have a good harvest to trade with others and there would be rewards for those that work hard so all are motivated to do their best.

For many months the community grows and everything is going well because of the great abundance of resources and motivation with the crop reward system. The first problem they have as a community is a religious matter. They argued over what place of worship they would need to prioritise with three religious groups involved.

The group of temporary leadership of scientists were not keen on further leadership since the task was not something they liked at all. They were looking for a leader to take all the responsibility. They held a meeting to discuss new leadership and debate the holy temple solution at the same time.

Since we have all seen how people discriminate so much among religions and how so many wars are being fought based on belief, the scientists proposed that that this island should do something different. Something that should have been done in the world a long time ago. It was agreed all keep their own differing beliefs very private. It was agreed that only the common grounds of religion had a place in this community, believing in a creator and the general agreed teachings on morality with a much more private spiritual way forward of 'Oneness' with nature. It was decided prayer would be reserved exclusively for private places like one’s own home. Additionally nobody would exhibit their religious traditions openly in the interest of an experience for all based on greater peace and harmony.

A year later a complete village was built and there were a lot of new children being born and everyone seemed happy and worked well and traded fairly.

But then one day an arrogant greedy bully who had control of the most valuable nourishing supplies, the sweet potato crops, decided to build a fence around them and set new laws. He decided these are the crops that he developed through hard work so he will manage them as he pleases.

One single person, just 1% of this whole new colony then demanded a better exchange deal because he felt his produce was of higher worth than the others' produce. He also decided he should be the leader on the island because of his new exaggerated claims that he has earned it. The 99 people on the island discuss the situation and agree they had already talked about the need for a leader and accept his demands. After all, this is how it worked in cities and all were used to the capitalism way. They did not want a confrontation so they allow his demands to be met.

The new leader then settles in and not long after this, raises the exchanged value amount for his produce. This is followed by getting others to do all the harvesting, planting and watering and the reward is these workers get some extra produce since it is the main food and needed by all.

This arrogant individual sat and did almost nothing each day other than boss around others. He found a way to get his life rewards for free simply by manipulating people.

Over time this one man began to manipulate a band of workers who would also carry out his bullying tactics. The bully wanted more land and more control of the other produce. He began trading others' lands rights for more shares in the sweet potato harvest as he extorted his different produce values further.

It reaches a point where the leader owns everything on the island and has all the people working for him. Obedience is mandatory or he will inflict harm on those who are not obedient. He finally inflates his produce value now to the point that all on the island basically work all day every day just to have enough food and shelter to survive. He tells these enslaved people to be thankful and count themselves lucky they have food in this difficult time where more work is needed to make more produce.

Is this moral or fair?

We all know what would happen next on this small-scale island colony because it is much easier to solve a situation with a small colony.

All 99 people, who started calling themselves the '99%' had a meeting where all agreed life was better when all shared the resources fairly. They agreed the most humane deal is when everyone does their bit and each receives the same rewards for a comfortable day’s work. They agree leadership is more effective having a group of seven people rather than the risk of one leader who could easily become a dictator. Having a wise ethical based group of seven watching and managing all matters would be better for the 99%.

Eventually the strongest men walked over to the bully and grabbed him, chained him to a tree like an animal and it was decided they needed a new revived island resource share trade where all worked reasonable hours, had food, shelter and happiness. Since the capitalist way failed and they all knew that the communism model was absolutely out of the question, they asked the scientists what model would work.

The only humane system at hand at the time would now have its beginning. A resource shared economy plan. It simply means all the resources on the island belong to everyone, each continues in groups maintaining the produce as before. But it means no profiteering is possible, just sharing and special incentives designed to treat those that work hard by allowing them larger rewards.

The 99 percent’s leadership group of seven then informed the bully after a week of being chained up and stripping him of his pride that he will have just one more chance to fit into their community. They said he could resume again and be free as one of the community if he agreed to follow the shared produce and humane life ethics agreement. They warned him too that there will be no second chances if he breaks these laws. He will get locked up permanently in a jail that they would then have to build.

The moral of this 'Island' story:
The 99% need to find a way to retain power to control society laws. Happiness and harmony is only possible if the 99% work as one with a private spirituality of 'Oneness' and with a resource shared system and work reward incentives. Thus removing the old ways of the 1% dictatorship manipulated society and preventing catastrophic greed and profiteering. Will the world find a way to do the same?


Just as presented in the 'Island' scenario, the only way for a non-corrupt transparent way forward for world government is as follows.

Having one leader in power in any country opens up the worst possible potential for manipulative conniving personal gain options. We all know corruption is the biggest downfall in many governments worldwide.

It is easy for one person of power to hide illegal activity if he can boss all those around him that want to check his activity.

The simple answer:


Every country should vote for a Council of Seven shared leadership positions that share every decision made as one council by voting on everything they make decisions on.

The choice of people for candidates need to be those who are not even near multi-millionaire status and people with long public records of humane activity who are strong in the good traits I have shown and that are easy to measure.

Candidates are also banned from having sponsors for media campaigns. We all know sponsors will want something back when they spend a fortune on promoting a candidate.

Each council prioritising mixed multiracial ethnicity, a balance of 4 women to 3 men since men sadly have a little too much war hungry testosterone handicap.

Every member open to substantial ongoing auditing where no deals are made behind closed doors. Massive auditor teams always rotating and having new people join frequently so no permanent members can be bribed.

Why hasn't this happened before in powerful countries? That is because billionaires have had the reigns for so long that they have found all the loopholes that need controlling to prevent such an unprofitable disaster for themselves.


I have studied many sources of prophecy here that seem to identify a world crisis event and period: ref.

Many of us like me believe this period of chaos will be one that will include a cosmic messenger that reveals the hidden records about the meaning of life and human rights. A messenger not of this Earth that inspires and empowers humanity to find their way forward, peacefully removing the cause of all that is wrong with society ref.

There might also be no cosmic messenger event at all. We need to prepare for this too. If so, humanity will need to find its own way forward somehow with the least violence possible. The logical goal with all humanity in mind: To implement new laws preventing elite profiteering making a fortune on very little physical or mental effort. New laws increasing minimum earnings and better earnings for any hard working people dedicated to social development. In time, billionaire manipulators will become extinct as all of humanity should logically share its resources. It would constructively evolve into a resource shared economy ref . A world where ownership of anything is gradually replaced with free usage agreements for individuals and even more benefits for productive family units. ref A comfortable luxury life is possible for all, especially those that have worked the most for the benefit of the community ref .

It is important for humanity therefore to believe in the human spirit and to find a peaceful way in the struggle against the elite rather than depending on a messiah saviour to fix it all. The promise of accession or to be saved and taken to another paradise world in your current biological state is unlikely. The human form is ravaged with microbes and disease and horrific bacteria types that are impossible to remove. Millions of contaminated humans being saved and moved to another paradise world is absolutely impossible.

However, what does make sense in a cosmic messenger event, that is if the past holy records or prophecy are based on something true: The concept of angels (cosmic visitors) arriving, probably taking from this earth a few 'chosen' people, but it will be people chosen for removal, i.e. those that are the most destructive people.

Let us consider the references of casting evil people into ‘Hell’. Hell, which in this instance is most likely another world perhaps already biologically infected beyond hope. A world with very harsh conditions to which destructive human beings are relegated.

There are historical images that follow that show a messenger of the cross, that experts claim is the Christ casting destructive people wearing bare minimum into this place known as 'Hell'. But my greatest interest in this depiction in this article is the green Cosmic dragon mouth representing this Christ-interactive conduit ref .


Any individual's personality traits are easy to see if you know what you are looking for. People can be measured this easy way. In fact any human action or important decision can be measured in terms of good or evil in a similar way. But both need to be measured in the context of a 'pure' natural environment to be accurate.

For example, an action being measured needs to be placed in a pure untouched-by-mortal Creation 'Eden Environment'. With harmonious constructive people present to define if something being evaluated is good or evil ref. This is important, because in the context of anything being measured our elite-manipulated reality is already set to uphold the actions of such an elite

The human spirit has the gift of intuition when it comes to measuring someone if they carry any of these 12 common traits.

Test it. Do an experiment to measure an example. Choose someone controversial in power seen on most news channels right now and test if they are destructive souls or worthy people. Now write out the 12 good and 12 evil traits in columns on a piece of paper. Test your powers of observation of personality.


They say a person's morality is written in the eyes and their expression of spiritual joy. Once your observation skills sharpen, you will find that the biggest measure of a real peace loving humble person compared to an arrogant violent person is in their endearing 'smiling' eyes and hearty smile. A consistently serious face that is lacking a warm smile is suggestive of a lack of empathy if the individual has everything material and is arrogantly living in opulence in a wealthy life style. But there are times a lack of smile is a real sign of sadness, pain, worry and suffering. Like billions of humanity experiencing very sad circumstances or personal trauma.

Tick the suiting words on either the constructive or destructive list if you think such an individual you are measuring tends to be more extreme in one way than the other. Tally the score then ask yourself if this person, especially one in power as a leader is grossly destructive, how on earth the public would allow that individual this position? Now do it again with other powerful leaders and see if it is a common trend or if maybe the good outbalances the evil. Sadly, most results show we really are in deep trouble.




Imagine for a moment you are an advanced alien space traveller from another world and you know all the secrets of the universe and Creation since there can only be one truth. Your scientists have been studying the Earth crisis with planted insiders and you want to help the crisis. You have just landed on the Earth and you meet up with some people here to try and awaken them on the meaning of life to treat it as a gift. You ask:

"I see most people are born into a strict obedient belief of just one religion by birth that covers historical record of just one area in history."

"You don't seem to care about what other historical records in other areas around the world have for the same paranormal historical events of encounters with teachers from the heavens."

"Your religions are all claiming different things as the truth so someone is altering the records as there can only be one factual truth."

"It appears since you have your historical kings and queens in control of sacred records that they have been edited over time and altered with their interests in mind only. They discriminate against you as not worthy so that you obediently go to war for them to kill others for the leader's family profits."

"Are you aware that if you are spiritually lost and do not know who you are and where you come from, then you are easily manipulated on the meaning of life?"

"It appears that those in positions of power have done this for many epochs for their own benefit to get you to go to work long and hard with little reward while they live in luxury and opulence."

"How can you accept being treated this way? Is it not the interests of the people that your leaders promise to uphold or is that all a lie?"

I personally think that I was asked these simple questions awakening reasoning and logic in my weird NDE (near death experience) ref

It was enough to wake me up and go on a quest. I am so sad that others cannot experience this awakening on their own. It makes all the difference being asked in a paranormal situation, compared to just reading it here. Many seekers of truth reading this right now will no doubt simply brush through these words without being affected by their importance. I guarantee however there will be some true pure of heart seekers that will be inspired just reading this alone.

The new revealed fundamental elements defining the essence of Creation ref , in the context of the 'big four' religions ref will also set a strong grounding for all readers before reviewing the new findings.

Without covering the basis of it, the whole meaning of life and the real mechanical 'nuts and bolts' heavenly gate is going to be very hard to fully understand. The new insight of it all will inspire many intellectual minds to look deeper but it may initially not feel comfortable for most.

Many in privileged or high positions will struggle and take a long time to digest this.

Especially scientists stuck in the habit of belief of our early limited stages of knowledge of theoretical physics. Also historians, in the habit of treating great historical theory literally as if it is fact. But the biggest group who will struggle the most are theologians and religious fanatics following a strict hard-to-break habit of blind faith in their unbreakable habbit religion.

Before we cover the second aspect of our origins, namely the spiritual origins of the soul and the mystery of the human spirit in the context of the cosmos, we first need to identify the first aspect... the human bloodline.

The human origin mystery of the human form, our bloodline absolutely appears to have a cosmic story. My primary work identifies that even our human form is not of this Earth at all. I claim we have evidence we arrived here some time ago replacing the last hominid, the Neanderthal. Evolution exists but it should not be too hard to consider the obvious. What if we evolved somewhere else with the same Universal Creational design code? What if evolution from ape to human (with a slow process of natural selection) took place somewhere else, determined by the conditions on a certain exoplanet?


In the image below, the text from the book of Job 38:31 reveals an encoded clue to the importance of two constellations in the night sky.

The word 'to bind' a constellation in terms of the Pleiades speaks volumes. It suggests that the astronomical lines that astronomers use to create a constellation shape are important for these stars. The 'sweet influences' of these stars suggest there is something about the Pleiades that makes us think about this cluster in an important way.

But for me the words 'loose' the 'bands' of Orion identify the greatest secret of the cross of the churches. The sacred knowledge bands of Orion are indestructible so to speak and its secret cannot be destroyed or hidden by elite (make it loose) or any powers that be.

The cross formation I propose to identify is made of criss-cross bands which are more than just the binding of this constellation. The greatest band is formed with the three ‘belt stars’, so much so they extend from Sirius through the belt up to Aldebaran in Taurus. A secret bible cover shows how important this Orion band is a little further on. I will demonstrate in the following image with age-old secret hand symbols how these stars speak their secret, namely where to find the place I believe is the place of all human origins.




My general archaeoastronomy discoveries identify over 35 ancient repeating cases all over the world of a star map showing where our human ancestors came from ref . It too is found in the earliest religious works and especially Christianity. There was an old traditional hand symbol predating Christianity that was included in many old records of Christian gnosis of how one finds the place in the sky where we originate from.

Many have wondered if these hand symbols seen in a wide variety of sacred depictions in ancient Europe are encoding a star secret. Christian theologians say it is identifying 'God' as divided into three parts as a 'Holy Trinity' of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But if you look into older works this triple 'God' identity in both Egyptian and Sumerian texts was actually altered from Father, Mother and Son when the female element was removed to be replaced by the spirit. Hence the depiction became the personification of something more cosmic ref.


I am saying all clues scream out that these depictions of hand symbols are actually typical old school personifications of the Creation legends of first humanity. They are apparently pointing to something one can see in the sky if the legendary 'Sky Cross' of the churches really is Orion as I have proposed since 2005 ref and with the 1892 secret Bible cover ref.



Here I demonstrate what I propose is the lost secret of the Cross of the churches, the human origin star map in the ancient way using hand symbols to identify the heavenly secret...

Follow the 3 Magi of Orion's Belt that follow from the east when the stars of the Celestial Cross rise on 25th December previously known as Sol Invictus ref

Measure 33 degrees of arc ascending heavenwards from Orion's Belt along the Celestial Cross that I propose is the meaning of the cross of the churches ref (the green pattern shown in mouse over action)...

It follows to the star I identify in all the star maps as the target Human origins star, the Sun-like 'star of Bethlehem' which is also the 'star of David'... the 'Star of Ra'. A Sun star obsession in a group of three known and proven Sun-like stars that form a 'Solar Trinity' triangle. It is the cosmic womb of Egyptian Goddess Nut of the heavens.

Many different portions of this star map basis have been found in virtually ALL the earliest megalithic civilisations ref

Key points I am presenting here may come across as repetitive, but by giving different extrapolations on a complex subject, my intention is to rid it of any confusion of meaning.

The sacred hidden records of what really occurred in history from the teachings of heavenly visitors were without doubt covered up throughout history for reasons you will now explore. Uplifting knowledge to humanity kept under wraps so that the truth might only be decoded using secret symbols in buildings and books owned by elite families who are 'in the know'.

The human origin and global bloodline truth hidden from ‘common’ people that monarchy believed they had dominion over. A nation they would prefer remain in fear of God and confused. But this cover up seems to go much deeper. It builds an obedient subservient peasant work force and spiritually confused less humane soldiers ready to die in monarchy-provoked war where they would engage in unthinkable acts. To pillage and plunder other nations, solely to benefit the wealth of the monarchy family.

One has to address the motives of the alterations made to ancient records. Especially in this article about a 'heavenly gate' and heavenly visitors that appear to use the gate who are identical looking to us human beings. These heavenly cosmic star gates can be encoded at many sites around the world. Each gate set with a specific address 'dialled in'. A precise place in the sky encoded as the 'Tau'. All this will be covered before addressing what truly classifies as historical 'paranormal' and 'alien' records.

I have tried to avoid this extremely advanced 'hard-to-believe' collection of findings on star gates to date because it is just so sensational that it risks harming the already difficult to believe star visitor human origin genre I have written on. A collection of works I have taken responsibility for, protecting them with global copyright so they are not twisted and abused by fake agenda profiteering trolls. A collection of records whose fundamentals I make free view available to all who cannot afford books and DVDs. The work I refer to here is the repeating matching collection of over 40 ancient star map findings I have proposed to date ref

The star gate legend became more than a wild theory the moment I found repeating consistent detail showing that there was more than one device in ancient records. Also that these devices were all active once in completely separated and different cultures using the Taurus star area address before they were all apparently and simultaneously either shut down or hidden by order of each regionally active dominion. The idea they were hidden made more sense at first, but then what unravelled, conclusively reasons why the monarchy leaders globally would want to shut them down for motives that will be explored here.

There is more and more reasoning mounting that most heavenly visitors are benevolent and caring when it comes to human life and welfare. If true, these visitors would have become very insistent that urgent humanitarian changes on Earth were needed.

They would have seen humanity was being abused and enslaved to these historical monarchy system families.

The gift of human life that was meant to be something for all became possible only for the elite.


The historical symbols, imagery and clues will now be at hand for truth seekers to decode in churches and temples, including the ultimate secret message of The Alpha Omega Code of 'God' Creation seen below, found in a ceiling mural in the Jerusalem Christian Church called The Augusta Victoria on the Mount of Olives: ref. I will explain the likely revealing meaning of every potent detail in this mural further on here.

The hidden identity both of 'Angels' and of 'God' is not just found in the history of Christianity, it is found hidden in all history.




Know this code of 'God' of ALL humanity and you will also discover who you are and where you come from, as well as who our star visitor ancestors are who colonised Earth with every race, creed and culture.

The Taurus Pleiades star gate address definitely begs more questions. Is it no surprise that almost all ancient civilisations were first manipulated into confused worship of the cosmic bull before this belief was altered again and split up into even more varying religious foundations? Coincidently, the 'Big 4' religions that followed include many coded depictions of the door to heaven in this same region of sky too.

It was perhaps the case in all world monarchy interests not only to place a human form in place of what we will soon discover as the Real Creation teaching. But it was a human form that needed to be of the same culture and race of its king. It went even further. Some kings also portrayed themselves as the 'chosen one' during an angelic encounter. Then defying logic they would claim that God does not care about all humanity that God has created. According to their tribes’ records, God would then suddenly only have an interest in just their 'chosen' tribe. This happened not just for one tribe as some believe. This anomaly occurred in almost all civilisations.


This angelic encounter experience no doubt involving valuable teachings of our origins happened not just for one tribe as some believe. It happened worldwide. It was the founding of most religions ref . But for me as a researcher of ancient star maps where I see the same repeating star patterns taught and the same methods of teaching it, it sickens me how each monarchy has chosen the very same malicious war path forward.

Not striving for the kind of peace and equality that can uplift humanity in every nation. This was not profitable. Greed, lies and manipulation of its people by those in power could take a new profitable twist. The outcome was global with each leader seeing the advantage of choosing the discrimination card. In order to twist the story with the objective to inspire their people further in their quest to murder pillage, plunder and conquer. This is truly the essence of the expression: The con of man!


Here is the average consensus of what most believe heaven is:

Traditionally, according to the belief basis of those refuting reincarnation, there is an eternal afterlife place and it is called 'Heaven'. The place we go to after death as a place of life as a spirit shared with God. A place of spirit without the need for a flesh and blood body.

An existence as light in spirit with telepathy. An existence where there is obviously and logically no need for delicious food or the comfort of sleep to rejuvenate and where one’s visual perception is 'different' in the absence of the eyes’ optics. With this being the case, now ponder on how it is possible that some teachings of the afterlife actually include the mortal pleasure to procreate biologically. In some cases, women that are untouched by any man are promised to men in heaven, but not much is promised for women in most religions.

In spirit, as in the afterlife belief of many religions, one simply thinks movement in the spirit realm and one floats in any direction one pleases without gravity. This ability is a belief that is common among the circles of esoteric research. Thus giving rise to the reasoning of consciousness out of the body as a spirit, which I generally have to agree with from my own experience in my own NDE ref.

BUT being in spirit form is more likely only applicable to a realm between one life and a real after 'life' incarnation. The other experience of spirit form other than in between incarnations is likely when a soul is induced out of a body to traverse the cosmos and explore it. A special process in an induced soul out of the body ritual in a pyramid chamber where the soul is able to return back to the body. My article on it here in Egypt: ref

It is worth considering now that this limited experience of the senses as a spirit/soul might not quite be as wonderful as the gift of the human life experience and all the senses that the human body partakes in. Take this thinking a little deeper.

Now imagine: How many spirits would be living with God Creation by now if reincarnation is refuted? The mass telepathy of trillions of souls all swarming around God, their senses limited to a visual perception of mere interaction and no need for a rest or sleep. Souls milling around like this perpetually... forever.

In all seriousness, think a little deeper on the differences between being in spirit compared to having a body and the gifts of life that are possible with a physical body in a world unlike ours right now. Paradise exists in the cosmos and most likely in the gift of physical life, but in a resource shared enlightened world society that values all life, sharing, caring, and maintaining its resources.

A love enriched living experience in many beautiful biologically sensitive exoplanet worlds out there only worthy of souls that carry NO DESTRUCTIVE LIFE HABITS ref


This article launches just before the coming of great human manipulation, chaos and war. Greed-obsessed war-hungry billionaire world leaders enter the arena like never seen before. Their arrogant compulsion to be the best, the richest, the most powerful, breeds lies and the manipulation of humanity. But this will be easily identified in this media saturated internet world and it will no doubt inspire what will probably globally become to be known as:

"The Great Human Uprising".

Saving our world from crisis has a solution and it could change every living person's life 'of the 99%' in a good way and it will be addressed at the end of the article.

The human origin secrets unfolding here risks becoming completely lost. Please consider saving your own offline version copies for the future.

Perhaps you are new to my star visitor human origin claims derived from the ancient star maps that have been a topic of study for me for the past three decades? Then it may be worth your while to browse through the cases that stand out in my collection of the 35 strongest cases of the repeating cosmic pattern here.

With the explanation of my introductory archaeoastronomy protocols, you too will be given the grounding that will allow you to reason the star gate claims of our star visitors that follow. Without knowing these groundings, this article will seem like just another crazy fantasy story.

There are many repeating star maps found all around the world that astronomers have tested taking into account star movements and with star catalogue references of the 3 Sun-like stars ref.

The 3 suns I propose form the legend of 'The Tau' cross near the Pleiades in Taurus, can be seen below as the cosmic womb of the Egyptian Goddess Nut.

I propose it is the sacred feminine creation womb of humanity and that the star gate findings target ONLY these cosmic destinations in the context of human origins. The animation graphic shows different traditions globally of the human origin secret.




At the risk of sounding repetitive, try to get a deeper insight into this 'element of worship' and imagine also that you were living a few centuries ago:

Is it really constructive for you, that you be obedient and God-fearing by bowing down and prostrating yourself in a set venue in a huge crowd as part of a worship ritual? Repeating predetermined verses that have possibly been edited by your monarchy ancestors’ leaders who are also forcing you to be completely obedient to them in war? Is this still happening today in many religions under the guise of spirituality? Now question in the context of today's religions: Is there a more measurable spiritual approach moving away from fear of God the Creation to a more constructive loving way?

Is it perhaps more logical, more sacred, more spiritual and uplifting for the soul simply to close one’s eyes in solitude and with deep personal thought connect with God Creation through either prayer or in meditation anywhere where one chooses? Yes, some places could even be more sacred for the reasons studied in this link. Like within a historical temple on a ley-line, inside a granite rock cave or a pyramid, on a hill, under a tree or near a river.

I have documented a study of these places of powerful sites comparing them to modern constructed temples. The aforementioned sites appear to have something unique to connect souls strongly to source. Especially souls that are wanting to awaken REAL feedback from the Creation in the form of visions ref.

Some religions will accept some of the supposedly less religious rituals only as long as one obeys the complete works of their holy book at the same time. Some will say that to some extent there is place for limited portions of both old ways and more spiritual ways while obeying all that is written in the holy book.

But NO RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION will agree with anyone choosing total abstinence from their birth designated religion, or for an individual to have full spiritual freedom to choose their own journey. Freedom to choose their own way forward studying all religion with its ties to the paranormal is always seen as a 'no go area'.

Perhaps one of the biggest eureka moments new readers of the theories proposed here will experience, is learning of the likelihood of historical monarchies having found a way to control their people through the element of worship.

Worship was a mechanism that kings ingeniously took advantage of to elicit obedience and support from their people.

It was also a productive way to get people feeling good about giving expression to what they had been taught was holy. Tailored in such a way as to leave no room for choice and resulting in them inadvertently acquiescing to exactly what the king expected from them. Feeding the monarchy’s needs.

Needs? I personally have consistently found in my research that the approach of the monarchies was to alter ancient texts for their own interests. This would give them carte blanche to conquer and plunder foreigners for the coveted crown and fulfil their own greed in the process. These alterations to ancient texts invariably built on previous belief systems and enforced on the common people the acceptance of very limited human rights and laws.

Today we see similar control but under billionaire-owned corporation sponsorship of power in countries with the same objective to acquire through chaos and war, the assets, land and resources of foreign countries and profiteer from them.


THE HARSH REALITY: If one examines the actual ritual, act or definition of 'worshipping': Prostrating oneself in an 'emotional state of mind' of submissiveness while uttering prescribed texts advocated by a ruling monarchy's edited works. This puts the soul in a very suggestive vulnerable state of mind. It opens the mind to becoming subservient, giving the ruler the upper hand at the helm of what can best be described as a supremacy control drama.

A favourite exercise of mine in my studies towards finding spirituality and truth above the differences in religions ref is determining where one religion digresses from another. All religions cannot be right and there is only one truth. Each religion is in definition a collection of spiritual records for a specific area and will have succumbed to a specific ruler's edit.

Is it fair to use logic and accept it is obvious that each king will have differing interpretation 'needs' and different 'interests'?

Ponder on this thought for a moment before reading further.

Can you see how serious the problem stands in this regard? If someone claims they studied religion or spirituality one cannot take just one region and one ruler's editing rules into account with just one religion study. You need to look at all religions and look out for the differences between earliest records and the new records. The earliest records will have fewer alterations. But to study further one will realise all the ancient religions are without doubt records of ancient paranormal events. So to complete your study you would need to include a study of all modern paranormal studies too. In piecing together all the clues to what really happened in ancient times, each hypothesis you construct needs to fit modern cosmology, advanced theoretical science, logic and reasoning.

Repeating patterns globally (more than 10 accounts per pattern) are patterns of claims that begin to form the probability of something really having occurred. This should become a science, but to date, due to 'the powers that be' and since it is paranormal material it does not have a hope at all to be taken seriously. I guarantee it will change your life. I have attempted to present all findings in my life's work of more than two decades here, but the spiritual aspects on its own website at Oneism.org .


Each religion holds a basic similar foundation and will have more in common with every other when viewing the earliest records and the meaning of the symbols contained in these. When comparing more recent publications it will be almost impossible to see these commonalities. We have reached the period in time now where there are some serious opposing beliefs among them all. The way to overcome the obvious 'missing truths' we seek when arriving at the realisation that there are questionable differences among them, is to take an approach that takes us well beyond the trappings of 'blind faith':

Logically rising above the ‘act of worship', 'written recitals' and ‘ritual gatherings’ there is an even more powerful approach that we can take, that will nourish and uplift the soul:

By expression in either personal meditation or prayer, deep thoughts of hope, feelings of unconditional love and sentiments of gratitude to The One Creational Light of the Universe with a more personal connection. It is a connection that can only be found within the ultimate temple...

... your BODY.

Also, let us not forget that ALL humanity is deemed to be descendant from the so-called Abraham lineage, as claimed in THE BIG 4 RELIGIONS ref Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism. If ALL life is obviously created by the same Universal life Creator, then how conceivably can it be justified that any human life of any great country is less worthy than another, as one's powers that be would have us believe?

Humanity desperately needs to awaken to honour all Creation of life as sacred… not just human life but the sanctity of ALL life and our environment.

If this more spiritual personal private approach can be achieved, we will be able to reach beyond the old ways, manipulations, missing teachings, reaching beyond the vulnerable element of 'worship' with deeper meditation permeated by more sincere expressions of thanks, love and humility.

GREATER PRIVACY in how we interact with this One Creational Light Force of the Universe, the God-force so to speak, should always be free choice and NEVER ENFORCED.

Some may argue that this 'less religious traditional way' open to only those that choose it is at odds with what centuries of belief have taught us. Be wary of any religion that has historical records of it being enforced on people. This is the greatest clue that those enforcing it have more interest in what they can gain in doing so.

What if the simplicity of a well studied and referenced view of God or Creation kept personal to each individual were instrumental in creating greater peace and harmony in our world. If one's ‘differing’ view of spirituality is not being seen, heard or measured by others then people will not be at war against others’ views because their beliefs are not visible. This is just one stage of working towards peace.

This personal private spiritual approach can also take you beyond all the control factors that exist within different religions that you may not even be aware of and have been forced to obey over time. Control factors uniquely tailored to the interests of those who have always been in positions of power.

The basis of most religions and spirituality comparisons we have just covered are important and powerful reasoning tools your soul needs to reason the earth-shattering paranormal based claims that follow. The most important encoded record all religions share perhaps by some sort of ancient global monarchy agreement also needs to be seen before going further.

With this important introduction grounding so far it is now time to reveal the first major breakthrough:

PART 2...



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Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien starmaps on human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in papers, followed by his book The Hidden Records by Wayne Herschel (2002) (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records) A Pleiades correlation with Mars, Stonehenge and Tikal was released in South African TV documentary Carte Blanche in 2002.The ancient alien artifact expo by Wayne Herschel presenting museum quality replicas of controversial rare artifacts with star maps and Pleiades are all copyright protected pieces.